Tsunami Of Hotel Cancellations From Indian Cricket Fans – West Indies Loss Today Means Barbados Is In Serious Trouble


“Doan Worry. Be Happy!” … Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch

Barbados Hotel Workers Being Laid Off Already

Even that government mouthpiece newspaper The Nation News is now being forced to report what everybody knows already – many Barbados hotels are like ghost towns when they would normally be full at this time of the year.

All the publicity about Cricket World Cup frightened away many of our regular visitors. As well, many of the trusting hoteliers blocked off huge chunks of rooms for all those thousands of visitors coming from overseas to watch powerhouse teams like Pakistan and India – not to mention the fleet of ocean liners that was to darken the horizon for the finals.


In an attempt to retain what respect they can after actively pushing the government “Everything be OK” message way past all credibility, today the Nation News published an article Hotel Blues.

You should read the whole article, but here are some quotes. Pay attention to the language. This not the polite obfuscation that we have previously seen from The Nation News…

“hoteliers… left reeling from the impact of massive cancellations by supporters of those teams (India and Pakistan)”

“Other hoteliers could not tally their losses, but said they were scrambling to fill rooms.”

A hotelier with a luxury South Coast property who requested anonymity, said business was so bad he expected some workers to be laid off from this week. “April is looking like the worse month for winter,” he said, noting his hotel would not even scrape a 40 per cent occupancy rate.

… from The Nation News Hotel Blues.


West Indies Team Exit From World Cup “Could Trigger Commercial Disaster”

If Stephen Price, commercial director of Cricket World Cup, was a jet fighter pilot, he would already have lowered his face shield and would be in the process of straightening his back just prior to pulling the ejection seat handles.

Mr. Price?

Make sure your head is way back tight against seat, and don’t forget to tense up that back and lock in those elbows. If you’re sitting in a Martin-Baker, the lower handles are always the best way to say goodbye!

WI Early Exit Could Trigger Commercial Disaster

India Times

ST. JOHN’S (Antigua), April 1: A defeat for hosts West Indies against Sri Lanka could signal a commercial disaster for the organisers of the World Cup.

Stephen Price, commercial director of the World Cup, said that if the West Indies were to go out at such an early stage of the tournament, ticket sales, advertising and merchandising would take a heavy blow.

The money-making potential of the event has already been affected with India and Pakistan being ousted in the preliminary round. If the West Indies lose to Sri Lanka in Guyana on Sunday, they would virtually have no chance of making the semi-finals.

“A lot hinges on Sunday’s match and we would be hit a heavy blow if the West Indies were to go out at this stage,” Price said.

“As we saw in 2003 when South Africa went out early, there were some serious repercussions and the crowds just stayed away. We do not want a repeat of that this time around.

“It’s hugely important that the West Indies win and keep their heads above water.”

Price said fans snapped up team jerseys after the West Indies won their three first round matches. But the interest has dipped after the hosts lost their first two Super Eight matches to Australia and New Zealand, he noted.

He added that if the West Indies have a revival of fortunes, it could trigger spectator interest again as they had upcoming matches in Grenada and Barbados.

… read the article online at India Times (link here)


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25 responses to “Tsunami Of Hotel Cancellations From Indian Cricket Fans – West Indies Loss Today Means Barbados Is In Serious Trouble

  1. jinx oo7

    As i drove toward the Warrens Roundabout from the Cave Hill direction, i observed a HUGE tv screen of sorts erected just before the actual roundabout colorfully advertising the Cricket World Cup games in a video format…. now i only managed to make out a few words as” I WAS DRIVING ” and my curiosity came to a sudden halt as i swerved to avoid being crashed into by other drivers also trying to watch this TV at the same time! Can i use CWC as an excuse for “driving without due care and attention” ?

  2. Lara is contemplating a lucrative career offer in the diplomatic core after his retirement…should he pull another rabbit [Pakistan????] out of the hat in Guyana. Of couse we all know that some fixing could be arranged to have Sri-Lanka loose if the price is right.

  3. reality check

    gambling is a wonderful thing when you do it with the peoples money—no accountability!

  4. What?

    You like you want a nex man to dead, yuh…

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    BFP and the hoteliers, surely you have got it all wrong?

