BFP Reader Says Cricket World Cup Is All Positive – The Big Problem Is Just Bad Spin


“Hey, Look On The Bright Side, Captain Lynch – This Will Give Us A Whole Lot Of Free Publicity!”

Someone we’ve never heard of before sent us the following CWC-Positive piece.

As we say… Barbados Free Press belongs to everyone, so here is the article as received…

Spin or Fact?

Cricket fans should be able to recognize spin!

The term is borrowed from ball sports such as cricket, where a spin bowler may impart spin on the ball during a delivery so that it will curve through the air or bounce in an advantageous manner.

In public relations, spin is a sometimes pejorative term signifying a heavily biased portrayal in one’s own favor of an event or situation. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, “spin” often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics. Politicians are often accused of spin by commentators and political opponents, when they produce a counter argument or position. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Understanding the facts point to a positive spin on the World Cup:

In the first instance, there’s little evidence or facts to support the idea that staging a major sporting event such as the Olympics, World Cup Soccer, Cricket etc., is about a return on investment in the normal sense.

The return on investment for the sponsors and host venue needs to be considered and measured as a massive publicity and advertising event.

Viewed in this light, Barbados has already positioned itself to benefit most from the spectacle and spotlight.

Regardless of the fortunes of the West Indies team, the collective effort of Barbados will be front and center on the television consoles of Cricket’s World Cup estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide.


Some major sport event sponsor advertising comparisons:

As a quick comparison, Formula 1 motor racing teams spend between US$200 – 400 Million per year, not necessarily for the racing laurels, but for the televised exposure to 30 – 50 Million viewers per race. There are 17 races this year with a maximum time of 2 hours each, so the math looks like this.

17 x 2 hours = 34 hours of television air time. If the average F1 team spent US$250 Million that equates to US$7.3 Million per hour, equivalent to US$60,000 for a 30 second television commercial, remember this number as we will get back to it shortly.

So if the expenditures of Barbados are correctly quoted on this site, then US$250,000 has been spent on various infrastructure programs by Barbados.

There are 7 Super Eight events at Kensington Oval, including the final, and each approximately 8 hours long, so the math looks like this.

7 x 8 = 56 hours of television air time. If Barbados spent US$250 Million that equates to US$4.4 Million per hour. equivalent to US$37,000 for a 30 second television commercial to a 2 billion worldwide audience…

That’s 1.6 times more bang for the buck than a sponsor benefits in a Formula 1 Season.

Compared to the Super Bowl where the Advertising cost is $2.4 million for a 30-second spot, then one might argue that Barbados has achieved 64 times more bang for the buck than it could have expended in a single 30 second ad in the Super Bowl.

Well done Team Barbados, looks like you are already the winners in the 2007 ICC World Cup!


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46 responses to “BFP Reader Says Cricket World Cup Is All Positive – The Big Problem Is Just Bad Spin

  1. Patrick Porter

    Another Arthur fan coming out of the wood work, things must be desperate, they sending out the foot soldiers. The big boys frightened to face the music, they can’t hide all day and night, they will have to come out soon

  2. Patrick Porter

    With all the talk about positive advertising. Don’t you realise that this is being viewed in most countries that will never come to Barbados. The only place it might and I mean might is in the UK. It will not have an effect here in Canada as most people don’t even know what cricket is, and don’t watch programs with any other sport than hockey,football and basketball, the same applies for the US. SO all those dollars in postitive spin you are talking about are being wasted, on the Brits who already know about Barbados
    So as you can see I just shot down your arguement

  3. a

    BFP reader:

    You must be kidding!
    Are you saying one third of the world is watching CWC in the Caribbean? Now that’s a BLP spin. Where is China?

