Dear Barbados Minister Of Tourism…


Dear Minister Lynch:

1/ How much money and other assets did you have before you entered government service?

2/ How much do you have now?

3/ It is apparent from your lifestyle and visible assets that your net worth is in the millions of dollars… where did you get it?


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  1. Warrior

    Hey!!!! Who tek off the horns????????

  2. Warrior

    Actually he looks like an “illustrious” dude without them. 🙂 😉

  3. Jerome Hinds


    As Minister of Tourism , I will respond to your 3 questions above as follows :

    1. Before I entered Government…I owed EVERYBODY and owned a Donkey and a Cart…!

    2. Still have the Donkey & Cart…NOW…parked outside a spanking PLANTATION…I AIN’T owe a FELLA….!

    3. I get the MONEY by INVESTING taxpayers FUNDS…in the CRUISE INDUSTRY…!

    Yuh see I AIN’T run from the QUESTIONS….?

    Ah LEARN from MUH….MISTAKES…!!

    Thank You..!

  4. Agricola

    Which Plantation? what parish?

    did he buy just the great house and the 6 or 8 aces surrounding? or did he buy the whole pltn. of 100 acres of cart-roads thru the sugar cane, yams and sweet potatoes?

    I’d suspect the perceived ‘grandeur’ of the former,
    without the hassles of the latter.

  5. GearBox

    How u cud axe de man dem kinda kreshtuns?
    Dat is he private bidness.

  6. De Orginal

    Dear Minister Noel Lynch,

    In keeping the appropiate practice when one resign under the Westminister Whitehall system when you have been compromised. We look forward to your resignation.

    The People of Barbados

  7. Wishing in Vain

    De Orginal remember you are living in Barbados and not in the UK you would have to be joking to think this idiot would be honourable and would resign after all the kick backs to sweet as a minister in this cabinet ask Owing.

  8. No - Name

    Dera Minister

    I remember when you were at BHTA and at the end of each month you would be hiding from persons you owed money including your landlord……

    I beg yuh be a man …DO the decent thing and resign! Don ‘t Embarrass your wife and family anymore. Admit it…You have failed ….you are a disgrace…

    If the travel agents who were appointed by CWC and cricket logistics over a year ago could not manage to get a charter from South Africa do you intend to get one now at this eleven hour…… think South Africans were sitting down at home with nothing to do?

    Remember I always used to tell you that your mouth gwine get you in trouble? I told you not to laugh at George when you took over the Ministry of Tourism….BUT you ain’t listen to me..and from your very first day in office you could not control that mouth,,,saying you come to take the Payne out of tourism.

    I thought then that you were such a pompous idiot….Unfortunately you have done nothing to make me cchage my mind.

  9. Dave Crawford

    Dear Minister

    Do you or dont’t you support integrity legislation ?

    I however completely understand your actions it is just a part of the culture of the BLP.

    How would you feel about legislation that would require for MPS’ to have to make their financials available for public inspection as is done in the US ?

    Not to worry though because OSA would never have any parts of that.

  10. Javon Griffith

    What a load of bull sh*t.

    What’s the significance of the wealth of our Minister of Tourism? There is nothing wrong with investing one’s money. I do.

  11. No - Name

    Javon,,are you maLe or FeMale?

  12. Javon Griffith

    I’m male. What’s your problem?

  13. Jerome Hinds

    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch , says,

    ” What a load of bull sh*t.

    What’s the significance of the wealth of our Minister of Tourism? There is nothing wrong with investing one’s money. I do. ”

    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch

    When you were in VOB studios on the 25th March 2007…..why you did not answer the question the way you did in your comments above…?

    Did Owen tell you to CONFESS…?

    I should remind you there is something WRONG with stealing PEOPLE money…!

    You said on the VOB programme of 25th March 2007……the BLP gov’t BORROWED no money to hire Carnival Destiny…!

    Yet in NOVEMBER 2006 a Bill was passed in Parliament to secure money from Scotia Bank to hire the same ship..!

    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch

    Since you STICKING to your story…where the taxpayers money GONE…then…?

    In other words…WHO tief it……?

  14. Javon Griffith

    Minister Lynch was asked whether Government had borrowed money for the Carnival Destiny and he said no, which is the truth. As I have stated before, the BTA borrowed the money.

    Who will you be voting for in the next election?

