Constitutional Amendment 2007 – A Crime In Progress (part 3 of 3)


(Part 3 of 3 about the Constitutional Amendment Act of 2007.)

OK Owen and the rest of you. The truth is out. You have been caught in your parliamentary skullduggery red handed. The only honourable way out is for you to do what kids are made to do in school these days when they have been bad. Own up. Apologize. Tell the truth about how bad things are and how we might fix them.

Here is what you can do to regain some credibility and make us think you are leaders that can start finding a way to work out of the financial mess this country is in.

When you introduce the bill in Parliament admit that it is flawed and needs further study. (editor: too late for that now – it has already been rammed through) Then with the time you save which was going to be used for ‘debate’ i.e. glorious and misleading speeches about what a great thing this amendment is, please stand up and answer the following questions in simple and plain English:

How much does the country owe today?

How much debt has the country guaranteed?

How much money is required each month to service those debts?

What are the country’s expenses each month i.e. how much does it pay out each month not counting debt servicing?

How much money does the country collect each month from all sources?

If the net is negative i.e. more is going out than coming in (don’t fib here we know it is true) – how are you going to bridge the gap?

If the answer is to borrow more to bridge the gap then how much more and tell us how this reliance on debt to service debt cycle is going to stop before Barbados is bankrupt?

How are we going to pay back the debt? How long will it take?

Answer those questions publicly and sit down after an honest day’s work. We really don’t need you changing the accounting rules. We need to know right now just how much trouble we are in.


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  1. Jerome Hinds

    Read below, Mia’s strategy for Owen after today’s pathetic budget presentation….!!


    AT IT’S BEST !!!

    >> >>>
    >> >>>Owen Arthur was sitting on the beach at

    Six Men’s looking sadly.
    >> >>>
    >> >>>Three of his most influential women in

    the Cabinet were walking past and felt

    sorry for him.
    >> >>>
    >> >>>Liz Thompson asked: “Have you ever had a

    >> >>>
    >> >>>Owen said: “No,” so she gave him a hug

    and walked on.
    >> >>>
    >> >>>
    >> >>>Billie Miller asked: “Have you ever had a

    >> >>>
    >> >>>Owen said: “No,” so she gave him a kiss

    and walked on.
    >> >>>
    >> >>>Mia Mottley walked over to him and

    whispered in his ear:
    >> >>>
    >> >>>”Have you ever been f****d?”
    >> >>>
    >> >>>Owen looked up in amazement and

    said “No”
    >> >>>
    >> >>>She smiled and said: “You will be when the

    VOTES comes in next General Election….!”

  2. paul sealy

    Boy this guvmunt could fool people nah….for the simps that believe that the IMF will never come knocking on our door i guess you know how the debt will be repaid because from previous posts some don’t sound worried,and as for this bill that paves the way for the new dictatorship we will experience,the bajan public can sit back and do nothing ,but when you realise you have no more liberties here it will be to late to even protest cause such things will not be allowed under the new regime,hell when this goes through even typing opinions on blogs about how government is doing things will be a thing of the past.

  3. paul sealy


  4. Michele

    With all that’s going on on that island, I would like to know why?

    Why are people not coming together and making enough noise, to make this Owen sweat?

    Why the DLP don’t play as dirty as the BLP has in the past, by letting the people know what the hell is going on? From what little I get on what’s going on in that Country everyone is saving their own behinds.

    The everyday Joe who goes out and vote because of all the lies and sweet talk, don’t have a clue.

    That Joe and his family don’t have a PC in the house, has he not got the right to know what is going on? I think he has a right to know, that he and his family are going to be in such a bad place when Owen is done with them. As a Country don’t any of you think the for the sake of yourselves that at this time some action is much better than all of these words? When you know better you do better, you have information time to spill the beans.

  5. paul sealy

    Bajans are passive Michele..i have proven this time and time is only the youth that are rebels,as for David he is waiting for his turn to be a piggy,face it girl those who have sense know that the end is near for this beautiful island,back to the days of riding donkeys and pushing box carts..its only a matter of time..ever heard of Cuba..ask Owen about that place he is a friend of Fidel you know.