  4. GIGO

    Garbage in garbage out

    BFP has been reporting for several months now from newpapers and blogs all over the world with respect to high ticket costs, visa cash grabs, food and drink restrictions etc

    This is hardly complimentary and definitely not positive.

    as to 2 billion people watching this mediocre CWC
    2007 matches—please stay off the medications–you are having severe delusional reactions to them

  5. National Ego

    The WHOLE WORLD is watching…boy you hard ears, nuh?!
    can’t u get it thru your thick head that we are the focal point of the Universe?
    It’s a lot more than just one-third of the world watching. Isn’t everyone just completely Cricket-Mad like we are?

    What’s that you say? there are Bajans who don’t give a dang? tell me it isn’t so!

  6. Ronnie

    Voodoo Economics.

  7. John

    I think that it will be clear to even the most blind individual that cricket has little interest for us as a business. While it was a game, it was great, … and we were great.

    This is a clear benefit of CWC.

    Maybe we will pick one another up, dust off ourselves and get on with the real business of living and finding what it is that is right for us.

    Too bad we will have to repay a rather large debt, but so what, things are tough all over!

    The time to be honest with ourselves has come.

  8. Jerome Hinds

    Is it a positive for CWC 2007 when the Antigua LOC is GIVING away FREE tickets to the match…Sri Lanka VS England….!

    The organisers just BLEW it…!

  9. Javon Griffith

    Jerome, I am completely annoyed by your continuance to post rubbish on this public forum. You need to get a life and wake up to reality. The Barbados Labour Party will win the next election. Since the DLP winning seems to be your only concern I will keep letting you know that the BLP will win.

  10. Patrick Porter

    You are right it is a sport, but the people in charge of it thought it would the second coming. Well it has proved to be a flop, unfortunately. I would have loved for it to be a success for all the people of the Caribbean, but that was due to a lot of very bad decisions. As you say let us put it behind us and concentrate of the problems at hand, which are growing from day to day. I hope that too much has not been spent on it that will cause more hardship to the already hard pressed peoples of the region
    I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Blessed Easter as I will be away for the weekend in Niagara Falls. If I come across a lap top down there will keep in touch. However will be back Monday. I leave for now with this request from all of you to respect each other no matter how rough the blog gets. We are the ones that control the tone of this site. Although we have differences, let us express them in a good way. HAAPY EASTER TO YOU ALL, and to you Chase hug that wonderful girl of yours

  11. Red Lake Lassie

    I’m with Jerome!

    what a mess. Half a billion friggen dollars by Barbados and they have to give away tickets to get people to watch. Somebodies should pay for this with their jobs.

    Javon you can only spin so much it is a friggen disaster!

  12. BK

    The payback for the GoB is not in locals filling the stadium but tourists entering to watch the games and the spin-offs from it. Full stadia will lend atmosphere to the game.

  13. Bob

    CWC 2003 in South Africa……. Has anyone looked into successes & failures… profit & losses etc…. and especially the Long & Short Term Benefits gained in S.A. for hosting the CWC 2003? … and how much it had cost to prepare for it as t is a a very large country compared to our very small country….. and has the hosting of CWC 2003 created the atmosphere for majoror minor Foreign investment in that country due to the Hosting? I doubt this.

    We here in the caribbean should know that deviding the Series over the 9 territories only meant Spending our very limited resorced 9 times and one should have thought that from the authorities statements in our region that all 9 territories would be RICH from this exposure…. Have they completly forgotten CARIFESTA all together.
    Our problem here is not that hosting the cwc 2007 is in theory a bad idea….. it was simply planned out very poorly and executed even worse by some very arrogant and ignorant people who committed all 9 territories to future extreem difficult economic difficulties. I’m sure that after TAXES have been duly increased in all 9 Territories in order to pay commitments that these arrogant planners would have already had their share of goodies and will now have only to pay theis equal share of increased taxes as every one else.

  14. Positive Spin

    Hold on!

    The article is positive about the benefit Barbados will gain from being the host venue to the super eight finals, that’s all.

    The facts are true, check the references quoted.

