Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!


We Call For The Resignation Of The Commissioner Of The Royal Barbados Police Force

This story is so unbelievable that we thought we’d wait a few days for the dust to settle to see what really happened. We waited, and it is far worse than we ever thought possible.

It is a wonder that the international press hasn’t picked up on it. No doubt if CNN did a story, the Commissioner of The Royal Barbados Police Force wouldn’t be able to show his face at any international law enforcement conference for years without extreme embarrassment.

First, we had the absurd spectacle of armed, uniformed RBPF officers allowing themselves to be physically searched at Cricket World Cup by unemployed housewives posing as part-time security guards. (see BFP’s article More Idiocy As Armed Barbados Police Officers Allow Themselves To Be Searched By Security Volunteers At Cricket World Cup)

Now this…

A female resident of the gated community at Millennium Heights, St. Thomas, Barbados, called police about a man molesting and threatening her in a domestic situation.

Armed uniformed officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force attended at Millennium Heights in a marked police patrol vehicle and were refused entry by the private security guards.

Only after FOUR DAYS and repeated attempts to enter the community were the police able to respond to the domestic violence call!

Further, it appears that the police are regularly prevented from entering the Millennium Heights gated community to serve legal papers or to arrest wanted persons.

Senior police management is attempting to put the blame on security guards for our officers failing to respond to a victim of domestic violence for four days.

As with the Cricket World Cup security guards, the problem is NOT that uneducated, part-time security guards don’t know the law. The problem is that officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force obviously do not know the law and their authorities – or are not prepared to act like trained police officers with a sworn duty to uphold the law and respond to victims.

The police allowed the gated community at Millennium Heights to put itself above the law.

Folks, I’m no police officer, but I do have some previous military experience and I can tell you that this is a top-down leadership problem with the Royal Barbados Police Force.

We Call For The Resignation Of The Commissioner Of The Royal Barbados Police Force

Our police officers obviously lack the legal training and confidence in their own authority to be effective. They also obviously lack confidence that senior management will back their decisions in action. Any domestic violence call is potentially dangerous and it is unforgivable that a female victim should be denied police assistance because the officers lacked knowledge and confidence in their powers and authority.

It is unforgivable that the police officers left the scene the first time, let alone on subsequent days.

Someone must be held accountable, and that person is Commissioner Dottin of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

This Situation Did Not Happen In A Vacuum – We Have No Rule Of Law In Barbados

Senior Management of the Royal Barbados Police Force has an attitude problem – they are weak and believe that they serve political masters first, and the rule of law second. This has filtered down through the ranks to the point where patrol officers are unsure that they serve the rule of law first and foremost.

Patrol officers obviously tried to process the Millennium Heights domestic violence call politically – worrying about repercussions from the upper levels or political masters if they acted with the rule of law and victim safety as their first priority.

This is an unforgivable situation and is indicative of the culture of fear, confusion and indecision that permeates our police force. Senior police management and the political hierarchy have our good police officers cowering like powerless eunuchs.

Commissioner Dottin, your time has come.

posted by Robert

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101 responses to “Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

  1. passin thru

    Sadly I agree. Dottin must go. It is a leadership problem.

  2. Yardbroom

    Things in Barbados are in a sorry mess, there is no leadership or direction.

    I read in the paper that a manager of a gated community said he “Persuaded” the gate security to let the police in. The police had the legal right to enter. Anyone obstructing the police should have been arrested.

    It has become a joke, the police had to repeatedly return before entry was gained. Weasel words are no use the security guards would not have prevented the police from entering unless they had been instructed to do so.

    Are we to have a State in St.Thomas free of the writ of the Barbados police. Is this Columbia.

    Is the Barbados police going to negotiate to enter Carringtons’ Village, Brittons Hill or the Bay Land. The police commissioner should be ashamed, he has allowed his men to be humiliated and disrespected and does not appear to know the law which he has been appointed to discharge.

    I cry for my beloved country.

  3. paul sealy

    Everyone knows that there are two Barbados’…one for the rich one for the poor,for the rich the police are there to make sure they keep “US” the average bajans in check,the rich keep check on themselves.

  4. Michele

    My hope is that the people of Barbados can get help soon, to take the country out of the mess that it has become.

    I find the police in Barbados a very disrespected lot, a few bad ones make the good ones suffer.

    I have been in the Millenium Heights a few times to see people when in Barbados and have never been asked anything. I live in a gated community, with 3 points of entry and 24 hour security but if you are the Gardi no security guard can stop you. The security and the garda work together and if something happens in the gates the security deals with it until the garda get here.

    They have alot of disrespect for law in Barbados and the leaders set no example so everyone can do what they like. I think gated communitys have no place in Barbados it’s a small place maybe here in Dublin for some peace of mind but not Barbados.

    I want to know where is the DLP in all this, can’t you do something for the people how long will the people of Barbados have to suffer, before you do something?

    The people need justice soon or they’ll be no Barbados left for them.

  5. True Native

    The police in Barbados have never been over-protective towards a physically abused wife/girlfriend. Their macho attitude is similar to that of the majority of black males: “If she want licks, beat she up. Mek she know she place.” But this incident in Millenium Heights has really taken my breath away, and I agree that the buck stops at the very top.

