BFP Reader Responds To Nation News Editorial “Public Life In Perspective”

Barbados Free Press reader Sean Gooding just sent us this response to The Nation News’ editorial Public Life In Perspective“…

A Response To Nation News Editorial “Public Life In Perspective”

Does the writer of that article and the journalists of Barbados not see a need state a case for integrity legislation in this country? As member of the public I believe I have EVERY right to know how every elected official derives his income and what his liabilities are. Further I have every right to know how much political parties receive in contributions. This is information the public NEEDS to know.

Let us not fool ourselves any longer. The culture of this country is such that favours are part and parcel of our every day society. Who has not tried to get special treatment or call in a favour from a friend we know at the bank, airport customs or any variety of ministries. Reason, Logic and commonsense dictates these things happen at all strata of society in every country in the world, are we in Barbados are exceptions. Fraud happens everywhere in the world, are we exceptions?

The press are supposed to be the watchdogs and if they have seen fit to correctly question the legitimacy of personal attacks and innuendos I would hope they similarly put forward strong cases for the release of finanical information from all elected officials. I consider it a farce that I can go on the internet and find out how much Dick Cheney pays in taxes from an offical website ( but I cannot obtain the same information on any political figure in my own

What is more ridiculous is people in this country do not recognise the need for these things.

I am saddened that the current state of journalism in this country seems impotent to investigate any matter beyond a superficial scratch.

Sean Gooding

Editor’s Note: The time from the receipt of this email from Mr. Gooding to posting it on the internet… 9 minutes. Let’s see the traditional old media beat that!

Robert  🙂


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27 responses to “BFP Reader Responds To Nation News Editorial “Public Life In Perspective”

  1. PM

    We need to get Mr.Gooding into Parliament, to do The People’s bidding!


  2. Jerome Hinds

    When we read the Saturday SUN of 2007 – 03 -31 page 12 why should barbadians be SURPRISED of the treatment of such ISSUES…..!

    On page 12 the headlines state :

    Harare, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe’s ruling party yesterday endorsed President Mugabe as its candidate for presidential elections next year.

    ZANU – PF spokesman Nathan Shamuyarira said that a meeting of the party’s central committee had proposed Mugabe, 83, as candidate for the 2008 elections. He told state radio that parliamentary elections scheduled for 2010 would be brought forward by two years to coincide with the presidential poll.

    The decision followed an emergency Southern African summit Thursday which gave its public backing to Mugabe despite international criticism about the clampdown on opposition supporters. (AP)

    What are the PARALLELS of this story with Owen Arthur and the BLP……????

    Owen Arthur in 1995……DECLARED to all Barbadians…..that there will be NO REFERENDUM……on a decision for Barbados to become a REPUBLIC…….!!

    In essence he MEANS……that decision would be left to Owen Arthur and the BLP…..!!!


    I remind readers again about this systematic suppression of the press in BARBADOS under this BLP government…….the ZIMBABWE we HEAR and SEE today did not GET there overnight….!!

    Some Commonality between the 2 countries…..???

    1. Black led countries whose LEADERSHIP
    believes POWER must be retained by all cost…!!

    2. A systematic WEAKENING of the opposition
    parties….a.k.a Politricks of Inclusion….!!!

    3. Systematic CONTROLLING of the tax payer
    funded MEDIA…!!

    4. A LEADER who CALLS and intimidates private
    and public citizens… the PUBLIC and
    PRIVATE domain…!!

    5. Both LEADERS wish to REMAIN in POWER
    until DEATH do US….PART….!!

    ( Remember it is ” Everyone WANTS to get to HEAVEN….BUT……no one WANTS to DIE )

    ( Remember they see themselves so POWERFUL…that they will MOVE..HEAVEN & EARTH)

    5. One of these LEADERS cannot wait to install a
    REPUBLIC… FULLY complete the

    Barbadians are WE prepared to put a stop to these WARNING signs….?

    Citizens you have the POWER to make a CHANGE….!

