Barbados Minister Of Tourism Dictates To Cowardly StarCom Network – “Adrian Loveridge Not Allowed On Brass Tacks Radio Show Panel”

Radio Network Caves Under Government Pressure To Censor Well Known Tourism Advocate

Barbados Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, has finally agreed to appear on the 25th March edition of Down to Brass Tacks Sunday. This apparently took some doing by radio call-in show host David Ellis, who has been trying for months to have Minister Lynch speak to citizens on the call-in show.

However, the Minister has refused to allow popular hotelier Adrian Loveridge to appear live on the programme as part of a panel to question the Minister regarding a number of concerning issues in the tourism sector.

This is most embarassing for the StarCom Network as an invitation to Mr. Loveridge had already been extended and accepted. Mr. Loveridge has now been cancelled from the panel lineup.

What is the Minister worried about, that he may be asked an awkward question or two?

Hopefully BFP readers will call in to question the Minister this Sunday March 25th or email their questions and comments to: or

BFP readers may remember that Minister Lynch also had Adrian Loveridge fired from his job as a columnist at the Barbados Advocate Newspaper – for daring to ask awkward questions. (BFP article link here)

Like all elitist politicians who are past their “best by” date, Minister Lynch has a tremendous sense of entitlement. Freedom of the press means nothing to a cowardly bully like Noel Lynch.


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241 responses to “Barbados Minister Of Tourism Dictates To Cowardly StarCom Network – “Adrian Loveridge Not Allowed On Brass Tacks Radio Show Panel”

  1. Justasking

    Like I said in another comment if Starcom cannot have him in the studio as part of the panel then they can have him on the line ready to ask questions as soon as they open the lines to callers.

    Then it will be up to Minister Lynch to respond or not to respond. Then the public can make their own judgement.

  2. rasta man

    just goes to show you the nature of the man. ,meaning Minister Lynch. Starcom will also go down substantially in a lot of people’s opinion.
    I have always thought that it has to be Min Lynch’s way or not at all

  3. Jerome Hinds

    The comments below I posted earlier under another topic after Mr. Loveridge had commented on the subject.

    Now reading BFP analysis of the events that brought things to this stage I am compelled to raise the issue here again with respect to VOB/David Ellis’ handling of this situation.

    Adrian, I can understand Lynch behaving so, but does he own/have shares in VOB that he can determine who they invite to the VOB STUDIO…..?????

    Ooopss…….Funny enough I almost FORGOT to mention VOB has been promised a TV license by this BLP goverment for over a decade……!!!

    We should RECOGNISE that David Ellis wants some lights , camera action…… JUST like his colleagues Denis Johnson & Pearson Bowen had/having now….!!!

    David Ellis need to SHOW his mettle and have Mr. Adrian Loveridge in STUDIO also…..!!!

    Or is it BALANCE reporting is no longer David Ellis RALLYING cry….???

    Why in our OVER 350 years of Parliamentary democracy… there such ABHORENCE to opposing views……..???

    It is this type of INTIMIDATION by members of the Political Elite that DEMONSTRATES their tendencies to GRAVITATE towards the path of DICTATORSHIP…..!!!

    The signs were there in ZIMBABWE too….but Zimbabweans NEVER woke up….today THEIR opposition members are been BRUTALISED….!!

    Wake up Barbadians……or else WE will ALL be LYNCHED….!!!

  4. Fred

    This is absolutely deplorable behaviour by both VOB and Lynch, where has freedom of the press vanished to?
    When you are going to setup a panel discussion and the minister refuses to attend because there is going to be someone one the panel that may ask him forthright questions that we expect replies to, and he refuses to take part then we have a problem in the way we are doing things on this island.
    If the decision were left to me to make I would certainly go ahead with the show minus Lynch.
    This is the sort of arrogrance that we have be forced to accept for too long in this country and it must cease when these polticians are told point blank that we are the ones that have given them a job and they are working for us the taxpayers it is not the other way around.
    I sincerely hope that Mr Ellis is man enough to deal with matters and bring both of them to the table it may well bring some sense out of Lynch something that has been sadly lacking,

  5. censorship

    hey bfp if u dont like what starcom is doing y dont u go open your own station and invite adrian there as a panelist?

  6. censorship

    i mean thats what you tell people who dont agree with u!

  7. Kem

    The fact the Barney is unwilling to be confronted or rather probed by an authoritative figure in the tourism industry; note I do not consider David Ellis nor Dennis Johnson to be authoritative on anything, is indicative of the fact that Barney is fearful that the truth may come to fore.

  8. BK


    Maybe you are too harsh on David and Dennis. In a call in I don’t think the moderator has to be authoritative as you say. Its the many callers like the posters in this forum who should be calling Barney on the issues.

  9. reality check

    the death of hope

    what a choice for Barbadians!!!

    a bunch of incompetent “tiefing” dictators or a pack of piggies looking for power, who can’t even spell transparency and won’t step up to the table before an election is called.

    The fix is in!

  10. Patrick Porter

    No suprise. Why doesn’t Adrian listen to the program and then do a taped reply and see who will air it
    I wonder?
    There is something under the bed that the Barbados Landless Party does not want to come out. I wonder if it is the sale of Gems to an overseas client and the money being paid overseas
    I wonder?
    Could it be the airport, vould there be something going on there?
    I wonder
    Could it be the fact that hotels will be 60% occupied during the CWC?
    I wonder?
    Could it be the costs of the Carnival Destiny?
    I Wonder?
    Could it be the BMW’S?
    I wonder?
    Could it be that Musvle Mary is scared to face opposition?
    I wonder?
    Could it be the 750.000.00 cheque and maybe he knows more than he is telling
    I wonder?
    Oh wonder of wonders, when will the merry go rounf stop, so we can really find out the answers

  11. littleboy

    Remember that Adrian has been a thorn in the side of the BLP.
    Last election campaign Adrian was physically attacked at a BLP meeting in Christ Church, after Owen Arthur pointed him out as one of those earmarked by the DLP to run the tourist industry.
    Clyde Maaaasscoll condemned the BLP then.

  12. Anonymous

    The comment from Jerome Hinds contains a point of interest:

    “We’ll program and write in newspapers about what you want! We’ll be your friend! And help you win next elections!

    Just give us the TV license?”

    Freedom of expression and independance of the press is a cornerstone of democracy. Take note Barbados!

  13. John

    I once watched Patrick Hoyos make mincemeat of the minister on “The People’s Business”.

    The minister held forth on the Central Bank Report and how strong the economy was, not realising Patrick Hoyos had a copy of the report there and would use quotes from it to show the opposite.

    The minister then had to admit he hadn’t actually read the report himself.

    Since then I haven’t paid any mind to anything he has had to say for himself.

    I suspect this particular minister can be shown up by most people in Barbados by now.

    I am surprised he even consented to appear in a panel discussion.

  14. Patrick Porter


    What panel discussion if the main opponent is not there.
    It is like puttting Mohamed Ali up against Lynch, who do you think would win?

  15. Patrick Porter

    Off topic. Maybe BFP could start a thread on this

    Super Center denies cooking prices
    HA HA HA
    They say their system is computerised and mistakes between shelf and checknout can not happen
    HA HA HA
    The prices in the first place are way over the top.
    Have an example
    A Presidents Choice lasagna which costs $4.50 in Canada costs $32.50 in Barbados. Now I don’t care what anyone tells me even with the exchange and the shipping and mark up, it should be around 16.50 B’ds. But they make an additional $16.00, that to me is highway robbery at it’s best. I just don’t get it. Chicken which we can get here in Canada for a $1.99 a pound you get at nearly $9.09 and don’t give me the crap about the cost of feed, Canadian wheat board was complainging a few weeks ago that their prices have dropped over the last two years. Where have they been buying the grain from?
    I think you had better look into where all these products are coming from and the companies bringing them in and how much they are making. In my humble estimation check and seee if there is a rake back for the various people who pass the laws
    Just as a matter of interest
    How come the same things are cheaper in Grenada

  16. Justasking

    Although it is reprehensible that the Minister made his participation in the program on the condition that Mr. Loveridge would not be a panelist, having him on still give the public an opportunity.

    It is unfortumate that Mr. Ellis had to agree but he really is between a rock and a hard place. At least having the Minister on the program still gives the public a chance to call in and for Ellis to ask quesitons as well. Maybe he should be brifed by Mr. Loveridge. His first question should be “Mr. Minsiter why would you not agree to participate if Mr. Loveridge was a panelist?”. In fact anyone calling should ask 2 questions:

    1) To David Ellis – Is it true that the Minister would not participate if Mr. Loveridge was a panelist?


    2) If the answer from Mr. Ellis is “yes” then to The Minister “Why would you not participate if Mr. Loveridge was a panelist?”

    Wonder who the other panelist are. Did Minister Lynch choose them and or have to vet the list?

  17. H.G


  18. John


    It doesn’t matter who gets to discuss Tourism with the minister.

    His days are numbered.

    Adrian will walk over him and he knows it.

    However unless he chooses the entire panel, the result will most likely be the same, it will just take a little longer and his agony will be more drawn out.

    He should really quit while he thinks he is ahead.

  19. Patrick Porter


    I second your opinion and take my hat off to Adrian. As I said in a previous post Adrian for Minister of Tourism. Will tell David the next time I speak to him

  20. H.G


  21. Tendy

    well well well looka trouble.

    Mr. Loveridge finally has my attention through persistence and serious bravery. The man has taken on vindictiveness, might and viciousness of BLP for longtime and still stands making valuable contributions. Respect to you Mr. Loveridge.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    I am eagerly looking forward to the decisions that Mr Ellis make regarding his guest list for Brass Tacks on Sunday should he decide not to invite
    Mr Loveridge.
    I can assure you that my support of VOB and their sister stations will cease to exist that is my advertising dollars, for somewhile now they have been my exclusive choice of advertising medium and they have recieved every cent of my advertising dollar but trust me that will change in an instant if this nonsense is allowed to take place.
    This cannnot really be happening in this good land of ours where a minister can control the media in this manner this is outrageous behaviour indeed and for it to be allowed to happen by the media is even more sickening.
    Does anyone have any backbone of any strength and conviction to stand up and say enough is enough.

  23. Pogo

    VOB why not have Adrian Loveridge and other prominent tourist panelists on your show the day before and pose questions to be for Lynch to answer the next day live. Sure to be fair since it gives Lynch time to bring the answers with him.

    BFP why not let us have a once a week column with you. Questions we need answered in a public forum?

    For example here are the ones we are all curious about since no mention in our illustrious newspapers:

    To Owen Arthur:

    The $750,000 cheque payable to you. Where did it come from and where did the money end up?

    To Auditor General:

    With your new found powers are you going to get to the bottom of this transaction and make a public report on it ? (We think the money belongs to us.)

  24. Andrew

    The Editorial in today’s Nation speaks of the atrocities in Zimbabwe.

    Aren’t David and the other Starcom big boys aware that this directive from Mr Lynch is the thin edge of the wedge?????

  25. Royalrumble

    If this Loveridge is such an authority on tourism can someone please tell me what is his contribution to the industry. I get the sneaky feeling that loveridge mouthings is being confused for knowledge of the industry. You know every body is an authority these days.

    What is loveridge’s hotel size?
    What is its current occupancy?
    Which market is his clientelle drawn from predomoinately?
    Is his hotel dependent upon the BTA ‘s advertising for its survival?

    To see the brilliance of this loveridge I have to separate the business of the industry from his political yardfowlism. It would be amazing but true that Ellis may have more knowledge of the industry than this loveridge and may be more of a challenge for the Minister on the call-in programme than loveridge.

    I dont know him very well and dont want to either. My only concern is and has always been the ingratitude that continues to come from these expatriates who come to this country make themselves comfortatable at the expense of the taxpayers of the country and when they become settled then turn on our people and their government. The Dems, out of political desparation, always supports them in this foolishness – less we forget Lazlo who was brought here by the DLP to insult our women.

    My view is that if an expatriate comes here and is unhappy with our way of doing business then they should leave and I am adamant about that. Loveridge does not look like me nor any of my ancesstors and quite frankly I dont care what he feels about the way the hotel industry is being managed.

    This country did not build its hotel industry on the strenght of the likes of loveridge, so to hell with what he thinks. To borrow from the words of Sandi – if Loveridge does not like it then he can lump it.

  26. John

    I was told that a reporter once asked The Right Excellent Erroll Walton Barrow a question in the recording studios of CBC that he did not like.

    He is supposed to have stopped the recording and told the reporter in no uncertain terms that he could not ask him that question in his TV station!!

    That was the early days of CBC. Suspect it has not changed much since. I have heard stories of Mia and now here is Barney.

    It isn’t new!!

    There are bigger boys than the Starcomm big boys ….. although you would never think it if you saw them in the flesh!!

  27. John


    If ex-pats had taken you seriously there would have been no Barbados.

    Barbados is made up of ex-pats, from England Ireland, Wales, Scotland, parts of Africa etc.

    So I guess I am asking you where does one ex-pat get off questioning the right of another ex-pat to be in Barbados?

    As an ex-pat yourself, can you tell us?

  28. akabozik

    It was expected that BLP mouthpiece Royal Rumble would attack Loveridge.

