Indian Cricket Fan – “After India’s Loss, I Would Rather Go To Thailand For Holidays Now”

We Hate To Lay On So Many Negative Vibes…

… But the world’s media is delivering a message that many Bajans have been expecting for some time.

From India Times Cricket…

Tour Operators, Hospitality Sector Take A Big Hit

KOLKOTA/NEW DELHI, March 25: For companies in travel and tourism space, their worst nightmare has just come true. They received the first jolt when India lost its match to Bangladesh. But once India lost out to Sri Lanka, cricket-crazy fans and corporates waiting for the Indian team to qualify for the Super Eight rounds have cancelled their Caribbean plans.

Around 6,000 Indians were expected to visit West Indies for World Cup and almost all bookings were for the Super Eight round. Each of these packages were priced at anything between Rs 3-5 lakh each – an amount most people reckon is not worth spending now.

“At least a dozen persons, who had booked their tickets to the Caribbean to watch India battle in the Super Eights next week have already called to cancel their trip,” travel agent Anil Punjabi said.

Sumanta Banerjee, 41, was planning to fly to the Caribbean next week to watch India play in the next round, but changed his plans immediately after India’s defeat. “I would rather go to Thailand for holidays now,” he said…

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3 responses to “Indian Cricket Fan – “After India’s Loss, I Would Rather Go To Thailand For Holidays Now”

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Indian cricket fan says,

    “I would rather go to Thailand for holidays now,” he said…


    Hello BFP,

    By any chance would any of your guys be able to pass this story to Noel Lynch….given Noel Lynch track record in Tourism…he may be able to SUBSIDISE this Indian fan travel expenses….then add it to the Barbados….. ” Visitor Arrival ” list…!!

    Leh WE help the MAN…nah…!


    Hey Jerome

    The Minister often is seen ’bout dey so he done got de word!

    No doubt…


  2. Patrick Porter

    See my posting under 1 billion: what do you think would have happened
    I have an Indian friend in Canada who would not go to the Caribbean unless there was cricket, they know little or nothing of the Caribbean and really have no desire to go there. So when I heard the Honourable Minister proclaim that 90,000 were coming I wondered were he got his figures from. Well the blame game has started and I would not be suprised to see that everyong from the Opposition back to little joe on the street get blamed for the debacle that has taken place. The BLP will not and can not accecpt the blame, they have made a mess of the whole thing from the start, Bajans get ready to pull the last few coppers out of your pockets, because the IMF is on the way and you think you got it rough now wait until they arrive
    Lies,Lies and damn Lies that is what we have been fed
    I say to the Minister RESIGN NOW and the rest of you party with you, you have messed up the people and the country. OUT WITH YOU, YOU BUNCH OF BANDITS

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Here is how Arthur, Mottley and Lynch hijacked CWC 2007 from a Barbados STANDPOINT…!

    Before we forget :

    *** Owen has lead responsibilty for CSM….!

    **** Mia in charge of security arrangements for
    CWC 2007…!

    **** Noel part of the Caricom Tourism Ministers
    Committee responsible for CWC 2007…!

    Here is what this UNHOLY triumviate did to BAJANS :

    1. Agreed to a US $ 100.00 VISA…..chasing away potential spectators and visitors…!

    **** South Africa which held the World Cup closer to the 9/11 date had NO such VISA requirements in place…!

    2. TRICK thousands of BAJANS into believing they need to INCREASE their housing stock…thus encouraging them to borrow money..!

    **** While taking up taxpayers money to pay back a loan of US $ 15 Million for a 40 % booked cruise ship..!

    3. Moved HEAVEN & EARTH in 2 YEARS to get Kensington Oval ready…..!

    ***** While next door, the PEOPLE at EMMERTON have been fed BLP broken PROMISES for 13 YEARS….about their REMOVAL..!

    So being part of the PLANNING process….

    How could this UNHOLY triumviate NOW seek to blame ICC, INDIANS, PAKISTANIS and worst of ALL BAJANS….for their FLIP- FLOPS…!!

    When BAJANS witness such GLARING examples of ARROGANCE and INDIFFERENCE don’t we NOW see it is time for CHANGE…!!

    Under a BLP REPUBLIC it can ONLY get….WORSE…!