    There’s little point in being personal, like the writer who claims he knows everything Canadian. There are millions of Canadians who watch the cricket, they even have a special channel for it, Rogers, Bell express Vue! And perhaps you forgot that Canada sent a team too.

    And I do agree that not everyone who watches the cricket will want to come to Barbados or the Caribbean, but I do suggest that almost every adult who follows cricket around the world, will know where Barbados is after the event!

    That’s a lot of people even if Google is wrong. of course the Google quote is Google spin, they mean 2 billion cumulative over the tournament, not all watching the same day!

    Perhaps their quote should be called a Googlie?

    Just stick to the facts about economic benefits and leave out the politics. It was not the intention to bolster the career or credibility of any Barbados politicans.

    Take a look at this website that quotes the business and economic benefits of staging the Sydney 2002 Olympic games.

    Perhaps someone will hire Pricewatherhouse Coopers to compile a similar report in Barbados?

  15. Lady Anon

    PP…have a great and restful Easter.

  16. Javon Griffith

    How can 316 million dollars be compared to half a billion? There are some real idiots on this forum.


    Comment by Clive

    Yes, there are idiots on this forum – those who believe that what the government admits to is it! We’ve had this conversation before and most agree that 500 million is probably conservative.

    But that can all be solved by the government instituting a Freedom of Information Act that would allow citizens to examine source data behind all government numbers.

    Over to you… BLP…

  17. Lady Anon

    Isn’t 316 million is closer to 1/2 b than 1b?

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Well CWC 2007 was BILLED to be

    ” The BEST CWC…EVER….”

    With only 3 WEEKS to is BILLED

    ” The best MESSED CWC…EVER….”

    Imagine :

    1. A big game on..Sri Lanka VS England…and the
    Antiguan LOC…giving away tickets..FREE…!!

    2. Antigua cricket fans REFUSED to take up the
    FREE ticket offer….because the cost the PARK
    & RIDE…works out to be just as HIGH as
    ticket prices…for the average FANS…. !

    3. Secondary schools in BARBADOS…given
    allocation of FREE tickets….just before school
    ends for the EASTER holidays…!

    4. Mia Mottley sat down for 3 years as CWC 2007
    Security CHIEF and plan this event with ICC
    and now SEEKS to blame ICC..!

    5. Despite knowing that INDIA & Pakistan were
    KNOCKED out of CWC 25th MARCH,
    2007….Noel Lynch says…in one
    BREATH…90,000 visitors coming
    to Bim and in another BREATH on the SAME
    25th MARCH, 2007……claims that the
    hotels in Bim are EMPTY because the Indians &
    Pakistanis are OUT of CWC 2007..!

    Malik… need to add a few more lines on

    ” Everything fuh CUP…”

    Kid Site…you are RIGHT…” Only ’bout HERE…”

  19. vortex

    What about the so-called “legacy”? Can you have a good legacy from a failed event? This government has made so many mistakes. Lynch is a complete joker. Who believes him other than Javon?

    By the way, who owns Kensington after spending $132 million of taxpayers money on it?

    Check the stories on Athens…

  20. Patrick Porter

    Javon Griffith

    Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and stop supporting losers and criminals

  21. Patrick Porter

    Positive Spin

    The numbers that watch cricket in Canada are 250,000 as proved by a survey that was done just before the CWC. My cable company and several others in the Ontario did not even carry the CWC because of lack of interest. The people who would watch the CWC are mostly from the Asia region and they do not come to the Caribbean. In the Quebec region no coverage of the CWC the same as out West. I don’t know where you get your millions from, but I live in Canada and I know the amount of people that are interested in cricket and that number is very very small, only immigrants and no born Canadians. They consider cricket a slow game and a waste of time. The population of Tononto is 2.5 million and that is the area that Rogers serves, of that 45,000 may watch cricket. Express Vu serves the rest of Canada, but to buy the package if you have a satellite dish will cost anywhere from 179.99 to 350.00 depending on where you live. Express Vu is satellite only and there are very few in comparison to cable. So before you come at me like a bull in a china shop, check your facts. Because they are the facts for Canada

  22. No - Name

    Thousands of Barbadian children from primary and secondary school children are being given free tickets to attend cricket next friday. They have been told that they can bring lunch with them.