    He can’t attack what Loveridge says because the BLP has no defence for the cricket and tourism disaster, so it is shoot the messenger time.

  29. ??

    How many people investigate Loverages figures for truth he seems to be able to quote figures at the drop of a hat ( thought he was busy running an hotel) . Or is his bulldozing attitude causing many in public to back off. Mr.Ellis maybe this is your job, check the facts against Loverages mouthings. If Loverage is right… and I doubt he is 100% right, you should be in a position to corner the Minister.
    It is unfortunate that Loverage will not be on the program I do not support surpression of anyone, he is entitled to his opinion but he also has to take his licks when they are justified. After all it is suggested that he is the DLP Tourism “Guru”

  30. Wishing in Vain

    You never cease to amaze are you so blinded by your party loyalty that you are stupid to the real world?
    Why is it when a member of the public irregardless of the colour of that persons skin, has anything to say that does not tow the party line are ridiculed by you and the members of your gang of mongoose?
    Mr. Loveridge has contributed to the economy with his involvement in the tourism industry despite Lynch best effort to destroy the industry he has survived in a very hostile environment.
    This can be compared with Lynch, Mia, Glyne, Owing, Walcott, Nicholls Et al and the way they earn their keep by stealing from the taxpayers of Barbados surely even by your own warped standards you will agree that one must admire Mr. Loveridge and show disgust for the members of the party of thieves.
    Why are you so aggravated by Mr. Loveridges living and making a living in Barbados are our doors not open to all who have money and willing to invest in business on the island?
    Wake man and get real your party has done no end of S__T and robbed from us the taxpayers blindly and you still defend crooks like them it makes me assume that you are just as crooked and warped as they are.

  31. concerned

    Royalrumble why not tell all of us Bajans who care about what is happening to our country the same thing you told Mr. Loveridge above and the same thing Mr. Manley told Jamaicans 30 years ago? i.e. “unhappy with our way of doing business then they should leave”

    I thought Barbados sold itself on being a democracy. Democracy my eye!

    Mr. Royalrumble “your way” of doing business is not acceptable to us Barbadian taxpayers and we want, among other things, integrity legislation and transparency laws now! If you are not going to implement the laws then tell us all to leave.

    The hotel industry in Barbados was not only built by people looking like Royalrumble or like me and the guests who stay in the hotels and the people who invest heavily in Barbados do not look like me either.

    Adrian Loveridge’s record speaks for itself.
    He has clearly shown those who read and listened to what he has to say that he cares about Barbados and our main industry, tourism, as fragile as it is. Who cares what he looks like?

    He continues to give excellent free suggestions and advice about what needs to be done and what is unwise to do but it has fallen on deaf ears.

    Now that “the chickens are coming home to roost”, and they are, Mr. Loveridge is feeling the wrath of the people who were far too arrogant to even listen to far less try to use his suggestions which would obviously have been better for us all.

    What worries me the most is that anybody could think like Royalrumble and put in writing the following:-

    “My view is that if an expatriate comes here and is unhappy with our way of doing business then they should leave and I am adamant about that. Loveridge does not look like me nor any of my ancesstors and quite frankly I dont care what he feels about the way the hotel industry is being managed.

    This country did not build its hotel industry on the strenght of the likes of loveridge, so to hell with what he thinks. To borrow from the words of Sandi – if Loveridge does not like it then he can lump it.”

  32. concerned

    Royalrumble your views and you are threat to the democracy of our country Barbados.

  33. james

    Ah, excellent, more garbage from royalrumble. The colour of Mr. Loveridges skin or whether he looks like your or my ancestors should have absolutely nothing to do with it RR. Any country where there is freedom of speech allows people to have their say regardless of their nationality and regardless of whether you might agree with them. Bajans who live in England have made successful political careers on the basis of trying to change things for the better and we should extend the same courtesy in Barbados. Disagree by all means but not on the basis of this sort of foolishness.

  34. Anonymous

    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ) says, on
    March 22nd, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    ” The Dems, out of political desparation, always supports them in this foolishness – less we forget Lazlo who was brought here by the DLP to insult our women. ”
    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ), when you examine the ACTIONS of your Mis – Guided Leader – Owen Arthur over the past 13 years – I am sure you would AGREE that he has insulted our WOMEN folk MORE than anyone else :

    1. What about Owen’s PHILANDERING ways with our young WOMEN….while STILL been MARRIED to Beverley…???

    2. What about Owen’s calling of Terry Ally an INDENTURED SERVANT….what was the impact on Terry’s Mother, Wife, Sisters & Daughters etc….???

    3. What about Owen’s $ 750,000.00 campaign / bribery CHEQUE lying in his private bank account at FCB…..while the WOMEN at the Geriatric Hospital facing near STRARVATION….because he SUPPORTS a call to reduce the food bill there….???

    4. Because of Harold Hoyte’s views….Owen’s DEEMS him a NEGROCRAT….how did this score with Harold’s wife…..???

    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ), ponder on these things and REMEMBER what yuh BEG for yuh LIKELY to get….

    It is CLEAR to all and sundry…that you want a one party state with NO opposition…!!!

  35. John

    RR sure stokes our passions.

    Really hope Adrian Loveridge gets on the panel, but once the panel is half way decent, the minister will be shown up.

    Even if the panel is not half way decent, it is only a matter of time.

  36. Lady Anon

    When you have a vested interest in any area, you keep abreast of the facts and figures…especially if you realise that the government of the day is speaking out of both sides of their collective mouths.

    Kudos to Mr. Loveridge who, in the interest of the sector and ultimately his business, knows the truth and ensures that the rest of Bim knows as well (or those in Bim who want to know)

  37. David Ellis

    StarCom Network thanks you for the promotion of Brass Tacks Sunday.
    Hope that you will all send us your e-mails and your comments so that we can have a meaningful exercise.

    You can also rest assured that Mr. Loveridge will be on the programme from start to finish if he so desires.

    The Minister of Tourism was told of this position from the time we raised the subject with him.

    Thanks again guys and best wishes to all.

  38. Wishing in Vain

    Very well done David, sometimes one has to take a stand on things in life and this was worth taking a stand on.
    I look forward to a robust exchange on your program on Sunday.

  39. Jupiter

    How can we tell if that is really David ELLIS?

    However I hope Mr Ellis doesnot allow barney lynch to talk ad nausem and fudge his answers.

    Short,direct responses will be what we looking forward to.

    My question Mr Ellis: How much are we the taxpayers paying for the rental of each cabin/room,and to date how many cabins have been sold vis a vis the total number of passengers (n.b. not staff) capacity?

    Does this gov’t wish it had paid more attention to rawle branker’s warning re chris dehring involvement and activities in CWC?

    Don’t you think minister you should resign for the failure or high wastage of projects under your portfolio?

  40. Patrick Porter

    Royal rumble

    You are a bigger s***e than I thought. Let me tell you something I have managed Hoteles from 66 rooms to 450 and I can tell you what Mr. Loveridge is saying is correct. I sugggest that you go back to your masters and tell them they have screwed the hotel industry in Barbados. They are not in a position to fix the problem as the graft in their government is beyond control. I want to find out about the $750,000.00 cheque that Owing has, if you are such an expert on the working of the Barbados Landless Party, please fill us in
    How come everything that you people touch is over budget, not by a small bit but a whole lot. If Mr. Loveridge is allowed on that program and Lynch does not get sick then I am afraid to tell you that your Party will be exposed for what it is. A coniving bunch of bandits. As I said to you yesterday don’t follow the BLP done the road to destruction. It is one thing to be a member and another to be a jackass and just follow where they tell you to go. It seems to me that you are the latter

  41. Patrick Porter

    What about Tom Adams who once said “He was sorry he was not Prime Minister before, because he would have had many more women” I guess it is a BLP thing to use women for their own pleasure. And that includes the 2 females that swing that way

  42. Anonymous

    Damage control

  43. concerned

    This is not the time for insults and insinuations. We all have a great opportunity here.

    Perhaps BFP can help us to organize ourselves so that we can be a united front in asking what we want to know i.e. put all of our valid questions in one place.

  44. concerned

    Congratulations!! to David Ellis. Thank you, sir.

  45. Patrick Porter

    One question all you guys can put for me is
    How come the North American Market has shrunk so much and there is no spending on advertsing in Canada?
    I would appreciate that as I can’t do it from up here
    Another few if you are interested:
    How come most hotels in Barbados are operating at profits and Gems can not?
    How come we hear the talk about how busy it is and Air Canada has cut it’s fights to Barbados by 5 a week?
    How come there are so many Hotels up for sale?
    How come there are so many condos being built and the tremendous loss of jobs?
    How come people are being put off their lands to build resorts?
    How come the airport is under water whenever it rains?
    How come the shrinkage in Cruise Ship arrivals, even after you said there would be a lot of home porting?
    How the restaurants and bars that cater to the cruise ships are showing a 40% decrease in business?
    How come people in the Hotel industry are not permitted to say how bad things are?

    They are just a few for you. Thanks for your help

  46. RedMan

    concerned I have the following items to ask of Lynch.
    I have taken the liberty to extract some questions from the site and a few of my own as well in the hope that you would be kind enough to inquire of the Minister his position to a vast array of issues as below.
    What must not be missed here is that even if we are fully booked for the two weeks that there are going to be matches in Barbados the loss of revenue leading up to this period will far exceed the revenue gained from CWC so if this is the case what really have we achieved by hosting the CWC in the busiest period of our tourism season?
    This damage is already done during this period of our season.
    Minister Lynch needs to respond to a few things that he has had a hand in and let us start with the need to explain fully to the public his terms and conditions of the charter of Carnival Destiny and the expected occupancy levels of the said vessel and the expected occupancy levels of the hotel plant on the island, also is this charter at the exclusive cost Barbadian taxpayers or has this cost been shared with the Gov’t of St.Lucia who is benefiting from the use of this vessel.
    Are we being asked to pay for the unused beds on the Carnival Destiny for the duration of the charter and if the answer to this is yes what then is the daily cost of this exercise?
    We also need Minister Lynch to tell us what was going thru his head when they set about setting up a Visa requirement and then only opened offices with less than 3 months to go to the start of the CWC, was this a requirement set in place by the George Bush Gov’t when he was in consultation with the FBI and the CIA in Bridgetown on the CWC if this happens to be the case he and the Gov’ts of the region should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to take place.
    I will say to you that in any other democratic society all three of you ( Mottley, Lynch and Arthur) all would have resigned and made way for people who are capable of working thru serious issues and arriving at sensible solutions, but instead we are forced to listen to you all grandstanding and praising yourselves and patting yourselves on the back while everything else around you is falling apart that’s a Gov’t that cares for you isn’t it?
    Minister Lynch you also need to apologise to the people of Barbados for the misuse of Gov’t funds in your election bid with Bostic playing Santa Claus in the Kensington and areas around there, this is a sickening display of arrogance on you behalf.
    We also want to know where the monies have gone for the GEMS hotels and what about this outstanding interest charges will these ever get paid? And what exactly is happening at the Eastry House property that was owned by Bree St.John’s Sister in law and bought at a hefty profit for Bree to get them out of their financial troubles and help them build a mansion in Sandy Lane?
    The Grantley Adams Airport is there any truth to the story that you are in the process of seeking quotations for the extension of the airport and the project is not even completed as yet what sort of planning has gone into this project if before the completion of the airport you are in need of an extension. What measures are being taken there to prevent people from getting wet at the check in counters when the rains start falling? What is the plan for the walkways from the aircraft? I understand that these have been shelved due to the cost of installing them.
    What was the purchase price of the Ministers Estate?
    Trust that I will have some amusement listening to these replies.

  47. Yardbroom

    Royal Rumble

    It has been muted here that you have a position in a political party, I cannot honestly believe that from what you have written.

    Quote” Loveridge does not look like me nor any of my ancesters and quite frankly I dont care what he feels about the way the hotel industry is being managed. ” unquote

    If the above is your opinion then it follows you would not like tourist to visit Barbados who do not look like you or your ancestors.

    Too silly for words…..

  48. Patrick Porter


    It is people like you that give Barbados a bad name. You just reffered to Mr. Loveridge as an expat and that tells me exactly what you are thinking. That is why the BLP is always a gutter party. You people should be glad for people like Mr. Loveridge he operates a sound business that employs people and I am sure is well liked by his employees. Better than can be said for your rotten party that can only give out insults. Boy wait upon the news on the 750,000.00 cheque, I hear it is soon to come out and it will have Barbados shaking at how corrupt the BLP is. So Royalrumble your days of insulting may soon be over, your god Owing maybe getting lock up for tiefing the public’s money as well as a few others. The thunder rumbles and the BLP tumbles. The integrity legislation maybe coming sooner than you think.
    Watch out boys things gine happen soon

  49. Patrick Porter

    By the way I heard through the grape vine the Visa thing was set up to get more revenue for the islands that are not hosting the big matches. St. Vincent was the head of this I heard. You guys can check it out down there. I understand that he smaller islands will be getting the majority of the money, how true that is I don’t know. Maybe our friend Royalrumble can fill us in on the truth

  50. ??

    Lady Anon, You really didn’t address what I said you say Loverage knows the truth but has anyone actually checked his figures for accuracy.