  3. pogo

    BFP – I apologize. I always thought you were being a bit unfair in characterizing the Nation as lap dogs for the government. This editorial in the Nation proves me wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Note to Nation’s editor: The political process is not a court of law where strict proof is required. Barbados is a small country. We have eyes. We know where people came from and what they had before going into public office. (OK maybe someone inherited a fortune since then- a rich uncle from America died?- you can tell us- but otherwise we know what is going on.)

    A politician who wants my vote in the next election won’t tell me where his or her newfound wealth came from? Give it up. Stop already with the feigned outrage.

    Bajans might put up with tantrums from their 3 year old kids but not from you.

  4. No - Name

    More prove that we should boycott the NATION! They have failed us. They have lost their way and are now influenced by politicians. And persons like Sir Henry, Harold, Roy Morris…they all think that by ‘putting pen to paper’ we will all be frightened into silence.

    I am calling on the DLP to come out and make a statement in relation to this matter. It is time for David to come to the front and rescue us from these diabolical forces ( Rawle Eastmond’s words).

  5. 1partyState?

    There has never been and shall never be
    a Referendum, in Barbados, on any matter
    Far too democratic for a 1- party state in the making.

  6. Jerome Hinds


    I agree with you . The NATION news in the editorial under reference seeks to give the impression that the Noel Lynch and Mia Mottley story are a figment of the public’s imagination….!

    What the journalists and editors at that organisation should do…..go and ask those 2 politicians BLP COLLEAGUES about the stories….!

    Note Sir Henry’s comments about Lynch reaction to the question…..?

    Ask Sir Richard Cheltenham about Mia’s story….??

    Barbados is a small society….there is little that do not come to the SURFACE….!

    Why the same NATION news did not take the same approach when Sir Lloyd was Prime Minister…..the Joan Benjamins and Yvonne Woods…..were able to get their letters published ACCUSING Sir Lloyd of having houses and bank accounts in MIAMI….!!!

    Where was the NATION news call for FACTS…..back then…….!!!

    They are a bunch of MENDICANTS…..

  7. Anonymous

    well said jerome.
    joan benjamin six feet under but yvonne wood continues to publishit.

  8. John

    None of the crap that passes as acceptable would have happened if Joan Benjamin were here.

    Owen and his lot would have learnt to cringe long ago.

    Call her an expat if you like but that was one hell of a Bajan we lost.

    The lesson for us who are left is that each of us have to become the Joan Benjamin of Barbados.

    Each of us have some of her in us.

  9. Patrick Porter


    It is time for the forces to come together and fight this terrible plague that is happening in Bim. Can’t people see what is going on?Don’t they realise what will happen?
    When the media sides with everything the government says then we are all doomed. The media is supposed to be independent of the government but not in Barbados, the media is an organ of the government.
    I issue a challenge to anyone from the Nation or the Advocate to come on this site and give me proof that they are not in the governments pay. But I don’t want just hot air I want absolute proof. I would like all of you on this site to start writing letters to the editors and publish them on here before you send them off, so we can see what we are doing. I would like the topic to be dictatoship, I am doing some research on the matter and will send one off on Monday. Come one people let us free our brothers and sisters from the chains of the Arthur slavery. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Warrior

    I have come to understand that as Barbadians we are passive aggressive people.

    Let me explain.

    Are you familiar with this scene? A supervisor or boss speaks to an employee on a lower level of the org. chart, that employee stays home the following day – especially if there is a urgent project, just to teach the boss “a lesson”. That’s displaying passive aggression.

    We do not have to riot, simply boycott the purchase of the daily newspapers and then the Media houses will know that the public desires to hear the whole truth and not just a PR piece.

    Tomorrow is Sunday i.e. the Sunday Sun and the Sunday Advocate will be available. Will you buy one, the other or both, tomorrow????

  11. No - Name

    I will not be purchasing any of the newspapers.Let us start the boycott tomorrow.

  12. De Orginal

    Its a crying shame that when someone seek to ask a question about accountability, integrity and transparency in public office. The Nation newspaper seek to make him out as a villian. I am further suprised as the same newspaper felt they had the right to follow Owen Arthur to Miami on the rumor he was getting married.Now a fellow journalist seek to ascertain wether or not a cabinet member, a servant of the people of Barbados, felt there was a need for integrity legislation and for him to account for his new millionare status. He is deemed out of place. I declare that there is no place in world like Barbados. The people of Barbados must insist that all politicains and senior civil servants at once be called to account for their assets. The time has come and it is evident from Noel Lynch’s behaviour that such persons need to be reminded they serve the people of Barbados and are accountable to us.