  6. De Orginal

    Well my friends i hope you guys have been listening to the budget speech yesterday. I hear elections no wonder we trying to hide financial mismanagement. I wonder where all this money for these grandoise new ideas coming from. Public servants and the general population suffering and the Pm offering the boys on the block more money. In Barbados it seems to pay if you decide not to work because the Barbados Labour Party government seems to be encouraging mendicancy. I stand waiting to place my X along with all the other bajans.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    He seems to be pandering to the rich in this country having reduced the the property transfer tax to 2.5 % this will surely receive the praises of the likes of COW the Fearless’s the Pemberton’s with that new big project called Paradise.
    Way to go Owing keep lining the dollars from these rich boys, this is sickening indeed pandering to the rich for election funding, there is absolutely no reason to reduce the taxes on these mega million dollar deals this is one way to get some money into the treasury but instead he reduces it to ease these rich boys the ones who can certainly afford to pay it. what a clown this man is at our expense.

  8. paul sealy

    Do some research on the NEW WORLD ORDER guys and you will see why we have to confirm to these i said it is bigger than Owen..remember,the globalists run the world.

  9. Pogo

    Good questions BFP and we need answers. Budget was many promises but no mention of how to pay for all of this.
    All the new accounting reminds us of Enron by doing all sorts of deals that don’t show up on the books.

  10. David

    A friend sent this.
    Here is investopedia:

    An accounting method that measures the performance and position of a company by recognizing economic events regardless of when cash transactions occur. The general idea is that economic events are recognized by matching revenues to expenses (the matching principle) at the time in which the transaction occurs rather than when payment is made (or received). This method allows the current cash inflows/outflows to be combined with future expected cash inflows/outflows to give a more accurate picture of a company’s current financial condition.

    Accrual accounting is considered to be the standard accounting practice for most companies, with the exception of very small operations. This method provides a more accurate picture of the company’s current condition, but its relative complexity makes it more expensive to implement. This is the opposite of cash accounting, which recognizes transactions only when there is an exchange of cash.

    he need for this method arose out of the increasing complexity of business transactions and a desire for more accurate financial information. Selling on credit and projects that provide revenue streams over a long period of time affect the company’s financial condition at the point of the transaction. Therefore, it makes sense that such events should also be reflected on the financial statements during the same reporting period that these transactions occur.

    For example, when a company sells a TV to a customer who uses a credit card, cash and accrual methods will view the event differently. The revenue generated by the sale of the TV will only be recognized by the cash method when the money is received by the company. If the TV is purchased on credit, this revenue might not be recognized until next month or next year.

    Accrual accounting, however, says that the cash method isn’t accurate because it is likely, if not certain, that the company will receive the cash at some point in the future because the sale has been made. Therefore, the accrual accounting method instead recognizes the TV sale at the point at which the customer takes ownership of the TV. Even though cash isn’t yet in the bank, the sale is booked to an account known in accounting lingo as “accounts receivable,” increasing the seller’s revenue.

    I can’t understand how the change of auditing systems could reduce the figures of our budget, unless the difference was allocated into last year. This doesn’t seem to be the case, from what I read. So although I understand the systems, I’m not clear on how the auditor general’s estimates could have been changed by 350 million by the change of systems. It’s strange to me, so I’m still thinking about it.

  11. Patrick Porter

    People I tell you yesterday to expect a corned beef and biscuits budget, well that is exactly what we got. Have not seen it fully, but the bit I got from the Newspapers, tells all
    My question is how is he going to pay for all for this?
    It seems like the middle class gets screwed again, the rich got what they want and the poor get scratch grain
    You know the old saying you can fool me once, but when you fool me the second time I am the fool. Have lots more to say after I get a chance to read the budget fully

  12. Patrick Porter

    I have a saying for you “Perception is 100% of production”
    Think on that for a while and think about Owing and his crew

  13. John

    Guess this is off topic and relates to the budget given by the Minister of Fine Ants but I think a major flaw is the contradiction between the Green Part and the Housing part.

    In the Housing Part he says something like this.

    The Government’s land bank of 535 acres (how can the Government have a land bank) is to be used to build 4000 houses. Let’s say a family of 4 resides in each new one and that they consume a cubic metre (265 gallons) of water a day. That translates to over one million gallons per day in water.

    Private developers will be given incentives directed at making sure the lands subdivided are converted into houses. He reckons the non conversion of land into houses has driven up prices and is to be discouraged. Also he says the luxury developers must provide for 25% low income housing. But the luxury houses consume (in one case I have seen) up to 30 times what I have assumed for the low income housing above. Most of this is used in irrigation.

    In the Green Part he says something like this.

    We must not use renewable resources at a faster rate than which they are renewed. No doubt he had in front of him, like all 30 MP’s (at least those who are present) had or will have in front of them the Economic and Social Report which would show that BWA reached a limit of water supply in 1996 and that in 2005, it actually supplied less than it did in 1996.

