Nation News Robert Best – Barbados Reporters Know About Corruption But Are Not Free To Investigate And Report It

Former Barbados Advocate Editor & Current Nation News Journalist Tells All

The controversy over Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch storming out of the Brass Tacks talk show studio and subsequent threats to journalist and radio host David Ellis has caused many in the Barbados media to think about the sad state of freedom of the press in our country. (Ellis read a listener’s email asking Minister Lynch to account for his personal wealth vs. his salary – see BFP’s Corruption Stories Being Hidden By Barbados Media & Government)


While Journalist David Ellis may have personal doubts and fears about what he did two Sundays ago, he should be aware that the people on the street and the vast majority of Bajan journalists consider him to be a hero. We certainly do.

Lawyer’s Gun Held To Journalist’s Head

David Ellis was forced to apologise with a lawyer’s gun held to his head – and if strongman Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Tourism Minister Noel Lynch think that pushing journalists around is approved by citizens of Barbados, they have another guess coming.

If strongman Owen Arthur and his gang think that this bullying will stop Bajans from asking how it is that they have become so wealthy while holding public office – they have another guess coming.

Government’s Bullying Drawing International Attention

The response by Minister Lynch and by his government is attracting international attention to the state of freedom and democracy in Barbados – and to the total absence of any laws protecting investors from corrupt government officials.

We have no Conflict of Interest and Integrity legislation. We have no Freedom Of Information laws or any way to hold corrupt government officials accountable. We have no laws that prevent or require our Prime Minister to account for personally receiving three quarters of a million dollars into his personal bank account.

Good Lord – we have a Minister of Government living on land that was expropriated from private ownership, and all sorts of government officials (elected and appointed) who regularly award government contracts without tender to friends, relatives and business partners. Foreign businessmen like American Matthew Kerins come to Barbados and are forced to spend US$2 million dollars for “consulting fees” (ha ha!) with no visible result. (see BFP’s Waterpark series here)

Barbados Media Lives In Fear Of Government

In the midst of all this corrupt political system, the print and broadcast journalists of Barbados have become like journalists working under other oppressive regimes – able only to slide in a word sideways, never able to ask even the basic questions for fear of government reprisal.

Barbados is a small island, and if Prime Minister Owen Arthur phones you up in a drunken rage in the middle of the night and says that you and your wife will never work again – he means it and he has the power to enforce it.

We have all had enough of the corruption and the strong arm threats. We have all had enough of living without that laws that ensure citizens’ rights to free speech and their ability to hold elected and appointed officials accountable.

Nation News Robert Best Stands Up For Freedom

No, Mr. Best isn’t able to say all the things that he wants to, and he had to slide some ideas in sideways, but his editorial in today’s Nation News goes about as far as he can. We wouldn’t be surprised if he also takes some heat for his honesty.

In our opinion, Mr. Best makes the following points…

– Barbados has a culture of not being able to talk about corruption by political or public servants.

– Barbados has a culture of “no transparency” in government.

– Sexual behaviour of politicians is “out of bounds” for reporters – even if it involves a man in a position of power having sex with his employees or someone over which he has authority.

– Barbados media is not “robust”. It is weak and lives in fear. Even in matters of corruption by high or low government officials, journalists are unable to do any “vigorous” investigative reporting for fear of reprisals.

– Barbados citizens do not understand how bad things are.

– Barbados journalists are, of course, aware of corruption stories – but outside of discussing them at cocktail parties, they are unable to report them for fear of our oppressive libel laws and courts.

– Government Ministers often script the questions at press conferences.

– Barbados has no Right To Information or Integrity legislation and that says much about our “democracy”.

– Journalists have no choice about changing the system and must accept it for what it is. When they are unable to report stories of corruption by political figures, they must “seek solace by leaving to the Lord those we believe are not behaving proper.”

What An Indictment Of The System!

We praise Robert Best for having the courage to speak out – but we take issue with his statements that our lack of freedom of the press and flawed democracy is somewhat because of our Caribbean “culture”.

This oppressive “culture” that he speaks of is one that is imposed and enforced by fear of government reprisal.

But that’s OK, Robert. We know that you could only go so far and put things in certain ways.