  6. paul sealy

    Overheard some youngsters talking saying they want to make friends with some of the people up in MH because it seems like you can pull off crimes and resort to the gated communities cause the police ‘CAN’T’ come up in these places hahahahahaha…sad but true…

  7. Maybe Owing was right when he said. The police are not special”!

    BTW, BFP you are revealing too much of your identity. Go easy on personal replies.

  8. Jerome Hinds

    All of this is the hand of Owen Arthur and his government !

    First Owen DECLARES…

    1. The police ain’t SPECIAL…!

    2. Then Owen BULLY a doctor in Speightstown to
    BREACH Doctor – Patient confidetiality….
    Re: the police SICK – OUT..!

    3. Mia Mottley as CHIEF for Security
    arrangements for CWC 2007 –
    SANCTIONS…..Private Security Guards to
    SEARCH our Local Police…!

    4. To top it off – Owen in his most recent budget —
    stated that more GATED – COMMUNITIES are

    Check it out for yourselves , my FRIENDS, in Zimbabwe there are the POLICE…..similar powers to the ones in BARBADOS who responded to MILLENIUM HEIGHTS………

    BUT……then there is the PARAMILITARY POLICE… the ones we have here INSIDE…….MILLENIUM HEIGHTS….!

    So we KNOW who is MORE……POWERFUL…!

    Tell me……have Owen and the BLP denounce the ACTIONS of the……MILLENIUM HEIGHTS….PARAMILITARY POLICE…?

    Everyday and every action……OWEN takes us CLOSER to his BRAND of……REPUBLICANISM….!!

    Do we like it…..?

  9. Patrick Porter

    To all of you all I can say is take care. They are those out there that will do things to get their way regardless of whom they hurt. I know you are all good and decent people and will do the right thing. But I have been given a little suggestion tha I lay off the BLP. However I am a hard headed old man and they can’t frighten me, but all of you with kids and families down there, please be careful. The Barbados we knew is no longer and the rats have taken over, lead by the chief one. I am proud of the way you all handle yourselves and it does this old heart good to see they are still those in Barbados that feel for the country

  10. paul sealy

    Patrick let us know what they threatened you with man..spill the beans..i for one don’t fear them because the same ones that make the laws and threaten people ‘HAVE TO WALK OR DRIVE AT SOME TIME’ plus the police or thugs that will do work for them have families to…everyone can be touched Patrick so don’t worry too much for us.

  11. Anonymous

    I have lost any fantasy about Barbados a long time ago.
    The rules in Barbados have always been different for the poor and unknown.
    The authorities cover for one another and no one at the top pays the price whether a Minister of Government, Police Commissioner, Chief Prison Officer, sons and daughters of the “Prominent”.
    The rule of law is supposed to apply or at least appear to apply to all. It just does’nt.

  12. No WILL

    This has NOTHING to do with their “being 2 laws(one for the rich,one for the poor)

    This has NOTHING to do with Gated Communities “being a law unto themselves”

    This has NOTHING to do with all this imaginary class-difference BS that poor downtrodden Bajans like to see hiding behind every tree.

    This has EVERYthing to do with a Mickey Mouse “Police Force” who are a buncha WIMPS,
    and feel no authority, therefore have no authority!

    Please please PLEASE let us in? is their pathetic little cry. Awwww…

    Not one of them in the marked Police Cruiser immediately identified the situation as being one of Obstruction of Justice and preventing a Police Officer from carrying out his duty.
    Is the word ABDICATION?? Is that the word I’m looking for?

    Can we have even more pix,please…of this kinda abdication?
    I already have the two that you ran (at Kensington) showing them being searched.
    I re-named those 2 pix ‘Chumps1’ and ‘Chumps2’

    – I now look fwd. to Chumps3 and 4. Many thanks.

    Now that they’ve been roasted, what will be the reaction?
    They’ll get a good stern talking-to and be told to go OUT there and try and be visibly Police-like.
    And so the same ole same ole routine will spring into effect,
    and they’ll “make themselves Police-like” in the middle-class public eye,
    by clamping down on Speeders and Traffic Offenders, and ppl trying to get thu the mess of the Barbados road system in a manner approaching semi-efficiency!
    Gosh! We’re so impressed.

    Oh for the days of a few WHITE BigShots up there in the hierarchy, dudes with BALLS, baby!
    Welcome to neo-Africa!!

  13. Patrick Porter

    Paul Sealy
    I am not worried as it has happened before> I got a call from a friend, whom I shall not name, because he is too close a friend and would not want to get him in any trouble by his own kind. He basically said that there are certain high ups in the party that don’t like the things I say and they asked him to ask me to cool it. Well I will be damned , I will not. The people of Barbados are my people and I will not let them suffer at the hands of this bunch of neo nazis. I will speak and my voice will be heard. Paul I will not give in to these people as they are ruining the place that my heart belongs. I am here for all of you and will do my best to help you all through these dark days. That is my pledge to you all

  14. True Native

    On this day of our Lord and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on the cross, there is much else to be sad about – very sad – but I ask you all to forgive me for busting my belly with laugh (if I didn’t laugh I believe I would cry!) at something I’ve just read. I can’t believe it! I had to move away from the computer and skin my teets. Am I the only one?