    Even after ‘we’ all knew the Indians were out of the CWC, Minister Lynch assured us that there still be ‘90,000’ visitors during the week of the final plus another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

    With a total of 8,000 rooms (average two persons per room) how can ‘we’ have any empty rooms?

    We already need 45,000 rooms to accommodate the ‘90,000’ the Minister has promised?

  6. Patrick Porter

    Reality check

    You got it right. I said a few days ago that I had called some South Coast hotels to be told they were suffering. Well the time nears and the cries are getting louder. Sad that in all the shouting and raising hell by the Minister, he did not stop to look at all the sides of the coin. It seems that the whole thing is falling apart, which numerous people have warned about on this site. I remember when I worked in Barbados, we were full from Apr 15th to the end of May. lets see how we do this year as compared to last , I don’t think that we are going to raise any flags about this year.
    If this fails as it appears, is the Minister going to step down.HA HA HA HA. Not once Uncle Owen is there to back him up

  7. No - Name

    jinx oo7,
    What amazes me is that Town and Country Planning has allowed this Bill Board to go up while preventing other persons from erecting similar Boards on the highway. The reason given has been precisely the problem you experienced……

  8. Regulations

    Traffic Regulations prohibit the placing of a TV set in the front seating area of a motor car.
    TV set MUST be placed in the back seating area, to avoid distraction of the driver from his task.

    So we put a big distraction, roadside,
    ..so the drivers wun’t be distracted?? – cool!

    Had you piled into the back of the distracted twit in front of you,
    it would be interesting to see what the Insurance Companies woulda said, re. Turd Party coverage.

    Mind you, Law says the Turd in front of you is blameless ALWAYSA whole new breed of driving behaviour is about to develop in Barbados.
    – the hard way!
    with many a Turd not understanding that there is no stopping on Dual Carriageway(whuh daah?),etc.

    Are we still going to have cross-over lanes at the Belle Intersection?
    In the middle of four lanes going at 80 kph in both directions? – are we?
    should be fun!

  9. Lady Anon

    I guess it is there to capitalize on when we are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis.

  10. Lady Anon

    Especially now that the warrens area is so congested!!

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Regulations – thanks for the laughs.

  12. Jerome Hinds

    The votes are beginning to come in….!!

    From the looks of it, West Indies seem to be on their way out….!!

    Good news for Lynch…instead of 90,000 visitors in Barbados for the final week of CWC 2007…the numbers have now SWOLLEN to 180,000 visitors….!!

    TWICE as NICE…!

  13. chickens roosting

    Edited by George

    New Policy Re Comments

    The bulk of this comment was removed because the writer turned it into a highly innuendo-laced piece speculating on whether or not certain Members of Parliament have sex with their own gender.

    We don’t have the time or the inclination to go through each comment to edit out a word and phrase here and there, so our readers will have to police themselves or the entire comment will be removed… which is a shame because there are many good ideas that are being tossed aside over these sexual innuendos.

    Although we haven’t really been on top of this issue or spoken on this issue before, we are now… because such comments are taking the focus off the stated objectives of this blog. Bajans will talk and gossip – and we let all sorts of things that we don’t personally like slide by in the comments because we don’t want to limit the flow of communication.

    But this theme of highly sexual innuendo is changing the mood of the blog and detracting from our work.

    It will stop.


  14. Warrior

    I saw that huge billboard last night and I wonder who was the raving madman that gave the go-ahead to install it right there. I saw at least two near misses in the two minutes at the round about.

    If they want to capitalize on bumper to bumper traffic, then turn it on during the bumper to bumper traffic ONLY.

    CWC 2007 will be the death of us all one way or another.

    As for the Belle Junction it would not hurt to install traffic lights there.

  15. Warrior

    Perhaps the hotels can join Mr. Loveridge in his Rediscover Barbados programme and begin to offer the locals good weekend packages.

    To recover some of the anticipated loss, the air carriers could start offering specials to Caribbean Nationals and the hotels offer low rates.

    they might recover something.

  16. Bearer of Bad News

    I am not gloating, but simply doing what these jokers in power have failed to do at every turn involving CWC.

    I am just being realistic.

    As your headline suggest. Barbados is in big doodoo. For over 1 year, we have been hearing that Barbados will be hosting the final, plus the 6 biggest super 8 matches.