  15. Wishing in Vain


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    The contents of this post have been deleted and “Wishing In Vain” and his/her IP have been moved to the “always moderate” section for breaking BFP discussion rules.


  16. No - Name

    Is it really you Minister Lynch?..

  17. Bajanboy

    I will tell you what is going to happen. The minister is going to ignore all of the flack and in a few months it is going to blow over. I do not think that there will be an election any time soon. Voters have a very short memory and that is a shame. In early 2008, all of the problems associated with Cricket World Cup will be forgotten: unless BFP has something to say about it.

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch

    “As I have stated before, the BTA borrowed the money. ”
    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch

    Does the BTA dictate to the CABINET of Barbados and the Minister of Finance…?

    In case you FORGOT…the CABINET of Barbados APPOINTS the BTA Board….and supplies it with the FUNDS to FUNCTION…..!

    Come back on this BFP site and DENY this……

    Or ELSE……go and FIND yourself a GOOD…lawyer…!

    Yuh Nitwick…!

  19. De Orginal

    Bajanboy I dont agree with you people never forget financial hardship like what is coming. Wishing InVain I dont expect Noel Lynch to resign just wanted to give my position on what he should do.

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Javon Griffith a.k.a Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch

    For a GOOD…lawyer…!

    Do NOT try Sir Henry Forde…he told the BARBADIAN public that you SHOULD have ANSWERED the QUESTIONS….truthfully…while on Brass tacks…!!


    Me Belly…!

  21. Curiously amused


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    The contents of this post have been deleted and his/her IP have been moved to the “always moderate” section for breaking BFP discussion rules.


  22. Rumplestilskin

    Bajanboy says ”Voters have a very short memory and that is a shame. In early 2008, all of the problems associated with Cricket World Cup will be forgotten: unless BFP has something to say about it”

    Sadly, the repercussions of all the projects now are twofold:

    – short term funds flowing. As long as the projects last. So maybe you are right, the flyovers will take us through the elections.
    – Significant belt-tightening after. This is the election trouble. Which is why I do think elections will be very soon, indeed as soon as possible after CWC.

    Specifically in relation to CWC, I have already heard of many layoffs coming soon, due to the lack of tourists this month. If this reverses after CWC, then fine. If not, then its really trouble economically and election trouble.

    I am extremely agitated on the amount of recent spending. While the temporary i.e. one or two year, impact may ‘seed’ the economy, the long term effect is disastrous or at the very least very constricting.

    I hope I am very wrong, but I cannot see it.

    By the way, anyone heard that the highway extension is already way over budget?

    I only hope that the contract with the building firm stipulated that overruns at at their cost, or at least a good portion borne by the builder firm.

    Is this a fair hope. If not, more trouble.

    Things are not pretty generally.

  23. Rumplestilskin

    In other words, we will not be in a position to ‘just forget’.


  24. Adrian Loveridge

    An interesting letter ‘Gems, audited figures, please’
    in the Nation today.

    The writer seizes on another incredible statement made the Minister of Tourism made in Parliament recently ‘Government would not allow the equity in Gems to deteriorate and that no debt would be placed on the taxpayers of this country when it came to the performance of Gems’.

    The same Minister whilst EVP at the BHTA that stated ‘Government has no role in Hotel ownership’ and if anyone doubts this statement ask a previous President of the BHTA and one of our leading tourism figures.

    Utterings like the one made in Parliament can only be explained rationally by one of two explanations:

    1) That the Minister is disillusional
    2) That he is being economical with the truth.

    If the Minister (his portfolio) will ‘not allow the equity in Gems to deteriorate’ then why hasn’t rennovated the 30 derelict rooms at Blue Horizon and why was the Dover Convention Centre prematurly demolished and a prime ocean front piece of land being left lying idle for a decade?

    This is protecting the equity of Gems?

    And the longer the Minister refuses to answer the many outstanding questions, any remaining partical of credibility he has left in the tourism industry will simply evaporate.

    What has become of the proceeds of the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock?

    You mention in your political speech early this week that there was another cruise ship other than the Carnival Destiny that was getting Government/BTA support, which one?

    Up to the 25th March 2007, you repeated the statement that 80% of the cabins of the Carnival Destiny had been sold. Now you admit that it is in fact 40%. What became of the payments made by the 40% of persons who had paid and cancelled?

