Curious New Bajan Blog – The Barbados Underground


Folks, the moment we put up this article on Barbados Free Press, the new blog in question put up a YouTube video of “The Beauty In The Wild-slugs Mating”

I don’t know what point they are trying to make, but we have now pulled the website from our sidebar and have instead put up a link to The Bystander – a Bajan blog that looks like they might go the distance.

Barbados Underground has now moved their slug video to the bottom and put up an article on Mia Mottley.

We’ll check back in a few weeks and see what’s there, but for now, we will forgo the sidebar link.

Original Article as posted…


Welcome to The Barbados Underground Blog or the abbreviated version BU. We intend to focus on the news which does not usually make it through to the traditional Press because of the very old slander laws which currently exist in Barbados. Given the recent assault on the Barbados media it behooves each and every Barbadian to “speak-out”…… from the introduction to The Barbados Underground

On Thursday evening, we posted May God Bless The Folks At and encouraged our readers by saying “A reminder that if we can start a blog, you can too!”

It looks like someone took our message to heart, because the next evening The Barbados Underground published it’s first story.

Their first story is decidedly an anti-David Thompson piece centered around CLICO Chairman Leroy Parris as “The Man Behind Thompson: Will He Prove To Be A Liability… Yet Again?”

The second story asks questions about the CEO of Cricket World Cup Chris Dehring, and whether it is unethical that he profited from his position with CWC, and how much he has profited.

Is The Barbados Underground a BLP Blog? Is it DLP? Is it run by a Bajan whose only agenda is to expose corruption on all sides?

We don’t know, but over time readers will develop their own opinions about the character and agenda of The Barbados Underground.

Whatever the case, even if the blog has a political party behind it, we view it as healthy for Barbados and democracy.

We will list the blog on our sidebar under “Bajan Blogs & Chats”. If it turns out to be a one hit wonder with no further postings, then we will remove it. We often receive requests to list blogs on our sidebar, but many of the blogs start with some enthusiasm and then fail to continue.

We’ll see what happens to The Barbados Underground, and for now we say to them, Good luck folks… Just remember to use a proxy every time! is also helpful.


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16 responses to “Curious New Bajan Blog – The Barbados Underground

  1. I also have my suspition of Barbados Forward as being a trial balloon of BFP. Good tactics guys and gals!

  2. Patrick Porter

    Carry on smartly and keep us in the know

  3. BFP Cliverton Not Signed In

    I wish we had thought of it, but never mind who put it up – let’s talk about the content and see if we agree.

  4. Hmm…I’ll probably hold some licks for what I am about to say, but heck, at least I’ll get it off my chest.

    I remember a short time ago asking for a link from BFP. Mind you, there was nothing much in the form of content on my blog, but I still asked anyway and my request was published on BFP for all to see and ridicule (and rightly so.) In the end, I got voted off the island or blog, so to speak.

    TBU is quite fortunate (and their blog looks nice, too.) Since my request, I’ve posted a few small articles on my blog (maybe that’s the problem, I don’t have enough dirt or worthwhile news) and have notified BFP so that they and their readers could have a look-see and comment/critique (thanks by the way to those of you who did mouse over.)

    Beg pardon, but if I may be so bold as to ask of BFP, why, pray tell, didn’t TBU go through the same public voting process that I did?

    There, I said it (or rather asked.)

    Good luck to TBU, remember information wants to be free! Also, check out: that will definitely help in your quest to remain anonymous, even if you are not technically inclined, spend a few minutes reading through the documentation and see how it works!


    Note from BFP Clive

    Hi Bystander – we’ve dumped Barbados Underground from our sidebar and put up a link to your blog.



  5. CopyCat

    Typical Bajan thing.
    One success story and everyone them jumps on board the idea with endless replicas.

    Sounds like a BFP-clone, if you ask me….
    (and why have two,then?)
    Personally, I won’t even bother with it, coz it’ll have pretty much the same thing as BFP has.

    Sorry to be so blase (pron. ‘blahzay’)

  6. CopyCat

    I see no avenue for audience participation,
    which is the very essence of BFP’s success as a blob.

