Cricket World Cup Fraud Continues – Barbados Children Get Free Tickets – Food, Drinks, Music Now OK

I Hope The Kids Enjoy Their Tickets – They Cost Us Probably US$50,000 Each

Four Things Come To Mind …

1/ Cricket World Cup Barbados is in real trouble when you have to fill the stands with 10-year-olds on a school day.

2/ It is now a proven fact that the prohibition against food, drinks and musical instruments was not about security. It was firstly about money, and secondly about providing a “civilized” (read “British”) environment for Cricket World Cup… with none ‘o them noisy darkies all dancing around and blowin’ them damn conch shells ‘an tossing water an havin’ a good time. Whatever the reason for this decision by organisers – be it racism, cultural superiority or something else – they misjudged heavily. Our foreign guests wanted authentic Caribbean cricket as much as we did. The first foreign tourists and press sent back the word “Ho hum – just like watching at home.”

3/ The decisions made by Cricket World Cup organisers and agreed to by the Barbados government purged the Caribbean culture from our cricket and in one move killed local support from ordinary people. Further, the ticket prices were designed to keep the locals away. Cricket World Cup was designed from the start to exclude the local population from attending.

4/ The respective governments, including Barbados, surrendered control of their countries, cultures and economies to Cricket World Cup organizers when any damn fool could see the train wreck coming. The question that citizens should be asking is “Why did our politicians do this?”

5/ The manner in which Cricket World Cup West Indies was set up was a fraud – perpetrated on the Caribbean people by their governments and Cricket World Cup organisers.

Here’s how the fraud was set up…

a/ Local economic success of the games was not necessary for the ICC/Cricket World Cup to enjoy both financial and apparent “public” success. (In fact, an argument can be made that the Cricket World Cup relies upon sucking the economic lifeblood and cash from the host countries – more on that later.)

b/ As stupidly admitted by Cricket World Cup CEO Chris Dehring – the ICC, Chris Dehring, Stephen Alleyne and all the big boys made their money up front even before the games started. The vast majority of the Cricket World Cup profits were derived from prepaid sponsorships. Dehring even had the stupidity to brag about it (BFP story link here).

c/ All of the above was well known to the politicians and leaders who committed their countries’ economies to sponsoring Cricket World Cup – when any thinking person would know that a contract where the other party has already made their profits was a bad deal for the Caribbean. This was a totally one-sided deal where one side has already made their money by virtue of signing the contract, and the other side puts up the vast majority of the backing and assumes the entire risk.

Cricket World Cup will go on to the next venue in a few years saying that the West Indies was the wrong place, they just couldn’t pull it off, no local support etc etc etc – and the people of the Caribbean will be left paying for generations.

d/ Why would any political leadership allow the above to happen? Why would they sign into such an agreement?

Answer: Personal Gain.

It was a fraud, folks. Clear and simple.

Whether they fill those stands by giving away tickets to children or vagabonds on the streets – or IF locals now come for the last games, it doesn’t matter.

The money was all gone a long time ago – full stands or not.

Barbados Determined To Restore Local Flavour

CricInfo Australia

Stung by criticism that the World Cup has been robbed of most of its Caribbean flavour by strict regulations, the local organising committee (LOC) in Barbados have hit back by announcing that restrictions would be eased at the Kensington Oval.

Stephen Alleyne, the CEO of the LOC told reporters that matches in Barbados would be closer to tradional “calypso cricket” than has been the case so far. He said that measures were being put in place so that music and food could flow more freely. For example, he said people bringing musical instruments would get clearance at the gate on the day of the game, rather than having to get permission beforehand.

In a break with the official line, which has continued to insist the tournament is running smoothly, Alleyne admitted that things had not gone so well at other venues. He also said that some matches at the Oval were not sold out, mainly because sponsors had not taken up their allocations, and that spare tickets would be made available free of charge to local children. Furthermore, he hinted that ticket prices might be reduced “to encourage more folk in” although that would need to be cleared with the ICC.

“We need to ensure that the environment is such that everybody in there, whether Barbadian, West Indian or from further afield, can get the chance to experience what it is like to be at a Caribbean Test match, or in this case at a Kensington Test match, and we are working with CWC and the ICC as we speak to get that balance right,” he explained. “One of the things we are going to work to achieve is the bringing of musical instruments in – we’re going to simplify that process. We’re looking at how you can bring things like foodstuff and so on into the Oval [while] making sure there’s clarity around those things.”

… read the original article at CricInfo (link here)


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15 responses to “Cricket World Cup Fraud Continues – Barbados Children Get Free Tickets – Food, Drinks, Music Now OK

  1. Ronin

    Regarding your #2 point, why do you BFP ‘editors’ always have to play the race card? You all are as bad as the damn politrickans with that rubbish. You know, half the reason foreigners come here is because of our creole culture, and to make comments like those above presuming racism and bigotry on the part of our guests is, well, bigoted. Shame on you all.

