Barbados Free Press Reader Survives Buying Cricket World Cup Tickets!


On Tuesday, one of our regular readers decided he would purchase some tickets to the April 21st West Indies vs. England contest.

Seeing as he lives in Barbados, purchasing tickets should be a simple matter, right?

heh heh…

Dear BFP:

I went today to buy seven tickets for the April 21 game, West Indies v England. For an event where you think they would welcome US$700 in sales, the process to actually get the tickets was annoying.

The saga started yesterday when I went to the ticket office to be told that they take only credit cards and cash – no checks and no debit cards. Since I did not have the cash and did not want to place the purchase of my credit card, I left to get some cash.

I came back this morning with cash in hand. I was then told that I had to fill out an application form even though they would give me the tickets right away. OK, no problem I thought, but they needed to see a Barbados ID or passport. Since I did not have either of these on me, and they were unwilling to yield on this, I had to drive home to get my ID card. There were also two groups of tourists there who were told that at least one person in the group would have to go back to their hotel to get a passport.

I also could not choose where I wanted to sit. Two people in our group are elderly so we wanted seats on an aisle but somewhere that would be in shade for most of the day. Nope, the computer would assign the seats automatically in a block of about 1000 seats.

The final insult was the exchange rate of US$1 to Bds$2.05. US$700 works out to Bds$1435. With this final slap in the face, I took my tickets and left.

For an event that is struggling to fill stadia, the whole process was unnecessarily frustrating. It is like being forced to wait for an hour to enter a nightclub, only to find it empty when you finally are allowed it.

However, considering how everything has gone to date, I really should not have been surprised.



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14 responses to “Barbados Free Press Reader Survives Buying Cricket World Cup Tickets!

  1. Your troubles are not over yet sunshine! Your group will be broken up. Less chance of causing problems when the block of tickets are randomly seated! You see, your group may be part of the Teleban. Paranoid…right?

  2. GearBox

    You,sir, must have wanted to see Cricket REEAALL bad, to go thru all that hassle, to part with SEVEN HUNDRED U.S.DOLLARS of your money…
    – dey woulda have to gimme a free BJ,as well

  3. Ripped again!

    You get ripoff, dread!
    is all like you so who gyne vote-in de Bees an dem again, coz wunnuh wun’t learn.
    You paid 1435 fuh all dat grief, and you only now start, coz when you go to gyne dey, dum gyne search-up in all yuh tings,
    and den rip you off again, at de bar! I glad fuh you,doah.

  4. Economix

    With a (possibly illegal!) exchange rate like that,
    it makes me wonder if they know something about a coming devaluation that we don’t.

  5. Patrick Porter

    Gear Box

    Sorry the real gear is not around, I used to have some friendly run ins with him, he used to call my wife the Queen and although he could be a bit annoying at times I liked him, a $5 bill was all he really wanted and would not cause anyone any trouble. Had many laughs listening to him. That was the true Barbados, where although he had a problem Bajans would still accept him. That is the Barbados that is now gone thanks to this party of racists and separatists. We have no more say in our destiny, the party decides what we should and should not say. Yet their wealthy friends can stay in gated communities that don’t even let the police in. So in fact we have a soceity like the old South Africa, where the average joe has to bend down to the massa and the Government condones this. Give me a break, and we have people like Royalrumble defending the BLP and talking about how bad white people are and yet it is his party which is creating the aparthied that we now have in Barbados. I guess Royalrumble is getting some of the sweets from the party handouts. It just makes me sick to see how the BLP is controlling the people and they can’t see it. Barbados has become a counry of two standards one for the BLP supporters and one for the rest of us. I call on the DLP to stand up and be counted NOW. David please come to our aid before we have no country to live in

  6. Technician

    This guy must really love cricket!!
    $US700.00,after seeing how this thing going down……the ship sinking and you want to jump on?
    Please give us ball by ball comentary on your groups experiences when you go to Kensington.and dont leave out anything.

  7. Now that you have come to the realisation that ICC cares little if anything for those of us here in the Caribbean what next? ICC made so much unfair demands on the LOCs it is no wonder that people such as Chris Dehring are all running for cover.also how on earth can an Australian coach west indian cricketers? considerting our brand of cricket is and has been played our way calypso cricket if you will no one other than a west indian can truly understand the flavours there in DARE TO BE DIFFERENT AND BE YOURSELF.

  8. Bajanboy

    Well, I hope the west Indies can win their next two matches and the final match against England could be critical for them making it through. I know it is a longshot, but anything can happen in cricket.

    As for what I paid for the tickets, I do not think US$100 is too bad for a ticket. A bunch of us are going so it should be fun as long as West Indies puts up a fight. I just need to figure out how I am going to smuggle in some rum.

  9. Chase

    Put the rum in small bottles and have a female in the group hide it in the crotch…you can do it too………no one feel up your crotch now ….too homophobic here…trust me ….worked for me,just make sure you walk bowlegged,or the balls you will be worrying about wouldnt be on the pitch.
    remember to carry a screw face too!!

  10. Patrick Porter


    Thanks for the morning laugh, I needed it this morning. Had a lot of cancer pain last night, but feeling OK this morning. The cat piss and pepper back in my soul and I ready to do battle with Owing and his merry band of bandits. I gine raise hell today and I getting some info soon for all of you. Watch for it in a few days

  11. Bajanboy

    I see heat magazine reprinted this story. Ha ha. I’m famous now.

  12. BFP

    Hi Bajanboy

    We didn’t see it. Last Friday’s issue?

    Also – please confirm that you only sent the letter it to us and not to The Advocate or HEAT. We just love to know when the newspapers scoop articles from us!

    Did HEAT by any chance credit Barbados Free Press? They and their sister paper The Advocate have been starting to mention BFP lately.



  13. Bajanboy

    I friend called me last night to say that it was in and I think it mentioned BFP. I will see the paper later today and let you know.

  14. Bajanboy


    The Heat covered this story in their Issue #70 (April 6 – April 12, 2007) page 18. They did mention the Barbados Free Press.