  15. and then

    and then we have the Defense Force armed men in camouflage uniform driving around in vehicles with their rifles very visible. Scared me half to death driving behind one of the vehicles.
    I saw them in St. Lawrence Gap last weekend but they were not carrying their rifles.
    I am sure the guards at MH would have let these guys in without question.
    Is this where we are heading?

  16. John

    A friend always said about the gated communities that they would provide protection for the more sleazy characters and law breakers who break the law big time.

    That friend served in a police force over and away.

    I understand the need for some sort of security with the crime situation existing in Barbados, UWI Cave Hill is a gated Community after all, but I always understood the point my friend made to me.

    By the way, do any of these gated communities have helicopter landing pads?!!

  17. De Orginal

    It is sad when things like these are occuring within a police force. The UWI fiasco and now this incident which speaks to management issues and a lost of sense of direction or authority within our police force. Political interference have long been a threat and seems to be more prevelant these days. I recommend a commission of enquiry into the operations of the police force immediately. Send the commissioner on special leave to avoid interference. I am sure the revelations would be of great interest.

    I look forward but dont hold my breath to see what responses are forthcoming as a result of this disgraceful incident.

  18. Anonymous

    Commissions of Enquiry do nothing more than make the public think that something was done about the matter – any matter – whichever matter.
    Forget Commissions of Enquiry.

  19. Of course the police were afraid to do their job at MH. They did not know whose feathers they would be ruffling had they forced their way past the security guards. Never in my life have I heard of such an incident happening with a country’s law enforcement department.

    Where is the Attorney General in all this. How come we’ve heard nothing from him on this matter….or even our girl Mia with all her lawyering should have a lot to say about this don’t you think? I know it’s not her portfolio but it seems of late that several BLP ministers have been
    sticking their noses in their colleagues areas of responsibilities. Firing the police commissioner will not solve the problem since he does not make the rules O.K. He just takes orders from the powers that be and the police are then instructed to follow them.

  20. De Orginal

    @Anonymous This is one time that we need such it would definitely expose the mismanagement that have been going on this would not be like the prison cant sweep this under the carpet. i am sure a poll of the police force would reveal more than 90% dissatisfied with the management style of the present commissioner.

  21. Anonymus

    yardbroom the mangager saying he persuaded guards to let in police shocked me. Police should have immediately arrested that manager and all the guards, hand cuff them and charge them for obstructing justice. what is going on in our country?. the disrespect for police began with Arthur’s statement that they are not special. then CWC guards frisk our cops. we wait with bated breath for next incident.

  22. Yardbroom

    Why are we in this situation?

    You might ask how is this sorry mess perpetuated, the police constable knows that if he does his job and arrest those who are obstructing him in the execution of his duty, he will get no backing from senior officers. They will question his judgment, after phone calls have been made, and favours called in.

    The politicians in office who should make a stand and speak out, are reluctant to do so because they have been corrupted and have too many secrets, that are discretely hidden away, but can be called in at the appropriate time.

    There are those who seek to corrupt politicians at the earliest opportunity, to get them under their wing and politicians who have no ideology, but bend and sway to the dictates of those whose money they have taken.

    The politicians have no moral authority, because of the lives they live and cannot reign in youth with a lecture or advice, because their lives have no public standing.

    Honest men and women stay silent afraid of speaking out and being discriminated against or worse loosing their jobs.

    As a result moral decay and corruption seeps from the top.

    When something contentious arises a lawsuit comes into play, matters become sub judice not to be printed therefore put on the back burner. Lawyers seek to wear people down because of the length of the trial and the expense involved. The culprits representation is often pro bono so time expense or often the result is not an issue.

    Barbados is fast becoming a banana Republic without the benefit of an abundance of bananas.

  23. Marcia

    Catwoman, the Police should not be afraid to do their job becuase if the report had come from Chapman Lane, The Orleans, Pine Housing Area or any urban area, they would have BREK down the gate and gone in and do the investigation and then the residents would have called in the print and electronic media and complained about Police Brutality. Either way you can’t win. Blame the people who hired the top cop who is a lawyer. You must also remember that a few lawyers own property and also live in Millennium Heights and the Police is aware of this.

  24. Marcia

    I agree that the Police should not be afraid to do their jobs but when they get mixed signals from those in control…..i.e. a law for the poor and a different one for the rich….they will tread lightly when called to these private communities. Remember, so far we haven’t been given any information with respect to who called the police for help….which speaks VOLUMES!!!! It’s must be a bigup person who got the right connections. It might even be someone from the government….ever thought of that one!!!!

    I will say it again….firing the police commissioner will not solve the problem. We have to fire the government in the next election and make sure that Barbadians voices are heard loud and clear within the halls of our new employees. Members who make up the government are employees of the people of Barbados, hired to administer the country on their behalf….something that this government has forgotten and Mr. Thompson best remember if his party is successful in the next election.

