Mount Gay Invents New Sunblock Lotion For Cricket World Cup!


Hi Folks,

As we pointed out below, this photo was taken in Trinidad. We didn’t know if it was a Bajan who is the rum master in the photo – but we invented the caption for a bit of fun.

Now, the subject of the photo has come forward to take credit for this wonderful new break through in technology.

“Richard C” is an innovative Trini cricket fan living in Trinidad.

Only one thing we want to know, Richard… What brand of rum do you find works best as sunblock?




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23 responses to “Mount Gay Invents New Sunblock Lotion For Cricket World Cup!

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I need 2 ozs of sunblock to, this is innovative indeed out of necessity comes invention full marks to them with a rum at $ 10.00 or more why would they not get creative?

  2. Now, I have to say that is pure inventiveness.

  3. Chase

    Necessity is the Mother of all inventions!!!

    A bajan would find the loophole in any system if necessary.

    Especially when it comes to their ‘drinks’…….

  4. Chase

    Just hope BFP didnt spoil it ,now you will have to wait even longer in line now since you will have to prove your sunblock is really sunblock………because I know for sure the LOC visits this site.

  5. John

    …. looks like some people won’t be geting the bottle stoppers they so craved.

  6. De Orginal

    Lol a drink is a drink.

  7. Patrick Porter

    Man leave it to we, to find away round all the regulations. Man don tell me Bajans ain’t inventive. Full marks for a well thought out solution

  8. Observer

    Wait bo, if you are a black Bajan and you want to try this trick, you better make sure you have a white friend to go to the game with. Black people generally don’t need sunblock because they don’t get sunburnt, so if a lot of black people suddenly show up trying to carry sunblock into Kensington I should think it would raise some flags. (If putting this picture on the web hasn’t done so already).

  9. So how do we tell that these guys are Bajans? BFP where did you get the pic from? Can you say for sure that this is a bajan?


    edit by Marcus

    Hi Adrian

    We won’t reveal where we got the photo, but I understand it was taken in Trini. Don’t know if they are Bajans or Trinis. Only used Mount Gay because that is Clive’s favourite!


  10. Justasking

    Now, like when you are taking a flight securirty makes you take a sip of your bottle water or beverage before passing security everyone going through security at matches will have to apply some of their “sunblock” to their skin. LOL.

  11. John

    …. but how much can a tube of sunblock hold? Sufficient to sustain a grown man or woman?

    The authorities might get suspicious when a whole set of tubes appear in spectators’ bags, … particularly if they are of the darker complexion.

    All the same, Andrew Symonds uses it, and alot of the Indian team does too so not sure if complexion matters..

  12. Nah, man!

    nah! – mek dem take a sip of de sunblock!

    You go waste good rum on yuh skin??

  13. capacity

    Sunblock container can hold quite a bit of White Jack (from Grenada)
    let me see you drink that much White Jack and still stand up

  14. waver

    That pic was taken at Queens Park Oval.
    Probably had in that terrible Fernandez Rum 😦

  15. Rumboy

    Hey Chase, we do

  16. justice

    Bucknor uses sunblock too, and he is more melanin-enriched than most.

  17. AmonRa

    Rum is not the “Question”… Rum is the “Answer!” !!LOL!!

    However Rum will not answer for you when you get put out of the Oval come Match day! On a more sober note people should realise that this is very serious practice… because liquor in a squeeze bottle like that is a good way to injure someone especially if they are smoking… should it ignite… Chris Gayle hitting sixes will not be the only thing that will be “Hot!”

  18. Wayne

    Hold on there mate, this can’t be Barbados they have not yet played any cricket in the ICC world cup there as yet, this is The QP Oval in Trinidad Christ man even that ( Trini inventiveness) yuh trying to steal from the Trini dem, first was pan then yuh seh dey teif de flying fish. Shame on you. Actually the first match in Bim is on April 11th. 2007

  19. Warrior

    Just a word of caution

    Black people do get sunburn, and should use sun block its not a white thing.

    While not being burnt as easily as the white skin, it is very dangerous for black people because
    1. we think, quite erroneously that we do not burn.
    2. it is difficult to see the burn and thus left untreated or no measures are put in place to avoid it.

    So guys and gals when you are out there watching you cricket do get some sun block (I mean the real thing – not rum) better to have it than not to.

  20. Richard C

    it’s not a bajan…its a trini in trinidad…and i should know…its me

  21. John

    …… Go Richard C, go…

    Congrats on the solution.

  22. Cayce C

    Rich and John, I love the comment about the Pan, Fish, and now the sunblock idea.
    However, may I say that in the West Indies we take our cricket and alcohol seriously.
    And the point is that the ICC and LOC wanted to take advantage of that, and that’s so wrong!!
    Good job to you both!

  23. Jonelle S

    Richard…….my Bucco Caribbean Sun Screen bottle was not meant for tat use……lol