    What a change? Mia, Lynch, Owen have a lot of egg on their faces!

  23. BFP

    No-Name… this is an important story.

    What is your source please? How do you know?


  24. New reader

    I understand from a report I heard a few days ago that the UWI has been asked to study the costs and benefits of CWC, which would mean waiting some months until after the matches finish for any kind of initial results to be available. The anecdotal feeling at the present time is that the tournament will be a financial loser for the region, more so if the host team fails to move past Super 8. But a study is needed to make an assessment of all the actual and potential costs and benefits.

  25. Patrick Porter

    Javon Griffith

    I read your post incorrectly and I withdraw my above comment. As I have often said on this forum, when I am wrong I admit it. I ask for your forgiveness in this case. Not to say that I will not balst you when you say something out of line.
    I heard somewhere that the new stadium cost 230 million, now I could be wrong but somewhere I read that figure

  26. No - Name


    A friend who is at C.P. Apparently the games teacher at C.P made the announcement at assembly this morning.
    Eighty tickets have been made available. The tickets are available to students who are involved in some sort of sporting activity at the school. Interested persons were asked to sign up for the free tickets which they will receive next tuesday.

    Transportation is being provided and children will be allowed to take their lunches.


    Comment by BFP Robert

    Thanks No – Name.

    Can any of our readers provide other schools doing the same?

  27. Positive Spin


    I live in Torronto, I know the facts too. Have several friends who play/d cricket for Canada in fact, they are Canadians as much as you. You seem to be suggesting that these “only immigrants and no born Canadians” are not important.

    You are correct that TSN did not bother to broadcast their national team’s contribution to this event.

    Nonetheless there are millions of “only immigrants and no born Canadians” in Canada who follow the game via television and internet streams.

  28. BajanNewYorker

    Positive Spin, you are only fooling your self that people will be watching CWC 2007 outside of the Caribbean like people in Canadian and the UK don’t they all have to subscribe to see all the super 8 matches? I know for a fact that me and other people living in the New York Metropolitan Are have to subscribe to Direct TV and pay $300.00+USD to watch the games. Now I can tell you that they are more Analog-cable subscribers, than they are satellite-television subscribers, so my point is that if I am a Analog-cable subscriber and not a satellite-television subscriber that means that am not going to go and subscribe to Direct TV just to get to watch CWC 2007, so you spin doctors are jokers not even the world are watching CWC 2007.

  29. Positive Spin

    Bajan New Yorker

    I’m not trying to defend the decisions of cable companies, just making a “positive” spin about the cricket as regards Barbados. All those who are able or willing to pay the cost will be impressed with what Barbados has done.

    Here in Toronto the cable companies took full advantage to gouge us as you suggest, and the government owned network CBC did not carry any of the Canadian team playing. A great shame…

    But enterprising people are using the internet to get live streaming… check this site

    There are others where you can watch the cricket live over the internet, you’d need a hi-speed connection.

  30. John works perfectly well, … and it is free.

    It is even better than watching as the state of the game is always visible and if you want you can look back at the last few overs on a ball by ball basis if you want..

    I find cricket has become so predictable now that it has become a business that following it without sound or video provides for me a form of mental stimulation.

    I have to imagine myself being there to “see” what is going on and predict what will happen, a puzzle which the game of old used to provide for me, particularly when broadscast by radio.

    It is only recently that I realised that in the past when I watched the game, individuals were easily identifiable. Now if I watch, I cannot tell the difference in many instances without the sound commentary.

    Cricket has always been a team game but it seems to me that in the past each individual had their own character.

    For me the only identifiable Australians are Symonds and McGrath. The rest seem to have become emerged in the identity of the Team. When we were beating Australia, I could pick any of the Australians. Now the Australians beat us, I have great difficulty identifying them, or us.