  25. Debbie

    I’ve only lived here 7 years, from the UK, my husband is Bajan. We decided to settle here because we didn’t like what was happening with the government in the UK …….ha ha.
    We were both totally shocked that a policeman couldn’t enter a gated community, how sad they are so ignorant of the law they didn’t arrest the security guard! they’ve been made to look fools, again, so soon after being searched at the cricket.
    I have little confidence in the police here – or the government – if we could afford to move, sad to say, I think we would…….

  26. Jasmine

    If the woman were beaten to death, who would be responsible for this matter?

    Husband, the police or the security guard?

    Or nobody?

  27. Anonymus


    David Ellis should ask Dottin those questions. Then again Dottin might storm out the studio ,put Ellis in court make him apologise then strong arm the impotent media to lambaste Ellis.

  28. reality check

    be prepared for massive voter fraud during the next election, stuffing ballots, bribery etc

  29. concerned

    Seems the writing is clearly on the wall.
    Power at any cost.

  30. No - Name

    Does anybody know who this woman was who called the police for help?

  31. Yardbroom

    People sometimes feel safe in gated communities, but there is a downside.

    South Africa has an abundance of gated communities, they have private security at the gated communities, and dogs so big they are the size of police horses, and yet the people in those gated communities go to bed with a revolver under their pillow and an automatic rifle in the gun cabinet and yet they don’t feel safe. They drive through red traffic lights at night for fear of violence and many have met it.

    Where there is despair you find desperate people, we can never completely insulate ourselves from the society in which we live.

    We must create conditions for equality of opportunity, understanding, and leadership free of corruption with vison or we confine ourselves to aspirations of greed and avarice as we slide into anarchy.

    To the Commissioner of the Barbados Police, this incident has happened under your watch, it is to you to put things right, and start now or else you will be remember as the Commissioner of Police who stood as the gate and dithered not knowing what to do.

  32. The person who called the police seeking help obviously was unaware that the police had no jurisdiction in MH. If this person is female, then I would suggest to her and all the other females living in MH to start taking some self-defence classes and do it quickly.

  33. Yardbroom

    Someone suggested name the woman, I implore you not to do so, she has suffered enough. I know her name will lead you to the male but I would rather protect her, than to know who he is.

  34. Chase

    I read somewhere that magistrates,judges and other high profile people are not supposed to be members of lodges or any such fraternities.
    Can anyone clarify this for me ?

    This is another situation here in Bim that is starting to annoy me.It seems that a lot of young people are looking to join this society for the benefits it brings.

    A friend of mine had 3 traffic violations,made a call to his ‘lodge friend’ and went to court.He went to someone ,asked a question and was told to wait,when his name was called there was no evidence offered and he was free to go.

    In another instance a guy was fined $750.00 forthwith for 1 offence.
    Who is to say that the police didnt go to such a residence in MH?
    Who is to say that the perp is not part of a fraternity?
    All of these issues are leading to the destruction of our society,where you are dealt with according to who you are,or your status in society.
    That is why I always say to my nephew,keep out of trouble because the police officer,the lawyer the prosecutor,the judge and half of the jury belong to these groups and you will not get off unless you belong also.
    Serious times are ahead for this country.

  35. Jerome Hinds

    This article tells us a lot about the community of contributors here on this BFP site !

    Here is it practically every BFP contributor …..with the distinct EXCEPTION….of Royalrumble a.k.a Judas & Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism Minister Lynch….have EXPRESSED disgust about this issue at Millenium Heights…!

    But let us REMEMBER their frequent postings about Adrian Mr. Loveridge….!

    Why we ask…….?

    It should be CLEAR to all…….!

    Royalrumble a.k.a Judas & Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism Minister Lynch

    DEFENDS and CONDONES……the ODIOUS policy of this……BLP government that OPENLY PREACHES……Policemen & Policewomen in Barbados are NOT….SPECIAL…!

    So the treatment of that THREATENED sister / wife / mother…….behind the GATES……of Millenium Heights……DO NOT mean NOTHING to them…!

    Royalrumble a.k.a Judas & Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism Minister Lynch……..GLAD….the Police Force of Barbados…is being TREATED this…WAY….!!

    After all Royalrumble a.k.a Judas & Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism Minister…..would TELL us the Policemen & Policewomen in Barbados are NOT….SPECIAL…!

    Just Like Owen Arthur…TOLD THEM…..!!

    This can ONLY happen in a TYRANNICAL state….!

  36. De Orginal

    YardBroom you have it covered with you postings I only need offer support for your suggestions.

  37. Rumplestilskin

    Wait till some stupid and ignorant security guard , who probably has not much training, decides to step in the way of one of the ‘overseas’ forces here for CWC who does know the rules re obstruction of justice and is willing to enforce them.

    The security guard going ‘get learn’!

  38. Maat

    The gates at some of these rich enclaves are quite formidable and if not opened by the guards may require heavy equipment to break down.