    Folks, it appears that by the time Barbados host it first super 8 match on April 11th (ENG Vs Ban harldy cause for any excitment), only 1 place will remaing to be decided for the 4 semi final positions. With the WI likely with no possible chance of making it to the semis the outlook for Barbados maybe even more bleak than it appears today. I see England being elinimated as well. This is like being told that a tsunami will be here in days.

  17. Rumplestilskin

    Whether or not anyone could envisage the CWC being ‘less than ideal’ is rather irrelevant to me at this stage.

    What matters is that not only did we commit to CWC, but before we even knew the financial outcome of CWC, we committed ourselves to a further couple of hundred million for flyovers.

    Before we even knew our financial state, we committed ourselves to more loans.

    THAT is the serious issue here, a complete lack of financial prudence.

    So either we have found a secret cash cow e.g. oil wells OR all of this runaway spending is an attempt to boost the economy before the upcoming election. The reality will hit after.

    There is a time to sow and a time to reap.

    Lets hope the harvest is not as sour as some think it will be.

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Rumplestilskin, you have put the issue in its right context.

    The warning signs and concerns were CLEARLY expressed but due to CRASS political opportunism Owen Arthur and his mendicants IGNORED all and sundry to push their political agenda…!!

    So the strategy was to give the notion that Barbados will be awash with visitors to the extent that tourist ships would be needed to accomodate the EXCESS…!!

    4 weeks to go , How are things PANNING out…in Barbados….?

    1. Hotel staff already being laid – off…!!

    2. US $ 15 Million SAILING in Carnival Destiny…bank account…!

    3. Cricket grounds around the Caribbean half – empty…including 3W’s warm – up games….!!

    4. In light of this…BTA says they TARGETTING the IRISH….watch out Sein FENN…!!

    5. Noel Lynch says RELAX….90,000 visitors STILL coming….!

    6. Noel Lynch CONVINCES everyone…including William Duguid…who joins BFP site to PREACH the SAME…!

    7. Noel Lynch says ONLY 10 Cruise ships coming…with about 2,500 VISITORS each…..and from his CALCULATIONS….this is ABOUT 75,000 Cruise ship PASSENGERS…..yes, New Maths…!!

    This is the CWC 2007….LEGACY….of the GREAT ECONOMIST…Owen Arthur…!!

    If this is the LEGACY of the GREAT ECONOMIST……then Dr. Estwick…..has ALL reason to be PROUD….!

  19. Adrian Loveridge

    Daily Nation today

    ‘he (Minister Lynch) said while hotel bookings still looked good at 68 to 70 per cent, there was a lot of weakness at the luxury end’.
    Did he not read the Sunday Sun yesterday and the comments by a leading South Coast hotelier, ’40 per cent occupancy for April’ ?

    Concerning the use of the Carnival Destiny cruise ship, he (Minister Lynch) said ‘ that up to the elimination of India, 80 per cent of the cabins had been booked’.
    ‘Now he said, bookings were around 40 per cent’.

    A US$15 million loan while our hotels have hundreds of empty rooms!

    What a difference a week makes.

    BFP readers please remember, India was already out when he appeared on the Down to Brass Tacks Sunday programme.

    He disclosed ‘that next week Barbados would be signing another agreement with a cruise company that would guarantee thousands of cruise passengers’.

    What ‘another agreement’ ?

    Remember according to him ‘Government (categorically) has not taken any loan’ to charter
    Carnival Destiny.

    Is this ‘another agreement’ the same one already discussed to ‘guarantee 1.2 million passengers over the next three years’ with Carnival Corporation.

    Look at the Barbados Port Inc, website and the schedule of cruise ship arrivals for period May until October.

    60 named ships, including Holiday Dream (21 visits) which has a maximum capacity of 600 passengers.

    1.2 million passengers over 3 years is an average of over 7,000 per week.
    In reality between May and October an average of ONE ship every THREE DAYS is docking.

    ‘90,000’ visitors for the week of the CWC FiNal and ‘75,000’ cruise ship passengers.

    Does the Minister want to publicly adjust these figures quoted only a week ago Sunday, or will he accept the inevitable ridicule?

    It is abundantly clear that the Minister is either disillusional or deliberately trying to mislead the public.

