How Many Barbados Hotels Have Closed In The Last 12 Years?

BFP Readers – Can You Help?

The below is a list of hotels/apartments on Barbados that have closed over the last 12 years.

I am preparing a very important report on tourism development and would be very grateful if BFP readers are aware of any other properties I have not included.

1. Tropicana Beach Hotel
2. Kings Beach
3. The Regent
4. Glitter Bay
5. Paradise Beach
6. Sierra Beach
7. Apple Experience
8. Oasis
9. St. Lawrence Apartments
10. Eastry House
11. Sam Lords
12. Windsurf Beach
13. Club Rockley
14. Caribbee
15. Club Rockley
16. Coconut Creek
17. Little Paradise
18. Sunshine Beach Hotel
19. Fairholme Apartments
20. Sunhaven Beach Hotel

Very Many Thanks

Adrian Loveridge


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56 responses to “How Many Barbados Hotels Have Closed In The Last 12 Years?

  1. Claude

    Shouldn’t Silver Rock in Silver Sands be there too? If so it can be replaced with 13 or 15.

  2. Straight talk

    @ Adrian
    Robin’s Nest. St Philip
    Has Bananas gone or does it just look so?

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Thanks Claude, but Hotel and Resorts (GEMS) Ltd sold Silver Rock and it has recently re-opened at Silver Pointe Villa Hotel.
    Actual rooms are sold to individual buyers and then placed into an accommodation pool when owners not using them.
    As it technically re-opened I did not include this in the lost hotels list.

  4. Rumplestilskin

    Isn’t Smugglers Cove now gone too, I see a building site and it appears condos are going up now.

  5. ?/;

    ginger bay

  6. Rumplestilskin

    Reality is there are a multitude of reasons for these closures. I perceive the main ones to be as follows:

    – Barbados is expensive and thus it is naturally more difficult to compete with the Dominican Republics of the world. This, despite the ‘new breed’ big bucks golf and condo people who are an entirely different group entirely.

    – Not enough emphasis has been placed the the last two administrations on reviving Barbados’s hotel infrastructure. While allegedly money has been put into GEMS, such funds into a few entities instead of encouraging all potential investors to improve facilites via tax concessions etc would have been far more effective.

    – While no one would ask hotel workers to’cow-tow’ to tourists, the labour & service attitude here is below par generally. There are certainly examples of quality service, but I am speaking generally. This also goes for business at large. Staff act as if they are doing the customer a service by selling a good or performing a service for them, instead of the other way around. I know of one specific business that has lost customers through the rudeness of service staff, the business being comprised of a fairly simple product but staff and customer interaction is integral and staffmembers are rude, rude.

    – In relation to the above, the Unions have not come to an understanding or satisfactory appreciation that an investment needs to be protected by the owner, investors and thus staff behaviour and action must be monitored and dealth with where necessary. I think Barbados has a very bad union reputation internationally, thus the big players stay away.

    Putting everything together including the high cost of business, abrasive union representation and lack of support for the industry both by Government AND by Barbadians generally, including staff results in a declining industry.

    My perception is that without some serious input by big players such as Four Seasons (which apparently is coming), Marriott (again is coming)Radison and the like we have no serious future in the industry.

    With respect to smaller hoteliers like Mr.Loveridge who do serve a very important part of the market, thank you, it is the big players who can provide their own advertising dollars, who can route visitors to the island via its networks, who also provide a high profile for the islands in which they reside.

    For this to happen, our attitude to tourists, customers, service must change.

    Only quality is worth money in today’s hotel market.

    Would YOU go to hotel overseas to be treated nonchalantly if not downright abused?

    Finally, we must also realise that currently only two sectors maintain Barbados’s economy above water.

    Tourism and the financial services sector.

    Both of these rely fully on globalised service levels and customer patronage.

    If these industries suffer, so do we all.

    If these industries die, well….

  7. Jupiter


    What about Villa Nova country house ?

  8. John

    Lord have mercy.

  9. anon

    I trust the report also includes a note on the hotels who have expanded their room capacity!!!

  10. Rumple excellent comments and right on the money.

    Nothing anyone can add to that. But convince Bajans that is the way it is and you will have a hard sell!