    Do you want to publicly revise your visitor arrival figures?

    ‘90,000’ visitors during CWC Final Week and ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

    Whoever wins the next election is abundantly clear that a new Minister of Tourism will have to be found, one that at least gives an impression of credibility!

  25. paul sealy

    Bajans are in for a shock….but at least in the years to come tiefing owen’s name will always be on their lips…you have done yourself proud by bajans for years to come because they will never forget the man that send Barbados down the hatch….NEVER.

  26. Patrick Porter

    Javon Griffith

    The BTA is a department of the Government, so if they borrow the money it stands to reason that the Government has borrowed the money, on the minister, no one questions his wealth, only how he came by it. You can spin a top for only so long before it topples over. And the spin on the CWC is coming to an end. The blame game has started with Mia now blaming the CWC for all the woes. How in God’s good name, can you blame them when you were the same Government that did the dirty deal. BLP now is the time to take your licks and admit that you have messed with the heads of Bajans
    On another topic, I see that police can’t even get into gated communities. What a joke. They are two standards for Bajans one for the rich and one for the average joe that lives outside these gated communities. It is time to tear down the gates and fences and let them become part of Barbados and not a law unto themselves. The BLP has created racism in its top form and they say they are for the people. The money must flow into their pockets, so then can get rich quick

  27. Pogo

    A lawyer- don’t want me to tell his name- says there is a way to go after Minister Lynch and his type. Criminal charges, fraud, theft from the public’s funds, are all laws in the books now. And the best part is no statute of limitations so even after they get voted out then time to round em up.

    Let’s hear from the dems whether they will do this and put things right for all the missing monies? Thompy’s already got the goods on the PM for $750,000 and that is surely just the tip of a very large iceberg.


    Comment by BFP George

    1st and final warning Pogo! We will not accept comments that have sexual innuendo. We have edited your post for you, but next time we will delete it.

    BFP George

  28. Jupiter

    Edited by BFP

    Policy Re Comments

    The bulk of this comment was removed because the writer turned it into a highly innuendo-laced piece speculating on whether or not certain Members of Parliament have sex with their own gender – and / or USED A NAME THAT CONTAINS A SEXUAL INNUENDO.

    We don’t have the time or the inclination to go through each comment to edit out a word and phrase here and there, so our readers will have to police themselves or the entire comment will be removed… which is a shame because there are many good ideas that are being tossed aside over these sexual innuendos.

    Although we haven’t really been on top of this issue or spoken on this issue before, we are now… because such comments are taking the focus off the stated objectives of this blog. Bajans will talk and gossip – and we let all sorts of things that we don’t personally like slide by in the comments because we don’t want to limit the flow of communication.

    But this theme of highly sexual innuendo is changing the mood of the blog and detracting from our work.

    It will stop.


  29. Not1cent.

    Not one cent of stolen money will be repatriated, back to the public purse, where it belongs, and from whence it came.

    Boysie anDeBoyz already have their Flight plan filed for the morning after elections (if things turn out badly)
    – they also have a Flight Plan filed for The Morning After(if things turn out well).
    We are dealing with a Mafia Nouveau,here, fellas!

    Condo’s await in the South of France, in Miami, in Liechtenstein and elsewhere,
    padded by The Barbados Public Purse…waiting…in case..

    Do Bajans have the ‘cajones’ to get InterPol to repatriate Bajan ex-politicians to these shores,
    to undergo trial for mis-appropriation of public funds?
    If they do, it would be a first in Caribbean Political History, and so I very much doubt it.
    This not the way we let our Pols get away with ill-gotten gains.
    We let them get away with ill-gotten gains.

  30. Jupiter


    I know you have become very succesful and have a million hits a day,but may I suggest to you that you have become very high handed of late – sadly so.

    I wrote to BFP George – 2 posts above – asking him to please tell us what are these sexual inneundos that are so upsetting to BFP for the general readership’s sake,since words previously used to describe a minister on this site and now banned has been immortalised in song.

    Please tell us why,and what are the other sexual innenudos that are upsetting.

    Further I asked since Robert best in his nation article said that journalists in barbados unlike their colleagues overseas cannot speak about politicians sexual escapades – a point which was picked up by you in your article yesterday and accepted as true – then pray tell me why have you deleted my earlier comments.

