Is This An Original Bajan Reporter Quote?

“Napoleon once said to the effect that History is written by the victors, but for CWC 2007 it was written by the victims – the Caribbean was put to ransom by the ICC and we obeyed, in obeying though, we had a silent rebellion and it is the ICC who lost as fans stayed away…”

What an excellent quote about Cricket World Cup by Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter blog. Was this really yours Ian? I’m jealous!

Head over to Bajan Reporter where Ian has a tasty feast of the crow that CWC CEO Chris Dehring is having to eat big time. Hope it’s tasty, because there is sure a lot of it for Mr. Dehring and his friends.

Bajan Reporter: Breaking Wind! Like Suki King Now – You Can Come & Go As ou Please 4 Remaining Matches


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4 responses to “Is This An Original Bajan Reporter Quote?

  1. Yup, my paraphrasure of one of the world’s most famous short men – do not add 2 it, LOL

  2. might be wrong

    I could be wrong … but I was pretty sure this is a Winston Churchill quote.

  3. might be wrong

    … meaning the original “History is written by the victors” quote …

  4. History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. – is what Churchill say;

    History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. – Napoleon, that’s why I said he said “to the effect of”