    Personally even if I had the money which I dont I would not invest in a condo in Barbados, because I think that before too long the bottom is going to fall out of that market, just as it did tourism, and for several reasons.

    Another thing and Adrian loveridge is more able to answer this question, but if I am not mistaken both Adrian and the late Peter Morgan only about two years ago were lamenting that few additional rooms have been added over the years.

  11. Royalrumble

    I will wait to see where Loveridge is taking this issue. But Barbados continues to record high numbers of tourist arrivals and there must be staying somewhere. That is simple logic. It seems clear to me that the nature of business is at work here. Some businesses will come and stay, others will come and go.

    The same can be said for any other form of business. If we had the time that Loveridge seem to have on his hands then we can all produce a list of companies that have over the years close doors here and open somewhere else or that has evolved into some other new and larger entity. This happens the world over.

    While you are in this mood Loveridge can you give us the other side of the coin and tell us how many new Hotels came to the Island within the last 12 years. Additionally can you tell us what new forms of room accommodation has replaced the conventional hotel room concept. Do you agree that guest dont stay in hotels only?

    So if we are going to have a frank discussion on the tourism industry let us do so with honesty.


    Comment by Cliverton

    “So if we are going to have a frank discussion on the tourism industry let us do so with honesty.”

    By all means, Royalrumble. Let us discuss the tourism industry with honesty and transparency.

    Let’s start with the long awaited report on the GEMS Hotels scandal. Unless we know how many millions of dollars of tax money was received by whom, we’ll all be speculating as to the real costs or profits of this industry.

    For a man who is able to pull cabinet documents out of thin air at 3am and post them on the web, the GEMS report should be nothing!


  12. BFP

    Comment by Cliverton

    “So if we are going to have a frank discussion on the tourism industry let us do so with honesty.”

    By all means, Royalrumble. Let us discuss the tourism industry with honesty and transparency.

    Let’s start with the long awaited report on the GEMS Hotels scandal. Unless we know how many millions of dollars of tax money was received by whom, we’ll all be speculating as to the real costs or profits of this industry.

    For a man who is able to pull cabinet documents out of thin air at 3am and post them on the web, the GEMS report should be nothing!


  13. When I read a week of BFP and hear people talking heavy stuff like the Prime Minister wanting to shut this Blog down and that if de police knew who was writing bare nonsense on it they would kick down people doors etc. I is wonder wuh ever happen to the kinder sweeter Buhbadas most of us all once knew.

    Only 35 years ago instead eh all we sitting round a foolish computer talking nonsense to each other and solving the big problems of the world and Buhbaddas and worrying bout de Prime Minister and de Police this is what we would be doing and having nuff fun living the SIMPLE life like Parris Hilton.

    We would would put on the record by the Merrymen called “Sugar Bum” then we would go out and get some, hit a rum, tek a sea bath, a little beach cricket and a little more sugar bum, have a sleep and that was the extent of our problems back then.

    Now all eh we, ent got nutten better to do on a Sunday than try to baffle each other brains with BS. While all of the other folk having fun. Time to LIGHTEN UP AND SMELL THE ROSES.

  14. Adrian Loveridge


    Of course my report will include any new net gain in hotel room stock and also alternative available accommodation where is it recorded.

    Now the numbers!

    Good point. All these arrivals you mention.
    2004 was the last record arrival year for both long stay and cruise ship passengers.
    Yet! according to the Barbados Statistical Service our registered hotels/guest houses/apartments only recorded an annual occupancy level of 49.7% against an industry regional average of around 65%.

    Over 3,500 rooms EMPTY every single night of that year.

    Are you saying the BSS have got it wrong?

    And why if things are so good, hasn’t the GEMS property, Blue Horizon, touched the 30 plus derelict rooms?

    According to Minister Lynch ‘Barbados is the largest Home porting cruise port in the world’,
    yet from June only an average of ONE SHIP for every three days is berthing for five consecutive months.

    Plus to give the impression of high arrival numbers these home porting passengers are being counted first as air arrivals and then included in manifest cruise ship numbers.

    Finally, do as Cliverton requests.
    Publish the up-to-date Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS) accounts and explain exactly where the proceeds of the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock have gone.
    And while you are at it, explain the US$15 million taxpayer subsidy to Carnival Corporation and the ‘guarantee’ to secure 400,000 cruise ship passengers each year, the ‘80% sold occupancy’ on Carnival Destiny etc, etc. etc.