    I know you have been regularly telling others who complain to go to wordpress and open their own blog,but may I suggest to you that ‘power is a very heady thing’,and BFP needs to understand that an internet blog should and must have rules,but for goodness sake – this site which has been screaming out about lack of freedom of speech in barbados, should not be seeking to so control what their readers comment on,that the blog becomes completely sanitised and sterile.

    I repeat here as I did in my earlier post which was deleted,I am not by any means suggesting that persons should come on the site and cuss,or be vulgar,or that filthy spam abou gay sex should be let through,but if we say we are about freedom of speech surely a phrase which is in the public domain and has beem on the airwaves should not be causing so much flutter at BFP,or any reference to a ministers sexual escapades which causes what to raise wuestion about his/her moral standing.

    Please be aware, I also am not saying just come on and float anything about anyone just to be nasty,but so far allegations that I have seen on this site (with the exception of nasty sexual remarks about david thompson and other dlp members by the blp operatives like royal rumble and which has been kept up on the site) these allegations by other commentators have been backed up by further information,or have panned out when checked.

    We are not children and should not be treated as such.


    Hi Jupiter

    Marcus here.

    Please understand that all it takes are two or three people to totally hijack a conversation through sexual innuendo. We have had it happen and do not intend for it to happen again. When the sexual innuendo becomes the main topic on an article about something else, then it becomes a distraction.

    It also becomes an effective way of leading readers away from the issue at hand. We are convinced that most of the offending comments are placed there to do just that.

    We receive thousands of spam comments and emails per month and simply cannot be vetting each one to remove the odd offending word here and there. So we have been forced to institute our commenting rules so the blog can continue on. There is no other way.

    We are only five people – only four really active – and if you knew how much effort and how many hours this blog takes per day, you would be flabbergasted.

    IF you want to write about a Minister’s sexual escapades (and we do believe that there is no such thing as separation of the personal and professional life for public figures), then write an article with sources and send it in. We would probably publish it.

    IF however, you want to use sexual-innuendo nicknames for politicians in everyday discussion, we will delete your post.

  31. Red Lake Lassie

    Royal Rumble said “Your bank account transactions will no longer be private, ”

    THAT is what is really worrying the Prime Minister. How many other $750,000 cheques were put in his PERSONAL bank account?

    Did he keep any? Did he pay income tax on the “consulting fees”?

    Oh YES the government ministers are worried sick that the people will start a groundswell calling for accountability!

    Where did you get your money, Mr. Lynch!

  32. John

    I see Javon Griffith is now actually getting involved in the discussion and not just posting bland statements designed to get our goat.

    Maybe the powers that be, or Javon, realised the ploy was too obvious.

    Good for you Javon!!

  33. Jupiter

    See what I mean royal rumble can call thompson’little brown girl in the ring,yet the name that persons use to call barney lynch is banned.

    Is it that BFP believes that we the readers cannot see the inneundo referred to by royalrumble?


    Comment by BFP george

    take a pill, Jupiter.

    we are not here all the time.

    You spend so much time telling us how to run this blog that you should get your own.

    take a hike.


    Comment by Robert

    I agree George. These folks who are spending so much time on this name calling are causing too much work for us.

    Just zap them. Never mind the polite conversation and explanations. I have zapped Royal Rumble’s offending post. If he persists, ban him. We don’t have time for children like this. Jupiter has been around long enough that he knows he is stirring the pot at our expense. Just zap them all.


  34. Millionaire

    Used to be..(back in the ’60s, where most Bajans’ heads are still at?)
    that being a millionaire was a big deal.

    A million is one thousand thousand.
    1,000,000 – count it.
    That’s not a lot of money.

    Any businessman who has run his business in ‘half-fast’ fashion is now a millionaire (net worth)
    so hurling “accusations” of someone..anyone..being ‘A Millionaire’
    only shows how 1960s you are,and think.

    To be Somebody,these days, you have to be a Billionaire, and Barbados has only one of them.
    ALL Lawyers are millionaires: the very house they live in, is worth at least $600-750,000
    their practice(as a going concern) is prob. worth another 500K,at least.
    The 2 cars that he and The Wife drive…another 100K(second hand value) – it soon adds up to a meagre million.

  35. Jupiter


    Thanks very,very,very much for your above response.

    Thanks a million once again.