    Legislation that defines the maximum physical barrier for gated communities should be passed. This would enable the police to enter the premises without the destruction of property or the threat of a law suit for doing just that. Ultimately there need not be any rich enclaves as they really become like open prisons in reverse. The one thing that these wealthy communities have in common with the general penitentiary is that there is little protection for the inmates, other than the guards.


  39. Take heart, folks. All is not lost. Out of evil cometh good, sayeth the Good Book.

    This situation at Millionaire Heights has spotlighted a problem that needed to be addressed. The uproar that has resulted is bound to prompt necessary action, just as the CWC searching of police officers did, clarifying exactly what the rights of the police are. .

    This may well involve the question of the right to ENTER A PREMISES WITHOUT A WARRANT. Does a gated community constitute a “premises”? Our good friend Justice may shed some light on this. The guards may be within their rights to prevent police from wandering round on the chance of stumbling across a rich boy smoking weed.

    What instructions were the security guards given by their bosses? They were obviously told “Keep out all unauthorised visitors” such as insurance salesmen, religious proselytisers etc. but I doubt they were told that the police were not unauthorised to enter the community in the course of business. After the first attempt by the police, the guards should have immediately referred the matter to their bosses for a decision.

    When you visit a gated community it is normal to be asked “Is such and such expecting you?” and to make a call to get the OK. Why was this not done here? The poor lady would certainly have given her consent. In fact she could/should have notified the guard in advance that she had called the police and wanted them allowed in. It seems she did not do so.

    Every premises which has security guards will have to look carefully at the instructions they give their guards. It will be spelled out for them that uniformed Barbados policemen and women have the right of entry to interview specific persons on the compound. Whether this will apply to other officers of the court such as process servers, bailiffs intending to seize vehicles, etc. will have to be determined. Guards would presumably be within their rights to deny access, without the authority of the resident, to anyone not having a legal document justifying entry. Plainclothes police would need to show police identification.

    It is overreaction to call for the resignation of the Commissioner of Police over such an instance. Mr Dottin seems a decent, conscientous official who is careful not to have the police throw their weight around. He is right not to have his staff initiate measures which could lead to a Police State. He deserves our support on this timely problem, not an Alice in Wonderland “Off with his head!”

  40. Anonymous

    This island is getting funnier by the minute…

    The police have demonstrated again and again that they can be manipulated. They didn’t know they had jurisdiction beyond the gates of MH? They don’t know the law of the land.
    They thought the gates were to keep them out of MH?

    I disagree completely that it depends on the rich poor divide to where police loyalty lies…it is power, who your family is, and greasing their hand that counts…(or at least promising to)…

    Marcia, I think you right u know. A lady I know living in MH told me that she knows that a certain politition who is very concerned about the people also owns a place in MH. This shouldn’t be an issue except that he is obviously sitting on a fence somewhere right now…maybe his A** on one side of the gate and his mouth on the other. The reason this frustrates me is because it is this kind of hypocracy that tears our island into pieces. Additionally, I don’t know why in Barbados it is necessary that one party align themselves with looking out for the people…when they all should be doing it as should the police.

    I personally don’t care if they have a gate or twelve in any community because I dont need to stop by anyone unannounced but the police however should fulfill their duty despite the rich, poor, powerful or other connections.

    It is obvious to me that gated communities should pose no more problem than a simple gate at a private home would..if the police need to enter they do.

    This has nothing to do with gated communities but more in line with the necessary training for police.

  41. Anonymous

    I would even think the guards could have been arrested for getting in the way of the police…am I wrong? I probably watching too many movies these days.

  42. De Orginal

    Pandora as usual you have like Royal Rumble attempted to excuse the ineptitude of officials or anyone at certain levels in the society. The Comissioner of Police is culpable in this matter. He needs to account for his almost invisibilty in this matter.

  43. Rumplestilskin

    Far as I know, if the Police believe a crime is being committed within the land and sea area of Barbados, they have the right to enter, whereever it be.

    Search warrants etc apply to evidence seeking and so on I think, but the suspicion of a crime being committed at the time leads to Police jurisdiction over the location.

    Even if such is not automatic, I would expect that in this specific case, the call from the female would have been the necessary permission needed, thus they had a right to enter without obstruction and thus the security guard should be charged with obstruction of justice.

  44. Patrick Porter

    To All my fellow bloggers

    I had a visit from a little bird last night that has given me a lot of details I shall list a couple now and save the rest for later
    It seems that the big lick down fight at MH was caused by a well known developer of the same site, he was sharing licks like peas and that is why the police were not allowed in. This high developer did not want his name broadcast throughout the island
    Another little tid bit for you. It seems there is a plot of land at Bathsheba that was taken over by the Government for non payment of taxes, the building is in a state of disrepair and is on the verge of falling down. It seems that someone has built a wall structure on the site and is selling all the illegal stuff that you can or need to make you higher that a kite. It seems that this individual has a family member who is high up in the police force and has big connections to the upper echelon of the ruling party. This person used to have a shack at the bottom of the said lot, but now has built a permanent structure on the site. This activity has been going on for the last 10 years and the Government has not even tried to sell the site, since one of their own is on it. I wonder how much of the money from the sales is making it’s way back to the head of the stream

    Have a good day to all of you. Will put some more on this and other things later

  45. Jerome Hinds

    The Nationnews report that,

    ” Efforts to contact Patterson Cheltenham, QC, the chairman of the Millennium Heights Association Inc., for comment were unsuccessful. He was reported to be overseas. ”

    Interesting, was it also difficult for the Nationnews to contact Sir Richard Cheltenham, who also have property in Milleniem Heights and resides there also…..!