As far as we are concerned, Robert Best is a hero for writing what he did

Here is the full article by Robert Best as it appears in April 3, 2007 The Nation News (just in case they take it down)…

Best On Tuesday – The right to know


THE RECENT INCIDENT involving Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch and a question raised in an email on the radio call-in programme Brass Tacks two Sundays ago, serves as a reminder that where Press freedom is concerned, it is different strokes for different folks.

For what listeners and readers do not understand where the media is involved, in a number of democratic countries where the Press is deemed to be free, the same rules do not apply for all nor are the “customs and mores” of the countries the same.

These differences in turn determine how Press freedom is interpreted and should be borne in mind when the Press in one country is compared with what another can achieve, especially in matters pertaining to transparency where governments and public servants are concerned.

For a start, what might be regarded in one nation or society as “a matter of public interest” might hardly raise an eyebrow in another, even when there are no religious differences and there is an embracing of the same moral concepts.

A good example of this is how politicians can find themselves coming under relentless scrutiny where their sex lives are concerned in countries like the United States and Britain as compared with what we accept in the English-speaking Caribbean.

It will be recalled that President Bill Clinton was literally “hounded” by the Press in the Monica Lewinsky matter until he finally was forced to admit, after strong denials, that he did have sexual relations with the woman, only to find that he was then faced with charges of lying earlier to the nation.

It is hard to imagine that journalists in our region would dare to openly question any top government official about any sexual indiscretions and find the society supporting such an approach. In our part of the world, that would be a matter for cocktail and drawing room gossip but not deemed “a matter of public interest”.

Cries would go up about invading the privacy of those concerned, particularly where it refers to “bedroom business”.

It is a big joke to think that any public servant would resign from office because he or she was known to be having an affair with a secretary or whoever. That is an area which the society has determined is out of bounds for our Press.

The same too applies to matters linked to corruption in high or low places. Whereas a robust Press in countries like Britain, whose Westminster model of government we say we follow, can put questions to public servants calculated to encourage transparency, and even more so in the United States, here in the Caribbean such questions could land one in hot water.

This is why when laymen in our region talk about the need for vigorous investigative reporting, we in the profession know that they really do not understand what the Press is up against as compared with what prevails in countries with which our activities in the newsroom are often compared.

Of course we whisper over drinks at cocktail parties about how so and so “is getting through” and we suspect that all might not be above board, but where can we go from there without opening up ourselves to the law courts and libel?

In many ways we are a society that does not enjoy answering questions, even when we do not have anything to hide. That is why “Question Time”, for example, is an important part of the activities in the British Parliament. Where we are concerned, we hardly take it that seriously. Even when we hold official Press conferences, we can find that requests might be made for questions to be submitted to the minister before we assemble for the conferences.

In this way the officials can decide beforehand what questions they are prepared to answer. The robust questioning that we see on TV by the overseas Press has no hope.

But then we have no Right To Information Bill. That says much about democracy as it is practised in some countries we admire and we have given all types of reasons why we must not have integrity laws. Once again we baulk at having people prying into our business and refuse to accept that once we go into public office, we must be prepared to accept that our business is in many ways everybody’s business once we are dealing with taxpayers’ money.

In some countries that approach is accepted but not in ours, and judging from what has developed in the Basdeo Panday case in Trinidad, we can bet that politicians in the region will take note and ensure to protect their wicket.

So too must the journalists, by knowing and accepting the wicket on which they are batting, for when it becomes too much, we too, like the society of good Christians that we are, can always seek solace by leaving to the Lord those we believe are not behaving proper.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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58 responses to “Nation News Robert Best – Barbados Reporters Know About Corruption But Are Not Free To Investigate And Report It

  1. Patrick Porter

    Let the Owing group go and talk to Stalin and see how it is done. That is what Barbados is headed for and it will come as soon as the next election puts them back in power. THERE WILL BE NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!
    Good Luck Barbados on your course, your course is set for the rocks and the ship will soon be grounded and so will free speech

  2. No - Name

    I hope our journalist who have been threatened by Owen come and relate their experiences here on this blog.

    Owen is really proud of his cussing ability. He is one of the most fowled mouth persons besides Sir Roy, COW and lammy Craig. Symptoms of shortmen syndrome perhaps.

    In adddition to the two of my friends who have been cussed severely by Owen, Neville former Nation Reporter was treated very badly by Owen.