    On another point Patrick Porter, I am always interested to read your postings. One of the reasons for reduction in canadian business is as you stated a few days ago DR Cuba Etc and we cannot compete with them, Wages alone make us uncompetitive as a hotelier you should know. What we need to do is ensure value for money spent and this is where we have issues with most inputs imported and heavily taxed.

    Another question for minister must be the Concorde white elephant.

    Comments on airport are fair re rain and check in but we do have one of the best (if most expensive) airports in the region.

  51. BK

    it makes sense I suppose that Barney would not want to sit down with Adrian since it is my understanding that he was one of the architects of the DLP manifesto last time around : – )

  52. Patrick Porter

    ?? You state about the Concorde, but on the site they are always asking where they can go and see the Concorde. But since the Government in it’s wisdom has done nothing about it I can’t recommend they come to Barbados. There is a big market of plane buffs out there that would come to Barbados to see the Concorde, however they can’t due to the fact it is not on display
    I agree with your statement re the DR etc, however the Hotels at home could put together packages that are appealing to Canadians. I still want to know why the British tour operators get a rate that is nearly half of that of North American operators. So maybe there is your problem. I remember when I work there that when the UK operators came they always gave them exceptional rates and I said at the time it would kill the Canadian market and it has done so. I have been in this business for 35 years and managed from small to large hotels, both in the Caribbean and North America. So I know what I am talking about when it comes to hotel rates etc. If you want to fill Barbados in the summer offer rates that are 10% above cost and then sign up with German and other tour operators, you will seee how fast you can fill them. I know we used to in the 70’s and 80’s. It is better to have a full room than an empty one

  53. Lady Anon

    ??…my apologies if I misunderstood

  54. BK

    Work is moving apace on the concorde museum. They have airconditioned the building and a image of the concorde is currently being afixed to the facia. I suspect that they are working to make this an attraction fuh cup.

  55. concerned

    “Work is moving apace on the concorde museum.” That’s good news BK.

  56. True Native

    Wuhloss, cookie, de pot boiling over! Tings getting real hot bout hey. I don’t know why everybody bothering with Royabrumble. Last September, one Robert, using a different website said this to RR: “Royal, you like to wallow in the mud and rumble in the gutter”. He (RR) was telling lies and writing filthy things about Thompy. Now we have Patrick writing that two of the ladies in the BLP “swing that way”. There is no need to go down in the gutter and insult people. Is this the same Patrick who told Chase, or somebody, to “calm down” and stop insulting people? Peoples’ lifestyles are their personal business and should not be brought into politics. Stick to the issues.

  57. Patrick Porter

    True Native

    You are right I overstepped my boundies with that comment. But the comment about Tom is very true as he told me that himself

  58. Peltdown Man

    Mr Royalrumble
    If I was an ex-pat, I would say that if I have a vote, then I am entitled to a political opinion. Yours is a position that could spell the end of Barbados as a democracy – if that hasn’t happened already.

  59. RedMan

    True Native as much as I would like to agree with you re your comment on lifestyles what you have to remember that once they enter into politics it is now open season and if you are living life in a doubtful gender be aware that you will not hide it for too long and it will be dealt with in public forums and why should it not be scrutinized?
    Why do you think that when Mia bit the woman’s why did it receive as much prominence as it has done only because she is a public figure and all eyes are on her so when she steps out of line it will be reported therefore these politicians have choices to make and those are to be honest and live an upright lifestyle or live like low life and get spoken about.

  60. Jerome Hinds

    If the post above attributed to David Ellis is indeed valid, then he has my unreserved congratulations !

    Democracy wins…..!!

  61. Jupiter

    So true Redman,so true.

  62. Chase

    Can Some one explain to me what an expat is…..
    My thoughts were that it was someone who left and came back to his or her country after living abroad for some time.If that is the case,wouldn’t an expat be still a Barbadian?

    I just want to get this clarified so I can tell mum if to come home or not.

    Mr.Porter can you educate me on this please?

  63. Anonymous

    Democracy has not won. Democracy (BFP) has forced power-mongers to take a back-step.

    Monopolism in Barbadis is rampant, overlaps, and is endemic in the politics too.

    Wake up Barbados. This thing is more serious than you think!

  64. Patrick Porter


    An expat is a person from another country who resides in Barbados and who does not have citzenship. Please don’t call me Mr. that was my fathers name, Patrick or Dodger is fine

  65. Patrick Porter

    Man Listen Chase tell ya mother to come home, she has every right as a Bajan to return. I wish I could come home, but with all my medical problems it would cost me and arm and a leg. I sure don’t want to go into the QEH, because I know I would dead in there

  66. La De Da

    On the matter of the delayed CONCORDE display, it will not be very popular place to visit, because it is in the wrong place. I think it was Sir David Seale that suggested that it be displayed inside the new passenger terminal, and this was a good idea. However if it had to be outside, the very best place would have been on the roughly trangular piece of land to the West of the roundabout at the airport entrance, housed in a glass sided building. In this location it would have been seen by 100% of the people entering and leaving the airport.–if they were going down the highway, they would see it on their left.–if down the old road, then on the right, and even if they were heading to the Crane or Sam Lords, it would be right in front of them as they went around the roundabout. Having seen it behind the glass in its “hanger”they would then be enticed to return to visit it. By sticking it in a shed to the east, it will be “out of sight,out of mind”

  67. concerned

    Anonymous says “Democracy has not won”

    but clearly it is fighting to survive.

    We are BFP and we have to use this tool in the best way we can as it is the best one we have for the moment.

  68. Warrior

    Somebody please record this programme and post it on the blog. I won’t be in a position to listen to it on Sunday and would really like to hear the discussion.

    Of course if Mr. Mary behaves on the programme the way he did when Obadele Thompson lost out at the Olympics then you will certainly have a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. He seems to have a recurring bout of this thing.

    I wish Mr. Ellis luck as he is a little lack-lustre for the last 2-3 years.

    Kudos to BFP you seem to be making gigantic strides in areas that the Barbados Advocate and the Nation News Paper could not. Bringing the Lord Forquat and the demigods to the understanding that the populace made them and the populace will break them….- simple.

  69. Warrior

    I also want to commend Mr. Loveridge for the long lost inclination to speak out against deception, cover-ups and general cow poop utterances from Barney Rubble.

    The size of his hotel does not matter, whether he full occupancy is irrelevant – cause none of the hotels seem to have any occupancy at this time either.

    Well, Mr. Loveridge, fight the fight in your corner you have given me inspiration to fight in mine

  70. Warrior

    BFP – who doctored up that picture of the Minister hahahaha heehehe. I think it makes him look too feminine, you need to change the earrings so that he looks a little more masculine. The horns alright though.

  71. RedMan

    We must give full marks to Mr Loveridge for getting this far in his fight for truth, I wish that you print a copy of my questions as above and take them along with you on Sunday and please put them to Lynch on my behalf.
    To have reached this stage to get him to do an interview requires all the praise in the world to both Mr Loveridge and so to to Mr Ellis.

  72. Jerome Hinds

    Well said Warrior !

    Do not let us drop our guard !

  73. Jerome Hinds

    Warrior says, with respect to Barney’s picture above,

    ” BFP – who doctored up that picture of the Minister hahahaha heehehe. I think it makes him look too feminine, you need to change the earrings so that he looks a little more masculine. The horns alright though. ”

    But the horns are in the WRONG place…..the sun is shinning on them…..!!

    It is often said put it where the SUN don’t SHINE….!!

  74. True Native

    Redman, did you witness Mia bite whatever it is she is alleged to have bitten? If not, then you are indulging in scandalmongering. Plain and simple. Patrick has had the decency to admit that he overstepped his boundaries and he deals mostly with issues effectively.

  75. hard ears

    Wunna all gine bring wunna selves in real trouble. Nun a dem big ups does like to hear de trufe far less tek advice from stupid people like we.
    It gine be cat p..s and pepper bout here jus now. Mark my words.

  76. hard ears

    ef I was Minister Lynch I wud open my mout and tell the trufe on Sunda udderwise dem gine mek mincemeat a he.

    Or he cud stop home an hide from de qrestions but it ent gine do he no good.

  77. H.G


  78. Chase

    Thanks Patrick,she will but only for 3 weeks though,she too has her health to cope with and being a US citizen (legally I must add),medicare there is like heaven compared to the QEH.
    Thanks again.

  79. Patrick Porter


    I have seen Owing so drunk he couldn’t stand up at a bar in Spiegtstown, he used to play the slots in this bar and drink quite a few, when Tom was PM. I believe TOM and he had some words over this incident

  80. Anonymous

    Most people don’t mind what others do, and personally i find it low to insult in this way. It is demeaning to the writers and one loses respect for them.

    Not only that, but you are squandering your opportunities to make a valid point.

    Here is one: keeping the Min of Tourism and the BTA honest is only a tip of the ice-berg. What about the housing and road contracts, and the billions that are being spent, some of which is being mis-spent and probably going into the wrong pockets? Do you think a 750,000 cheque is the only instance, or do you think zillions are going offshore? Please, honestly your honour…..

    What about the auditor General. Can an MOP access and publish information? Blog that!

    Do you think the govt is minding or going after the zillions of condo revenue that is going offshore for OUR local assets? Have we forgotten Peter Morgan’s last advice before he died- about selling to the offshore St. Lucian companies owned by (among us)?

    Do you think that once these condos are owned offshore that they are ever registered when sold? OMG- Barbados think about it!!

    There is so much corruption in this place it’s stating to remind me of Antigua.

    BFP is becoming recognised because it brings relevance and truth to light- truth that the newsapers refuse to print every day. How many of us have written valid points, complaints and exposures, only to be binned?

    That is where the relevance is. We have to go on exposing, exposing, blogging. We had a big-up visitor today from VOB. On this medium he’s only another one of us, though in his realm he is powerful- so powerful that bloggers above who curse and rave daily- go silent and polite.

    Methinks the blogs have it. VOB, Nation take note. We speak for truth- THE TRUTH. Join us, and make Barbados great again!

  81. Bajanboy

    Let’s grill Barney this Sunday. I will bring the Bar-be-cue sauce.

  82. Unbelieveable!!! A Minister cannot even pay his car loan, or is so arrogant that he feels that he does not have to pay it…. but has the audacity to decide who should come on a radio station?

    Only bout hey! Rub yuh bottom in duh face Barney!

  83. Leave out the sisterhood talk and deal with the issues. We will come back to Rommel, Jerome and Noel a bit later under sisterhood talk.

    The reality is that Blabbing Barney is a real danger to society. Call in the RSPCA.

  84. Who is the CWC offical that got stabbed during a drug melee in Oistins the other night? What calibre of people are we allowing to come here and run things during world cup. We real fuh cup!

  85. Warrior

    I want to state this…. I public figure has no private life.

    So if they like biting, beating, fluffing, horning, teifing, and dressing up in white dresses in high heels on Pinfold street it will be exposed.

    What amazes me is that they public figures want private lives if that is so get out of public life, man for God’s sake. Ga long bout wunna business.

    And you know what this blog it would teach the DLP to keep themselves right

  86. Adrian Loveridge


    So many questions, so many insinuations and assertions.

    So much arrogance!

    Perhaps, it is the Minister himself?

    You are not willing to answer a single question.

    I believe that David Ellis and StarCom will give me a fair opportunity to try and solicit the answers to the many pressing questions even if the Minister is unwilling to share a studio with me.

  87. Adrian Loveridge

    To all BFP readers. THANK YOU for your support and encouragement.

  88. Patrick Porter


    You know I think Royalrumble could be Owing himself, there are certain things that he is saying that lead me to that conclusion. Good luck on Brass tacks and let us know the truth. We is all behin you

  89. Adrian Loveridge

    Thanks Patrick… much appreciated.

  90. Velzo

    Adrian, just go and do your best for Barbados. One of our contributors tells a story elsewhere of working with Royalrumble/Sylvan Greenidge in a hotel some years ago – and not as a Manager. He tells of Sylvan’s dishonesty. He doesn’t even get along with his contemporary relatives far less his ancestors! So his comment about ancestors really amused me.

    So it does not surprise me that he would attach you in that way. He is morally challenged. But he sits right next to our Prime Minister and that is the danger.

  91. Warrior

    March 22nd, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    I also want to commend Mr. Loveridge for the long lost inclination to speak out against deception, cover-ups and general cow poop utterances from Barney Rubble.

    That post should have read —- I also want to commend Mr. Loveridge for reviving the long lost inclination to speak out against deception, cover-ups and general cow poop utterances from Barney Rubble.

  92. Royalrumble

    I am not surprised that you Dems feel the way you feel about Loveridge. It seems clear that you have not been able to carry out that major task for which Bob Marley challenged you and that is to “emancipate youselves from mental slavery”. It is because you believe so much in white supremacy that you feel that the only persons fit to guide you are relics of your colonial masters. They are the only persons you seem to believe in.

    That explains why a white IMF man was allowed to run the Ministry Of Finance under the last DLP government while our English born Minister of Finance was given little pocket change to jet off to Europe to satisfy his sexual pleasures. That English connection is raising its ugly head all over again.

