EarthRace Posts Collision Details On Website – Looks Like The Race Is Over


Nearby Fishing Boats Refused To Help After Collision

Almost unbelieveable – you’ll have to read it for yourself at the EarthRace website (link here)

To us, it looks like the end of the record attempt.


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4 responses to “EarthRace Posts Collision Details On Website – Looks Like The Race Is Over

  1. D'Arts

    Woulden’t the fishing boat show up on radar?

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Not likely D’Arts it may send an echo but not a strong one hence the need to outfit the fishing boats with approved radar reflectors that enhance the echo that is displayed on the radar screen at the other end.
    May they rest in peace.

  3. D’Arts- Being only 5m long and fibreglass the fishing boat would not show up on radar unless it had a radar relector (of metal) hoisted. Sailing boats commonly carry them for this very purpose.

    Earthrace had an automatic radar “forward detector” working. The crew saw red and white lights in what they thought was the distance (but wasn’t). Those are the colours of navigational markers. Boats carry white, or red-and-green.

  4. jinx oo7

    Perhaps this unfortunate loss of life will serve to save others in the future if even the smallest ocean vessel is compliant with the required Maritime regulations ……