  20. Roads

    “As for the Belle Junction it would not hurt to install traffic lights there.”
    Yes it would. For two piddling little side roads, you propose breaking traffic flow on what is soon to become hi-efficiency dual carriageway??
    At least propose a roundabout,nuh!

    My proposal? either block both piddling side roads
    (I’m sure you’ll find your way, some other route!)
    or allow them only traffic-in and traffic-out ON THEIR SIDE,ONLY,
    i.e. the cross-lane thing will be null and void, with a large impassable central DIVIDER, to prevent any “brave” fool from trying the suicide,/b> that’s been going on there, for far too long!

    here’s another shocker for you.
    THE big problem along the busy section of the ABC, is
    the intersection at Pine Hill Dairy.
    Again, the solution is to cease and desist any and all cross-lane traffic,
    allowing them,too traffic-in and traffic-out on their side of the road only!

    And again, I’m sure you can figure out a way to get here and there with the new regulations,
    even if it would take you a whole week to figure it out!

    remember.. CHANGE is a four letter word!
    and Bajans HATE CHANGE!
    Got news for you, muh brudder, Biiiig change coming to the driving scene in Barbados when the real McCoy opens w-i-d-e!!!

    Wunnuh want to mek me Minister In Charge of Transportational Efficiency on this deliberately-inefficient island!

    I would rock wunnuh lil world!
    Wun’t be another traffic light system imported onto this island, ever again!

  21. Coffee & Creme

    I agree with you, Roads.

    Lights would defeat the purpose of the highway at Belle junction. Many seem to hate the ideas of flyovers, but in todays developing road system, they would help in certain areas if well though out. I think Belle is one area and such roads become more heavily used as more and more people look for ways to avoid traffic.
    Also, there are other ways the road system could be made more efficient before resorting to huge ideas. All along the ABC Highway, where areas are designated “Left Turns Only”, instead of having junctions with Stop signs, the ‘Merge’ technique should be used. This would result in a smoother traffic flow integration onto the highway, as it takes less time to move off from a Stop sign which is what really backs up the traffic coming out of the secondary road. Hey, not everyone has quick reflexes, timing judgement or a vehicle that accelerates like a rocket ! Merging the entry at 45 degress or such would speed up the traffic process and also make it impractical for those who like to make illegal right turns.

  22. Coffee & Creme

    Oops, correction to the above…
    I meant, merging takes less time THAN moving off from a stop sign.

  23. Jerome Hinds

    Here is how Arthur, Mottley and Lynch hijacked CWC 2007 from a Barbados STANDPOINT…!

    Before we forget :

    *** Owen has lead responsibilty for CSM….!

    **** Mia in charge of security arrangements for
    CWC 2007…!

    **** Noel part of the Caricom Tourism Ministers
    Committee responsible for CWC 2007…!

    Here is what this UNHOLY triumviate did to BAJANS :

    1. Agreed to a US $ 100.00 VISA…..chasing away potential spectators and visitors…!

    **** South Africa which held the World Cup closer to the 9/11 date had NO such VISA requirements in place…!

    2. TRICK thousands of BAJANS into believing they need to INCREASE their housing stock…thus encouraging them to borrow money..!

    **** While taking up taxpayers money to pay back a loan of US $ 15 Million for a 40 % booked cruise ship..!

    3. Moved HEAVEN & EARTH in 2 YEARS to get Kensington Oval ready…..!

    ***** While next door, the PEOPLE at EMMERTON have been fed BLP broken PROMISES for 13 YEARS….about their REMOVAL..!

    So being part of the PLANNING process….

    How could this UNHOLY triumviate NOW seek to blame ICC, INDIANS, PAKISTANIS and worst of ALL BAJANS….for their FLIP- FLOPS…!!

    When BAJANS witness such GLARING examples of ARROGANCE and INDIFFERENCE don’t we NOW see it is time for CHANGE…!!

    Under a BLP REPUBLIC it can ONLY get….WORSE…!

  24. Straight talk

    Before we all, lemming-like, take the trip to Hackleton Cliff in our despair, take a look at today’s Telegraph http://ultratravel.telegraph.co.uk/site/pages/gourmet/rum_island_page1.php
    and take heart that there are things about Barbados which may not aspire to be first world, but are why we love Bim and the true basis on which our tourist industry should be focussed.

  25. Straight talk

    P.S. Lovely shots Mike Toy