    Sir Richard Cheltenham is also the brother of Patterson Cheltenham, QC……!

    Where is Sir Richard Cheltenham expression of indignation on this issue…..or is it a case of sharing the same VIEWS of his former BOSS Owen Arthur……the police are NOT…..SPECIAL…..!

    Do not expect the Nationnews to get an opinion from Sir Richard Cheltenham on this one….!

  46. This may seem odd? I am glad this happened… For this reason – everyone thinks Strathclyde is this, that and the next when it comes to racial relations and exclusivity…

    Yet here it is in this day and age, where Police are denied from investigating a case of domestic abuse -aka- just cause, ergo: frig a warrant, and they are treated like little smelly servants and ppl like Trevor Marshall want to destroy Strathclyde that it ever existed!

    I want to thank BFP for giving me courage in part to start a News-Blog, as I would have probably just grumbled in silence when the CO Williams trucks were laying waste next door to me, as it is?

    I even went so far as to call the constituency representative – so far, this week – could be Easter, not a machine has been rolling!

    My mother e-mailed my story-links to both the PM & William Duguid, she is old and has to endure the diesel stench and grinding of these metal behemoths – but like I said, for this week it’s been quiet – Blogging Rules!

  47. Littleboy

    Will politicians be “allowed” to MH to canvass for a vote?

  48. Patrick Porter

    Ian Bourne

    Ian I went to school with “Snuffy” Trevor Marshall and he was not a bad person, I guess that maybe he got off on the wrong direction. Haven’t seen him since school days. I think that his assault on Strathclyde is wrong and he should start to try and help Barbados rather than being a nay sayer. it is easy to tear down, but very difficult to rebuild once torn down

  49. True Native

    Another thing, Ian – please, I beg you, don’t call your Mom an “old lady”. Say “a lady in her reclining years”. My mom would knock my block off if I called her an old lady! I’m sorry that she is having to go through such a troublesome time. No chance you can move out of wrecked Strathclyde?

  50. Why should I want to move? Strathclyde is not wrecked! This is the open field which used to be a school near Barbarees Hill. I have been here 7 years and just started a mortgage…

    Horrible as it may seem from a historical view, my father and grandfather were born here and now I am here here with my wife (who’d’ve probably shocked the living daylights out of my grandpa), I don’t see ME as the one to move!

    Take a look at my links on the Invasion Of Strathclyde, as for Trevor Marshall – I remember when the diaspora thing was at Sherbourne and I went to see the aftermath, he asked why I was there and tried to disguise it as a joke, choopz!

  51. **PS:**

    As for leaving Strathclyde again? I would have to be COMPENSATED by Government, the house was bought in 2000 for under 150k & the last evaluation was done in 2006 for slightly over 250k!

    I did renovations too, well – the wife did, in the kitchen it has been re-tiled, etc.

    So to turn around and abandon all of that effort for NAUGHT??? As Homey The Clown would sneer? “I don’t think so!”

  52. True Native

    Fair enough, Ian. Understood. By the way, I speak under correction, but I think I once heard Trevor Marshall say on a radio progamme some few years ago that cricket was invented in Africa by Africans. Correct me if I’m wrong. Made me wonder if perchance Buckingham Palace might not have been built by an African.

  53. jinx

    Patrick ,
    Is this “rundown” plot you speak of near the famous “Soup Bowl” area??

  54. Patrick Porter

    You hit the nail on the head, can’t say where it is other wise they are certain people that might not like it. But the time will come when it is going to come out in it’s full, so hang in there jinx and as the time approaches I will release the place name

  55. Patrick Porter

    True Native

    It is easy to twist history to your liking and to meet your needs, but somewhere in the world there will be a record of fact. Take the old Soviet Union for example they tried to get rid of everything pre 1917, but it has come back in the end to haunt them and look what happened

  56. akabozik

    NOBODY HELPED THE WOMAN. Only a woman.

  57. LOL – re: cricket’s invention location… Rounders, that is the ancestor to both baseball and cricket, is supposed to be a corruption of a game invented in 7 B.C. Africa by a woman!

    I am not sure, but I do remember this in my meanderings – plus traffic-lights, erasers, washing-machines and even certain computer chips have all been invented by African descendants…

    My contention is does it really matter? Shouldn’t we be just glad that they’re there?

    I long for the day when all races commingle to the point where you have a slant-eyed fellow with a blond afro and thick lips and grey eyes, their name should be Mohammed Xu-Johnstone – LOL!

    If the KKK came from the past to that future in a time warp, I’d hope they drop dead in fright or be lynched for being too racially pure!