  2. BFP

    Ronin said…

    “You know, half the reason foreigners come here is because of our creole culture, and to make comments like those above presuming racism and bigotry on the part of our guests is, well, bigoted. Shame on you all.”

    Hi Ronin… we’ll change that point a little bit, because we agree with you that our foreign guests were looking forward to our Carib culture – but the racism or stuck-up-ness of the organisers caused all Carib culture to be purged from the games and ruined them. This resulted in many foreigners not coming.

    The organisers mis-judged the fact that our foreign visitors wanted Carib culture. Was there an element of racism in that decision? With 95% of our population of African origin, we think so.

    Still, you have a point that we have to clarify our meaning.

    Thanks so much for caring enough about our community to take us to task for our errors.


  3. Anon

    There’s an interesting piece from a cricket volunteer from Trinidad on cricinfo…sad to read about what was actually happening on the ground at the Oval:

    “One spectator, who on the first warm-up game arrived with his own water, was told he could not enter the arena with his plastic bottle, especially with the cap on, as this was clearly a weapon of mass destruction. He was taken from the UWI by paramedics at 3pm suffering from dehydration, because he could not afford to purchase water at the inflated price .”

  4. Chase

    This reminds me of those cosmetic ads you see about getting rid of wrinkles……….Before…….After.

  5. Yardbroom

    The organizers of the World Cup wanted a Caribbean flavoured tournament without the Caribbean element, they tried to make things as difficult as possible without actually saying ” you are not welcome.”

    Don’t apply for tickets they have been sold out, if you do brave the chicane in your way, the price of entry is so prohibitive you have to think twice, and don’t think you and your friends from the block can get together and make noise, we will separate you and if you do not get that let us know by prior arrangement which instruments you intend to play at our ground.

    Even your law enforcement officers will have to do as they are told and to reinforce who is in charge, let us have them frisked before entry. The tone was set.

    Could you imagine a London policeman with his hands in the air being frisked at a public event by a housewife with no real public responsibility – don’t make me laugh.

    Barbados being Barbados, will put on a good show, I have no doubt about that and will welcome visitors, that is part of being Bajans, however we will pay a heavy price for two seconds in the limelight, and so will our children.

    The old adage rings true here; ” you only know if you have had a good Christmas at the end of January when the bills come in.”

  6. Anon
    April 5th, 2007 at 1:22 pm
    There’s an interesting piece from a cricket volunteer from Trinidad on cricinfo…sad to read about what was actually happening on the ground at the Oval

    That was a very good article, except for bypassing our Caribbean governments, and LOC’s for a bit of the blame if not all.

  7. Peltdown Man

    You are dead wrong in implying that the sanitizing of the CWC was carried out by the English. You should know by now that most of the administrators of the game in ICC are Australian, and that traditionally, Australia has been one of the most racist countries in the world, with a “whites only” immigration policy until only recently. This whole saga reeks of Aussie superiority complex. You well know that thousand of English fans travel to the Caribbean for cricket just for the “Caribbeanness” of it. These games have been sanitized and destroyed by those who never wanted the West Indies to host the ganes in the first place, so that they can go away and say “We told you so.” So get off that English racist crap!


    Comment by Cliverton

    Hi Peltdown Man

    Oh dear, we seem to have been quite unable to clearly explain.

    We didn’t mean that the English are racist (although like everywhere, you find all sorts), we meant that people wanted Cricket World Cup to be a very proper “English” sort of cricket culture…. far different than our Caribbean cricket culture. Whether this was done out of racism or some misguided sense that thousands of Cricket fans wanted to come to the Caribbean only to experience “British” culture I don’t know.

    I do know it was a big mistake.

    Far as the Australians being racist and the ICC being a bunch of racist Aussies… I’ve never been invited to any ICC board meeting or party so I wouldn’t know!


    … Try not to use words like “crap” as it upsets Auntie Moses


    BFP Cliverton

  8. Jerome Hinds

    Peltdown Man,

    I support a lot of your comments with respect to the heavy presence of Australian branding / influence in this current CWC 2007.

    I am sure many BFP readers may recall that Mr. Rawle Brancker parted company with Mr. Dehring’s planning team precisely because, in Mr. Brancker’s opinion, Mr. Dehring had sanctioned a whole scale contracting of many services to Australian entities….. to the exclusion of Caribbean companies who can perform similar tasks…!

    On this issue of Australians being RACISTS…BFP readers would do well to recall Jon Pierik’s article ( I believe from the Adelaide Herald ?)
    ” cautioning ” Australians planning on visiting the Caribbean for CWC 2007…!