    Next time WI play, try coming into a room with no knowledge of the state of the game and see how many fielders you can pick out with no help.

    Under a helmet, most of them look the same way, perhaps with the exception of Gayle and Chanderpaul, and until he plays a shot, Lara.

    Maybe I have lost it!!

  31. Patrick Porter

    Positive Spin

    What I meant to say is that natural born Canadians ae not interested in cricket. Period. Immigrants are the backbone of this country, so I was not casting any aspirations on them. The Canadian public is just not interested in cricket so the demand is low. Barbados has fallen out of favour with Canadians because of the high prices and that will not change
    Just got an e-mail from Barbados that told me that 84 people only have been booked on the cruise ship, can someone check this out please

  32. Technician

    As a Formula 1 fanatic ,how can you compare F1 to CWC?
    Every F1 Team has a budget in the millions with Toyota being the biggest,then all F1 teams have huge sponsorship from energy drinks right down to cigarette companies.
    Please, there is no comparing the two ,it is like chalk and cheese.

  33. Dave Crawford

    Javon you will be one disappointed yard fowl after the elections you are either in a state of denial or just plain crazy. One cannot travel Barbados without hearing people voicing their discontent with this sorry bunch so my friend remember 1985 be prepared to be in the political wilderness for a long time because all the money in the world will not be able to buy the next election. SO soooory to tell you But your team is going ,going gone . Ireland has a better chance of winning the world cup than the B”s a fourth term. Tek da. ha. ha . ha

  34. Verdana

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I love the picture of a ship sinking, a ship named ICC world cup.
    This is it ! Useless and stupid bring numbers or unrealistic visions of positive effects after the event or other foolishness. Let’s be realistic and based on facts: this CWC is a total financial disaster and if England will be pushed out from the finals ….ohi ohi !! Better back them!!
    A lot of lies have been said, this is the worst side of all this story. A simple eliminination of a team as India and we already are in a disaster (massive cancellations from hotels, ships etc.). So what about the “huge event”, what about “Barbados cannot give hospitality to all visitors”, “no enough rooms!” etc., etc…. LIES!!

    And think about it….who at the end is going to pay for all this mess?The governement? Wrong answer…

  35. John

    I just Heard Ralph Gonsalves from St. Vincent complaining that our cricketers are not playing with the enthusiasm and commitment that reflect the US$750 million which the region has spent on CWC.

    US$750 million?????

    What have we let these goons get away with?????

    If I were a cricketer and I knew how much had been spent, I would get real frightened over how I would pay back that money as a citizen of the country that spent the money.

  36. paul sealy

    I see idiots typing saying BLP got this next election win and noone can stop them…will these jackasses note that it is the electorate that puts down the x,now if you tell me that the ballot boxes are pre-stuffed with BLP votes and that the thousands of guyaneses legal or illegal coming to vote for owen..TWICE..i would believe you,but not these bajans that living paycheque to paycheque and bawling when they have to face the monopolised supermarkets in this place you definitely can’t mean those would have to mean the ones that tief money filtering down to…not the average bajan that waiting for that day.

    I would really like elections call after cricket so we can send these criminals to really work..but after all the money they stole they won’t have to,but at least they will be gone..and good riddance to.

  37. liz

    Please forgive my ignorance – if someone can answer the following I would be grateful…
    Is a country allowed to host as many cricket world cups as they wish to, as long as they qualify?
    If so, did any of the countries that hosted a previous world cup tender for this one?
    If they did tender again what was their reason for doing so?
    If they did not tender again what was their reason for not doing so?

