Barbados Hotel Association Official: “Too Soon To Predict Cricket World Cup Losses…”

Auntie Moses always says that putting on a happy face can do no harm.

That’s true, Auntie – but although the bank is pleased to see your happy face, they still require cash for the mortgage payment at the end of each month.

From Radio Jamaica…

Barbados Optimistic Despite Low CWC Arrivals

In Barbados although players in the tourist industry have not seen the expected high numbers they are still hopeful that this will change as the tournament continues.

Executive Vice President of the Barbados Hotel Association, Sue Springer, says it is too soon to predict losses.

“When people rush to say that things have gone wrong Barbados is yet to host one major match. We don’t actually start the Cricket World Cup until April 11. We had wonderful warm up matches that were very well organized and it went off very well. So you see I don’t believe in projecting doom and gloom I believe in dealing with reality,” said Ms. Springer.

… continue reading of Ms. Springer’s optimism at Radio Jamaica (link here)


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26 responses to “Barbados Hotel Association Official: “Too Soon To Predict Cricket World Cup Losses…”

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Anyone with a grain of intelligence would have studied the games that Barbados were hosting and planned accordingly.
    I am sure that Ms Springer is correct in terms of the period 11-28 April and a few days either side.

    What is worrying, is the fall-off in visitor arrival prior to this period.

    Yesterday afternoon (the normally busy peak period) Grantley Adams looked like a quiet Summer day.

    I met the AA1089 (Miami) and VS29 (Gatwick) and there were over 200 empty seats on Virgin and two thirds empty on American.

    Even if ‘we’ are full over the 11-28 April period, it is going to be difficult to recover the losses experienced prior.

    And still no-one has explained the US$15 million subsidy to charter Carnival Destiny.

    There had better not be a single empty hotel by the time it arrives.

  2. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    You are as usual up very early. I’ve never managed a hotel, but from what I see of your hours, it is no easy go.

    Good morning, friend… but for me, it is now to bed after a long night at work, and an even harder day on Tuesday.


  3. Justasking

    Adrian, this ” US$15 million subsidy to charter Carnival Destiny”, is it a subsidy or some kind of guarantee. I never quite understood what it was about. Maybe I missed the deatils when it was debated in Parliament, which I think it was.

  4. Qrtx/5D2^

    The Final Accounting of the losses (or profits?)
    won’t be available until the first week in May, at least, and so we wait with ‘bated breath for the news.

  5. Patrick Porter

    It depends on who is in the final. If it is SA and Australia, then the occupancy will not reach the expected numbers. If it is say the UK and another team say the Winidies then you will do well, as the Brits always support their own
    But as I have said before this should have been seen a long time ago and not waited until a few days before the event to suddenly find out

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Hi! Marcus…
    get some sleep.


    I really am not sure.

    If the ship is ‘80%’ sold, then I cannot see any reason for a guarantee or subsidy.
    Don’t forget the Destiny will leave Barbados and visit other islands, so are their respective Governments also contributing?

    Cricket takes place between 11 and 28th April, so
    a maximum 17 days EVEN if it was moored here all the time. Take 7 days out for other islands and that leaves 10 days with 1300 cabins at a subsidy
    of US$1, 153 per cabin per night.

    Is the taxpayer really subsidising each cabin (occupied or not) by US$1,153 per night?

    80% sold, so 260 unoccupied cabins at US$1.153
    = US$299,780 just for the empty cabins.

    Someone has to reveal the true picture!

  7. Freebie?

    IF there are un-occupied DESTINY cabins,
    and I’m a contributing Bajan Taxpayer,
    does that entitle me to a free night or two, on board?

    Just for the experience? and to “get back some of my taxpayer Dollars” ??
    Sounds like MY Gov’t. is paying USD1,100 for an empty cabin…I might as well ketch a lil rest in it, even if I have to pay for breakfast when I wake up, but presumably that too would be included in an $1,100-a-night room, you’d think!

