Let Me Win, But If I Cannot Win, Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt

Well Folks,

Just received a letter from a reader, chastising us for failing to mention the Special Olympics events that have been taking place over the last week and a half. I could make excuses about the World Cup occupying our attention, or ask why the reader didn’t give us a tap on the shoulder before the events were over, but instead I’ll offer this sincere apology:

We’re sorry. We should have been on it.

We hope that both spectators and participants alike had a great time ..

Read about it here


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5 responses to “Let Me Win, But If I Cannot Win, Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt

  1. ____________

    Oh dear. no interest in this one.
    See now why BFP didn’t bother to run it?

    Could be due to Public Aggravation from all those zillion extra-wide handicap parking spots one sees lying fallow (waiting for a developer?)
    – to the extent you’d swear Barbados was a land of nuffnuff seriously-handicapped people
    (land mines: think Afghanistan)
    bet they don’t have that many handicapped parking spaces in Afghanistan!
    further bet that many who read this nod their heads in tacit agreement!
    apologies for the acrimony, but I prefer to speak my mind, rather than lose it.

  2. Bajanboy

    I cannot believe that someone is complaining about handicapped spaces. I do not think that one or two handicapped spaces in an entire lot is something to complain about. We need to empower people in Barbados with disabilities to lead independent lives, and that includes, where possible, owning and driving a car. Many disabled people are marginalized and are forced to live off of the state or work in poorly paying jobs.

    However, the system of allocation of the use of these spaces and the enforcement of their misuse needs to be looked at.

  3. DFX

    Bajan Boy I have to agree with you. The only problem I have with the handicap spots is that they need to specify that it is who really are handicapped. Not those that are too lazy to walk from further away in the car park. I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen young boys parking at a 45 degree angle in the 2 handicap spots at Chefette in Warrens and leave a perfectly good spot on the opposite side of the lot empty. Is it that they can’t fit into the spot and their handicap is an inability to drive? Or is it that they are mentally handicapped and can’t read?

    My $0.02 for the day



  4. jinx oo7

    oh … I was at DaCosta s in Warrens one time when after making my purchase i proceeded to the parking lot where i observed a big burly young man maneuver his just as big and burly 4×4 into a “handicapped ” marked parking space! Could not believe the arrogance of this man when i asked him politely if indeed he was disabled and so he pretended to “limp” past a very shocked me……Well, i marched right back inside Da Costa Mannings and gave their PA system operator his licence plate number… requesting that the “ape” seen parking said vehicle should remove it immediately!!!!!
    Oh what a great feeling that was……….exhale………….

  5. jinx oo7

    DFX and Bajan Boy,

    There is a system in other parts of the world where the disabled drive with a 5×7 “Disabled ” plastic sign which they then place on the dashboard when they park in such designated areas. …. It works…. and if that sign is not there… well then you simply get towed away………