    There are several others. Come and tell your story!!!

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Interesting story on the likely CURTAILMENT of Press Freedom in Barbados..!

    Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe carried out the same PRACTICES….!

    Owen was LAST seen in the Halls of Government Headquarters EXAMINING such PRACTICES..!

    Any REASON why we should DOUBT his :

    1. PREDICTION of an electoral 4 LOVE victory…?

    2. PRONOUNCEMENT of leaving no stone


    4. CHAIRMAN of the BNOC….having a
    CONFIDENTIAL list of 21 BLP candidates that
    CANNOT lose their SEATS…?

    ***** On this note, attention should be paid to VOB 12:30 news report about a BALLOT stuffed box found behind a police station in St. Vincent..!

    Ralph Gonsalves…..said the ELECTION was FREE & FAIR..!

    Owen says….No REFERENDUM….REPUBLIC coming…!

  4. Best On Tuesday – The right to know
    like the society of good Christians that we are, can always seek solace by leaving to the Lord those we believe are not behaving proper.

    Robert that means it is up to each and everyone of us, for we are the Lords work, and workers here on this earth.

  5. Anonymous

    I vex.. de PM never call me en cuss me.
    – I mussee en’ NuhBody.

    Maybe He and Rob’t. Mugabe are blood brothers somehow? All2both have roots in Africa

  6. Fred

    On the subject of corruption but it maybe a little off subject.
    We have a developing story in Porters St.James would any of you believe that after so much trouble the last time with the residents of the area we now have a new development where this same man Eddie Fearless has now taken it upon himself to reerect these gates in the same location as the last ones.
    I understand that he is a good friend of both Owing and Dereck Smith of Sandy Lane fame is this why he is allowed to do as he wants in this island and not confronted??
    Where is the Nation where is the Advocate when things like this are taking place??
    Actually where is the representive for the area when these things are happening please tell me.
    We are quickly becoming second class citzens in our own land Mr Owing or Mr Thopmson please assist us in keeping these lands open and free for us Barbadians to appreciate and so to for tourist to appreciate but not to be taken for granted.

  7. No - Name

    You sure …de man put back the gates? The said gates? he mad?

    If this is so that is a reflection of the contempt some foreign persons have for our locals.
    It makes me sick…!

    DLP…we need to do something about this. Rawle Eastmond will not do anything about it because he knows the diabolical forces that are all around him. He knows he can’t beat them! He has said so.

  8. No - Name

    You really want to get cuss? You is a Journalist? To qualify for the cussing you must be somebody who poses a threat

    Maybe you can think of something…..but if you are a lady..I don’t know what the outcome will be..

    none of my friends who got cussed were females….

    I however know three females he called and asked them to relay the cussed words to another person on his behalf..

  9. Fred

    They are erecting pillars as we type this is absolutely amazing, look at what connections and power can achieve.
    He has Owing in his back pocket you really expect anything to come othis you must be kidding, you know where we are living???

  10. Patrick Porter


    I must be lucky, he cuss me once down in Speightstown and call me a white so and so, but he didn’t know that my brother who is his friend was stadning right behind him and my brother gave him a real Bajan cussing. I never hear the words my brother use yet. But you know Owen had to say sorry and he took off and ran so fast the dust didn’t have chance to settle. You know the saying “foots don decieve me”. So you see I know Owing and I just don’t like him or his crew of bandits THROW THEM OUT BARBADOS,BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

  11. Patrick Porter


    Don’t ask Owing for anything cause you are not going to get it, once the pocket book getting money in it he is not going to care about you or any person that does not have a lot of money. As a white man I am shocked at the behaviour of the Owing group to the black people, I am sick and tired of hearing that they are doing things for the average person in Barbados. Owing could as well be a slave owner from the 1600’s, because that is the how he is treating his own balck people. All of you on this site know my feelings about black people and I don’t have to go over that again. All I can say is stand up for your rights, before you have none

  12. Fred

    THose rights that you speak of are all but gone the black Hitler is in control of man , woman mind and money, does not get much better than this

  13. Pogo

    Is there an honest politician out there? You know what I mean. No dipping into the trough. Willing to stand up to Owen and David who are siamese twins joined at birth to milk mother Barbados.

    If so get out from under this controlling gang and let’s hear about it. You will get landslided in.

