Illegal Barbados Rubbish Piles Yield Thousands Of Confidential Documents – We Have Them All!


Barbados Free Press Goes On A Trash Hunt At Illegal Dumps

Illegal rubbish piles are everywhere on Barbados, but we were surprised to learn just how foolish some folks are about disposing of their trash and outdated business records. It is one thing to not care about the environment or your fellow citizens – it is quite another situation to dump industrial waste and bags of office garbage in the middle of a cane field…

… Especially if that garbage has the name of your company all over it!

For the last few months Barbados Free Press staff have been patiently visiting illegal dumpsites across the island to photograph and retrieve abandoned garbage.

Did We Find Any Confidential Or Embarrassing Documents Or Business Records?

We sure did… Thousands and thousands of pages – some in pristine condition, and some that were just YUK! Most we photographed and left, but we kept some of the more interesting documents. Hundreds of them, in fact.

In the next year we will show you some of our finds, but many of the documents will be used as source material without publishing them or letting our readers know we have them. There must be a hundred great stories in the pile in front of me.

What Did We Find?

“What didn’t we find?” is the more appropriate enquiry. Here are some examples of the types of documents thrown to the winds by very foolish and lazy people…

Family photos, banking records, income tax returns, salary spreadsheets, Cricket World Cup planning committee strategy documents, BLP documents, DLP documents, handwritten notes on the back of letters, utility invoices, corporate customer lists, corporate notes and minutes of meetings, bid documents for government projects, charity financial records, leases, personal letters and on and on and on.

You get the idea!

Why Are We Doing This?

Barbados Free Press originally started collecting and photographing documents from illegal rubbish piles simply to curtail the use of illegal garbage dumps through embarrassing the people who use them. We thought we would photograph a pile of garbage and then publish the owner’s name.

But then we found all sorts of goodies in the trash, and we knew that we were onto something. So we are having fun and writing some stories that our readers will find extremely interesting.

We haven’t quite decided on how we’re going to use what we found, or to what extent we will reveal personal information, but you know us…

There Is Mischief Afoot!

Now, where was that tax return? Oh yes… here we are… Mr. so and so… MBE. 🙂


Perhaps we won’t publish that one just yet.

Here are a few teasers from the Democratic Labour Party and the Cricket World Cup Organising Committee.

Everyone loves a little mischief!



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22 responses to “Illegal Barbados Rubbish Piles Yield Thousands Of Confidential Documents – We Have Them All!

  1. If at all possible, e-mail photos to ssa-dot insight-at gmail-dot com, and if you can relay info to relevant Polyclinic? This a very serious issue that SSA has been trying to combat for quite a while!

  2. My first reaction to this post was “Oh, my Lord! Things must be tough for BFP to have to delve in rubbish dumps to find stories!”

    Then I realised you are, in fact, performing a civic service in warning people to be more careful how they dispose of their documents. Too lazy to shred.

    You are also arming yourselves with a potential goldmine of info that you can hint at, and dangle in the public eye when things get hot. I love it!

  3. Jerome Hinds


    Does the ” Ellis ” e – mail feature among your Garbage collection….???

  4. Shred?

    Shred? – you reckon that’s safe disposal?

    Ever seen how the FBI an dem boys take hours/days piecing together your “shredded” documents?
    It may be painstaking work, but ultimately they have your “shredded” document reconstructed in immaculate condition! heh heh heh..

    Learn from this fool.
    When you need to dispose of bank statements etc,
    take them, and a box of matches, into your bathroom.
    Enter the shower stall with your documents and make a small bonfire on the tiled floor of your shower, using said matches or a gas lighter!

    When all you’re then left with is CARBON,
    mash up that carbon (to powder) with your foot,
    and then flush it all down the little hole and into your PIT.

    Let me see you reconstruct THAT!

  5. Chase

    I always wondered if people at BFP were really here on the island………guess we know now.

  6. Peltdown Man

    Try it, my brother, and stand back as the carbon dioxide generated from the tile cement by the heat blows the tiles right through the bathro0m ceiling.
    Believe me. Been there, done that!

  7. Lady Anon

    Try the kitchen sink…it is “safer”…just make sure that the sink is no where near the gas bottle just to be sure

  8. Bajanboy

    This is very resourceful of you, BFP. Its a shame that the police cannot show the same level of resourcefulness. A little effort on their part would stop all this disgusting dumping.

    The same could also be said for many lesser crimes in Barbados such as speeding and reckless driving. People know there is very little chance of being caught and successfully prosecuted, so there is no reason to change their behaviour.

  9. John

    … so now we know there is actually logic to the Bajan phrase when he or she comes by a document he/she should not have…”it fell off a truck”.

    Where does VOB dump its waste paper basket? Let one of your moderators tell us what good corporate citizens you are VOB, …. we can do the rest.

    We’ll take it from there.