  38. The Facts

    Quote … unquote cricinfo
    “This has been a World Cup for the organisers, the visitors and the players but certainly not for the people. That’s why the stadiums are empty and that in itself is a con job. It’s the biggest con job ever passed off in this region.”
    Jack Warner, the head of the Caribbean’s footballing fraternity, takes a swipe at the World Cup
    “The International Cricket Council is … about making money, having rules, and siding with narrow commercial interests even at the expense of basic human decency, let alone local colour. The game’s bosses have wrecked their own party with their greed.”
    Cricinfo columnist and former Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack editor Tim de Lisle with some home truths for the tournament hosts
    “It is like watching cricket at Lord’s. It’s no bloody different.”
    An English tourist expresses dismay after sitting through a match in Guyana
    “We had to rely on the advice of the local organising committee to establish the prices of the tickets. It is, in retrospect, a little too rich for the local palate.”
    Malcolm Speed washes the ICC’s hands of responsibility for empty stands throughout the World Cup
    “At the moment we are doing this using a lot of spreadsheets and they just cannot cope with the sheer volume of the money and the projects that are coming in from it.”
    Faisal Hasnain, the ICC’s chief financial officer, admits that there’s just too much money flooding in for it to cope. Not much solace to those in the Caribbean unhappy as inflated prices at World Cup venues …
    “Please, organisers, please, give a thought to the people that really matter – the spectators – and get the grounds filled up.”
    Mark Nicholas appeals for action as West Indies played their match with New Zealand against the empty backdrop of the Sir Vivian Ground in Antigua

  39. Landslide

    Even ‘normally-BLP’ types are thinking twice about how to vote, this coming election.
    I know White People who normally vote Bee, who are having a major re-think.
    Not that The White Vote counts for squat when it comes to swinging it this way or that, but it goes to show, that’s all I’m saying.

  40. Macaroni Pie

    Hello. If you want to know about the way whites think and vote read a new book on the market by Margaret Knight entitle Easter lili. Very revealing. I know a white old lady in Christ Church who was a confirm B but she says she voting for the Dem man. I ask her why she was always a B and she shrug her shoulders and say she don’t know, but all her family and freinds are Bees and the Bees are the white people party. I tried to pick her a bit more but she could give me no other reason than the Bees are the white people party. What more I want to know? I ask her why she likes the Dem man and she laugh and said he don’t hate white people. If you read the book, all that stuff in there.

  41. BK

    This article is really not built on logic because a bargain is only a bargain if one can afford it. The fact is that to spend this kind of money to anticipate the kinds of benefits the writer is referring to immediately caused me to reach for my Accounting Text on resource allocation 101.

    Even the governments and LOCs are now admitting that they have gotten it wrong.


  42. John

    … saw Kensington in the paper this morning in all its glory with lights on, pretty fuh days.

    It looks like a UFO has landed in Bridgetown.

  43. Blogarithm

    Con- air!!

  44. Macaroni Pie

    It look to me like minister Noel Lynch suffers from the Napoleon syndrome. The Dems got one a dem too. Difference is that the Dem one talks sense.

  45. softman

    The comments about the cri ket world cup made by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism can only be described as “shameful.”

    If the world cup were going well the political directorate would have taken lots of credit. Given that the tournament is not going well, surely they must take lots of the blame.

    For the government to now publicly rubbish a cricket world cup business model that it agreed to finance, actively sold to the people of Barbados and passed legislation to facilitate at best smacks of incompetence.

    We are still not addressing the fundamental flaw of the cricket world business model. The business mode seems to have assumed that the success of the tournament was not particulary dependent on the turnout of a signficant West Indian fan base at the games. The tickets were not priced for West Indians, the bidding process was not suited to West Indians, the various security requirements paid no attention to West Indian sensibilities. the assumption was that large numbers of overseas visitors would fill up the stadiums. How on earth this would be possible for a six week tournament is beyond me given that the average holiday is about two weeks.

    Hopefully, West Indians who have largely paid for the tournament will now salvage it. This will be to the credit of West Indians, however, rest assured if things are salvaged the government, the LOC, the ICC and CWC Caribbean will take all the credit.

  46. Aaron Alston

    i agree