Barbados Government To Pay For Sweet Little Girl’s Cleft Lip Surgery


For Now: Good

Later: The fight for free health care for all citizens will continue. How there could have been any discussion at all about whether government should pay for Nicollet Mayer’s surgery is beyond our belief.

Original BFP story: Sweet Little Girl Needs Surgery To Correct Cleft Lip – Barbados Hospital Won’t Operate Unless Paid Up Front


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3 responses to “Barbados Government To Pay For Sweet Little Girl’s Cleft Lip Surgery

  1. Patrick Porter

    How could anyone not look at that little girl and not have some feelings for her. This is what annoys me about governments, they take all and when the time comes, such as this they don’t want to help. I am very happy that the Government is doing this for her, after what she and her grandmother went through. This is one time that I have to support the government, even though it mey be for other reasons they did it. But at least they did something

  2. DFX

    Well it looks like I got to eat some humble pie today!
    I am so happy to see that the Government is picking up the tab for this child to have her operation. Congratulations on a GOOD decision! Keep making them now!

  3. promises

    given this governments record, lets wait to celebrate when she has had her operation(s) and is smiling. Promises are aplenty and performance sadly wanting.