    Black Barbadians were treated like political guineapigs by this white IMF man while our black government sat idly by and watched our children suffer. The view of the Dems then, as it is now, is that we should not worry because the whites know what is best for us all. We will not forget what Thompy told the IMF. He said then that he knew what the IMF wanted and that they knew what he wanted. At the end of the day thousands of us had to march in the treet to demonstrate that what they were giving us was not what we wanted.

    How can a people who heap scorn and redicule on other members in the region when they come here be so open-arm to the likes of Loveridge? Are we not by that action saying a white man from England, the home of our slave masters is more readily acceptable in our country than one of our own who shared the same trans-alantic journey with us. What a pitiful acknowledgement at a time when our beloved Prime Minister is enroute to England to deliver a lecture on the abolition of slavery.

    The Dems have continued to heap scorn on the unification of our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean who share a common identity with us but is ever ready to embrace these white economic nomads and finacial flees. The reputation of that historical type proceeds them and I would not be fooled by them.

    The only person in the DLP who understands this level of debate is Freundel Stuart but unfortunately he has been silenced. Go back to some of his speeches in the 1994 election and you will see that he would have dismissed Loveridge outright.

    I agree that there are expatriates who came here and contributed to this country. My anger though is that when they start to behave like Loveridge and the other empty vessel who wanted to dictate to the officials at the MTW on how their programme should be carried out. So Loveridge if anyone is arrogant it would have to be you. What you should do is run the little business you have and take your nose out of the business of the BTA.

    The BTA has a numbner of trained professionals and I trust them to do the work there. They may not get it right every time but we have seen marked improvement in the industry and we are comfortable of the contribution the industry is making to our GDP. It is not the Minister, for whom you seem to be jealous of that is making all the decisions in the industry, but his staff as well.

    Who are you that we should abandoned every thing that the BTA staff recommends and adhere to you only? Of what special attributes you claim that makes you an authority on tourism matters?
    Let me say this. You may get away with your nonsence in the DLP because nobody over there use their brain to think of anything. In fact since the death of Barrow that party has been in a life threatening slumber and this may explain your relevance to them. But the BLP under the erudite leadership of Prime Minister Arthur does not care for such petty knowledge. Why then do you persist in offering it. Is it because you really feel that blacks are inferior to you and must listen. MASSA DAY DONE, LOVERIDGE.

  93. Royalrumble

    By the way, where was this Loveridge during the DLP government when the industry was in shambles, Tourism Ministers were being fired left, right and centre, workers were on week-on week-off and there was something called a season in which workers worked for couple months in a year? Where was his socall brilliance? That is why in this discussion I have to separate the real matters of the industry from political yardfowlism.

  94. Human Being

    It is amazing that the crazy baldheads always ready to appropraite Rasta (Bob Marley’s) philosophy to make political points. The same Bald Heads that criminalize ganja and pelt good men in jail for a little smoke. The same Bald Heads that are so bad minded that they deny that contemporary white people have no right to contribute to politics in our modern society because of the past. Talk about mental slavery, RR is still shackled. And the more you rage in this thread, the less votes you party getting next time brother, so keep talking till ya spit dry up. By the way, Royal Ras****, Bob was the son of a white Englishman. One Blood.

  95. Warrior

    royal rumble if you us (the voting public) when you say Dems then you are right.

    This is no longer about if Adrian white or black you know, this is about the fact that the populace of Barbados, who have to grind their teeth by day and night, who can’t catch a break who living from pay cheque to pay cheque fed up with what it going on.

    This is about the current Government letting this country run to pot in every which way imaginable. Only a sprinkling of corruption, deception, nastiness, skulduggery, arrogance, lies, greed and other nice descriptive words have been revealed on this blog.

    You are a bona fide red herring, taking up time and space here.

    Let me spell it out for you in “simple” terms, man.

    The heavy burdens are too much for the people, they can’t tek it nuh mo’, deh fed up wid yuh alls, and they going to kick wunna out at the right time.

    Since you know so much about so much, go and help foot-in-mouth to prepare for Sunday.

    If you going to talk about colonialism, talk about cow, seale, fields, bizzy, bjerkam, Kiffin simpson- selling inferior cars at superior prices, and why he have his own private hangar at the airport and no body checks him coming in or going out, – I mean if we are going to talk about fields lets talk about Kyffin Simpson – if we going to talk about talk about the Goddards, talk about the Altmans.

    you are what is termed as a red herring.


  96. Warrior

    Massa day is not done. Why have we then given all the white people the title of sir under the guise of Knighthoods. We still have to call the white man “sir”.

    We got to get it – they sending us the messages but we ain’t getting it.

  97. Patrick Porter

    Hush ya muth and letr me speak for awhile

    You have a chip on your shoulder the size of Barbados. I am a white Bajan and damn proud of my country. It is a******s like you that cause the problems in Barbados. All, if not most of my friends are black and have the brains that are far superior to yours. I respect them for who they are and not for the colour of their skin. Just because you were a failure at the Hotel industry does not mean you have to take it out on all white people. You are a disgrace to your race and to the people of Barbados.
    I take it that, that is the platform of the BLP in the next election to stir up hatred between the black people and the white people. Be vey careful what you do, because the same people who are tourists are white and they pay the countries bills, stir up trouble and no more tourists. Then you will be on a flight to a white country like Canada or the US, leaving behind all the same black people whom you rant and rave about to STARVE. But believe me I and people (both black and white) are not going to let idiots like you ruin one of the most wonderful places in the world. We in Barbados do not need your kind. And don’t come back at me with the s**t about slavery, heard that line too often. It was wrong what happened but that is the past, and if you can not forget the past then you are doomed to relive it with harsh conquenses
    Royalrumble that is all I have to say to you and I know that the other members on this site feel the same way as I do

  98. Wishing in Vain

    Royalass it is not about black or white here you sick one it is all about who can get on with the job and get the job done and sadly I must say that many ministers in Owing’s cabinet have been non performers for way too long why Owing has chosen not to fire or replace them leaves me to wonder what they have holding for him maybe one story is about that cheque and maybe they are more I am sure.
    But please hold your temper with regard to your hatred of the fairer complexion as Owing does this very well when he is seeking donations from the West Coast clientele.
    The people have taken enough of you and your party of crooks and the nonsense that they have dished out we are now taking control of matters and speaking out something that you obviously do not cope well with because this is foreign to your party.
    I you were honest ( this may not be a quality you would be familiar with nevertheless) you would be of the same view that when Mr Loveridge is compared to Lynch he stands head and shoulders above Lynch and would be a much more sensible and informed minister of Tourism and would make a very effective minister, when I listened to Lynch in his reply to the budget it made me shake my head when he stated that the budget addressed two areas of society and neither one was tourism because his ministry was well run and did not need attention, where is this clown living surely not on the same rock as the rest of us.

  99. concerned

    I pray that RR does not think like him or is not the PM himself or any of the Cabinet because, if he does or is, we are doomed.

  100. Patrick Porter

    I agree with you 100%. It is time that we take back our blessed country from these crooks and bandits. I know that David Thompson reads this blog. So I am going to put something in here for him to mull on
    I suggest that within the first 100 days of your administration that you bring in integrity legislation and if any members of the former government are found to have taken our countries funds illegally, then Mr. Thompson, Sir, lock them up and throw away the key. I know that all Barbadians of all stripes will back you, except Royalrumble, leave him to us on this site, we will deal with him in our own way.
    By the way Royalrumble, how come you BLPites have so many white people in your party and you can spew forth the garbage you just did, I need an answer, not only for me but for all on here? I guess it is alright to take their money but not respect them

  101. Warrior

    Royal Rumble is a political prostitute, selling his wares to the highest bidder.

    If Mr. Thompson reads this blog – here is the message that I want to send.

    start drafting the legislation from now cause I’m not so sure that the piggies at the trough mentality won’t spill over to you. I am checking out some of your men, they bringing home red cows in the dark night too. Just they have not been exposed on this blog yet.

    In other words show me your colours I want to see if you for real or you all just waiting to get in to cut our tails.

    This is no longer about B or D but rather about returning to honesty , integrity, character, and breaking the curse off of this Nation. It is about the ordinary citizens who in a country like this seemingly is being pushed aside. The vendors down in the lower green market, the unoccupied stalls in the Eagle Hall market, the stupid phenomena of the “boys on the block”. If you, David Thompson does read this blog, I want to know

    1. how you are going clean up crime from the drug holes, dog and cock fighting holes, to the high class prostitution in the heights, terraces and behind the big gates, high fences and hedges and the exotic massage parlours – never in my born days would I have expected a woman to leave all the way from up in the Eastern bloc of Europe and come here to prostitute. NEVER!!!!

    2. How are you going to revive the asphyxiated health care system.

    3. Are you going to bell the cat and lock up the now Ministers of Government, Public Officers, Police Officers, Prison Guards, who have flaunted and breached the laws of this land.

    4. Are you going to revamp and revolutionize the education system the our young people can learn something.

    In other words I don’t want no lotta long talk, bring your cards to the table and deliver the goods, not one of you cross my front path looking for votes, not a one, other wise I will set my sardine tot retriever with the “c” curve in its tail for common, on the whole lot of you.

    Get with the programme and bring some semblance of normalcy to this country.

    And finally look to Christ he is the only one who can help us out of this.

  102. ??

    Talk about heated debate. Patrick I have a bar of soap to wash your mouth…keep it clean (er).

    Sorry not enough to clean up RR.

    I get very offended when the race issue is used as a fall back argument…Cant we deal with facts. Sorry forgot this was BFP facts may not matter.

    I have already stated that I have some difficulty with Adrians figures some of which I personally think are fiction, but I think RR would be better off dealing with these issues and leaving the nonsence talk out. Prove Adrian or anyone else wring with the facts and figures…. also admit when you are wrong ( I know this will never happen!!)

    Integrity legislation is warrented everywhere and anyone not willing to implement it must have something to hide.

    I think it is hightly unlikely that the DLP will regain government next election, there needs to be a new outreach to the public to win them back, Sandi’s 8% cut still is a bitter pill for many who also remember that Thompson was in the thick of that. Also remember Thompson was the architech of VAT, a fact often forgotten.

  103. Patrick Porter

    My blood boils when I hear people using the race issue to discuss problems. I am not a peson that looks at people by their colour, I judge them by who they re and how the behave. As far as I am concerned it is a cop out and has no right in a forum like this
    Yes I am one of the first to admit that awful things were done back then, however that is in the past. I also realise that they are people on both sides who use it for their benefit. Those type of people have no respect from me and never will. I believe that all mankind should live together in peace and solve their problems together. That is why the world is so messed up, no one wants to talk to anyone, we are all right. you know the Bajan saying “Ya can be wrong and strong”. If you are wrong admit it and people will respect you for it.
    ?? To you I appoligise for my outburst, but I am not one that can stand around and listen to nonsense being broadcast. I disagree with you on the election, as I know of two people who are strong BLPers and are voting DLP in the next election as they are fed up with what is going on in Barbados

  104. Reason

    i am a political Athiest but one thing never ceases to amaze me: whenever there is heavy criticism of the actions of the ruling party or of the direction our economy or our country is heading the supporters of the ruling party always refer to 1991 and the protest March and the IMF stabiisation program as a scare tactic. Its worn out RR let it go

  105. Patrick Porter


    I agree with you. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s even though I was a DLP supporer I would not stand by and let Sandiford ruin Barbados, I spoke out then. I am not one that will follow the party line if it is wrong. I will speak out against wrongdoing of all sorts. That is why I get so mad at RR, he just can’t see the light, he is wearing rose coloured glasses

  106. Wishing in Vain

    ?? Just bear in mind that the VAT is the most effective method of taxation we all pay it and cannot avoid paying it unlike personal income tax that many of you evade.

  107. Jerome Hinds

    Wishing in Vain, I agree with you both the BLP and DLP endorsed the VAT.

    Where they disagree is that the DLP believes there should be a reduction / removal of VAT on medicines, certain food items, building materials and hotel inputs.

    The BLP approach is to MILK the vulnerable by taking in over $ 750 MILLION…..!!!

    ?? should bear in mind that it was MASCOT who conceptualised the VAT while working at the Central Bank !

  108. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian, please suggest to Lynch for me to do what ever he can do to cancel the three Air India Charters to Barbados for the world cup as they are more than likely going to embarrass you even further with India out of the competition no need for the flights any longer.

  109. Brabsoda

    I always find that when someone intruduces colour into a debate that has nothing to do with colour, you know they are losing the debate. They use it as a distraction and a way to win sympathy from those who might think like them. Unfortunately no one on this blog seems to think like you.
    You remind me of the English politican Enoch Powell and that is not a complement.

  110. Chase

    Human Being

    I could shake your hand!!

    Instead I will shake my locks!!

    RESPECT brother!!

  111. Chase

    But Mia can smoke all she want when she like………

  112. Bajanboy

    116 comments so far. Is that a record?

  113. John


    Gline Clarke beat this minister hands down in number of comments although I suspect he took longer to accumulate them did Minister Lynch.

    The other major thread that got nuff comments was the one about the incident in Highgate.

    Colour and politics appeal to Bajans.

  114. Jerome Hinds

    John, says,

    ” Colour and politics appeal to Bajans. ”
    Especially, if it is Royalrumble (a.k.a Judas )..!!