    It’s only a matter of time before the truth is told.

    Honesty and transparency?

  15. Adrian Loveridge

    PS: RoyalRumble, my working day starts between 4 and 5am and if I am lucky, I finish at 8pm. But’s that is only seven days a week.
    Just think what we could achieve if you worked the same kind of hours?

  16. I dont want to get involved with these Big Boys like the Rumble and Adrian because they like they ready to declare war while I like Sir COW I want peace. Note I spelled “peace” properly before Aunty Moses at BFP cite me for vulgarity. But here is what I do not understand and I would like the Big Boys to include this as part of the present “Royal Rumble” in Barbados.

    Only a few weeks ago Bizzy Williams who is a heavy hitter in the Industrial culture of Barbados and his success speaks for itself made a very profound statement in the press. And said Barbados had to sell land to Foreigners in order to make Foreign Exchange that was not being generated by the traditional economic sectors. Not being an economist or business man I still think that Barbadians are told and I have seen it in the press that Tourism is their biggest Foreign Exchange sector earner.

    My question to all and sundry is, that Bizzy is then saying land has to be sold to foreigners to generate Foreign Exchange because tourism is not doing as well as before. If one accepts that Tourism is the biggest Foreign Exchange earner in Barbados. Then it stands to reason that Tourism given Bizzy’s rationale is not generating the funds it used to.

    Why then is it that if Tourist arrivals are increasing by leaps and bounds is it not generating more foreign exchange? Somebody is not telling the truth who that is I do not know.

    I saw numbers not long ago posted in one of the Bajan mainstream newspapers of arrivals last season and it was said that there was a decline in tourist arrivals to Barbados from all destinations excepting Britain. Canada and the USA were way down. Am I wrong? because what I find hard to talk about is the accuracy of statistics kept in Barbados. Whether it be about Tourism numbers, crime, water outages, etc these statistics change as often as the moon phases!

  17. Bajanboy

    Something about the government stats do not add up.

    Assuming there are 6000 hotel rooms in Barbados, times 365 nights is a total of 2,190,000 room night available each year (this will be less due to rooms lost to renovations and hotels closed for annual vacations).

    Assuming the average stay is 8 nights and the double occupancy factor is 1.8, that is a maximum of 492,750 visitors who could stay in hotels.

    Now at 50% occupancy, that is 246,375 visitors staying in hotels. That means the rest of visitors stay somewhere else, like with friends and relatives, in unregistered accommodation or in villas, apartments etc (do these count in the room stats?).

    Can someone, like Adrian, redo this calculation using accurate stats for number of hotel rooms, average length of stay, and double occupancy factor?

  18. WhuhTouriss?

    I gyne pun de cheap Carnival cruise, end of Apr.
    You cud bet dat, wen we come back home May 4
    dat all o we Bajans gyne get counk en include
    as Touriss Arrivals (in we own lan’ !!)

  19. Royalrumble

    Loveridge you are a very lucky man. You start to work at 4am and finish about 8pm. I have no such luxury. I am on call 24/7 and I must respond when called.

    You have provided some interesting information. I will respond to it at another time. I am off to a meeting now.

  20. Adrian Loveridge


    There is a great need for a more accurate analysis of arrival figures, but the curent average stay is 6.8 nights and based on two persons per occupied room.
    The Minister has admitted that at least 25% of long stay arrivals stay with friends and relatives.
    I have also mentioned the counting twice senario (arrival by air and then joining home-porting cruise ships) and there is a huge (but not defined) number of people that stay in unregistered accommodation providers (my guesstimate is between 1,000 and 2,000 rooms).
    Plus condos and villas. We actually have more villa rooms that rooms in the luxury hotel sector.

  21. John

    RR and BB

    The simple fact is that we have a problem with our tourist arrivals.

    We need to admit to it, define it and solve it …. fast.

  22. Adrian Loveridge

    Nail on the head.
    The longer we ignore the problem or deny it exists, the bigger job it will be to dig ourselves out of the situation.

  23. Royal Rumble I wonder if I may pose a question to you with the greatest of respect.

    When BFP addressed your response to Mr. Loveridge I believe it was, Cliverton (BFP) who suggested you were a Government official and gave some fairly good evidence to make that point.