    You see I was hoping and praying that when I sent the above post that I was wrong about my concerns,thank you for giving me cause to believe once again in my inner instincts.

    Take a pill you say george?

    I usually take those when I’m in pain or have a serious headache,so you may just be right,I might just have to take that pill,for I’m truly pained and got a massive headache.

  36. reality check


    good for you!!!

    by now we are well aware of all of the politicians
    sexual preferences and escapades. If thats an important enough issue, voters can make their decision come election time.

    It is very difficult for Bajans to take the high road and not get personal. The issues of accountability, full disclosure, theft of public monies, and incompetency are so serious that their usually important comments lose their weight by personal attacks. Its a pity.

  37. NOT no name

    Javon Griffith stop your attempts at misleading this blog. Not only is BTA a gob agency Noel MM Lynch micro manages BTA. Not a fart dont leggo unless he gives okay to poop. You really want us to believe BTA can spend the amount of taxpayer monies in question here and liad truth stranger Lynch dont sign off on it. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssse….

  38. No - Name

    Someone continues to use my name. Please check the IP address to verify. Seems to me they want to get me banned ccompletely!

  39. No - Name

    I did not post the comment at 5.58 pm. That’s not the kind of language I use anyhow. Please check the IP ADDRESS.


    Comment by BFP George

    Done No – Name. I changed the name to NOT no name.

    NOT no name…. we know who you are and our patience is wearing thin.

    First rule of blogging… do not cause more work for the moderator.

  40. Javon Griffith


    Does the loan change who will win the next election? If Barbados was a republic and the election was Owen vs David, Owen would win by a landslide.

  41. Lady Anon

    Javon…thanx for bringing up the republic thing. When is it going to happen? You got any insider information? Or was it just another ploy?

  42. chébajan

    Ok so the reality is we all know what barbados is about as far as speaking your mind, or should I say writing your mind, cuz many a rum shop has open forums on speaking your mind on a daily basis. They just lack the antenna and broadcasting capabilities to allow the froth to be heard across the land.

    Now as for what is being said here. We can clearly see that the issues of criminal corruption are common thread through the halls of politics here in this 246. The fact of the matter is that until and only until the people are fed up to the point of near rioting nothing will ever be done..period (with a capital p) Do we really think that BFP, as good as it is to have, or Barbados Forward or anything else done through the common intellectual means will reap any type of change in a corrupted system that has been in place for a few hundred years?

    Im not saying that a riot will make a difference, but the thoughts of the collective whole who most certainly agree that the nonsense in this island must stop, need to have another outlet. One which is forceful. Love conquers all, we know this. We also know that force of equal measure balances force. So do we think that by being polite and nice and cute while showing off our wit and brilliance of thought that we can realistically bring about a change in this country. If the bully constantly beats you as you pass his way daily knowing that the police stand next to him and watch while doing nothing or that he can get away with it because he is the ultimate headmaster. Then we know what the outcome will constantly be. But suppose we decide one day to whip that bully in his behind not only by physical means, but by outsmarting him at his own game. I think we will finally begin to see a turn in the tide. Every bully has a weak point. It takes thoughtful, careful and precise planning to outwit an opponent as such and we have every means at our disposal. Sooooo, we need not just speak about these issues, we need to act, we need to do.

    As far as suggestions go i really dont have the patience to begin to posit. What i will say is this. If we dont begin to become extremely angry at the level of disrespect we are being shown as a country and its peoples then we will only continue to allow the colonial pundits their wealth of mental slavery to continue and we shall forever reside in the realms of obscurity.

  43. vortex

    Whose money do you invest Javon? You think we don’t know? We all know you are a BLP supporter who likes anything this corrupt bunch does. But the winds of change are there whether you like David or Ali Baba Owen.

    I know David Thompson has no problem accounting for money he received for his party but Owen does. And he told us he made a “mistake” but exactly what was the mistake?

    Was there a “direct connection” as David Thompson said between the cheque Owen got and the Zone One to Zone Two approval granted by him? Let’s wait and see.

    I know he didn’t build a RDC house for his wife. Or negotiate with the Caribbean lottery for a monthly cheque.

    Shorey, Wilkinson, Nicholls et al have raped the Treausury and passed it back to their master.

  44. Javon Griffith

    Vortex, David Thompson can’t account for those cheques Leroy gave him either.