  14. Warrior

    I know of one female whom he cusses…stink… often in private of course. Maybe some females are threats. From what I heard you don’t Owen to cuss yuh at all.

  15. Patrick Porter


    You have David all wrong , he is a decent man and I will stand up for him through hell and high water. If he ever did anything wrong I would be the first one to give him what for and I can get quite vocal at times, when I see things that are going wrong. That is my feeling about David, once a friend always a friend and I am not one to stand by and have people say things that I know are wrong.

  16. Royalrumble

    This campaign that has been engaged by the DLP is nothing new. It is a plan that simply says that if you can not win them on policies and programmes and intellect, then try to get them on corruption charges.

    Now what is ironic is that part of apparatus for checks and balances in our system of governance is the manner in which our constitution treats to the issue of Government. In our case the opposition is held accoutable. Part of the process of governance is firmly in the hands of the leader of the opposition. The powerful Public Accounts Committee holds the key to many of the charges of corruption leveled by the said opposition.

    So why are these charges repeatedly made on platforms and in the back-streets and dlp camp outs, but never during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee? Simple, because they are nothing more than bold face malicious rumors and gossip designed to catch votes. It is a desperate political ploy to save the DLP from an inevitable unprecedented fourth term defeat.

    Had the DLP had a leader at this time that was philosophically deep, intellectually gifted and economically bright they would have been on the high road of intellectual discourse. Instead they have a pork barrel Englishmen whose politics is still very much buried deep in the colonial mindset that all black people are worthless, they deserve nothing and are by nature thieves.

    Examine closely the behaviour and utterances of Thompson during the time they wanted to get the rid of Mascoll from out of the party, after he had made such a stirling contribution. It is typical of how the white slave masters treated their house slaves when ever they wanted to get the rid of them. Look at how he managed to manipulate others to join him to try to get the rid of The Rt. Exellent Errol Barrow out of the very party he built, an act for which the Barrow dems in this country will never forgive him. The number of person who called querying the revelation made by the PM about Thopmson’s double- crossing of Barrow tells me that St. John people will be smarting up much sooner than rather than later.

    So keep up the corruption lies the public seems quite uninterested, according to the last opinion poll. Also, there is no international medium that would listen to your unintellegent urgings over and about that of Transparency International. So to all DLP yardfowls you should gather your corn in another yard. Preferably St. Lucia.

  17. No - Name

    Your statement “Look at how he managed to manipulate others to join him ”
    reminds me of how Owen manipulated and fooled Clyde, Prescod, Hammy La, Grant, Kerrie and you.

    Have you repaid the money you took without permission from the onsurance company?

  18. Michele


    You know I pity you, you poor thing.

    You must have hated growing up being black, thinking the whole world was againts you.

    Can you not make your comments and not have them be full of hate for another race?

    Are you just that thick that you have to go on about colour of skin?

    You come on here as a flag for the BLP and if you are all alike in thoughts, then I think your a bunch of two face losers. Nasty, nasty is all I have to say.

  19. Wishing in Vain

    RR corruption is BLP’s middle name tell us more about that cheque for the $ 750,000.00 that Owing deposited to his account or tell us more about the awarding of the contracts that he awarded for the flyovers and the jail the jail alone is over $ 1 MILL in kick back to he Hallam Nicholls and Bannister,a nice payday for a poltician on his way out of power, tell us more about the 1000 slot machines he and Hallam Nicholls are easing into the island, tell us more about his share in the fuel storage facility,tell us more about his condo or condos at Port St.Charles,if you can really and honestly still defend this crook after all off these you are a warped person.
    Wake man and smell the roses a new dawn is upon us free of he and his corrupt friends.

  20. Jerome Hinds

    ROYALRUMBLE a.k.a Judas , says

    ” Simple, because they are nothing more than bold face malicious rumors and gossip designed to catch votes. ”
    ROYALRUMBLE a.k.a Judas,

    Read what you have said above….then look at the EVIDENCE below….

    Which one BELOW is a MALICIOUS rumour..?

    Come out of HIDING….!

    Go to CBC and bring the picture of Minister Noel Lynch wasting way he breath , sweating and lying pon the ICC…..!