  9. John

    Cricket has evolved into a predictable sport where performance is determined by resources invested in the Team.

    Cricket is a Team sport, but it is really all about individuals.

    Gone are the days when a batsman had to work out a bowler on the field using his own experiences and those of persons to whom he was able to speak.

    Gone are the days when a bowler had to overcome the mental pressure a batsman exerted on him by himself.

    Today, resources allow every action, ploy or move by an individual to be studied, viewed dissected and understood by a whole cadre of “experts” who are only paid to reduce the effectiveness of that individual.

    Technology produces the problem to be solved and it is solved off the field.

    We no longer watch a straightforward contest between bat and ball, where bluff and gumption and sometimes sheer bloody mindedness and luck are all that separates success from failure.

    Cricket has become a science and athletes play cricket. They are no longer cricketers. They are trained, programmed, directed even.

    Standards are higher than they ever have been where performance is concerned, but ….we no longer watch a human face up to a challenge and overcome it largely on his own.

    We no longer thrill in the triumph of the individual. We watch a fantastic catch, or a wonderful delivery or shot and instinctively we know that play has been rehearsed over and over again and is not the result of an individual reaching within himself to produce it.

    Cricket has become like American sports, too predictable.

    There is money now in cricket, lots of it, but will it live on in its present form?.

  10. I am surprised no one (on this blog, at least) has commented on that tirade by that great bombaster, Mia, about how ICC is to blame for all the shortcomings of CWC.

    Does she really think we don’t see through her hypocrisy is disassociating herself from ICC’s actions? Up until it became clear all was not well, Mia was boasting what a great job she had done to implement the regulations and requirements. Not a word of demur that she disagreed with them.

    This is known as being smart after the event, or wisdom of hindsight. If she is so smart, why did she say nothing at the time? The answer- plain and simple. She did not see it coming, but is too small (if you can believe that) to admit it.

  11. Jerome Hinds

    I am surprised no one (on this blog, at least) has commented on that tirade by that great bombaster, Mia, about how ICC is to blame for all the shortcomings of CWC.

    Hi Pandora,

    Under the BFP article titled ” The sinking of SS world Cup Cricket ”
    I posted the comments below following about Mia Mottley’s CULPABILITY on this CWC 2007 issue.

    Hi folks ,

    At least we know one of the crew members…Mia…. on the sinking ship above is still….ALIVE….!

    Mia…..before DROWNING….CONTENDS that the ICC is to….BLAMED…!!


    Mia….yuh can HEAR….me….?

    1. Did the ICC implement the US $ 100.00 VISA Security Fee…??

    As CHIEF of the CWC 2007 Security arrangements you should KNOW..!

    In case you get a ’bout of AMNESIA….read the link below….particularly the LAST …paragraph :

    2. Did the ICC tell the BLP gov’t to Re – Develop Kensington Oval for in excess of US $ 300 Million…??

    The QEH only WANTED 1/3…!

    3. Did the ICC tell Barbadian Hoteliers
    and Home – Owners…Build & Expand…YOUR PREMISES 90,000 VISITORS…COMING….?

    While at the same time the BLP gov’t tek up US $ 15 Million of bajan taxpayers money to secure the services of a FLOATING hotel….!

    4. Did the ICC give Boss Trick…without Parliamentary APPROVAL…US $ 2 Million to SPRUCE & SLUSH…the CITY..??

    Mia if you can make it back to SHORE….every Barbadian AWARE of questions…..1 – 4 above see that it is the BLP……and NOT……the ICC…to be BLAMED….!!

    We SUSPECT that because you now find yourself in the middle of the OCEAN on a SINKING SHIP… is quite EASY for you to have a RED –HERRING for your….last…SUPPER…!

  12. Does anyone know whether the CWC tickets that the government is giving away to our school children are for bleacher seats???? If they are bleacher seat tickets, then I would ask all Barbadians parents to not subject their children to sitting in the hot sun for 8 hours (especially if the W.I. team is not involved) just to make the Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism look good and fool the global audience into thinking that Barbados got it right. We didn’t get it right so stop the lying and do not use our young as sacrifical lambs to save your own skins. Shame on our government!!! How much lower do they plan to go?

  13. Jerome Hinds


    This BLP gov’t intends to go to the……PITS..!

    Their Arch – Criminal….Royalrumble already has SHOVEL in hands….!

    Ah hope he REMEMBERS….” whosoever DIGGETH a pit….shall FALL in it….”

    Mr. Loveridge ain’t trouble him…!

    But I guess when one has sold their SOUL for 30 pieces of SILVER…..there is little rational MINDS can do for the CULPRIT…!

  14. paul sealy

    Thank’s for letting my daughter’s pay off this debt till they are grey,bajan’s will never forget you guy’s …never.