Shameless Bragging About Barbados Free Press


828,181 WordPress Blogs – We’re #39!

The latest stats are out – and Barbados Free Press is the #39 most popular blog of 828,181 hosted at


Thanks, folks!

Marcus, Robert, George, Cliverton, Shona & Auntie Moses

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21 responses to “Shameless Bragging About Barbados Free Press

  1. james

    Very impressive, but what does that mean ? I’ve always vaguely wondered what sort of unique vists BFP gets (not hits – that’s cheating). Can you enlighten us ?


    Hello James

    100,000++ per month

    … but WordPress this year will crack 1 million blogs hosted. We’re hoping we can maintain our day-to-day consistent Top 100 standing. Not bad for a part time nothing blog about a beautiful but tiny country.


  2. james

    Thanks george and good job on the stats – saying that 100k a month is just “not bad” is like saying that Noel Lynch is only “a little bit stupid”.

  3. gilkes

    “Thanks george and good job on the stats – saying that 100k a month is just “not bad” is like saying that Noel Lynch is only “a little bit stupid”.

  4. Andrew

    You will be even more popular when you start the articles on ‘Moneylaundering in Barbados’.

  5. Congrats BFP! No. 39 out of 800,000+ blogs from all around the world is quite an accomplishment, especially when your focus is primarily Barbados.

    You folks should be very proud.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Well done

  7. jude

    Excellent job !! The majority of those hits must be foreign so Minister Lynch must be proud of BFP for attracting so many “visitors” to the island .. 🙂

  8. littleboy

    Are you still giving us the lowdown on money laundering or is that story like Minister Lynch’s “900,000 visitors”?

  9. Anonymous

    All the pent-up fury,frustration, lack of free speech and pissed-off-edness has finally found a vent.

  10. John

    Government should officially recognise BFP as showing that Barbados and Barbadians can be First World.

    If they make a big song and dance about placing say 30 out of a couple of hundred countries, this pales to insignificance when compared with BFP.

  11. jinx

    Great Job BFP!!!!!!!!!
    I no longer read the papers or listen to the “dribble” on call in programs now there´s you………
    PLeeeaase… keep up the good work… Barbados needs you……

  12. Chase

    Hey BFP…how about a contract promoting this island as a vacation destination..with you and Mr.Loveridge we can really boost our tourism industry……his smarts and your site…….no need for Lynch and his lot…..:-)

  13. Straight talk

    Moving up the charts now #27 !!
    Well done in spotting this niche.
    Keep the faith Robert, we know it’s hard for you just now, but take comfort from all your new supporters willing you on.

  14. Adrian Loveridge

    Congratulations to all of you at BFP..

    You have given all of us a platform for establishing the TRUTH!

    It is now going to be a lot more difficult for Ministers of Government to blatantly lie to the public without fear of recourse.

    Something our printed and some of our electronic media seems to find challenging.

  15. Blogarithm

    Have you seen today’s editorial by Tony Best? It’s starting.

    He raises serious questions about freedom of the media.

    Invoking, with a special invitation, Dr. Leonard Shorey, Dr. Hilary Beckles to come over the media and address the issue of freedom of the press in Barbados.

    Dear Dr’s Beckles and Shorey, Barbados needs the high academics to stand up for “The right to know”.

    Here’s the link

    According to Mr. Best journalists and reporters are unable to be free to ask about personal assets, or even to ask unlisted questions, and that unspecified information (that which they do not wish us to know) will henceforth be confined to outside discussion.

    Wow! Barbados, do you see and comprehend the importance of this? This is BIG.

    In the end Mr. Best concludes that without disclosure and integrity laws the only recourse is to seek solace in the Lord.

    Help, Lord save us from this!!!

  16. BLP

    You guys have gone and upset our well-tuned apple cart. not good.some1 will pay for this change of government.
    Weren’t you supposed to have been closed down, some weeks/months/years back?
    How come that threat never materialised?
    Dammit you’re doing something right, and we the BLP don’t like it!
    The morning after the change of government, we intend to issue a statement blaming it all on Barbados Free Press! Heck we gotta blame SOME body, and we can’t have Mia and MM tekkin de licks all the time.

  17. I just checked the best of the day list and you’re now at 27. Wow!

  18. Jerome Hinds

    For further publicity, let all of us who visit BFP site, introduce at least 10 new persons per week to this site for the next few weeks.

    Just be careful that Owen and his minnions do not catch us…!

    Good luck to all…!

  19. John


    I wonder if they even know about BFP!!!

    Maybe we can get them to contribute too!!!!!

    That way we all get ketch!

  20. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘The Brave new world of non-traditional media’
    Nicholas Cox
    The Barbados Advocate 26th March 2007

    ‘In Barbados, another Internet Blog, Barbados Free Press, is having a strong impact on politics in this country, in its effort to unmask corruption, agitate for freedom of information, transparency and accountability, while developing a large readership and contributions from Government Ministers and other influential Barbadians’.

    Sounds like a great endorsement, Nicholas.