    After ALL the ICC,

    1. Never told Bajans 90,000 visitors coming to Barbados…for CWC 2007…..!

    2. Ain’t tek up Bajans tax dollars and FLOAT way pon a cruise ship…and then turn around and tell bajans no money was BORROWED for the ship….!

    3. Never admitted ONLY 10 cruise ships coming
    ( with about 2,800 passengers EACH ) and that Bajans can expect 75,000 cruise ships passengers coming…!

    Who was the BRAT…..then…?


    Blaring Barney Lynch….!

    ROYALRUMBLE a.k.a Judas ,

    Come back on this BFP site and DENY that…!

  21. Wishing in Vain

    Why did Owing stutter and sweat and stammer at the revelation of the cheque in the house??? you know why because he is guilty as charged.
    Furthermore your brand of white hatred poltics is not the right way to go in this island it is people like you that create unrest and disharmony in this society.

  22. True Native


    So, who would you have us vote for – Comic-Song and Pickle Safari?

  23. H.G


  24. Pingback: A shock to the system « The Bystander

  25. Patrick Porter

    I have never in my life read such a lot of garbage than I have just read. It seems to me that your party(sorry band of bandits) are sweating in their suits. You are the type of person that Barbados does not need. You are a self effacing and self condoning jackass. Yes I said jackass, as they have no brains and can be lead anywhere by any fool. When you have something constructive to say then I suggest your return to this forum. When you can see that Owing and his crew have messed up this country, then you should let us know. We do not need another group of yes men in this forum. We need people who will stand up for what is right and not stand up for the disgusting behaviour of your so called party. I would prefer to have a white Englishman leading out tourism industry than a hack and an unintelligent human being that we now have
    Yes I would prefer to Have a David Thompson that cares for his country than a Owing that cares about his back pocket.’
    You talk about a white Englishman, what about the white Bajans who kiss up to Owen and don’t care about the black people, they kick them off their lands and really don’t give a damn about them, only the MONEY they get so they can pass it on to Owing. I am a white person and am ashamed of some of my own colour, how they suck up to the BLP because they think it is the white peoples party, YES THE WHITE PEOPLES PARTY. I am a true Bajan and I don’t want such a party as that in Barbados. My friend, Errol Barrow, is now turning over in his grave at what you BLPers have done to Barbados. We now have a dictatorship in full force in Barbados and people like you can defend them, as they put Bajans into slavery again. HOW DARE YOU SAY YOU ARE A BAJAN. You are a turncoat and a typical BLP member, who only cares about yourself and no one else, except your cash in the pocket.
    I have never in my life posted anything like this.
    But when I see garbage I will treat it as such

  26. Patrick Porter


    St. Lucia is coming to Barbados and very soon. Interesting how you want anyone who opposes the BLP out of Barbados. That is their motto, get them out so we can rig the election. I have written to the UN and asked if they could provide election supervisors to Barbados for the next election, to make sure thre is no fiddling of the books

  27. Wishing in Vain

    Wow HG you do not say to much but when you do it is potent, congrats Patrick he is annoying with his blatant support of this corruption and trying to defend his band of crooks.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    Do not for a moment laugh off the subject of stuffing the ballot boxes power at any cost is the motto here.

  29. UN, then TI

    Thank you for writing UN to request election supervision and scrutiny. Previously, this would not have been necessary, but it is, now. Thank you.

    Now we need to write Transparency International to let them know of the degree of perceived corruption to be experienced on this website.

    Perceived corruption is the stock in trade of Transparency International, and there is lots of it around here.
    Our comments re. our perceived corruption of the ruling party
    should be good for a few healthy demerit points on their Index of Countries, and may bring about a welcome revamping of Barbados artificially-high ranking, over the last few years.

    Perhaps someone knows the guy who mans the TI post in nearby Trinidad? -they have a guy down there: we need a guy here. Any volunteers?

  30. Jerome Hinds

    UN, then TI

    ” Any volunteers? ”

    According to Royalrumble a.k.a Judas, Owen $ 750,000.00 Arthur is our BEST candidate…!


  31. Warrior

    who is Nicholls and Bannister. They seem to have the ear of the PM

  32. T.I.

    Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit
    Civil society experiences and emerging strategies

    The Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit is a compendium of practical civil society anti-corruption experiences described in concrete and accessible language.
    It presents innovative anti-corruption tools developed and implemented by TI National Chapters and other civil society organizations from around the world.