  8. Wishing in Vain

    What must not be missed here is that even if we are fully booked for the two weeks that there are going to be matches in Barbados the loss of revenue leading up to this period will far exceed the revenue gained from CWC so if this is the case what really have we achieved by hosting the CWC in the busiest period of our tourism season?
    This damage is already done during this period of our season.
    Minister Lynch needs to respond to a few things that he has had a hand in and let us start with the need to explain fully to the public his terms and conditions of the charter of Carnival Destiny and the expected occupancy levels of the said vessel and the expected occupancy levels of the hotel plant on the island, also is this charter at the exclusive cost Barbadian taxpayers or has this cost been shared with the Gov’t of St.Lucia who is benefiting from the use of this vessel.
    We also need Minister Mia Biter Mottley to tell us what was going thru her head when they set about setting up a Visa requirement and then only opened offices with less than 3 months to go to the start of the CWC, was this a requirement set in place by the George Bush Gov’t when she was in consultation with the FBI and the CIA in Bridgetown on the CWC if this happens to be the case she and the Gov’ts of the region should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to take place.
    To Owing I thought that when you stepped into the picture to take control of the planning for CWC and you told us the taxpayers that you were going to make sure everything was taken care off for a smooth CWC we believed you then but look at where we are today with your involvement in this planning we are in deep S–t and it appears that none of you in cabinet are conscious or even the slightest bit concerned about the level of damage you have by your lack of sensible thought inflicted onto the tourism industry of this island.
    I will say again in any other democatic society all three of you all would have resigned and made way for people who are capable of working thru serious issues and arriving at sensible solutions, but instead we are forced to listen to you all grandstanding and praising yourselves and patting yourselves on the back while everything else around you is falling apart thats a Gov’t that cares for you isn’t it lord help us if they did care for us I wonder where we would be?
    PS you also need to apologise to the people of Barbados for the misuse of Gov’t funds in your election bid with Bostic playing Santa Claus in the Kensington and areas around there, this is a sickening display of arrogrance on you behalf.

  9. Patrick Porter

    Wishing in Vain

    Man Santa does come nuff times around election. He does come in different shpaes and sizes, bringing he corned beef and biscuits and some ESA Fields see thru. The honey makers real busy, I think the cat coming out of the bag and it gine scratch up all the honey makers that try and put it back in. Rmeember the old Bajan saying “Foots don decieve muh” well that is ESA and he friends

  10. Wishing in Vain

    And yes the CIA the FBI have been involved in this planning of CWC so this is not a question without some basis.They are very deeply involved in the security arrangements of CWC many meetings were held in Barbad0s of which the same Mia the Biter Mottley was part of hence the question, was it a late request by the US Gov’t to request the Visas and we were forced to oblige?

  11. True Native

    Patrick, could I ask you very kindly not to refer to Owing and his crowd as the “honey makers”? What honey do they make for Heaven sake? Wouldn’t it be better to call them the stinging bees?

  12. Patrick Porter

    True native
    , can’t you see that I am being very sarcastic. I thought that would have ben understood

  13. BK

    It is my understanding that smart cards were to be used as a way to identify people moving across the 10 islands hosting the CWC, obviously that idea went belly-up. Maybe Minister Eastmond can let us know what became of that idea.

  14. Patrick Porter

    The visa thing was a money grab by the various governments and it has backfired

  15. La De Da

    A lot of us are crying over spilt milk.–Of course Barbados will get hotel guests in the super 8 and final stages, but not nearly as much as we were misled to beleive.– What worries me is that the world beleives this to be one place (CARIBBEAN) when we all down here know and beleive that we are seperate and really can’t see eye to eye on much (except the West Indies cricket team). A very LARGE problem will descend on us all if the Pakistan cricket coach turns out to have been murdered (poisoned or whatever) –So the powers that be had better stand by for some serious damage control.

  16. Patrick Porter

    La De Da

    You have a very good point back in the 70’S when all the troubles in Trinidad and Jamaica were happening. Barbadis spent a washpan of money to say we were not part of Jamaica or Trinidad. Actually I have been asked in Canada what part of Jamaica I am from. So very good point

  17. The only “losses” our hotels will incur over the CWC period will be the profits they unwisely counted as already being in the cash register, which did not materialise.

    If you anticipate 100% occupancy and only achieve 70%, have you “lost” the amount you had hoped to earn on the empty 30%? I think not. You will make a profit on the 70% rooms sold, but much less than you had hoped/expected.

  18. John

    True Native

    Maybe Patrick should refer to them as the “money makers”, not the “honey makers”. …. but “stinging bees” works too!

