Interview With Barbados Taxi Driver Margaurita Haynes Published In South Africa

“We can’t take our rum or our picnics, not even a drink of water into the grounds. No plastic bottles…what is that for?” asks my taxi driver, Margaurita Haynes, one of only three lady taxi drivers in Bridgetown, she tells me proudly.

“The ticket prices are too high – we can’t afford them – and if we could then we can’t have a good time and watch the cricket like we have always done. And all the people who sell food and drinks around the ground, outside the ground, they been cleared away. They can’t earn their living any more during the World Cup. It’s not right, I mean, I don’t understand it, but it doesn’t seem right. My cousin has been selling flying fish outside the Kensington Oval for 20 years, now she can’t. But everyone tells us that the World Cup is for all the people of Barbados. It doesn’t feel like it,” says Haynes

... from Flying Fish Burger Reality – South African Super Cricket News

Neil Manthorp’s interview of Marguarita Haynes is but a small section of his insightful article. South Africa went through much of the same trials in 2003 that we’re facing now, but in the end it all worked out – according to Manthorp at least.

His article ends this way…

No doubt this will still be a lovely World Cup. But it will be a shame if the locals feel shunned and the traveling supporters remember the beaches and parties more than the games.

The new regulations, which are as much about making money as they are about security, cost the 2003 event its soul and robbed it of much of its South African flavour. Cricket in the Caribbean means dancing, drinking rum, playing music and having a party. It always has. The challenge for the ICC and event organisers is to make sure the restrictive regulations don’t rob the 2007 event of that magic.

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4 responses to “Interview With Barbados Taxi Driver Margaurita Haynes Published In South Africa

  1. they stole the fun from cricket. tanti merle cant even go to the oval and watch wid her picnic basket

  2. Can anyone advise the cost of a taxi from Barbados Airport to the Cricket Ground – Thanks

  3. Lady Anon

    From Bridgetown to St. Philip is about Bds$50 (US$25)…so I would budget for a about Bds$100 (US$50). It might work out to be less than that.

  4. Lady Anon

    Oh…and that is one way…