    The publication highlights the potential of civil society to create mechanisms for monitoring public institutions and to demand and promote accountable and responsive public administration. The Corruption Fighter’s Tool Kit, and its Special Edition: Teaching Integrity to Youth, offer the reader a dynamic, ever-growing, collection of tools. Together they will provide ideas and inspiration to their readers.

    At present, the Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit includes 46 exciting tools from around the world. Learn how TI Bangladesh uses theatre as a means to raise awareness about corruption and how TI Peru is testing the new Peruvian access to information law, among many other tools created by civil society organizations. The Special Edition 2004: Teaching Integrity to Youth includes 11 additional tools of youth anti-corruption education and provides many illustrations, cartoons and photographs which accompany the text.


    Useful links to get started
    at URL

  33. T.I.

    – TI’s network of national chapters in Latin America and the Caribbean

    T.I.L.A.C. ( acronym = Transparency Int’l. Latin-America + Caribbean)
    is about to enter its tenth year as a regional network.

    Established in 1996, the TILAC network was founded to provide mutual support and establish common strategies for addressing the issue of corruption; a problem that constitutes the root of many common features seen throughout the region. Today, the TILAC network is comprised of 15 TI National Chapters and contacts in Latin America and the Caribbean and maintains constructive partnerships with a number of organisations in the region. The TILAC Secretariat is responsible for coordinating the network’s efforts to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and to promote regional anti-corruption agendas.

    Over the past ten years, TILAC has become both an innovative source of tools and methodologies to be used in anti-corruption efforts, and a network with the increasing ability to create change towards democratic governance in the region.

    TILAC has identified the following priority issues for its work at the regional level:

    * to promote transparency in the area of public contracting
    * to reduce levels of corruption in the area of political financing
    * to promote integrity within the private sector
    * to promote investigative journalism addressing corruption-related issues
    * to promote transparency in Central America


    as seen at URL

  34. Wishing in Vain

    These are two that are holding the bank accounts offshore with the proceeds from the faciliators fees, the commissions, the kick backs more often than not if you see Nicholls somewhere nearby you will see Owing he is the one that does the deal and collects the funds.
    Then these funds are then split up and sent to the accounts overseas.
    The west coast sewage treatment project is , the jail is another such deal they may have shared well over $ 30 mill on this project when one considers that the project started out at $ 130 mill quoted for by local suppliers and we have it awarded at $ 262 mill I would say that is a handsome return for no work just by the use of your office.

  35. Warrior

    PPorter I think we are going to have to make some serious friends with you and let you apply for landing papers for at least 80% of us.

    Canada ah coming!!!!!!

    Well I’ve never been to Ireland. Michelle what do you say how is the Immigration policy down there?

  36. Jupiter

    Patrick Porter

    If you have really written to the UN to send coverage for our next elections – I say well done.

    I am soooooo proud of you.

    Each one can do their little bit.

    I feel empowered passing the nation newspaper on the news stand and not putting down my $2.oo or $1.50 ,knowing that my effort along with others will eventually make the movers and shakers down at that newspaper sit up and think.

    I have also been encouraging persons to come on this BFP site and to make a mark against this set of corrupt thieves when they vote in the next election.

    The age of innocence is long gone my friend.

    We have been abused,raped and dishonoured by who we thought were our kins folk in our own country.

  37. Jerome Hinds


    Get those details quickly from PP & Michelle before Owen introduces his REPUBLIC after the next election…!!

    For after VOTING day…there will be NO….tooing….or….froing…!

    Owen, still reading up on Mugabe’s tactics…!

  38. Anonymous

    – this seems to be an offshoot of Transparency International.



    The Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute

    P.O. Box 6164
    Upper Santa Cruz
    Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.


    Contact Person:
    Mr G. Boyd Reid
    Phone : +1-868-676-7793
    Mobile +1-868-753-5421

  39. Yardbroom

    Royal Rumble

    When in a debate about the governance of our country, an apologist for a political party’s mismanagement and corruption, has to resort to race as the pivotal point of defence, it only highlights the desperation of their situation.

    Your arrogance and disrespect for the population is amazing, disrespect in that you feel the populace is unable to hold an idea for any length of time – until an election – and arrogance that race can be pulled out of a hat, to defend corruption and gross mismanagement.

