DLP, BLP Manifestos Online for 1999 and 2003

Check out all the fine, fine words here.

Perhaps some of our readers have time to perform a bit of analysis.

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21 responses to “DLP, BLP Manifestos Online for 1999 and 2003

  1. Jerome Hinds

    The comments and views given below by Senator Freundel Stuart should be compulsory reading for all Barbadians .

    Stuart: Ministers of Finance don’t have to be economists

    Opposition Senator, Freundel Stuart, has warned Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters to rid themselves of the belief that Ministers of Finance should be trained economists.

    Speaking at a mass meeting at Codrington Hill in St. Michael, Senator Stuart stated that supporters of the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) were trying to create the impression that the DLP was not ready to rule Barbados again, because it had no economists in its ranks.

    In dispelling that notion, Stuart cited several examples, starting with the founder of modern economics himself, Adam Smith, who was a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He added that Gordon Brown, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer in England, was a historian, and two British Prime Ministers, who also served as Chancellor, namely James Callaghan and John Major, did not even have university degrees.

    Closer to home, Stuart noted that two former Prime Ministers and Ministers of Finance, the Right Excellent Errol Barrow and Sir Harold St. John were not economists either.

  2. Jerome Hinds

    Congratulations are in order for Senator, Freundel Stuart and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for debunking the nonsense the BLP has been spewing out RE: the DLP has no recognisable Economist in its midst.

    Well if the BLP claims to have such talent on their side:

    1. How come no clear policy on rising cost of living and burgeoning national debt CANNOT be properly addressed ?

    2. How come no clear economic policy can be identified with respect to removing the CESS ?

    3. What economic theory informs Mascot call for Barbadians to stop buying lunches from small vendors ?

    The BLP strategy is to push this intellectual muck so that Owen and his cohorts can continue to have the – fat $ 750,000.00 CHEQUES deposited to his PERSONAL bank account !

    We all noticed how Owen SWEATED, PANTED, STAMMERED and SH*T his pants when David DISCLOSE the filth on the floor of our Parliament !

    Be ALWAYS vigilant Barbadians……….!!

  3. Anonymous

    Long ago I identified the capacity of Bajans
    to take and absorb AMAZING amounts of shXt!

    It is quite incredible how much pure ram-goatery Bajans will put up with!

  4. True Native

    Jerome, (or Someone), please fill me in on the $75,000.00 cheque that allegedly found its way into Owing’s bank account? I must have missed out on the original story, so I don’t know what it’s all about.

  5. When I made the suggestion about posting the manifestos online for all to see, I felt it was important because it gives the electorate a chance to compare and contrast promised vs. actual performance of the political parties.

    Furthermore, I think alot of Barbadians easily forget their past, are easily distracted and led astray. Let’s get hold of these manifestos and do some research and reading of our own so that when the next elections come around, we’ve formed our own independent thoughts and opinions and we can make the right choice, be it BLP, DLP (or PEP?)

  6. Jaded as HELL!

    I simply don’t get it.
    You guys are treating a political Manifesto like it’s some sorta real-real promise or something,
    and fully expecting promises to materialise!

    Ladies and gentlemen: this is POLITICS!
    Manifestos are like comic books – not to taken seriously.

    I really don’t see the point of comparing Manifesto BS
    with actual performance and delivery, a decade or more later.
    – You like crying over spilt milk?

    What’s all athe hand-wringing now, gonna do for you??
    What is the point?
    Manifesto’s are ‘water under the bridge’, man,
    so like..get over it !

    And when the new Manifesto’s are printed, you guys will again pore thru them like it’s God’s Word,self! ..ever led to the slaughter by what you read in the book,
    just like the X-ian bible that holds you all to the weirdest of beliefs!
    I suppose the latter does pre-dispose you to the former..

  7. concerned

    Jaded as HELL! You said “Manifestos are like comic books – not to taken seriously.”

    You worry me.

    By making the above comment you are saying that you do not believe anything our leaders say, not even in writing.

    Do you really believe that we can no longer place any trust in the people we are paying to run our country?

  8. Royalrumble

    It is amazing the nonsense that people talk when their backs are up against the wall. How can you take an exceptional case and try to make it the rule. What utter nonsense. Because a few Ministers of Finance were not economists does not nulify the fact that an economist is not essential in running an economy.

    Would it be sound argument or should we make it the rule that because a few persons have opted to represent themselves in the law courts that we should do away lawyers? It would be a travesty to think such.