  115. Green Monkey

    Hello BFP,
    Keep up the good work. Was Owing not upset with Lynch a few years ago after the Auditor General revealed approx: 7,000,000.00 missing from Tourism Ministry. Did the owing not threaten to shift him at the time? As usual nothing happened! It was alledged that this money was ear-marked for deals with foreign travel companies and Bim got nothing from it. Meanwhile Lynch bought a house at Greg Farm >$1,000,000.00 and spent over $1,000,000.00 refurbishing it. Not bad on Ministers salary eh? He apparently built a house for a man at the Hilton. Now we hear he wants to build CONDOS. ” TIEFING AND BULLING”. This bunch has presided over the degradation of our society. All facets of it

  116. ?

    Doesn’t Lynch place at Gregg Farm abut and abound on Apes Hill?

  117. Site

    A poster claim Rommel building condos on west coast as well. Wait all them condos on west coast belong to BLP boyz and girlz. Nothing personal Rommel but you dont have an honest look. Sorry.

  118. chupsing a lot

    look this nation is in a stranglehold with corrupt public figures. But I take heart because they have the media and persons who once before would have kept noise andspoken out, deep in their pockets. But Loveridge, who has never stopped talking in all of these years and has been consistent in all of his discourses is today one voice that is charting the course for all of us to speak out. Keep it up and do not stop until justice is played out before us.
    We have been done a disservice by these people, today ordinary bajans have to resort to doll houses that the govt is spitting out , you have to take off the roof of the house to get your furniture inside and putting the house market out of the reach of the middle class, oops! what middle class?

    Go on any top realtor’s website and all the business is directed to high-end overseas buyers, and we are being marginalized to square boxes away from the coast and more inland. And still not affordable.

    And we are so foolish we picking up the cliche, we want a piece of the rock , I born here my navel string is part of this earth and my forefathers toiled to make this country better for me and i just want a PIECE!! Chupseeeeeee!

    Like Loveridge, BFP and all you others I refuse to sell my soul to the highest bidder and I for one will do all I can to speak out and expose all this injustice.
    what say you peoples????

    good going BFP and Loveridge and all you guys!!!!

  119. Rastaman!!

    How can Royal ramble quote Bob Marley??

    doesnt he know Bob was half white?
    Not to mention his song Bob made of the great speach made by H.I.M ……that until the colour of a man’s skin has no more significance than the colour of his eyes.

    So please RR if you are going to quote Bob to get your twisted message across…please read the lyrics first before you make an a*s of yourself next time.

  120. Adrian Loveridge

    Oh! dear RoyalRumble…

    You have learnt well from YOUR masters!

    Let the professionals at the BTA get on with their job?

    What a short memory you have.

    Which Minister of Tourism sacked two long serving ‘professional’ members of the BTA on the second day of tourism week.

    After 24 years and 17 years service, Hugh Foster and Calvin Hope, Minister Lynch suddenly found out that they were not as ‘professional’ as he wanted.
    Who was there (the same morning) to support them?
    Who resigned as a Director of the BHTA because
    he had the moral principal to know it was the wrong way to do it?

    The law obviously agreed as Calvin Hope was given
    a generous settlement.

    And what about Michael Scantlebury?

    Seems he is ‘professional’ enough to teach as a professor at a major American University but not enough to avoid having his desk cleared out and telephone line disconnected at the BTA?

    Your bullying, intimidating and racist tactics only strenthen my resolve to reveal the truth.

    Do you really think Barbadians and us horrible white folk have such short memories?

    The memories and consequences of other bullies like Adolf Hilter, Idi Amin (Dada Oumee) and Papa Doc (Duvalier) are still fresh in my mind!

  121. Adrian Loveridge

    And by the way RoyalRumble..

    I have never been a member of a political party in my entire life.

    Peter Morgan (a man I had utmost regard for) asked me to contribute to the DLP tourism manifest and i was happy to do it.

    The BLP asked me to serve on a small hotels committee, where I was unanimously elected Chairman by a Ministy of Tourism, BTA and private sector board and spend two unpaid years
    formulating a policy to take our smaller properties

    When we tried to present our recommendations to the current Minister of Tourism’s relative, the sacked previous Minister, George Payne. I
    In front of 76 hoteliers and the media, Mr Payne publicly removed me as Chairman for ‘not being sufficiently indigenous’.

    Peter Odle replaced me.

    Minister Payne then went on to attempt to censor the CBC TV news by stating that ‘anything that Loveridge records will not be aired on TV’.

    Short memories!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Jupiter

    My goodness Adrian Loveridge.

    I didnot know these nasty BLP demons had done all this to you.And now George Payne got the nerve to suddenly find his voice and start talking against these big projects?


    I despise this BLP lot,and I hope David Thompson understands nothing but prosecution and jail will suffice for us – the long suffering public.

  123. Rumplestilskin

    ‘not being sufficiently indigenous’’? Is this due to your ethnicity or purely your birth.

    From the rantings and drivel issued forth by a few of the Ministers I am not surprised by your statement of what occurred.

    Some just do not get it. Apart from just the fairness, hamanity and ‘do unto others’, bigotry will prevent any significant investment here.

    But then, we have sand sea and sun, so who cares. But wait, Dominican Republic has….sand seas and sun…Cuba has…..Hawaii has….and the list goes on.

    But, me thought that we is globalised now?

    Ho hum, the little kingdom.

  124. Patrick Porter


    The time will come when the people like Lynch will go and people like you and I will help our country out of it’s terrible morass. Hang in there and with the help of these great people on this site we will overcome.Adrian you have my full support

  125. ??


    Tread carefully tomorrow make sure your facts and figures are right and best of luck.

    Your BHTA resignation issue may need to be clarified though. What bearing did that have on BTA issues. The BHTA is an independant private sector agency how does resigning from them affect BTA? Just askings.

  126. True Native

    Good luck for tomorrow, Mr. Loveridge. A lot of people are rooting for you.

  127. Littleboy

    Maybe if you were prepared to be a bit more “accommodating” your troubles would be fewer….like serving a few officials breakfast…or offering the odd room for a weekend…you know what I mean!!!
    Females are strange, but SHEmales are very awkward and spiteful!!!
    I regularly witness many “officials” enjoying the largesse of hoteliers and restauranteurs.
    It is about time that a few more business people start dealing honestly…union “officials” too…no name no lock up!!!

  128. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you for the good wishes and I can assure you I check and re-check my figures.

    To clarify the BHTA issue, I personally thought that the way the two long serving members of the BTA were treated was shocking and I wanted nothing to do with decision to fire them.
    I was not going to condone it again after the way they treated Michael Scantlebury, who I have enormous respect for.

    The issue was not whether or not that they were good at their jobs, but that if it takes 24 and 17 years respectfully to discover this, it cannot be THEIR fault.

    As you are aware there are common directors that sit on the board of the BTA and BHTA and my position as Chairman of the Marketing Committee
    would have meant that I would have been working with the people that made these decisions.

    Hope that clarifies the issue for you?

  129. Bajanboy

    Does anyone know what time DTBT begins tomorrow? I do not want to miss this. It is not too often that a minister gets his butt kicked on the air.

  130. Chase


    I think I read somewhere on this blog that it starts at 11 am.I have the beers in the cooler .Mount Gay on the shelf.

  131. Wishing in Vain

    Good luck Adrian we are behind you 110 % on this issue and we hope that you show this idiot up for just what he is a total nit wit and a pompus idiot.
    Set the teeth in him and rip the fool apart with style.

  132. Lump This RR!!

    I am old enought to have voted 4 times in my life. Each Time I have voted BLP, So did my brothers, and my mother.

    We intend to give RR something to “like or lump” on the morning after the nex election.

    We are voting you immoral crooks out!

  133. Andrew Brathwaite

    Questions For Minister!


    Fact: Stuart Layne, current CEO of the BTA was forced on the Minister and the Board of the BTA by the PM in July 2004.

    Fact: Layne was promised what even the Minister could not get out of the Ministry of Finance, a budget of over $70M in taxpayers money and he is getting this and more.

    Fact: Layne has a direct line to the PM on budgets and special projects, which not even the minister, can touch, e.g. all of this world class bull!

    The minister is a treat to the strategic survival of the tourism industry and must go if only on moral grounds. How does one go from literally begging in 2001 to being a millionaire in 2004/05 on a Minister salary coupled with an extravagant lifestyle?

    However, I am submitting that the single greatest treat facing the tourism industry in Barbados right now is the current President and CEO at the BTA Stuart Layne.

    Folks, for the reasons stated above (one and three in particular), Layne goes unchallenged at the level of the Board of the BTA and the Ministry of Tourism.

    He is professionally dishonest (ask the BTA staff), personally and professionally he has the personality of a pea (one just has to listen to one of his presentations in which he pronounces in all seriousness that world wide in 5 to 10 years a vacation will be called a “Barbados” just as we would refer to a photocopy as a Xerox. Worse he fails to navigate the true meaning of the usual audience sniggering. Besides being a complete misfit for such a post, HE IS INCOMPETENT in this job.
    RR said it “The BTA has a numbner of trained professionals and I trust them to do the work there”. RR is refering to Stuart Layne and only Stuart Layne. RR clearly knows to whom Layne truly reports, the PM.

    It has been one diaster after the next at the BTA since Layne has arrived. What amazes me is that seasoned tourism professionals on the Board at the BTA with over 100 years of combined industry experience have been shackled and gagged in respect of the incompetencies of Stuart Layne all because “he is the PM’s man”.

    The buck stops at the minister, however, I submit to you that the Destiny nonesense, like the World Golf Championships debacle, plus the many other disasters which are draining the generous government subvention to the BTA are coming at the hands of Stuart Layne.

    I can go on, but I will just get to my questions which I hope Mr. Ellis will get a chance to pose to the Minister.

  134. Littleboy

    Do not expect that Lynch will be brought to heel.
    Some time ago David Ellis protected him from a savaging on Tell It Like It Is, by telling callers that they had “engaged the Minister sufficiently on that topic” every time Barney was caught in a pickle.
    Look out for that again today.

  135. Andrew Brathwaite

    1.BWIA ceased operations on December 31st, 2006. This pending closure plus the removal of several important routes which serve Barbadoos from North America and the UK were known publicly for over 90 days prior to December 31, 2006. Can you tell the Barbadian public what specific steps,e.g. meetings and their dates, letters and their dates etc.which your Ministry undertook with the Management of BWIA or the new Caribbean Airlines prior to December 31st, 2006 with the objective of maintaining all or some of these critical seats into and out of Barbados.

    2. It was recently reported in parliament dring the budget debate and I have been told personally by a member of staff at the BTA that morale amonsgt all levells of staff at the BTA is at an all time low. Does this report concern you? And what would be your advice to the Chairman of the Board at the BTA in respect of this situation.

    3. During your speech at the launch of the tourism awards at the Bagatelle Great House in 2006 you said that the World Golf Championship (December 06) would generate 5,000 (five thousand) visitors for Barbados. We have hear repeatedly about the exposure this event brings on television etc How many tourists visited Barbados specifically for this event? How much money was spent by the BTA directly and indirectly on this event. How much money was spent by the other social services, Police, MPT, Customs etc. on this event.

    4. From all reports this event was a budget and visitor arrival failure. Will anyone such as the Board or CEO at the BTA be held accountable for the degree of miscalculation on this event.

    5. In recent times and mostly since the arrival of Stuart Layne the BTA has seen the departure of the following:
    Vice President Americas, Senior Business Development Manager – UK, Senior Business Development Manager-East Coast, Senior Business Development Manager -West Coast, Director of Human Resources, Director of Marketing Services, Manager of Sports Tourism, Manager of Product Integration, Business Development Manager – Canada plus a slew of lower lever staffers.What does this stay about what is going on at the BTA at this critical time.

    6. The current CEO at the BTA is reported to be authoring marketing strategies for major overseas markets with the aid of outside paid consultants, without any consultation with the senior staffers in the market. What does this stay about what is going on at the BTA at this critical time.

    7. The current CEO at the BTA is reported to have lost the confidence of the majority of the staff at the BTA. What does this stay about what is going on at the BTA at this critical time.
    8. Do you have confidence in the manangement style of Stuart Layne at the BTA.

    9. You are on record apposing the use of cruise ships in Barbados during CWC. What accounts for the change in your position on this matter?

    10. It is clear that the BTA missed the boat so to speak in securing this cruise ship option only at the last minute.
    Can you tell the audience how much more did it cost Barbados taxpayers in securing the Carnival Destiny due to the lateness of the arrangements by the BTA?

    11. The Cruise tourism sector has been demolished over the past 4 years. The Board of the BTA maintained the current Director of Cruise Tourism despite of her obvious failures. Now we have this Carnival Destiny disaster which one must assume that she had a hand in. Is it not at least prudent to make a change in this important position?

    12.Is it true that you have within the past fours years become the owner of a property in whole or part which carries a market value that approximates $1M. Can you tell the Barbadian public how you were able to finance this acquisition?

  136. Chase

    Geeez…….I hope Lynch say he prayers and get a good breakfast…….cause he in fa some good ol’ bajan licks today!