    The issue under discussion in the governance of our country, you had the nerve to accuse others of not being on ” the high road of intellectual discourse,” when you have trawled in the gutter, to garner up epithets to describe others, who have done no more, than expose your greed.

    Your reference to colour in this issue exposes your soft underbelly, because the conveinently despised whites you refer to, are the same whites you and your cohorts have been bribed by. They no doubt laugh at your new found race conciousness.

    We are decent and honest enough to know when a wrong has been, and is being done and the fall back ploy of race will not save you.

  40. Patrick Porter

    I see Mia now jump in the ring blaming the ICC for the debacle of the CWC
    Well I said many posts ago that they need someone to blame, now they have found their scape goat
    I am sick and tired of this party blaming everyone but itself for the failure of the CWC. Two months ago they were singing their praises, now that it is a flop, they suddenly have to blame everyone but themselves
    Now is the time for the DLP to come forward with attacks against this excuse for a Government. David I want to see you have a press conference and expose this band of bandits for what they are

  41. Michele

    Warrior & Jerome,

    Hi guys, when you are all talking at midnite, I’m still asleep so I don’t read this until the morning.

    I hope Barbados never get as bad as is said, for it no one can leave then the poor people are going to suffer so. It’s sad as they are the ones that go out and vote with ears full of sweet talk.

    Oh Warrior I’m still moving to Barbados this year we put things in place to cover us here, so I’m now happy to go over there.
    My passport would be on the ready if I have to get out fast.

    Guys you can pick youself up and get work permits for any job over here as long they need someone to fill it and you can fit the bill. Ireland is great, I have a British passport so I never had to deal with things such as work permits.

    I hope things never get so bad that everyone has to find they way out of the country, leaving the crooks with the fat pockets. They would never suffer like the poor will so they can stay where they are and watch everything with their sick minds still at work.

    I like Patrick have sent out letters and I hope that soon justice would be done for the people of Barbados. One day at a time.

  42. Michele

    Good day Mr. Porter.

    How are you?

    I gave my mother the number and address for that lawyer, she and her sisters will be in Barbados next month. As to if they will get things sorted I’ll have to wait and see, as I was told we now have not got a tax bill for the last 2 years.

    Thanks again for the name I hope this time we get things sorted.

  43. Inkwell

    I have been waiting before posting to see if anyone would respond to the substantive point made by Royalrumble, but everyone so far has followed the rules for effective debate… if you cannot counter a point put forward by your opponent, IGNORE IT. Why is everyone ignoring the only salient point in his diatribe?

    I quote:

    “Part of the process of governance is firmly in the hands of the leader of the opposition. The powerful Public Accounts Committee holds the key to many of the charges of corruption leveled by the said opposition.

    So why are these charges repeatedly made on platforms and in the back-streets and dlp camp outs, but never during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee? Simple, because they are nothing more than bold face malicious rumors and gossip designed to catch votes.”

    Is it not the truth that the leader of the opposition in the chairman of the PAC?

    Is it not the truth that the PAC has been re-constituted to give the party in opposition a majority on the committee?

    Is it not the truth that the PAC has done little or nothing to investigate or expose any of the alleged instances of corruption?

    Ask yourselves “Why is this?”

    The DLP has in its official capacity as controllers of the PAC and by virtue of immunity from prosecution for slander in Parliament, the implements to suppress corruption,yet only the $750,000 cheque has been brought up.

    They have had every opportunity to expose Government corruption under existing laws, but have CHOSEN??? to do so. I wonder why.

    Go on, keep on ignoring critical points when they don’t suit your argument and then expect people to take you seriously.

  44. Patrick Porter

    I see your point and it is very well taken, do you realise how many members of the opposition are scared to open their mouths on some of the things going on in Barbados. I would ask you, Sir, for your indulgence for awhile and then everything will be exposed. There is a lot more in the motar than the pesstle

  45. Patrick Porter


    Yes give Keith a call and I am sure he will be able to help you. I will send him an e-mail later today and tell him to expect a call from your Mum in the near future. Please tell me your Mum’s first name, don’t want you to give out the last as they are spies on this forum

  46. Free the press!!!!

    One thing that has escaped the general public, and BFP, and is VERY IMPOORTANT = FRONT PAGE Advocate yesterday, was the headline:

    Prime Minister do this and ………

    What the Advocate is saying is that the PM has for the Nation News, IN HIS HAND, a TV license, and is going to give it out.