  19. Patrick Porter


    I used the word honey makers in that they are making honey for themselves

  20. Patrick Porter

    Fellas I want to put a copy of a letter my wife wrote this morning to the Nation, it will not be published, but I would like all of you to see it.

    I have just finished reading Mr. Hoads article, which I look forward to reading every Friday before I start at work
    Today it has left me in tears as I was so moved by what he was saying and it saddened me to think that one day there will be no Barbados for Bajans-not for my husband, not for my children and not for my grandchildren. They will have no place to go to call theirs-it will all be sold out from under them to foreigners and they will be outcasts in their own land
    I remember when I first went to Barbados in 1974 as a tourist with my mother, how simple life was then. People were happy with their living conditions, mother were home with their children
    Today when we go back for our annual visit, we see people dashing here and everywhere in their big able cars, traffic everywhere and men and women trudging off to their jobs, school children misbehaving on the streets and at bus stops supposedly on their way to school
    I am sure that Mr. Barrow must be turning over in his grave right now when he sees what has become of Barbados. It is not the same island it was that is for sure and it is not better than it was, that is for sure.You may have more material goods, but at what cost. You have lost your soul to the devil and the government is making sure you don’t get it back
    God bless Bim and watch over that lttle peice of heaven on earth. Bajans wake up and stop the pillage and rape of the island now.

    My wife is not one for writing letters to papers but she is so upset at what is happening at home even though she navel string ain’t bury there
    Just thought I would share it with all of you.

  21. Rumplestilskin

    So, with India now out of the CWC how many visitors from that continent are we expecting?

    The ‘minnows’ who have got through, good for them, do not have the size, cricket following and wealth of India. Thus, we can now expect a further shortfall of those Indian fans who would have come just to support their team. Trips can be cancelled quite easily.

    Obviously a result that could not have been planned for, but a reality nevertheless.

  22. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, sad though it is, the Pakistan’s coach murder appears to be less than specifically a CWC problem and more a worldwide cricket problem.

    Whether caused by the gambling underworld or by overzealous and ruthless fans, it is a cricket problem that did not begin nor end with CWC.

    The most likely repercussion at this stage is a special worldwide investigation into cricket gambling and manipulation, if early allegations/reports are to be believed. Such an investigation would probably be convened after CWC.

  23. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, sad though it is, the demise of the Pakistan coach appears to be less than specifically a CWC problem and more a worldwide cricket problem.

    Whether caused by the gambling underworld or by overzealous and ruthless fans, it is a cricket problem that did not begin nor end with CWC.

    The most likely repercussion at this stage is a special worldwide investigation into cricket gambling and manipulation, if early allegations/reports are to be believed. Such an investigation would probably be convened after CWC.

  24. Adrian Loveridge


    I can tell you are not a hotelier.

    Your argument is not very logical I am afraid!

    If occupancy is between 15 and 20% lower than normal over a five or six week period, the revenue, not just for the hotels but also the entire industry (taxis, car rentals, restaurants, attractions, activities etc), cannot be made-up for the period that covers seven days of cricket.
    You also have to deduct from national earnings the US$15 million subsidy to Carnival Corporation
    and the loss in taxes/duties on allowing them to import consumables at no cost.

    US$15 million or BDS$30 million is effectively the VAT element on nearly BDS$700 million worth of land based accommodation or close to HALF the total earnings from tourism annually.

    Think about it!

    And what about the Air India charters?

    Is there a taxpayer cost element to these?

  25. John

    If the Air India charters have not happened yet they may never happen. India is on the verge of being kicked out of the World Cup.

    Can’t see many Indian fans travelling all the way here to cheer for Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka or the West Indies and New Zealand.

    Who knows, maybe Bermuda will beat Bangladesh.

  26. jinx oo7

    I know that is a cricket lovers paradise but honestly i think that the dolllars would have been better spent in making the QEH a state of the art medical facility.., giving the people better roads since time eternal ( thanks “World Cup”), looking into ECO TOURISM..(See Dominica?)…., Recycling of garbage, an adequate Sewage Treatment Plant (our current one can´t seem to handle it ,since the overflow of “treated sludge”(believed to be a health hazard the world over, is dumped on our precious land ) and of course improving our terrible “service attitudes”( Every one should go to a finishing school) or Refer to your dictionary for the meaning of SERVICE , not to be confused with servitude!