  58. Patrick Porter


    You are good, keep it up. Like your postings. Have a very great Easter. And hope you have all the success with your home. I know Strathcylde well, used to play tennis there years and years ago, still have some family living there

  59. No - Name

    Who owns this run down plot near the superbowl?

  60. jinxoo7


    The SCUM who resides on this “plot”…… Heaven help us all!!!! As a frequent visitor to Bathsheba, this is one eyesore who needs to go ! He has a rather smokey existence. A few years ago one resident related a horrific scene where this individual, armed with a cutlass chased an unarmed man around Bathsheba proper in broad daylight. All who witnessed this called District F PRONTO … well….. seems the police took their cool time to respond….. District F is no more than what 5/ 6 mins away from Bathsheba? Half an hour later … they arrived asked a few questions, looked at the spilt blood on someones vehicle (the victim nearly had his fingers severed as he tried to protect himself) and left……
    Where is the cutlass wielding individual ? Driving around the next day as if he owns the place. I feel safer already.
    Oh and those lovely coconut trees which used to grace the soup bowl area ….. Chopped down by some MADMAN with a cutlass….. guess who?

  61. Sundowner

    I was unfortunate enough to be driving through Soup Bowl and witnessed this man attacking another with a cutlass, we called the police as did others, like other resdients we were not surprised when so little happened, this man is a nightmare and think he rules Bathsheba. As to District F………you need help here, phone another District . My neighbour phoned about Karioke noise in Bathsheba at 4am, the police came and joined them for a drink! A couple in a nearby village had an altercation with their ex builder, he threatened them in front of the police to burn down their house, about 6 people heard him but the policeman standing next to him didn’t, need I say more!
    On another titbit about Bathsheba I overhead a Trini businessman who has a house in Cattlewash say that the Railways coming back, he needs to be reminded we got a Committee together to squash the foolishness about the development at the Community Centre in Bathsheba last year, I’m sure it can be reformed again very quickly.

  62. Yardbroom

    I am delighted that the Minister of Home Affairs- Attorney- General Dale Marshall – has made a statement corroborating the point I made in my blog of 6th April, that the police had an obligation in Law to carry out their duties which overides any internal rules of gated communities such as Millennium Heights in St. Thomas.

    Now that this has been clarified, I hope all officers of the Barbados police, will discharge their duties in future, without let or hinderence, with regard to the aforementioned communities.

  63. l.simpson

    I would like to say that the police should not allowed the gatekeeper stop them from entering
    they should arrest him for obstruction in no other
    country they would allow this sort of thing to
    happen the police have the power to enter any
    place to carry out this duty, what barbados is coming to that these happening.

  64. Free the press!!!!

    How about some Town Planning legislated rules for gated communities?

  65. jinxoo7

    How about Police rewriting the logo on their vehicles to read instead of “TO SERVE AND PROTECT” to
    “BE SURE WE´LL IGNORE” !!!!!!

  66. SLJ

    Hey jinx, hows it goin??? Don’t even have to be there to keep up on things. Great work!!!!
    Talking bout cutlass, stabbin, pooolice, gated community, battered women and such, i would like to see some comment on the sad state of affairs regarding the disusting continued practice of child sexual abuse, incest and women battering. BFP seems to be very quite on these issues which are part and parcel of the root/moote problem facing beautiful BIM.
    As for karoke in the village, I used to wear earplugs all the way down in Bathsheba. Don’t know how ‘neighbour’ puts up with it. Had very similar experiences with District F. One call requesting help for domestic stuff an I hear mr. offffficcccers say ‘it only that foolish ….., woman again…..and we the public are supposed to feel safe and protected. I prefer my dogs. They did a better job…..

  67. jinxoo7


    The headline above this commentary section is not even JUST about the inefficiencies of our police force, in my opinion this
    “class” element is still in the forefront of “response attitudes” here.
    There is a rental property in Bathsheba, owned by Mias`family…. Do you not think that should “The Family ” feel so incline to spend a quiet weekend there, that there would be Karaoke AT ALL?
    I stayed in a nearby guest house in Bathsheba last night and KARAOKE was going “Dixie Dong” until 2.45am !!! The police were called… reports made….
    what happened ?………NOTHING…..

    Happy Holidays !!!

  68. Jerome Hinds

    While the RBPF must take the flak on this issue the following must be asked :

    1. Who are the owners of this security firm that for 4 DAYS they can DEFY the RBPF…?

    2. Why did it take an EQUAL length of time for the COVERNMENT and AG to comment on this ISSUE….?

    3. Where is Royalrumble a.k.a Judas….he CLAIMS to follow the BLP call ” A Better Life for All “….?

    Obviously, this does NOT include the members of the RBPF…according to his MASTER….Owen….members of the RBPF…is NOT…SPECIAL….!

    Nor the female VICTIM inside the WALLS of MH…!

    According to Royalrumble a.k.a Judas…..SILENCE on this ISSUE…..!

  69. Jerome Hinds

    is NOT…SPECIAL….!

    should be…… are NOT…SPECIAL….!

