Nation News Runs Advertisement Claiming To Cure AIDS !!!!



“A Medicine Sweeter Than Wine – An Ancient Formula That Cures Even The Deadly AIDS Virus”… from a website advertisement appearing at The Nation News website.

Barbados largest circulation newspaper is currently running an advertisement for a book that claims to give readers the knowledge to cure HIV and AIDS – all for the low low price of $24.97.

The Nation News features an advert for the book “A Medicine Sweeter Than Wine” and claims right in the advert to cure the AIDS virus. The linked website expands with stories of people being cured of HIV / AIDS.

I guess when you run a rag like The Nation News, ethics come second to the philosophy of “anything for a dollar”.

No doubt major advertisers are pleased to have their adverts right next to this one and the “make $50,000 online from home in your spare time” adverts. Shell Oil, American International University, Mangobay Resort, Island Inn and RBTT Bank are probably delighted to be in such good company!

The website “” was registered from Barbados in January of 2007…

Registrant: BajaBoom Multimedia

P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 02-Jan-07
Expires on: 02-Jan-08
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
Multimedia, BajaBoom
P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000

Technical Contact:
Multimedia, BajaBoom
P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000


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23 responses to “Nation News Runs Advertisement Claiming To Cure AIDS !!!!

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    BFP, did you expect a higher standard from The Nation News?

    You silly people!

  2. Barbados Medical Association should get this ad pulled…false advertising!

    However I must warn you that when you compare yourself to industrialised countries, you need to have regulatory agencies like the FDA in place to protect people who are most vulnerable.

    This ad is “snake oil” and must be pulled. We owe it to our weakest. The Nation should be ashamed of being a signatory to taking money from those who are helpless and desperate.

  3. P.T.Barnum.

    Do we have any laws against false advertising??

    Press on. Advertise away.
    Rake in the suckers,man: you know what I say, there’s a sucker born every minute!

  4. justice

    Yes, we do have laws against false advertising in Barbados..The Consumer Protection Act 2003. A report should be made to the Fair Trading Commission.

  5. reality check

    Is there any difference between the snake oil of this advertisement and the snake oil advertised and spun by the government on a daily basis?

    How about a cure for lying and stealing?

  6. DFX

    Reality Check,

    We DO have a cure for the lying and stealing you are talking about. It’s called a vote! Sad thing is that alot people would rather bitch about what it going on and come time to vote they stay home.

    So here is my cure for lying and stealing “X”


  7. D'Arts

    And BFP as proof it doesn’t cure AIDS?

  8. The Nation is a business. Maybe not an ethical one, but a business nonetheless. They will do what they have to do, in order to make a profit. Also, their primary revenue is derived from the ads they run, including ads of the ‘snake-oil’ variety. Sad, but true.

    True, their ad dept. should do a little fact checking first, especially for an ad that makes such claims, but this will probably cost them money, so why even bother? After all, the ads are supposed to make them money, not cost them.

    However, if I were an editor there and I saw the ‘AIDS cure’ ad, I’d assign a reporter to it and start digging around for the real story behind the product. Where did it come from? What proof, if any, does the seller have that it works? What tests, trials, certifications and approvals, has it gone through?

    The sad thing is, some poor soul who has AIDS and who doesn’t know any better, will probably contact the seller and give away his/her money in the hope that this ‘cure’ will work.

  9. BFP George Not Signed In

    D’Arts, if you believe that the cure for AIDS can be found in a $29 book… go right ahead.

    In most civilized countries, they have laws that govern the making of medical claims – but whether or not we have such laws in Barbados, we question the propriety of a newspaper in running such an ad.

  10. BFP George Not Signed In

    Don’t journalists and newspapers have a public duty to protect the public?

    Oh, sorry… that would be a REAL newspaper run by REAL journalists!

  11. BFP George Not Signed In

    woof! woof!

  12. P.T.Barnum.

    The Nation knows danged well there’s a less-than-1% chance of ANY sort of enforcement coming down on them, or the person who pd. to have the ad run in their newsp.
    Barbados is the land of lax enforcement.
    We can, and do, get away with murder

    Love you.


  13. Get In The Action

    What about the ads for the erotic massage parlours and recruitment of prostitutes. The Nation takes their money for spots in the classifieds – does that not make the Nation complicit in an illegal act?

  14. Consumer Protection and Standards fall under Sen. Lynette Eastmond’s area of responsibility. It will be interesting to see if we can turn her attention to this blatantly fraudulent advertising.

    With this in mind I will try to copy this to the blog where she promised to answer questions relating to her ministry. Aha! Found it- Valentine’s Day, Feb 14.

  15. BFP Folks- You show Sen. Eastmond’s blog for answering questions as being under “Barbados- Politics and Corruption” but I’m darned if I can find that Side Bar under Barbados Government where I would expect it to be. Did you delete “Politics and Corruption” (on the grounds that they were one and the same 🙂 )?

  16. Eve

    Just logged onto Nation News this morning – the ad is gone from the online version front page!!! I can’t believe the ad was running for over a week. Unbelievable and very sad…

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  18. dread

    well why would it be so hard to think that we in this island can’t find a cure for aids,but we have a cure for the common cold ,so its sad that we as people could at least do so research and then comment people cure sickness everyday from home and pass it on and some people try and make a quick buck, bless granny

  19. dread

    well u must check out dr seby

  20. Straight talk

    If you do have a cure for the common cold contact me, we both be billionaires before Xmas.

  21. Victoria Pratts

    Waht did they do fot the acon,yne and why did that do it. T also that is not the way to go and then we also said that you are not.

  22. maby i they found it will be bey.