  13. PM
    March 31st, 2007 at 3:56 pm
    We need to get Mr.Gooding into Parliament, to do The People’s bidding!


    Who is Sean Gooding? did you go to Wesley Hall boys then HC? was your father associated with Courts Barbados ltd.?

  14. Jupiter

    Patrick Porter

    Your wife sandra’s letter is in today’s Nation newspaper.

    They must have seen your post on BFP,or is it that you kept sending this e- mail until they had to print?

  15. S.Gooding


    Wesley Hall…class of ’88 if my deteriorating memory correct. The good ole days of licks man. Did not go to HC, went to University of Waterford. And pops was not associated wid Courts. I know nuff Adrians so do we know each other?


  16. Time for integrity legislation. The DLP has committed itself to that, but the BLP is silent on it.

    Lynch behaved like a man with something to hide. Perhaps we should probe deeper and see what comes out. But there is a bigger issue here ….. the need for greater accountability and transparency in Government. Who gets Gov’t contracts, are there any blatant conflicts of interest?

    As a small nation we cannot avoid some seemingly conflicts of interest, but the BLP behaves as though this is their sole modus operandi.

    Time for a change

  17. If I came into politics with assets earned on a salary of $10,000 per month (my wife and I combined). Then with my Ministerial salary plus perks, plus my wife;s new job at the bank, we earn $250,000 per year, why cannot I not buy a plantation for $1 million dollars and then spent $500,000 to renovate it? Add to this the fact that I do not pay my car loans and am not afraid of debt collectors!

  18. Minister’s should be able to live in some comfort. Not ostentatious living, but at least a decent house and a comfortable car. I would not want to see my Minister’s begging for a lift or a shelter. At the same time I need to know when they seem to be able to acquire more than their legitimate salary allows.

  19. As a tax-payer and a voter, I would like to know the financial details of PM Arthur and Beverley’s divorce. Why is this so secretive?

  20. Did the BLP Government write off taxes owed to Inland Revenue and NIS owed, by the ftaher of any of the present Ministers?

  21. Who owns the house used by Lynnette Eastmond as a constituency office?

    Did the Rural Development Commission effect any repairs to the home of the late father of the present Minister of Agriculture, which resides in St. Philip West constituency?

  22. Why would you complain of I own a town house in Frere Pilgrim, a mansion in Lodge hill Woods and a hotel at the bottom of Rendezvous Hill? Why is it that I cannot be a Minister and own these things?

    After all, I am have no husband or children! Perhaps I do not even like men!

  23. Like Barbados, all of you are asleep so I will take my leave now.

  24. True Native

    Thanks for ignoring my question. How “caring” you are.

  25. Peter Piper- Do you have any particular reason for submitting so many “one liners” in a bunch like you just did?

    It knocks off all recent comments because only 12 at a time can be shown, and once they are gone they are probably missed.

    It would be more considerate to your fellow-bloggers to consolidate your comments to avoid the “bumping off” happening. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning this. Have a good night.

  26. thanks. I did not know this. My apologies and I will avoid this in the future.

  27. Jupiter

    I finally feel as though I can breathe fresh air again after reading that article in the nation by robert best former managing editor of the Advocate newspaper.

    After the stench of political partinanship by harold hoyte and denzil agard in the advocate,finally someone with knowledge of the system in the media finally found the guts to speak the truth.

    We pretend to be a democratic country with a free press,a country that supposedly follows the westminister system,yet whereas in countries where these practices are truly and genuinely practised like Britain and the USA, Canada etc asking a minister of gov’t about his sudden wealth,or asking the prime minister who lied and told us he had no children while he was married to his first wife,suddenly pulls out of his hat 2 children – one 24 years ago and the other 7 years – is a no-no here in barbados.

    If harold hoyte and the elders of the BLP are to be believed,then that is nothing you the public,or the journalist on our behalf can inquire into.