    The Dems would seek comfort in this folly simply because they do not have a credible econmist amongst them. My advice is that you should be careful not to set the bar of professional worth in this country so low as to reduce the value of our professionals to the level of insignificance and ignorrance.

  9. Pogo

    $750,000 into Owen’s own account that we know about plus plus what we don’t know?

    It has been proven over time and history that is not possible to run a country for the good of the common person when the first thing a politician or government worker thinks about when making a decision is how much goes in his or her own pocket. Then, right after that comes the lies and cover up.How can anyone willing to do that behaviour be relied on to do that is best for the country?

    Don’t matter if we have leaders who are economists, preachers, scholars, or construction workers. If they don’t lead by honest example then it all goes bad.

    If you are out to make a dollar first and foremost we don’t need or want you in government.

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Royalrumble you clown, based on the evidence that we are seeing and the amount of nonsense that the so called trained economist have been doing I think maybe they are not the best suited to carry out the job in the first place.
    To have an economist as we have in Owing and for him to have us in this much hell we may do well to avoid the profession like the plague, remember his cheque, the land at holders, the slot machine deal with Washington ,Nicholls Johnson the commission on the new Jail should I go on or have I proved my point as yet?
    What do you have to tell us about this Cheque for the tidy sum of $ 750,000.00 that Owing deposited to his account.

  11. John

    … Professor Suzuki in the Central Bank Lecture of 2004 more or less said that an economist running an economy will doom that economy.

    Can’t find the reference on the Nation web site so if someone is at the Nation Library, check out Prof Suzuki’s comments in question time.

    As I understood it I believe he was saying that the disaster comes because the economist hasn’t got the slightest clue about the linkages of the Environment to the economy.

  12. Jerome Hinds

    Hi Folks,

    I just popped over to the BLP blog and REALISED that Ian Gill ( a.ka. Stupid Cupid…POLITICALLY ) has a sure VOTE when the bell RINGS……!!

    Check out the link on the BLP blog that says :

    Ian Gill on Response to Critics of our Website

    Take a read…..!!!
    Kerron Adamson Says:

    October 14th, 2006 at 10:59 pm
    Congratulations to Ian Gill !I just recently learned that Ian Gill may be my half brother.This is not an attempt at any sort of scandal.My father,Keith Clyde Adamson Sr. told me in conversation tonight that my half brother was running for politics in barbados.In researching the topic on the internet and scanning different articles for pictures,I saw various articles stating he won.I only wanted to find out if we looked alike.I have no idea if my father has maintained contact with Mr.Gill or if Mr.Gill even knows of him.As for me,I’m a firefighter paramedic in Tampa Bay,Florida USA.I have a wife and three kids and a fourth on the way.I would love to receive a return response……..if not,God Bless and good luck in politics.Stay away from the interns,female or othertwise,your half brother, Kerron Adamson.
    Ian Gill Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 3:15 pm
    Hi, This nis your brother responding to you. It is warm to see that my brother would try to make contact with me. My son is who has made me aware of this letter so I’m apologising for taking so long to respond. My contact numbers r 1-246-434-0827/1-246-228-9120 or 1-246-236-0929

    Jerome Hinds Says:

    March 21st, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Ian Gill you still tiefing ?

    The Vauxhall Senior Citizens home is NOT finished yet…..!!!

    Ian Gill too bad………….YOU HAVE SUCKOOED…….!!!

  13. concerned

    Jerome Hinds says “The Vauxhall Senior Citizens home is NOT finished yet…..!!!”

    How can you say that when people moved in since last November? The renovations were done.

    Was Ian Gill responsible for the home?

  14. Patrick Porter

    Dipper Barrow was a far better economist than Owing would ever be. He had the country not owing a penny and when he had to clamp down he did so. And he was not even a high fluten economist. Royalrumble you can talk some bear s***e. Jus because you see the Bees going down the tubes you talking bear foolishness. The Finance Minister in Canada is not an economist and neither have the last 4. So don’t give me that c**p that they have to be.
    The Bees know they are going through the door and can’t accept it
    Why don’t you admit you are barking up the wrong tree like I did with Sandiford and move on. You can not always follow sonething when it is going wrong, you have to admit when mistakes are made and not be so stupid as to folow along blindly
    Not meant as an insult just to wake you up

  15. Warrior

    wwaaiiitt!!! my boy Royal Rumble slip back in. he get up after that count out. Glad to see yuh back rumbly. You like you can take a licking and still keep going. Where you be, Miami, Brasil, London, Scotland, New York???. Any where Lord Forquat can’t get his hands on you.

    better watch for Jerome, he watching for you.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    concerned, says,

    ” Jerome Hinds says “The Vauxhall Senior Citizens home is NOT finished yet…..!!!”