  137. True Native

    I’m just a wee bit concerned about the Loveridge/Lynch showdown today. Why? Because there has been so much hype on this blog site and so much encouragement for Adrian Loveridge (including from me!) that I wonder if it hasn’t given Messrs. Ellis and Lynch time to cook up something to counteract Adrian’s onslaught. But maybe I’m being a bit negative, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Go for it, Adrian.

  138. De Orginal

    I hope for his sake he aint the same Minister BFP talking about in the ML scheme.

  139. Wishing in Vain

    I trust that Lynch has been busy trying to cancel his arrangements for the five chartered Air India flights and the charter of the ship now that it appears India will be taking no further part in the CWC.
    Just needed to remind the idiot as he would hardly think of this on his own.

  140. Patrick Porter

    Wishing in Vain
    Don’t hold your breath. Air India is not going to give up that contract so quickly, as they probaly have used the planes scheduled for those flights from another slot. Air India does not have that big a fleet, with that many long range aircraft. I just hope that they have not cancelled other flights in order for the CWC ones, if not Barbados could stand to pay the bills.
    That has been my point all along that the hype for the CWC out weighed the factual reality of the CWC
    I think that the Barbados Government had it’s hopes pinned on a big CWC, but I am afriad fellas that the excuses now are going to start rolling in and so are the BIG bills. The Minister of Tourism is already starting with them so expect the rest of the BLP to tow the line.
    Today is the battle between Lynch and Adrian. I ready to put $20.00 upon Adian. As we say in Canada “Bon Chance” Adrian
    Andrew Brathwaite very good points that need answers

  141. Bajanboy

    Apparently you can fly to India for Bds$2000 on those chaters. I think Barbadians and other West Indians will pick up the slack on these chaters and on those partially filled cruise ships. They should not have to, but they will.

  142. Did we see a stress related “meltdown” from the Misister for St. Peter during the debate, when he was questioned about the check deposited to his account? He started calling names like Steve Emptage, (retired). Leo Leacock, (deceased). Why were these names mentioned?
    Also can someone explain the revenue arrived from aircraft manufacturing in Barbados. Where is the manufacturing plant? Underground? Could it be in Harrison’s Cave?

  143. John

    Good Luck Adrian.

    Do your best and let the chips will fall where they may.

  144. Jerome Hinds

    Well David Ellis gave into Lynch requests….the programme just started and David Ellis ” apologises ” for having Lynch in one stuidio and Adrian Loveridge in another…..!!!

    Dictatorship in the making……Ministers of government NO LONGER bother to engage private citizens and MORE…..!!!

  145. In the Know

    The Minister is filler-bustering. He is being evasive and in some instances downright lying

  146. Bajanboy

    Go, Adrian, go. He is kicking Barney’s butt all over the place. The minister of obviously numerically illiterate.

  147. Jerome Hinds

    In the Know,

    He is sure lying on the issue of no payment to Carnival Destiny.

    The truth is that on 9th March…… the Cabinet of Barbados gave the Ministry of Finance permission to issue a letter of credit , a letter of comfort or some other form of guarantee and / or payment acceptable to the ship’s owner to secure the vessel for Barbados ?

  148. John


    “Well David Ellis gave into Lynch requests….the programme just started and David Ellis ” apologises ” for having Lynch in one stuidio and Adrian Loveridge in another…..!!!”


    David Ellis is being slick. Probably solves the position taken by the minister of not sitting down in the same studio as Adrian.

    Wonder if the Minister knows!!

    Wish my radio was working.

    Looks like I will miss it all. Will see if I can figure out how to get it off the Internet, else I’ll listen to the recording tonight.

  149. John

    Ah yes, I figured it out!!

    Boy, am I slow!!

  150. Bajanboy

    I cannot believe the Minister does not know specifics of the debt of the Gems of Barbados. He sure has a convenient memory. He must have known that this issue would have been raised during the show.

  151. John


    He says he and his government are contemplating the challenges created by GEMS.

  152. Jupiter

    The way this programme is being conducted,Adrian could barely get a look in.

    I stated earlier when I learnt of this show,that unless David ellis keeps barney lynch to direct ‘to the point’ answers – we will be getting pure spin.

    I have learnt nothing from the minister except – everything is on the ‘up and up’, and what minor fallout or disappointment there is – is no big deal.

  153. John

    The minister says if the right price were paid for Hilton the GOB would sell it, provided the price allowed the GOB to build another substantial asset.


    So does this thinking apply to GEMS?

    If not, why not?

  154. John

    David Ellis quoted from an article that GOB had received an offer of $63million US for the Hilton and refused it.

    How do the assets of GEMS compare with Hilton and how much has been invested in building them up?

    Could we get an offer of US$63million for GEMS?

  155. Jerome Hinds

    After being Minister of Tourism for 7 years….
    Lynch on VOB today says,

    1. After accepting an ADEQUATE invitation NOTICE to be a guest on VOB Brass tacks to speak on TOURISM related matters….he did not KNOW that GEMS would come up….!!

    2. He says the government of Barbados borrowed no money to secure the services of Carnival Destiny……..yet the Cabinet of Barbados gave the Ministry of Finance permission to issue a letter of credit , a letter of comfort or some other form of guarantee and / or payment acceptable to the ship’s owner to secure the vessel for Barbados….!!!

    3. He says today on Brass Tacks that the cruise ships in port from 11 – 28 April 2007 would host 75,000 guests – he further discloses that only 10 cruise ships will be coming…..each holding at least 2, 700 people EACH…..!!!

    So far Lynch is lying…..through the INEPT stewardship of his BLP administration…..!!!

    This is the competence the BLP talks about…..when the CITIZENS have us on a SPOT…lie our way out of it to continue the ROT…..!!!

  156. Jerome Hinds

    Re: Carnival Destiny the Cabinet of Barbados gave the Ministry of Finance that permission on 9th March 2006.

  157. ?

    I heard the Minister say that the government was dealing with the huge GEMS debt. I am also sure I heard him say that it may be written off. Did I hear right? Was it interest or debt he was referring to writing off?

  158. John

    So is he a millionaire or isn’t he?

  159. John

    David Ellis ask a hot one.

    Now he is a poor little black boy who nobody wants to see succeed.

    Now he gone!!

    Walked out!!


  160. John

    … so what happens when as an MP he gets to speak on integrity legislation?

  161. Bajanboy

    See, if we had the integrity legislation, there would be no issue with the assets of the Minister, but without the legislation we are forced to asked difficult questions about the minister’s wealth.

    Did they end the show because the Minister walked off like a spoilt little boy? What a loser he is!!

  162. Straight talk

    They don’t like cold steel up ’em.
    Hope this exchange , ineffective as it was, will be the precursor of every minister’s accountability to his masters.

  163. John

    …. but we need good stats to define the problem.

    Hopefully the security system and visa requirements will give us the accurate data we need in the future.

  164. Jane

    Mr. Ellis, you did a fair and excellent job of moderating today’s Down To Brass Tacks.

    Congratulations Mr. Ellis for standing your ground and particularly for raising Integrity Legislation. Unfortunately just the mention of Integrity Legislation seems to have chased Minister Lynch out of the studio. This in itself speaks volumes.

    It is now left to be seen how many Ministers of Government will play the race card and run from the mention of Integrity Legislation the way Mr. Lynch has today.

    Keep up the good work!!

  165. Hants

    This was a stunning conclusion to the show.

    David Ellis shocked me with that question.

    Brasstacks ratings will be up next week.

    Once again the black vs white thing raises its ugly head as the Minister is forced to use it in defence of his character as he was sucker punched by Ellis.

    All in all a wasted program. Barbados hotel rooms are half empty at the height of the tourist season,
    businesses are suffering so figures and projections don’t mean much.

    Lets hope things improve over the next few weeks.

  166. Jupiter

    You see what happens when these ministers are not given the ‘lollipop questions’ they are used to?

    If you can’t take the heat,then stay out of the kitchen.

    It was clear that barney lynch was getting cockier and cockier by the minute,not expecting to get that ‘ellis beamer’.

    Boy he could not even duck,weave – nothing – the ball hit him straight in the box – and then he do an owen – he started sweating and run to hell outa de place.

    wuhloss,wuhloss,wuhloss – looka trouble peoples.

    One question shut up the effervescent,talkative minister of tourism.

    10 points david ellis.

  167. concerned

    We need Integrity Legislation NOW!

    (1) We have a PM admitting to receiving cheques made out to him personally and depositing them in his personal bank account.

    (2) We have a Minister hastily leaving a radio studio at the mention of Integrity Legislation when he is asked about his sudden windfall of assets.

  168. Jerome Hinds

    Hi Folks,

    The last few days including the just concluded Brasstacks programme was a ” real life ” demonstration /enactment of George Orwell’s
    ” Animal Farm ”

    The Moral of the Story : Some Animals are Mightier than others ….!

    1. Owen is exposed on the floor of Parliament as a greedy PIGGY for having $ 750,000.00 of
    ” FEED ” in his TROUGH….!!

    His REACTION…..sweat like a pig and DISAPPEARS from the Public and the Estimates…!!

    2. Lynch AGREES to be a guest on Brasstack Sunday…but ONLY if Adrian Loveridge sits in another room….while Lynchtells a bunch of LIES……!!!

    When the REAL question was put to him about the amount of ” FEED ” in his TROUGH…..despite receiving a SMALL salary as an MP….!!!

    His REACTION…..storm out of VOB studio talking about the small – man……forgeting the ISSUE is about the BIG – THIEVES like himself….!!!

    ANIMAL FARM was a fictional representation of a DICTATORSHIP at WORK….!!!

    Owen, Lynch and others in the BLP are showing CLEARLY that they can have it REPEATED in Barbados..!!

    Wake up and be VIGILANT….Barbadians…!!!

  169. hard ears

    blasted lot a crooks!

  170. Jupiter

    Pat in Canada

    Have not been seeing your posts lately – have been wondering – are you o.k?

    Keep well,and give us a shout when you get a chance.

  171. De Orginal

    Well there is some truth to the rumor Minister Noel Lynch refused to discuss integrity legislation on Brass Tacks how disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself I call on all Bajans once again to call on their parlimentary represenatives to account for their actions and their stance on accountability, integrity and transparency. Minister Lynch is not behaving like a man who is accountable to the people of Barbados he is behaving like a bully , stuck up and pompous. He is not what we wish our represenatives to be. He should be called upon to apologise to the people of Barbados and resign from the Cabinet. Mr Prime Minister we are waiting.

  172. De Orginal

    This is typical Noel lynch foot in mouth. We I know Arthur gine give he a kick in the backside next.

  173. No - Name

    Jerome Hinds/Andrew Brathwaite,
    Reference your # 3 point that reads ” 3. He says today on Brass Tacks that the cruise ships in port from 11 – 28 April 2007 would host 75,000 guests – he further discloses that only 10 cruise ships will be coming…..each holding at least 2, 700 people EACH…..!!! ”
    Back in November 2006 lynch mentioned on 12000 would be accomodated as can be seen in the below article:

    November 5, 2006
    Barbados to get floating hotels for World Cup
    Filed under: West Indies
    With the World Cup less than five months away, Barbados is gearing up to play host to plenty of cricket fans. The latest initiative is to have 14 cruise ships docked at its port, of which six will serve as permanent floating hotels to make up for the lack of conventional hotel rooms.
    The Jamaica Gleaner quoted Noel Lynch, the country’s tourism minister, as saying that these ships will accommodate around 12,000 fans and help handle the huge influx of fans expected during the tournament. “We are expecting about 20,000 fans for the finals,” Lynch said. “Of that number, our ports will accommodate some 12,000 and the land-based entities the other 8,000 people.”
    Lynch also confirmed that much of the extra accommodation had already been sold out. “The Indians, particularly, have eaten up all of the rooms.”
    The World Cup has also meant an opportunity for the West Indies to showcase itself as a tourist destination with sound infrastructure, and Lynch indicated that plenty of work was in progress in Barbados to ensure that the country would be in top shape when the tournament starts. “When cricket fans arrive in Barbados, they will see a new-looking Kensington Oval, and major infrastructure work showcasing Barbados as a seriously developing nation on the cup of being developed.”

    This man just likes to use his mouth. I suspect that there may be some fall out or repercussions as a result of that ferocious email read by Ellis in relation to Lynch being a millionnaire!

    This is going to be an interesting week……Lynch did not expect this question…….

    To Andrew Brathwaite….my prayers are with you..If the Lynch does not know you he will sure come looking for you or send Royal Rumble in his stead.

    They are very vindictive..I have personally suffered as a result of criticising the BLP ..I know what I am talking about!

  174. Hants

    It will be interesting to see how this “breaking story” is handled by the media in Barbados.

    Minister walks out of studio would be a major story anywhere. Let’s see what happens.

    Lynch should have said to Ellis that he supports integrity legislation and that he has worked for his money and invested his earnings.

    Then it would be up to David Ellis to investigate the Minister’s claim.

    Bajan Politicians are obviously not very good at damage control.

  175. Patrick Porter


    I was in the hospital for a day as I had a chest infection and they had to put me on a breathing apparatus, but I am out now and back to normal. Not sure if this is the same Pat you are talking about. Thanks for inquiring

  176. Jupiter

    Sorry to hear about ill health patrick porter – on another post I asked you if you heard the brasstacks show today.