  10. Chase

    This is not the first time that documents were found at a dump.A couple years ago a similar situation was brought to our attention,where R.M Construction was found to be the culprit as they had the contract for the disposal.

    Nothing came out of it ……as usual.

  11. Ace Recycling 423-0510 or secureshred-dot-bee-bee

  12. Shred?

    thanks for the tip re. explosive tiles ‘levitating’!
    Fortunately my (several previous) burns have been minimal compared to your true bonfires (not as rich as u) and so minimal heat generated – but shall bear your experiences in mind for the future.!

  13. jinx oo7

    Hum…….. Could this “trash” be any worse than the raw sewage being dumped all over Barbados as we speak? MP for st. James seems to think Barbados needs a “better ” liquid waste disposal method…. NO KIDDING!!!!! i´ll be happy to switch from water to beer…..EXACTLY!

  14. justice

    I am not so sure that I like this, BFP. Even as I read through your catalogue, I thought of the countless notes I’ve thrown away, the minutes of meetings I have disposed of. Nothing incriminatory of course, but just imagine what could be out there. Incidentally, are you sure that what you are doing is legal?

  15. John


    Can’t see how it could be illegal to search garbage. People do it all about Bridgetown in front of the Police.

    It sounds like the papers are being found at illegal dumps so the dumps themselves might be illegal!! Maybe entering them might be illegal too, but then if it were, they wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    I am trying to rack my brains but I am sure I remember a story of a best seller resulting from the author going through the garbage in London outside an office.

    Just goes to show, one person’s garbage is another person’s gold.

  16. justice

    John, I’m just thinking that if I throw away my garbage I don’t intend to abandon it to one and all, but only for the lawful sanitation service to take it in their custody to the garbage dump and to dispose of it in accordance with the law. Should others be permitted access to it?

  17. John

    At the Mangrove Landfill there is security, yet I recall a recent tragic death in the paper when an unauthorised man, looking through the garbage, got hit by a truck. Don’t think he was from BFP or we would have heard.

    In theory, your garbage should be safe at a legal landfill, but then again, there are people in the recycling business who wait for trucks with household appliances and take them if they are easily recyclable at the Bagatelle Dump..

    Don’t think anyone would be looking through the contents of a Garbage Truck, but while the garbage is awaiting collection, well, that’s another story.

    Guess if you want to be absolutely sure, better to travel with your garbage and watch its disposal.

    Most people aren’t that fussy.

  18. Rather than burn my wooden house down with a bonfire in the bathtub, I am prepared to shred and take my chances.

    FBI may have the patience and perseverance to put shredded documents together, but no self-respecting West Indian is going to waste his life away doing that.

    Regarding Justice’s interesting point on whether you forfeit your rights to your garbage when it has left your premises, I am wondering if the same pertains when you flush the loo.

    Common sense tells me that if I discard my possessions by having them carted away to a dump, they are no longer mine. But common sense and the law are often at variance.

  19. Rumplestilskin

    I think that it is incum bent on whoever you contract to dispose of the garbage do so in a secure manner.

    Especially a ‘secure’ shredding service. If a potentially damaging document becomes available through inadequate disposal I would think that liability falls to the contractee.

    In general, I cannot see anyone trying to prosecute ‘scavengers’ who rifle trough the dump.

    I would expect that confidential information is contracted to a shredding service, burnt (get yourself a metal bin for the yard) or shredded yourself and bagged.


    Comment by BFP Cliverton

    Remember that this garbage was illegally dumped in cane fields, on the side of the road, at construction sites and on private residential land.

    You dump your waste in my cane field – it is mine!

  20. John


    “Regarding Justice’s interesting point on whether you forfeit your rights to your garbage when it has left your premises, I am wondering if the same pertains when you flush the loo.”


    What happens in developed countries is that the water in the flush is treated and used again. A standard joke I have heard in one of these countiries is ” I’m drinking a glass of the same water which two people drunk before me this morning”.

    The solid stuff provides fertiliser for farmers I am told. I am also told that there is an area in the US where it is a highly prized commodity because of the diet of the people living there!!

    Reduce REUSE Recycle!!

    There are big bucks in this.

    Think about it, in the future you will buy the water from BWA, use it, flush it down the loo, it is collected by a sewage system, but you aren’t paid for it.

    It is then treated and sold back to you!!

    Only thing they can’t ensure is that you don’t get someone else’s!!

  21. John

    I was reading the objectives of the “Kensington Forever” grand reopening appearing in the “dumped” manuscript and see that the last one says:

    “Showcase to the world how Kensington can be used as an international entertainment center.”

    I would imagine this is possible and will be a major way of trying to recoup the $300 million or whatever.

    I just wonder if anyone who attended the grand opening could list three ways they saw showcased so we can know if this objective was met.

    Also, is “center” the correct spelling?

    Maybe the intention is to explore the North American market. Not a bad idea.