    How can you say that when people moved in since last November? The renovations were done.

    Was Ian Gill responsible for the home? ”

    Concerned, unfortunately under this BLP government occupation of an institution does not mean ALL is well on the inside….!!


    1. Vauxhall Senior Citizen Home, though occupied as you claim, several repairs are to be carried out STILL on tiles, roofing and handrails….!!

    2. Geriatric Hospital several beds have to be moved because many rooms NOT fit for patients……!!!

    3. QEH although patients on the INSIDE, like you concerned many of us are SCARED to become patients there….!!!

    4. What about workers at the Animal Control Unit….did you see the pictures in the Weekend Nation of 2007 -03- 16….???

    Did you READ the Minister’s response to those workers PLIGHT….???

    Ian Gill was a contractor on the Vauxhall home…..!!!

  17. Jerome Hinds

    Sunday, January 28th, 2007…11:03 pm

    Whoopee! Barbados Goes Slow On Promised Public Worker Backpay

    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ),says on,

    January 29th, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    When all the small cheap political talk is done public servants will get almost $80. mill in their hands. No other governments has been so caring in the past. Under them crooked SOB’s that form the last poor excuse we had for a government public servants were being sent home, their homes were being sold off, their had to contribute to their own severance and all the rest of the stinkingness that the Dems put them through. Bailiffs hounded them down everyday.

    Then Thompson had the audacity to walk around this country and boast that the only thing a bailiff could asked he is the time of the day.

    Up to this day nobody in Barbados can tell what happen to the $100. mill that them crooks barrowed from Barclays de Zoete WEDD Limited.

    I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune.

    Royalrumble ( a.ka Judas ),

    You contributed the above posting on this BFP site under the subject heading and date shown….!!!

    It was several weeks in advance of the recent Budget Day…..and little did WE know you were PLANNING to EXPOSE Owen…..!!!

    Now that the STORY have come to light I now take pleasure in UNRAVELLING your plans as outlined in your post above on this issue for others to see:

    1. Little did we REALISE that by saying BARCLAYS Bank….you were in essence MEANING First Caribbean Bank ( FCB ) – DUE TO THE MERGER – the location where the $ 750,000.00 LOOT was found on one of Owen private accounts…!!

    2. Little did we REALISE that your
    ” promise ” of ” I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune” WAS directly meant for David Thompson……..!!!

    Hence, this is how you BETRAYED Owen…..

    After noting how you come to this BFP site and POMPERSETT…..I could NOT believe that you…of ALL people would GIVE….David Thompson the DETAILS of OWEN’s $ 750,000.00 Bank Account Deposit…….of that Mega Six sized CHEQUE…….to STARTLE….OWEN in Parliament and pon National TV last Friday evening.

    Cud Dear, when I look at me Sun on Saturday of 2007-03-17 page 3, You and Owen LOOK like 2 FISH MONGERS…….LOITERING in the PRECINCTS of Parliament…….AFTER you give THOMPY the Bank Details to EMBARASS…Owen!!

    Yuh Brutus !

    I now see what is meant by the saying,

    ” Beware of the IDES of March ! “

  18. Royalrumble

    Warrior I must confess that I do not get the time to monitor this blog as often as I would love to. So when you miss me you can be sure that I am doing my business. Believe me when I say to you that nothing Jerome or anyone says on this blog can shake my spirit. I am much more fortified than that. In fact let me say this. If the conspiracy between thompy, Marson Gibbs and some of thompy social class friends in the BLP did not accomplish it’s desire effect then I dont see how words from Jerome can.

    Now to Jerome. If my PM only got $750,000, as you cliam to share between he and twenty nine other candidates vying for the election then I say that he has been short changed and that the funds were insufficient. You can not be serious about fighting an election with an opponent who is receiving $3mill to run their campaigne and you getting only $750,000. That is chicken feed.

    Now I understand how the dems can pay their lackies $250. 00 per week to call in on the call-in programmes, pay all these people to run up and the country behind thompy, like at the reopening of the Independence Square and to write letters in the press. Although in spite of all of that his ratings in the opinion poll plummets. So for all this hightened activity and show of support for the leader, Barbadians who can not be bought are saying he is not our man.