    With elections coming this is a TRUMP CARD. This is the ACE in the hole, and he’s about to/ has already play(ed) it.

    Advocate knows this, as it has strong connections to the PM, through the Press secretary of the BLP, who is a columnist for the Advocate.

    Barbados, time to listen up again!!!!

    If The Nation gets the license, or the promise of the license, how will info get to the masses each morning?

    TRUTH Barbados! Time to cry FREEDOM!

    No TV license to Nation!!!!!

  47. Michele

    Hi PP,

    I’ll give you the name of my aunt as she has a big mouth and would be the one who for sure would call when there.

    As my mother has a name you might only find 3 people with I’ll give you the name of my aunt which is Phyllis as my mother would be easy to find. Thanks again.

  48. Free the press!!!!

    No TV license to the Private sector atallatallatalllllll!!!!!!!

  49. Patrick Porter


    Have e-mailed Keith and advised him to expect a call from Phyllis. When I get a reply will let you know

  50. Inkwell


    Your stated reason for PAC inactivity does not hold water. The leader of the opposition is an attorney at law with a well established practice and has been involved in adversarial politics for many years. If the BLP could have harmed him, they would have done it a long time ago.

    I cannot accept that he has conspired to defang the PAC because he is too scared to open his mouth. He isn’t too scared to open his mouth on the political platform where he drops all kinds of politically damaging innuendo but can’t back it up in Parliament where he can be challenged or with PAC action.

    You ask for indulgence, but the questions must be asked. Why has the PAC done nothing to expose the alleged corruption? Is this not tantamount to collusion and a betrayal of public trust?

    Is the answer to these questions different to the answer to the question?

    Why won’t the DLP commit to integrity and conflict of interest legislation?

    We don’t want more words or vague promises that everything will be exposed, we want action.

  51. Patrick Porter

    Give it time. Everything in it’s time. I may have something for you in the next few days.I spoke to an Opposition Member last year when I was down there and he told me that they are worried about the thuggery of the opposite team. Power at all costs is the motto

  52. Patrick Porter


    I have just got an e-mail back from Keith and he is expecting the call from Phyllis

  53. Jerome Hinds


    These tactics and promises of Owen are CHARACTER traits of Robert Mugabe….!

    Practice makes PERFECT….!

  54. Free the press!!!!

    I read you Mr. Hinds, and the papers each day. That’s why it came to me.

    Do you agree with what I am saying? Will the DLP also withold the license then?

    I really do think this is very important for democracy in our small island. We are not like the larger models, and there are those who would try to deceive and control.

  55. No - Name

    The BLP today issued what I consider to be a threat to anybody who dear challenges or ask questions about the wealth of BLP POLITICIANS. The below extracts in today’s nation which I read online speaks for itself:

    BLP column – Ellis’ blunder
    Published on: 4/5/07.

    Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men of talent. Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. – Calvin Coolidge

    THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT that the unfortunate act by David Ellis, which took place in the studio of Starcom Network on Sunday’s programme of Brass Tacks will find its rightful place in the law court, thus making the matter subjudice. Paddy will not interfere with the due process of law.

    We must guard our nation against such reckless use and abuse of Press power. When the citizens of any country have to seek legal recourse from media that have become malicious, politically motivated and disrespectful to the basic human rights of its people, then our democracy is in peril.

    The DLP has been for some time engaged in a politics of innuendo in which charges of corruption are continuously being levelled but never backed up by a thread of evidence. It should be clear to all that after all the millions of dollars of investment in our social capital, any success shown by our people is attacked by this new DLP.

    THE ABOVE IS A CLEAR INDICATION THAT THE BLP IS ON THE RUN. They do not want anyone to ask questions as to the source of new found wealth of Ministers.


    Comment by BFP Robert

    Thank you no – name. We’re scrambling this week as explained so none of us saw it. I’ll put it up now.

    BFP has quite an army of reporters, don’t you agree?



  56. No - Name

    It is because you have been sent by GOD to help to deliver BARBADOS out of the hands of these thiefs and diabolical forces.

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