    I say the two parts are in conflict and that if the housing policy he enunciates is followed, then water outages for various areas will increase. He speaks to the quality of life but it is running water which is the major benefit which assures us of a high quality of life.

    The good thing is that he is actually recognising a problem, the bad thing is he hasn’t twigged yet.

    ….. and then there is the whole issue of Greenland which completely contradicts his green policy and makes one wonder if he isn’t just saying what he thinks people want to hear.

  14. Michele

    Okay people we have know for a long time, the Owen don’t think for himself as he is a monkey see monkey do man.

    Yes the Bajan public might be as passive as they get and do suffer from memory loss. If it is that the youth are the rebels, why not paint for them what the future is going to be like for them?

    How could you see what is coming and just say I told you so and not try something? Maybe I just think this way because I don’t live there having left it before I could even vote. I tell you something though if I was there I would be doing something I wouldn’t just watch and wait.

    I would like to hear what the DLP plan to do, I know they think that going out and meeting the people is enough. But they need to wake up and let the people know what’s going on warts and all.
    Telling poor people what they will do if they get in is not enough they need to tell the people how they could save them when the ship starts to sink.

    I like many Bajans who live and work in the cold and spend our money in Barbados, we are so in the dark as to what is going on. So we dream of going home to a good life , which to me is fast becoming a nightmare.

    I sure many people like myself would do whatever we could to save the island from those vultures, the love of Country runs deep when your not there.

    I ask again how much is being done so the everyday Joe sees sense?

    What does the DLP plan to do to let the people know about what is going on in the Country? And I’m not talking about the fun and games play talking that go on at mass meetings.

    Can the DLP call out Owen and his people for a well deserved woop ass and let the war of the words begin or you to afraid, and if so of what?

  15. Patrick Porter

    I have just read 114 million dollars for the enviroment. OK I agree with spending money on the enviroment, should have been done a long time ago, but here are a few simple things
    1. Use ethanol instead of gas, suggest we talk to Canada about supplying the grain etc, We have our own supply called sugar, let us talk to Brazil and get the info from them. They supplied us originally with the way to grow sugar properly back in the 1600s. So why go back to the source and get it from them. I think that they Government would save a lot of money following Brazil, they use 80% ethanol in their transport system now.
    2. No smoking in all enclosed areas as we have done in Canada. I am a smoker and it is a disgusting habit, wish I could break it. However I totally agree with our non smoking laws, but it takes guts to inplement it, I don’t think the Arthur Goverment has it
    3. Stop using disposable items, like plastic bottles etc. we in Ontario now have a green program, where the bottles are returned to the liquor store for 10 cents a bottle. When Iwas a young man everything was in glass bottles and we returned them for I think 2 cents in those days
    4. Stop using trans fat oils and go back to using oils like canola, which can be recycled
    5. Stop allowing boats to anchor where they want, this distroys our wonderful reefs I know there is a law against this, but is it really followed. I have read where the rich bring in their yachts and basically anchor where they want
    6. Now on to my favourite rant. Graham Hall Swamp. Where in God’s name does this Government get off trying to sell the people on a water park there
    It is a water shed and a wetland, the last Natural area left on the rock.
    So we should build a water park, a North American style water park. A couple of questions? 1. Where are we going to ge the water for the park, we don’ t have enough for the people and the visitors? If we are going to get it from the sea, then who is going to pay for it? I am sure that Owing will, as it will help out his buddies. Let me tell all of you something, when I come home I want the sea and not some North American style park. The sea is me just fine, as a boy and it does me just fine as a man. How many tourists do you think will use it 10% percent maybe and who will cover the costs when it runs into problems, the Bajan taxpayer. God have mercy, we are Bajans we copy enough crap from North America, we don’t need anymore influence. 2. What about the people that live there, they are supposed to put up with the noise and bad behaviour which follows these kind of things, or again it is another selling of our birthright for more money in the pockets of the Government ministers. Think people think, before our birthright is gone, and the Government boots come marching in

    Off topic. I see a new hospital is to be built, Ok, what I want to know . How much is it going to cost me to go there? I read a bit about it in the paper and myOH My were the Government happy about it. Instead fo fixing the QEH and St. Joseph’s they invited someone from outside to build a new one, which, I may say the same corn beef and biscuit crew will not be able to afford and will have to go to the QEH and wait for 10 hours in A&E while they die, so the minister can have all his perks and to hell with the average man on the street. My eyes are getting filled with tears and I must stop for now, at what I see going on makes me so sad to see a wonderful country and people ruined by greed and lack of concern

  16. Patrick Porter

    Michelle I suggest you subscribe to this site and go on the DLP website

  17. Michele

    Patrick I have been on the DLP website, did you think that I would get any answers there?