  70. Ali baba Arthur and the forty thieves, where are the rest of them?

  71. This reminds me of many years ago when a black man after 6.00pm could not walk certain places in Barbados, like Belleville ave. The police would make sure of that. The monied people had control. Nothing has changed. Those of us who have left the island, made some money, build big houses, drive big cars, hire servants are the same as the monied people of the past. The only common denominator is that the blacks are doing the same as other races.

  72. Margaret Knight

    Hello, BFP,

    I have been asked, by Patrick Porter, to thank the DLP and others for their prayers and good wishes for his speedy recovery. He has been ordered by his doctor to stay away from the computer for a week or two in order to avoid stress.

  73. Jerome Hinds

    Fellow BFP contributors,

    After reading the link below , I wish to recommend that in keeping with the spirit of CSME, that we post these officers of the St. Lucian police force WITHIN and WITHOUT the walls of Millenium Heights….!

  74. Jerome Hinds

    With respect to my last post, give the story from St. Lucia sometime to come up on the screen.

  75. No - Name

    Jerome Hinds,
    If that had happened in Barbados the police officer would either be posted to traffic duty, suspended or dismissed,. The outcome of this will be interesting
    By the what ever became of the Police case against the wife of the former P.M of St.Lucia who wwas involved in the incident at cave hill campus?

  76. Jerome Hinds

    No 0 Name,

    Never heard anything for a while about that Cave Hill Campus issue !

    That was JUST an opportunity for the Arthur gov’t to DISPLAY their RIOT gear…..just like MUGABE continues to do in ZIMBABWE….!

  77. No - Name

    This was a clear case of a public incident where charges were bought against an individual…..the status/outcome of this case should therefore be public knowledge?

  78. Jerome Hinds

    No – Name,

    While I agree with you , I am sorry to admit not in NON – Disclosure, Don’t Ask Me , How Dare you….undercover Barbados RULED by Owen Arthur….!

  79. No - Name

    My sincerest apology! Maybe we should ask BFP to set up a similar forum for Owen like they did for Lynette…then we can ask him some direct questions like ….if Rev’d Atherley wanted to follow in his footsteps and father three children from three different women within six months like he did, what is the best fast track method he would advocate without having to practice safe sex?

  80. Jerome Hinds

    No – Name

    Listening to how these BLP guys operate over the years they will probably tell us these
    ” accomplishments ” were achieved through ADOPTION….!

  81. Lady Anon

    Read Commissioner Dottin’s timeline in Roy Morris’ article today. One question though…

    Why did it take police officers over 24 hours to respond?

    “On March 29 a report for assistance was received at 11:20 a.m. at the Holetown Police Station.

    The assistance report was forwarded to District “D” Station, under whose jurisdiction Millennium Heights falls.

    On March 30 two patrol officers from the 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift were dispatched to Millennium Heights, and were not admitted. “

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  84. DJones

    About a year ago while in Barbados I witnessed a woman dragged out of a car and punched in the face by a traffic cop near hole town.Beating women is commonplace and not worth investigating,

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  86. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Protect the elite. The elite kills, maimes, steals and destroy and the law is to protect the elite. I see a different plantation system in these gated communities and you telling me that massa days done! You telling me not to be afraid in these times when a system of law is not for the protection of its people but for the protection of those who have tonnes of money to invest so we flex the laws for the investors. Throw the poor in prison because they not have the money to buy their way out. And leave the rich intact because their dollars support the abuse of the system and the infrastructural development that is important to catapult us ‘First world’ status. YOu tell me except the gated communities because it is ideal for the fostering of the type of social development that is beneficial to all? I say let us have a system of anarchy because that is what it is for people with money.

  87. J

    The Nation “was not able to contact Patterson Cheltenham, QC because he was overseas.”

    Can someone please tell me why my 10 year old neice has a cell phone which roams and Patty Cheltenham QC aint’ roaming.

    He need to get with the times.

    The BFP family should put in a dollard each a buy him nice quad cell phone which roams.

  88. J

    Women should be afraid of any man who wants to shut them in a cage even while calling it a “gated community”. Inside Millenium Heights are a set of foreign transients, some people would say vagrants. Nothing special about the houses either. The “developer” must be laughing all the way to the bank. It is impossible to grow a community out of a collection of transients, so there is no way Millenum Heights is a community.

    My old mother use to tell her daughters, “girls try and work for your own money, don’t find yourself longing out ya han’ to any man because men will make you do DIFFICULT things when you have to depend on them for money”. They will beat you and horn you in the sure and certain knowledge that they have bought your silence.

    The women in Milllennium Cage need to walk out the door, walk to the bus-stop and find work.

    Women need to stop selling their birth right for a stinking mess of pottage. The blows and the horns just ain’t worth it.

    It is hard for a man to beat you when you are working for your own dollar, because he knows that you can walk out on him PERMANENTLY.

    They need to find work and tell the men to **** ** ****.

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  98. vancet

    man i don’t believe it is lack of knowledge of law but a corrupt government and police force and culture to blame , MONEY talks BS Walks is a favorite
    in BIM

  99. RUMPIG

    SNUFFY teef my corn bread every day—–if it wasnt for my cornbread he would have starved. HE IS A PROBLEM

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