  45. Javon Griffith

    I know who the lucky 20 BLP candidates to win their seats will be na na na na na na lol.

  46. BFP

    Javon Griffith said “Vortex, David Thompson can’t account for those cheques Leroy gave him either.”

    You are correct Javon – neither the piggies at the DLP nor BLP can account for the numerous cheques they received. But Arthur and the BLP have been in power for the last 13 years, and while just as guilty as the DLP, have taken corruption to new levels.

    They are simply better thieves.

    Now, may we see the GEMS audited statements please and the audit trail of the 750k cheque that the Prime Minister deposited into his personal bank account?

  47. Javon Griffith

    The PM didn’t deposit any 750k cheque into his bank account. That was all a hoax.

  48. Red Lake Lassie

    It must be a hoax because the papers have not written about it!

    Unfortunately, thousands of us saw the PM’s face and heard his answer on TV, so we know it is true.

    Nice try Javon “I am a paid employee of the BLP” Griffith.

  49. Javon Griffith

    I didn’t say anything about the papers……….so sorry RLL.

  50. Anonymous

    Yes, and I know 20 of the lucky 80 whose families will receive a free BMW.

  51. No - Name

    Somehow I am getting some vibes that Javon is female….what male uses words like ‘na na na na na na lol?’

    On that score Jerome Hinds might be correct when he addresses Javon and Minister Lynch as one. They behave in the same way!

    ….remember the Minister wucking up in the studio to celebrate a temporary victory against Adrian and singing ‘na na na na na na lol?’

    Javon is a very evil and sick person…

  52. Javon Griffith

    Your looking to be dangerous.

  53. Anonymous

    Put back the 500 million in our pockets without taxing us then.

  54. No - Name

    I continue to say that Javon Lynch is a real idiot! Thousands of bajans saw and heard Owen admit to the $750,000. Not only did he admit to it but it was evident that it caused some grief becdause he was mopping his face!

    You are the most dishonest Minister i ever knew. I know you are planning to come to the people and ask for forgiveness….but it too late!…The unfortuate thing about you is that you have not grown professionally. From the time I knew you all you used to do is talk….and talk nuff ….and say nothing of substance……

  55. Red Lake Lassie

    You Idiot Javon

    I was being sarcastic.

    It couldn’t have been in the papers because you nazis won’t allow any questions about where our money goes.

    I and thousands of others saw Thompson accuse Arthur and heard Arthur say he does it all the time what’s the big deal.

    So crooked he doesn’t even know when he has crossed the line! Imagine the PM admitting that he put a $750k cheque into his personal account and the press writes nothing.

    That is power. That is fear.

  56. Jamie

    “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Wait, ALL of wunnuh now reach? Gorblinit, axe yuh elders ’bout Barrow circle, and even all since dem – dem nused to be known fuh all kine ah sheenannigans and abuses.

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    The nature of the Political Beast in the Caribbean – and in most Third World countries (we ent alone) is to gain power, stuff own and friends pockets as much as possible without going over the prison wall, and then retire in supreme comfort (preferably in some other country). And if you can step on a few corns – of people who stepped on yours as you came up the ladder – that is all gravy.

    As for lawyers, again axe yuh elders – dem people more wise dan you, like ‘um or not – bout how de reliability of most lawyers in any Caribbean country.

    But wait, gorblinit, yuh ent figure out dat dem is who is most of de politicians too? Lordy, I give up…

    When you does need a lawyer in the Caribbean for serious business, the first consideration is their political leaning and connections… most of them does lean one way or de nother, and eff you does pick a lawyer leaning one way and the presiding judge is leaning another way, them doesn’t go through the same doorway together – eff you get my drift.

    But dis discussion is de right idea… talk yuh talk, people, expose the crooks for who they are, and stop this rip-off taxation. It getting so bad people cyan live peaceful and decent no more.

    “The truth will out.” And so it should… anyone who came by his/her property by honest means has nothing to fear of questions in public by the public – especially when it concerns politicians feeding at the public trough – ooops, I mean political abuse of the public purse.

  57. John

    Javon is reverting to his first form.

    He was actually discussing for a short time.

    Try a new name Javon.

  58. Patrick Porter

    The news I just got from Barbados is that only 84 people have signed on for the cruise ship and that is from a BLP contact. Maybe someone down there can say if this is true or not