    I will say they had a good way of not responding to my questions.

    What is the point of it anyway, to have all the yes men on the island agreeing and no one asking questions? Will it be safe to say that it is a load of lip service going on on both sides?

    You know what I feel for Barbados, for no one has the interest of the people at heart. It’s every man for himself, and they all trying to save they own asses.

    The right kind of noise isn’t being made and alot of sugar coating going on . What do the DLP have to gain by not making the right noise and telling it as it is. Sorry Patrick I will not be a sucker I can find fault with both sides. I smell something bad, and it coming from both sides.

  18. Patrick Porter

    Hi Michelle

    You see I have faith in the DLP, as a founding member of the St. Joseph branch. I had a big row with them in the late 80’s and 90’s and actually left the party for awhile. But now I am back and intend from this long distance to keep them on the straight and narrow. Let me tell you something if anything happens that I don’t like I will be the first one to cry foul and you can believe me when I say that. I am not a person that cow tows to anyone. Got Tom Adams in trouble once and not afraid to do it to any member of the DLP. The people of Barbados are my people and I love them with all my heart and soul and should anything ever happen to hurt them it hurts me, then I will take the necessary action.

  19. Puzzled

    tell me something tho’, we fuh real. We a bunch of idiots?

    Time to get up and fight and some grousing. We gun really let these highway robbers (not robin hoods, hood robins) loot we and not bring dem to justice. We gun let them leave de country wid all we money and do nothin.

    We really got to be mad.

  20. paul sealy

    I understand what you are saying Michele,but as i said you need to have the knee in the face of the passive and constantly applying pressure for them to react and do something..a lot of women keep households going in Barbados and that is a fact,whether it be by inheritance,being married to a well off husband or a case of having four to five men,the money they receive trickle back down to needy family members..that is how a lot of bajan households survive…through women…so in most cases..when things are looking bleak women step in and are the heroes ….change will come with a devalued me..bajans will really wake up.

  21. Patrick Porter

    People Barbados has been raised by women, it has from the founding been a womans country. My brother and I were raised by our mother and grandfather. The women of Barbados are the true heros and they deserve all the respect that we can give them. Having said that the new trend in the new culture is not to respect women anymore but to disrespect them thru our various songs etc. It is a sad case of affairs. Maybe that is why the boychildren gettting out of hand because they listening to outside influences, telling them something that is alien to our country. Again I say hats off to the Bajan woman

  22. Warrior

    BFP where were you all along. I think I am getting giddy from this blogging but it seems that there is now an outlet to for the frustration and hopelessness that I feel concerning my nation. Thank you. Who ever you are.


    1. **Use ethanol instead of gas,
    *** we could put Owen and his men in tights to good use they have a lot of hot air anyhow.

    **Problem** We have our own supply called sugar, let us talk to Brazil and get the info from them. They supplied us originally with the way to grow sugar properly back in the 1600s. **Solution. Stop letting Granville (curse oops bless the crops).

    2. ****No smoking in all enclosed areas as we have done in Canada. ** Don’t let Mia hear you say that boy**

    3. **Stop using disposable items, **Owen and Beverley – oh no, wait, its Julie, yes Julie I mean having a new baby just now.

    5. Stop allowing boats to anchor where they want, this distroys our wonderful reefs **Simple….who the cow like he licks and who he don’t like he kicks.

    6. Now on to my favourite rant. Graham Hall Swamp. Where in God’s name does this Government get off trying to sell the people on a water park there. **we would have to put it on those crusie ships that Lynch ordered for the CWC 2007.

    **Off topic. I see a new hospital is to be built, Ok, what I want to know . How much is it going to cost me to go there? I read a bit about it in the paper and myOH My were the Government happy about it. Instead fo fixing the QEH and St. Joseph’s they invited someone from outside to build a new one, ** Seriously now can someone tell us what is out infant mortality rate again. I think things have changed and nobody told us.

    ** I must stop for now, at what I see going on makes me so sad to see a wonderful country and people ruined by greed and lack of concern** piggies at the trough, piggies at the trough


    U CALL IS Free Press, all this site is for is to make the BLP look bad, is this site coming form George St, the Opposition Office, St John, Dewsbury Hse Aquatic Gap or The Paling in “Carrington Vil”

    u all have to come with more like this

    “23 to 7” for the BLP 2008

    Owen win’s one more time 2008

    Going for Owen HA HA HA

    Owen to Hot for DLP

  24. The party that cried wolf

    The party that cried wolf

    HAVING read the DAILY NATION of January 11, I gather that Hartley Henry has a major problem with the picture which Standards and Poor’s (S&P’s) paints of Barbados for 2007. However, despite his attempt to put emotion in his message, his concern is understandable.