    Obviously you weren’t well – my prayers and thoughts are with you.

    I know you have strong faith – so keep believing.

    However I was referring to another Pat who hails from St Joseph and lives in Canada – and I think she is female.

    Keep well patrick porter we want you with us for a long time.

  177. Adrian Loveridge

    So BFP readers, who do you believe?

    90,000 visitors for the final week and 75,000 on cruise ships (28 times the maximum capacity of Carnival Destiny.

    ‘No Goverment loan to charter Carnival Destiny’ but check-out the Government Information Service website – dated 20 November 2006

    ‘Million dollar money resolution for Parliament’

    ‘Prime Minister Owen Arthur will move the passing of a resolution to approve the guarantee by Government for repayment by the BTA of the principal and interest in respect of a US$14,772,000 loan from the Bank of Nova Scotia’.

    The BTA is BORROWING the money to lease the cruise liner, Carnival Destiny to provide additional accommodation that will supplement Barbados’ room requirement during ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches here’.

    Thank God for BFP, where at least the bombastic, bullying, programme hogging Minister cannot lie without recourse.

  178. Patrick Porter

    Thanks for your concern. I am going to a make sure that I am around for awile to give the BLP what for. I was thinking of something in hospital. It may not be the place to post it but I will anyway.
    I was wondering as a white man if I would have had the guts to do what Wilberforce and others did to stop the slave trade. My answer was yes, I thought long and hard about it and I decided that what they did back then took a lot of guts. I could go on and on, but that is not my field. What I have to say is this. On behalf of my ancestors I would like to appologise to all the black people that my family may have mistreated and hurt in one way or the other. I think that it is time that all of us black and white accept the fact that a great injustice was done and try and make up for it by all of us working together to have a Barbados that will be for all. In my prayers at night I ask God to forgive us all and that we all may work together for the betterment of this world. If we can all show one another the respect that is due to each other then we would have started on the right road. If we can look at each other and not see the colour of a persons skin and only see the person, then we shall overcome our problems. Let us all be frank, coming from a small place like Barbados, we are all realated in some way or the other. We are Bajans and we should all work together for the people of a wonderful country. Yes we have problems to work out, but let us together work them out. Let us be proud of the fact that for a dot in the ocean, we all have come a long way together, but we still have a long way to go. I hope that all of you accept this little speel of mine in the spirit it is intended and know that it comes from the heart. It is people on this site that give me the hope to know that one day soon we will all see the light. God bless you all and thanks for being such a great bunch

  179. True Native

    Now that Noel Lynch has been clean bowled by that e-mail on Brass Tacks, I sincerely hope that Thompy will use ACTION and not just words over the Integrity Legislation issue. So come on, Thompy, don’t just talk. ACT.

  180. Jupiter


    I think that what you have just said is very moving.

    I agree and believe that with time a greater percentage of whites and blacks will have better relations because in the main we all love bim and wish the best for this sweet land.

    This is why I hurt to see how far down the abyss owen arthur has taken this country.

    My only fear however is this growing number of indians,because as I look around elsewhere and look at history I know black bajans are going to find the indian is not the same as the white – they don’t care about country – they care only about their race and about getting more and more money – come what may.

    I hope I’m wrong but I know I am not – and that’s what worries me for the future of bim – guyana,Trinidad,Fiji,mauritius,uganda – are all case studies for us to examine carefully.

  181. Justasking

    Is there a replay tonight on VOB? If so, what time.

  182. John


    Not sure if that will air again.

    Suspect the powers that be will order the tapes burnt, expunged, destroyed, torn into little pieces, then shredded and thrown in the sea!!

    Not really, it would be crazy to do something like that. Besides, it may be on a CD, DVD or hard disk somewhere outside of the island!!

    However, it will be interesting to see if it is replayed. Will start listening to the audio on the computer and see if they say when.

    If I hear, I’ll let you know. Believe it is usually around midnight.

    Didn’t hear all the CBC news but no mention of the incident in what I did hear. Will keep an eye out for it in the papers tomorrow.

  183. Rumplestilskin

    Above blogger noted ”It is now left to be seen how many Ministers of Government will play the race card”

    You mean those who have not yet used it, surely?

    As recently as the BLP one criticising the DLP Christ Church candidate choice.

  184. Rumplestilskin

    As I have said before, I am not affiliated in any way with either party.

    Having said that, when I comment and it comes out as above, it comes in that way due to my refusal to accept that a Minister of Government of ANY country in todays world should use bigotry as a political tool.

    Naive? Maybe, but I will be naive and stick with what I believe.

    We all have to live with ourselves. I can live with my actions thus far in life.

  185. BK

    I listened to the program today and want to make the following observations which I hope is devoid of some of the partisan diatribe I read above:

    1. I want to seriously question David Ellis and his management for agreeing to entertain the Minister and Adrian in separate areas of the studio. This in my view was an insult to the listeners to the program and is a negative demonstration of how we as a people expect our MPs – servants of the people – to behave.

    2. I agree with a poster above who commented on the Minister’s inability to address the issue of GEMS. This was obviously a strategy by the Minister to avoid talking about the GEMS issue in any granular way; lest we forget an election is around the corner and the GEMS issue has implications for Mascoll and the government. Without calling the Minister a liar I have to say that I find great difficulty believing that the Minister who has line responsibility for GEMS would not have been able to address the difficult issues in a more constructive way.

    3. I am sorry that the issue of accountability was not made an issue by David Ellis regarding the tardiness in the preparation of the GEMS financials given the significant sums involved. Why are we accepting this situation “as business as usual” especially given the Mascoll dimension to this issue?

    4. Lastly I felt that more callers should have been allowed to call in – the callers could have been screened in the preceading period with the program producer calling certain “expert” callers who based on the subect matter at the time. The Minister obviously was well researched and prepared to answer the technical questions based on stats which we all know can be questioned. Unfortunately this is where I felt Adrian and David allowed the Minister to gain the upper hand.

    5. I felt the program took on a Rest versus the Minister which was unfortunate. Not everything in the tourism ministry is going bad; one got this impression listening to the program.


  186. John


    I am worn out and going to sleep. I don’t know if it will be rebroadcast.

    If anyone is up later on, please listen and see if VOB rebroadcasts it.

  187. True Native

    I think I was the only one who expressed concern about the way the showdown would go because of all the previous hype and my concerns were almost realistic as the programme went along – until … the coup de grace was delivered by David Ellis reading out the e-mail. By golly – the end was as good as any radio drama! I couldn’t believe that the Minister would have behaved in that manner. Exit Stage Left, bawling out, words to the effect, “poor black boy begging!” Perfect radio drama.

  188. Bajanboy

    I think it was the perfect reality radio show. There are lots of issues affecting tourism in Barbados that need to be discussed. It is too bad the Barney made the issues raised by Adrian personal for he raised lots of interesting points that need the attention of the Minister. Curious to see how this story is handled by the mainstream press tomorrow.

  189. Jerome Hinds

    Congrats to you Mr. Adrian Loveridge for putting Bombastic Lynch in his place !

    Lynch said the government of Barbados borrowed no money to secure the services of Carnival Destiny……..yet the Cabinet of Barbados on 9th March 2006 gave the Ministry of Finance permission to issue a letter of credit , a letter of comfort or some other form of guarantee and / or payment acceptable to the ship’s owner to secure the vessel for Barbados….!!!

    The BTA was instructed to negotiate the best price with a cruise liner – which in the end turn out to be Carnival Destiny…!!

  190. Javon Griffith

    It is my opinion that Vic Fernandes should tell David Ellis to take a hike. He is a poor poor excuse for a moderator. His stunt was completely uncalled for and unjustified

  191. Javon Griffith

    Jerome Hinds

    What is your solution to the supposed under-handed acts of the BLP?

  192. No - Name

    The Minister is clearly incompetent.He can’t even multiply. 13 ships at a max of 2100 passengers equals 75,000 passengers.
    As I said earlier when he was in Jamaica in Nov 2006 he said ” “We are expecting about 20,000 fans for the finals,” Lynch said. “Of that number, our ports will accommodate some 12,000 and the land-based entities the other 8,000 people.”

    He is a liar and a bad one at that.
    How could he help to negotiate a $100 mil dollar loan for GEMS AND NOT know whether it went to reducing the over $30 mil interest.

    And by the way I hope everyone knows that the Management Contract in the initial stages of Gems were all friends of David Shorey. David had been working with these people prior to the implimentation of GEMS. These people along with David possibly make the Rodney look like a sunday school boy. We need a commission of inquiry to examine the role David played in this …he recruited these white boys from Canada who help run GEMS to the ground.

  193. No - Name

    I have been searching the archives of the Nation Newspaper for the article on the money to secure the services of Carnival Destiny as debated in the house and so far I have had no luck. I wonder whether it has been pulled from the said achives.

  194. Wishing in Vain

    Get the rid of this bunch of crooks and do it now.

  195. Wishing in Vain

    I wonder why it is that this gang of crooks we have as polticians feel that they are untouchable and beyond the law left to me each one of them would be taken before the law courts after the change of Gov’t and charged with corruption and stealing public funds.
    Lynch is the best example of this breed, my, my, my what a show today he as usual was verbose with no substance and no facts and when questioned on the Gems fiasco he had nothing to say how surprising!!!
    My compliments to Mr Ellis and Mr Loveridge for sticking to the point and applying constant pressure to Lynch he ought to resign at his earliest opportunity like tomorrow if he has not done so already, and where is Owing in all of this he should have fired a few of them ages ago, is it that he dare not fire this gang of crooks because they know too much about his actions or is it that what is left behind are useless and prone to stealing as well ?
    If I were Owing I would place a ban on any of my ministers and myself from going on TV or radio to do any live shows as we saw in the the closing of the budget debate he Owing received a yorker on centre stump that he could not cope with and has not since recovered from and now today with have Lynch stomping off like a spoilt child when asked about his plantation home!! what would he expect if in 2002 he had nothing and today he owns a plantation which he spent over $ 1 mill putting into shape after buying it.
    If this is not corruption tell me what is????

  196. Adrian Loveridge


    Government Information Service website

    ‘Million Dollar Money Resolutions for Parliament’

    ‘Prime Minister Owen Arthur will move the passing of a Resolution to approve the guarantee by Government for repayment by the BTA of the principal and interest is respect of a US$14,772,000 loan from the Bank of Nova Scotia’

    ‘The BTA is BORROWING the money to lease the cruise liner, Carnival Destiny’.

    The Minister of Tourism clearly lied about the loan on Brass Tacks Sunday when he categorically denied that Government had arranged any loan.

    I call on StarCom to repeat the edition again, so that every interested part can tape the various utterings by the Minister including ‘90,000 visitors during the week of the Cricket final’ and ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

    In reality ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ equates to 28 absolutely full Carnival Destiny’s.

  197. Adrian Loveridge

    Sorry .., should read every interested PARTY

  198. Jerome Hinds

    Javon Griffith , asks,

    Jerome Hinds

    ” What is your solution to the supposed under-handed acts of the BLP? ”
    Well Javon Griffith, after Owen’s CHEQUE admission and Lynch attempt at deflecting the TRUTH on Brasstacks Sunday – you can still term such acts as ” supposed under-handed acts of the BLP? ”

    Then in my opinion it shows CLEARLY that you are impressed with all the BS……by this BLP government……!!

    If your parents have WILLED your vote to the BLP……..then do not betray them……..!!!

    That’s my Solution……..!!

  199. Littleboy

    If Lynch’s display on VOB was not enough to convince the electorate that it is time to change the arrogant BLP, we all need a mental assessment!!!
    They (BLP) must understand that they are the servants of the people and not the reverse.
    If there was nothing to hide Barney would have easily answered the question…but he has shown guilt by his actions.

    David Ellis ,
    In an earlier posting I suggested that you would have sheilded the Minister…my apologies…you bowled a wicked ball !!!
    The problem now is whether Starcom will cut back on your productions or terminate your employment.

  200. John

    The Nation has a half page devoted to the walkout by Minister Lynch in today’s paper.

    It also has in the 90,000 figure.

    No mention of the race card being played!! Seems to be intimating it was a social card.

    Maybe I misheard the minister.

  201. No - Name

    Thanks for the information. You need to do a comparative analysis of the Minister’s stats and yoursm and publish them in the newspaper for all to see. If there is one person you can get for incon sistencies is Minister Lynch…His weakness has always been his mouth from time he was a young boy..and that has not changed.
    We need to know the status on the 15 mill loan because it seems this will break the Minister in more ways than one.

  202. No - Name

    You heard correctly.I listened to the repeat last night.
    Minister Lynch should resign today. I wonder if having walked out of V OB whether he will ever call the station again. He cannot walk out and in as he pleases!

    He is not the only Minister who has accumulation a lot of wealth.
    Mia the biter and Rommel has done the same. Owen gave Beverlie a hugh house in Gibbs in St.Peter and there is no way he could have afforded that on his own.