    After the coming election Thompy will be the coolest “little brown girl in the ring”. Showing his motion to anyone who would watch. What a fitting analogy for Hoyte to use to discribe him.

  19. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ),

    Just as we expected, a Shame less Bold-Faced brat like you WOULD no doubt applaud Owen for putting away the $ 750,000.00 cheque in his private bank account…….only for the benefit of a selected few – you included…..!!!

    In the post above you stated the following,

    ” If my PM only got $750,000, as you cliam to share between he and twenty nine other candidates vying for the election then I say that he has been short changed and that the funds were insufficient. ”

    Unfortunately, the thousands of us out here HEARD and SAW the Prime Minster admit on television to the existence of the $ 750,000.00 cheque and the account where it was on…..sooo……you are again LYING when you write in your post above ” If my PM only got $750,000, as you cliam to…..”

    I Jerome HINDS, never CLAIMED anything about the $ 750,000.00…..it was OWEN who ADMITTED to having the CHEQUE…!!

    You still need to clear the air on why you gave David Thompson the details about the Bank Robbery….!!!

  20. Royalrumble

    Thanks for reminding me Jerome that I had promised to let bloggers know of the bank robbery of the last DLP regime.

    How many Barbadians are aware that this BLP government is today paying back one of the most highest interest rates payments on one of the longest loans currently in our loan portfolio?

    It all started in December of 1990 when the Dems when to the House Of Assembly and got permission to borrow the sum of 30 million pounds from Barclays de Zoete WEDD. My document shows Lawson Weekes and Marcus Jordon signing off on the resolution on December 11, 1990.

    The loan carries an interest rate of 13.5%, the highest in our loan portfolio and is for a period of twenty five (25) years. Purpose for the loan was as follows: 1. Airport Development
    2. Road construction
    3. Coastal Conservation

    The numinal value of the loan at the time stood at $111,800,000 of which 25% was mandated to be held in investments for a period of four years as a condition to the loan.

    What remains a mystery is on what has the loan been spent. All Barbadians know that the Dems did not repair one road during 1990 to 1994 when they were eventually kicked out of office. It was the BLP who refurbished the airport from monies borrowed and a quick check with Coastal Coservation Commission would reveal that during 1990 to 1994 the Dems did not pursue any programme in coastal conservation. The 30 million pound question is today where has the money gone to? What was it spent on? Did the Dems go back to the House for a change of use of the money, as is required by law? In whose pocket does that money now reside.

    This has got to be the biggest bank robberry in the history of this country. The disgusting thing about it is that the tax payers of Barbados are burdened with the servicing of this debt. Of even greater disgust is the fact that when the BLP government attempted to renegotiate the loan in order to lower the burden on tax payers the Bank refused and hence this country continues to be burdened by the high debt service (13.5% per annum) occasion by an enept DLP government.

    This is the same DLP who would today want to fool Barbadians that they are concerned about our debt position. How can they feel comfortable knowing that poor working class Barbadians are today paying such a burden so that they can live lavish lifestyles. Just look at the size and cost of the big jeep thompy now drives and the mutiple digits in his bank accouts. Taxpayers are paying for that.

    We can do nothing about it now but God help them and long may their days be in opposition.

  21. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble ( a.k.a Judas ) MENTIONS,

    1. Airport Development
    2. Road construction
    3. Coastal Conservation
    You still have to purge your SOUL some more….!!!

    2 of those 3 projects you mention above are the very same ones the BLP has used to COMMIT the bank robbery you speak of…..!!!

    Which 2….???

    1. Airport Development – Millions Fly Way…!!!

    2. Road construction – Millions Fly – Over…!!!

    ****** Coastal Conservation – Millions – required to SAVE our beaches…..!!! HELP is needed….!!!

    And you would notice that after Owen’s budget the Hoteliers are still calling for attention to be paid to Coastal Conservation…!!!

    1. We KNOW you told Thompy……..but tell us who gave Owen the $ 750,000.00 cheque and for what PURPOSES….???

    2. Tell us WHICH part of Owen desk does the FBI file occupy….???

    3. Why does Owen pay you from the proceeds of the $ 750,000.00 cheque to keep QUIET on the Louis Lynch School report….???

    4. US $ 15 million passed to Carnival Destiny by the BLP….while our hotels REMAIN empty…WHY….???

    Remember, it is you and the BLP in the DOCK……in 2007 an estimated 45% of the ELECTORATE…….ready for CHANGE…!!!

    Judas…..What time is it…???