    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has been bellyaching for some time now that the economy is being badly managed and that Barbados has a debt crisis problem. That was before both Professor Frank Alleyne and the internationally respected S&P’s spoke, putting a lie to that nonsense.

    The truth is, the DLP’s pronouncement on the state of the Barbados economy has turned out to be nothing more than yet another in an apparently never-ending series of false alarms – to the extent that the DLP’s credibility on the Barbados economy has been shattered. Little wonder that that party has suddenly lost its tongue on the economy.

    Mr Henry must be aware that there is a simple but extremely serious message here, which has not escaped the attention of the electorate, but it has absolutely nothing to do with S&P’s. Think about it for a while.

  25. Best Government

    Best Government

    THE new and progressive Barbados Labour Party – under the dynamic, mature and caring leadership of Owen Arthur – is not the best Government in waiting because the Opposition Democratic Labour Party is weak, ineffective and not ready.

    But the Barbados Labour Party is the best Government in waiting because it has the most progressive, people-friendly policies; it has an excellent and unmatched record of service; it does not develop an allergic reaction to discipline and good order; it has a crystal clear vision for Barbados; it is led by the most trusted, respected and naturally-gifted politician in the Western Hemisphere; it has a unity team which is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable; and it also has a reserve of talented people within its ranks who are as exceptional as those who are already serving, whether in the Lower House of Parliament or the Senate.

  26. Owen the one for me

    Owen the one for me

    THE FORMER RULER of Barbados, the Democratic Labour Party – of “like it or lump it fame”, and who practise and have perfected “the politics of exclusion,” – now display public annoyance.

    They do so because, as part of a new governance arrangement, Prime Minister Owen Arthur has taken the people of Barbados into his confidence and has been having national, truthful conversations with them.

  27. Owen the one for me

    Unmasking of the DLP

    IT IS A BIT UNFAIR for persons to accuse David Thompson of not having a vision for Barbados. After all, he once announced a “bus fare and lunch money” employment creation strategy, and in recent times, in addition to a self-preservation “me first” philosophy, he has unveiled a selfish “fatted calf” economic distribution theory model, which has caused all right-thinking Barbadians to hang their heads in disapproval.

    Don’t fault them

    Therefore, one cannot fault those who are now convinced that three things best describe the opposition Democratic Labour Party. It is power hungry, has an unquenchable political thirst for State power, and is a party in a disorderly state of desperation.

    Little wonder that it has therefore not escaped an alert electorate that power is not a toy you put in the hands of a child, especially since power is an extremely lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

  28. Far better off

    Headline:Barbadians far better off under this Government

    IN WHAT can be best described as trademark Democratic Labour Party (DLP) arrogance, that party now alleges that it is ready to lead.

    This is not surprising. After all, the DLP, which is on record as having said that its first order of business would be to slaughter the fatted calf for its members – now alleges that it should be elected – not because it has a superior plan or vision for Barbados, but simply because this present administration – despite having done more in this third-term than the two before – is tired.

    The facts are that even if the party in office had only built 30 houses, that record would still be superior to that of the Democratic Labour Party.

    More concerned

    It is a historical fact that between 1991 and 1994, if housing was on the minds of anyone, it would have been simply because such people would have been more concerned whether they too would have lost their homes as a result of being placed on the breadline.

    It is precisely because there is new prosperity and unprecedented confidence among Barbadians today that they have money, or the capacity to buy a house at the market rate. This is a very good thing for which Prime Minister Arthur must be highly congratulated.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    BFP IS ALL ABOUT F”UP THE BLP Far better off Owen the one for me Best Government The party that cried wolf
    Really how many different names you plan on using ??
    BFP IS ALL ABOUT F”UP THE BLP no you have it totally wrong here the BFP is not about doing a job on the blp they have successfully managed to do all of this disaster to themselves the problem here is when Owing and Nicholls, Lynch, Bannister, Cox, Shorey et al were stealing they thought that they were the only ones that were rewriting corruption but meanwhile your whole cabinet is doing their own bits and pieces of stealing now the flood gates are opened no one knows where to turn to avoid being smeared.
    Sadly you and your gov’t will be shown in history to have stolen more and done less with your stolen money and raped this country to the hilt and what have got to show for your years of corruption and rape????? NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!