  203. Peltdown Man

    Wishing in Vain

    If your and others’ arguments are to be seen as “fair and balanced”, you should get your facts straight. At about the same time that the Minister bought his house, I was also looking. The house was a fairly modest one in a nice location with about 2 -3 acres of land, and the asking price was $800,000. It was on the market at that price for a while, and I suspect that it eventually changed hands for less. Judging by what you see now, the re-furbishing would have been expensive, but then MP’s have ways of getting work done by constituents in return for “favours”, so it may have cost less than it looks. When you look around the heights and terraces in Barbados, there are literally hundreds of houses as grand and expensive-looking as this one, and nearly all owned by Barbadians. If you can question the Minister’s ability to finance such a home, then you have to question the ability of all those others to do the same. An Minister’s salary may not be huge, but it is fairly handy. I am not necessarily on the Minister’s side, but getting your facts straight will lead to more credibility when you argue.

  204. Jupiter


    I don’t see that report of the barney lynch issue on the Nation newspaper on line.
    Did you read it on line or in the actual newspaper?

    By the way john,didn’t you say that you stopped buying the Nation (which I agree with you )?

    Seriously though,I’m looking on line for it to see what they say.

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  206. Patrick Porter


    Wish I cold have heard the broadcast, but from what I have read congrats and kudos to Adrian. I will also give David Ellis kudos as well. Well the display yesterday should have told all Bajans the true story of the ruling party. But are we Bajans going to use this to our advantage and kick these people out of the house,or are we going to be swayed by lies and deception again. Only time will tell. When people use the race card it tells me they are very insecure and childish. He couldn’t fight with dignity so he stooped to the gutter. Once again Adrian CONGRATS

  207. Bajanboy

    I would think the most visitors who might be in Barbados on the busiest week of the year (say over Christmas) might be 20,000. With the 11 cruise ships that will be docked in Barbados during the last couple weeks of the tournament, maybe another 10,000 pax (some of the vessels are quite small, as I understand). So, I am not sure about where Barney could get the 90,000 figure from. And, as Adrian pointed out, if the stadium holds 28,000, are many people going to visit only to watch matches on TV. How can a minister of tourism be so out of touch with reality? I guess if you spin for long enough you begin to lose track of what is fact and what is fantasy.

  208. concerned

    Heaven help us! I heard the Minister say that this was not so. He is a liar.

    How could the Minister not know when this was on the Government website?

    “Prime Minister Owen Arthur will move the passing of a Resolution to approve the guarantee by Government for repayment by the BTA of the principal and interest in respect of a US $14,772, 000 loan from the Bank of Nova Scotia.

    The BTA is borrowing the money to lease the cruise liner, Carnival Destiny to provide additional accommodation that will supplement Barbados’ room requirements during ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches here. “

  209. BK

    March 26th, 2007 at 11:36 am


    I don’t see that report of the barney lynch issue on the Nation newspaper on line.
    Did you read it on line or in the actual newspaper?

    By the way john,didn’t you say that you stopped buying the Nation (which I agree with you )?

    Seriously though,I’m looking on line for it to see what they say.

    The back page story of the walk out by Barney appears not to be included in the online version of the rag. It is the Nation’s modus operandi to not list the back page story online: that has been by observation.

  210. Jupiter

    Thanks BK, I just got the excerpt from Bajan New Yorker on another post.

    Thanks again.

  211. Wishing in Vain

    Peltdown Man in a nutshell this man is thiefing along with most of the others that I have no doubt about end of story.
    How could Lynch really sit in front of big people and lie so blatanly the most sickening aspect is when asked numerous times if the Gov’t has borrowed money for the charter of the Carnival Destiny he lies thru his teeth and denies doing so and now today Adriand produces a Gov’t information document which clearly states that they have borrowed money to exactly this, if he is far removed from his ministry he ought to be put out of his misery and be fired instantly.
    The question of his wealth is a fair and reasonable one when one considers that he is empolyed by us the taxpayers of Barbados.

  212. Jupiter

    Apparently the Nation newspaper carried the VOB/Lynch episode but didnot think it fit to include that for their on – line readers who are mainly overseas.

    Instead they carried 3 articles on the abolition of slave trade celebration yesterday – which to me was filled with empty rhetoric and meaningless symbolism.

    This Blp government cares little or nothing about the afro bajans – that is except of course their votes – so what’s all this to-do about?

    More importantly however,I note as per usual the nation newspaper performed the role of scribes – just reporting the question about the minister’s sudden windfall (n.b. they didnot mention the question asked by david ellis about the minister’s view on integrity legislation) – and gave no analysis.

    So that a visitor from my Mars (one of my extended family of course) would have no clue as to what was going on.

    Time and time again we see the Nation just reporting e.g. Owen Arthur attending a function with a completly new daughter – no questions asked,no surprise or disapproval expressed.

    Or they report David Thompson’s stunning revelation of a cheque for tens of thousands of dollars given to Owen – no analysis,no debate on the rightness or wrongness of this action,no persuasive call for integrity legislation – nothing – just the bare bones.

    I think it’s time people started flooding the call – in programmes about this behaviour and expose the nation newspaper publicly on air for the rest of barbados to hear.

    Also letters addressed to VIVIAN Gittens should be sent in the hundreds expressing our disgust at this apparent bias towards the BLP by this newspaper.

  213. No - Name

    Thanks for the information on the $15mil loan.
    It is very clear that this was a loan. See below:


    The House of Assembly will tomorrow debate two money Resolutions totalling $34.05 million for use by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, and the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA).

    Prime Minister Owen Arthur will move the passing of a Resolution to approve the guarantee by Government for repayment by the BTA of the principal and interest in respect of a US $14,772, 000 loan from the Bank of Nova Scotia.

    The BTA is borrowing the money to lease the cruise liner, Carnival Destiny to provide additional accommodation that will supplement Barbados’ room requirements during ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches here.

  214. True Native

    Jupiter: Letters addressed to VIVIAN Gittens should be sent in the hundreds. Yeah. Right. Would they get published? I think not Jupiter!

  215. John


    “By the way john,didn’t you say that you stopped buying the Nation (which I agree with you )?”

    Don’t think so. But have a look at my comments and see if I said it. Maybe I did.

    My mother gets a copy delivered daily and I pay for it. She used to buy the Advocate too when she drove. She enjoys reading the paper.

    … but it is a rag!! I agree. ….. and now the dogs aren’t having puppies I don’t get the full bang for my buck.

    I do look through it most days, how else would I know it is a rag!!

  216. BK

    The question I have though is what will be the backlash to this question asked by David for which my young memory knows no precedent. When we examine this matter in a dispassionate way was it fair to ask the Minister this question which was based on email evidence?

    Just asking.

  217. Patrick Porter


    Loved your last piece “bang for the buck”. We all know who the Nation supports and this is terrible. I want a newspaper that is free from any political interference and support. It seems that those days are done in Barbados and we have only one sided reporting. It is a shame. I tried finding any reference to the cubject on line from Canada and can’t find anything. It seems as though the papers want to keep that debate as a little secret for Bajans only
    You made some good remarks and I think that we need to go further into this Carnival Destiny thing, I wonder how many free cabins the Government will use, and will they use the ship to host the various cocktail parties etc. I guess Barbados is not good enough to host these parties. It is a shame when a Government has no faith in it’s own people far less it’s country to have facilities to host this kind of thing
    Barbados you are in trouble and I hope and pray that people will see the light before it is too late

  218. Patrick Porter

    Fellas What happen to Royalrumble. He sick or he hiding from us? Like to know. Maybe the heat is too much for him after what Lynch did yesterday

  219. Jerome Hinds


    Royalrumble probably busy nursing Lynch back to good health….!!!!

  220. John


    I think this is an answer to your question. It is taken from the BFP Article of today.

    “Barbados Free Press can assure Minister Lynch that your fellow black citizens who form 95% of the population aren’t asking you about your millions because you are black. We are asking because we want to know how it is that a man who has done nothing but hold appointed and elected government positions could have your wealth. Simple question Mr. Minister – but apparently one that is very difficult for you and your peers.”

    There is nothing fair or foul about the question. If the guy is being paid a fixed salary by us any transaction which satisfies the duck test and smells funny is fair game.

    If he doesn’t want to be asked the question, declare his assets when he became a member of parliament or government functionary and every subsequent year that he is on our payroll.

    Then all he has to say to David Ellis or whoever asks the question is “my record is public as far as my financial dealings go. Take a hike and check it.”

    It has taken me ages to figure out this simple truth.

    Integrity legislation can benefit both sides, or neither, depending on how it is used.

  221. Wishing in Vain

    BK As I have said on this site before once you commit yourself as a servant of the people you are open to scrutiny by the same people that put you in that position.
    Therefore if you are a man??? and want to dress up and behave like a woman that is your business but it will be dealt with in the public forum.
    If you are a woman??? and want to have mad rages of temper during sensuous sessions and bite people that is your business but then again expect it to be dealt with in the public forum.
    If you buy a million dollar home and then spend another million dollars renovating it that is your business but expect it to be dealt with in the public forum
    There is no reason that these people should be sheltered from the public’s examination.

  222. Jupiter

    True Native

    The idea re the letters to vivian gittens is to create such a deluge of complaints that she will recognise that the complaints on BFP are not just a disgruntled few.


    YES,YES,YES and a thousand times yes – to David Ellis asking barney lynch about his sudden increase in wealth,the source of his windfall,and his views on integrity legislation.

    More power to you David Ellis and the people of Barbados.

    Haven’t you heard or haven’t you seen of this type of investigative journalism being practised in trur,true democratic countries elsewhere?

  223. Jerome Hinds

    Just think of the investigation going on in the USA involving those in public life like Scooter Libby and et al……!!!

    In public life you MUST be probed…..!!!

  224. Patrick Porter

    I would also like to see Freedom of Information, where the press and every day citzens can go and get the documents that are related to their investigations. Why is this Government so scared?What do they have to hide?We all know the answers but they think they can fool us, but you know the old saying”you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”
    I think it is time that as someone suggested that we all send letters via e-mail, if we do it every day they will eventually have to print at least one of them. I have sent off one this morning to both papers, asking the Minister to clarify the amount that the Carnival Destiny will cost, I have no doubt it will not be published, but will send another tomorrow morning. We need Integrity legislation as well as Freedom of Information Act. Does the government think that we are not mature enough to handle them, so they can fool us all the time. They are joking a Bajan is a very intelligent person and can figure things out for themselves. But that is what the government is missing they think that we are all fools and can be lead by the nose to do whatever they want. I hate to tell them this is one Bajan who is not going to fall in step with their schemes and skullduggery. Rise up Barbados and get them out before it is too late

  225. BK

    Here is the link on the Parliament of Barbados website which shows the resolution to approve the government’s guarantee of a loan at BNS to which Adrian refers:

    Click to access Resolution_ICC_World_Cup_2007_$14,772,000.pdf

    I have been unable to confirm that the resolution was passed. However if it was then the wording confirms that the resolution commits the government to a liability of 14 million plus which is to be paid to Carnival to lease a cruise ship.

  226. Warrior

    Maybe Mr. Lynch’s wife is well to do and has some windfall of money – what does she do any way or perhaps his children have already gone through college and he is able now to have more disposable income. Perhaps an old grandfather of mother died and left a heavy inheritance.

    These are things that might have to be considered

    Perhaps he made a few wise decisions on the stock market or some good investments and they are finally paying off and he is able to purchase and renovate his home.

    Hmmmm- perhaps…….

  227. ?

    Perhaps his Income Tax Returns for the past few years might give the Inland Revenue Department a clue.

  228. ?

    Do Ministers have to file Tax Returns like the rest of us?
    Do lawyers have special privileges when it comes to filing returns?

  229. anon

    More to the point, have you ever tried to pay in a $750,000 cheque into a personal account without accountability to Central Bank for its origination?

  230. John


    Surpassed Gline Clarke.

    Now only the color issue at Highgate has more comments, 299.

    But if you add the comments >76 from the most recent article about Barny’s flight, even 299 is surpassed.

    Today might well be the day that will be remembered as the day Bajans woke up!!

  231. John


    Do Ministers have to file Tax Returns like the rest of us?
    Do lawyers have special privileges when it comes to filing returns?


    … and how do these lovely guys and gals deal with VAT returns every 2 months?

  232. John

    Its a lovely day tomorrow, tomorrow is a lovely day ………

  233. BK

    Let Sunday be ever remembered as the day when our #1 journalist took a gamble with his career. He now sits in the balance and time will tell if he is found wanting.

    As previously discussed the vice grip which our ancient libel and slander laws have on 4th Estate in Barbados is suffocating. When they do nothing they are mocked and when they swipe like eldor they are still mocked.

  234. De Orginal

    Lynch can try to make this race but that aint working . This issue is about accountability and he have demonstrated he is of the opinion he owe no one an explanation. Rommel Marshall thought the same too. A word to the wise. Well in this case its obvious that advice wont be taken. Prime Minister I call on you to comment.

    On another point related it is interesting how VOB streams all of a sudden you need passwords to access. Freedom of the press……… it seems no longer exsist in Barbados. Where is PEP on this ??where is the DLP on this?? I await their input

  235. Warrior

    De Original,

    they will not say a word as I believe it might be something that might benefit them in the future. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    I am neither BLP or DLP. but I notice that the DLP has gone amazingly silent as well as the PM has disappeared off the island, and the press in under gag orders. Bully for us. I am not totally convinced that the DLP would not fall into these same traps when they get into to power.

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