    And animal porn? who needs THAT?

  7. CopyCat,

    Have to agree with you there, the animal porn was unexpected. Talk about shock and awe!


  8. Typical Bajan thing.
    One success story and everyone them jumps on board the idea with endless replicas.

    Sounds like a BFP-clone, if you ask me….
    (and why have two,then?)
    Personally, I won’t even bother with it, coz it’ll have pretty much the same thing as BFP has.

    Sorry to be so blase (pron. ‘blahzay’)


    Dear CopyCat,

    1. Why have more than one newspaper?
    2. Why have more than one political party?
    3. Why have more than one telephone provider?
    4. Why have more than one automobile maker?
    5. Why have more than one type of house?
    6. Why have more than one airline?
    7. Why CNN, why not BBC alone?
    8. Why have different styles of clothes?
    7. Ad infinitum…

    Choice, that’s why.

    You did raise a valid point, i.e, TBU may end up with pretty much the same info as BFP, however, it is the way in which they present their info or the amount of info they publish, that might save them.

    News agencies today cover almost the same stories as each other, but some have different styles of reporting the news. Some may do a little analysis beyond the story and present new views and angles.

    I don’t think it’s a typical bajan thing. I think it’s a typical human thing, everyone in the world does it. BFP may have started it, kudos to them, but other sites may be able to improve or offer another view. Two sides to a coin, remember?

    Alternatively, TBU could just be a flash in the pan. A one hit wonder. Here today, gone tomorrow. But let’s wait and see, let TBU get some posts up (no more slug sex though.)

    As for them being party-affiliated, well, that’s their decision and their right.

    I remain a bystander.


  9. BFP

    Note from BFP Clive

    Hi Bystander – we’ve dumped Barbados Underground from our sidebar and put up a link to your blog.



  10. Dear BFP (and readers, ’cause I can’t forget you!)

    Thanks for the link.

    The Bystander

  11. Dear BFP (and readers)

    I cannot (as yet) accept the link from BFP to my blog.

    After giving it some thought, it would be very wrong of me. I mean, when I first asked for a link to BFP, my request was published for all to vote on and it was turned down fair and square.

    Now because of my comments above with regards to Barbados Underground getting a link, it would appear that my request was granted. Or maybe BFP thought my time had come. In any event, I can’t help but hear some readers cry: “foul!”

    The link is appreciated and I was pleased as punch to see my blog make the BFP Blogroll, but it is not fair. I mean, here I am asking why BU gets a link without a public vote and now I’ve gotten a link without BFP readers giving their feedback.

    I may end up regretting this, but before BFP gives me a link, let the people speak. Let the BFP readers also have a say as regarding a link to my blog. If the majority of them think the blog is worth linking to, then fine. If not, pull the link. If BFP still decides to link, then fine, at least I know it was voted on fair and square.

    The Bystander


    *** BFP says…

    Hi Bystander

    We appreciate your integrity. you should run next time around because what the hell you can’t be any worst than what we have.

    BFP took a straw vote of our team and we all think you will last so you have a link now. We think you will garner a larger audience as people realize that you have something worthwhile to say.

    bfp george

  12. BFP George,

    Awww, shucks. Thanks again.

  13. Ecoanalyst

    Maybe this is a BLP blog to flush out info like e-mail addresses etc …. smells fishy to me .. Beware!!

  14. No - Name

    You might be right so I am not taking any chances because I real frighten for dem BLP gals/boys. They are very angry at the moment and for good reason!

  15. Candid

    I was surfing the web and came across your site. I read the comments posted on what was apparently a new blog at the time.

    Upon leaving your blog, I visited the blog TBU that so many of your loyal followers had much to say. It looks to me that they, TBU are holding their own, just like BFP is holding theirs.

    If one blog misses a story the other blog may catch it. It should not be about competition, it should be about keeping Barbadians at home and overseas abreast of what is going on that is held from them by the local media.

    Please tell your followers to be more receptive, that jealousy will get you nowhere.

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