    You in responding to Mr.Loveridge’s claim, of having to work long hours suggested he was lucky because you were on call 24/7 and as a matter of fact was running off to a meeting. That would tell me and most reasonable people that obviously you are a Government heavy hitter. Now here is what I do not understand and maybe you could enlighten me. And I am interested only from the perspective that in Canada where I reside, this sort of Government interaction between them and our people is foreign to us. And I would like to be able to explain your Governments position should I be asked about it.

    Why are you afraid or find it necessary to not use your correct name on BFP? Ms. Lynnette Eastmond does and she is a Minister in the Government and I say more power to her. Why does she have no fear but you seem to?

    My reason for asking sir is this, and I alluded to it yesterday in my discussion about the young child with the cleft Pallet.

    Would it not give more credibility, transparency, professionalism and Government integrity to use your own name? Why should a Government in the 21st century need to use false names when it is obvious you are in all probability a Government Civil Servant.

    I think that in a forum like this (BFP) it would be very helpul that you and any other Government official, Minister etc come forward and under your proper name and portfolio debate, question or put forward your opinion/s and points of view, that people raise in this forum. Don’t you? And let me quickly add sir, I suggest that it would be very helpful for the DLP to do the same thing. I want to make it abundantly clear that my questions to you are not intended to be “partisan”.

    I would also suggest that maybe BFP could arrange a forum whereby there is no name calling, false and unfounded accusations made by any party and that representatives of BFP be part of the discussion/debate. In other words civility must prevail!

    Personally I find it troubling that people in a Democratic country and the Government itself along with it’s Bureaucrats is still distrustful of each other in participating in open and contructive dialogue that could be beneficial to all concerned. And which in the long run would be a benefit to Barbados in general.

    Do you and your colleagues not think that it does immeasurable harm to the image of Barbados and its claim to being a progessive Democracy, when people read the world over who can access this blog, that Barbadians fear their Prime Minister and the police for speaking their minds? I suggest whether this is true or not the approach by Government officials like yourself communicating on behalf of Government but using a false name certainly makes one wonder if you have similiar fears!

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Boy Royalrumble very bombastic and stupid or is just so because he has more questions than anwsers and the questions are straight and to the point and hurting.
    His support for the party must be a hard call with all the nasty going ons and outright stealing they are doing it makes hard work to defend them for their evil doings.

  25. Adrian Loveridge

    As RoyalRumble works 24/7 he probably has already read the front page of the Barbados Advocate emblazened

    ‘No increase in hotel guests for World Cup’

    and the President of the BHTA comments ‘ many may even record declines in occupancies and revenue for this period’.

    Mr RoyalRumble implies that he is well connected in Government and perhaps is even able to ask the current Minister of Tourism to explain this scenario and also while hotels experience reduced occupancy the taxpayer is being asked to borrow US$15 million to subsidise a foreign flagged, extra regional crewed cruise ship that sources most of its consumables outside the Caribbean?

    Its a national disgrace, and someone should be held accountable.

  26. Patrick Porter

    I managed Coconut Creek in the late 80’s and returned to Barbados for a visit last year and was shocked to see that it had been torn down for condos. I had many good people who worked there and am really very sad to see them lose their jobs. Doesn’t this Government realise that condo’s do not provide the jobs that hotels do? They are on a path of destruction if they allow more condos to be built. They are thinking in the short term and not the long term, they do not care about the average joe in the street as long as their pockets are full as well as their friends

  27. Patrick Porter

    I said when I heard that the CWC was coming to the West Indies that I hoped that they would not gouge the people, but it has happened. The Visa is the biggest gouge there is, the increase in airport departure tax another one
    The Hotels have not helped either as they have kept their prices at winter rates and have not seen fit to lower them
    The Government did not offer the packages to BA or Virgin, who are the biggest Airlines coming to Barbados, now in the last minute they have decided to do so, hence we will have a lot of empty rooms.
    And yet they say tourism is doing well. HA HA HA

  28. Wishing in Vain

    I find the verbal attacks by the one Royalrumble to be more sutiable for the sewer than this site why would he be the least bit concerned about what time Mr Loveridge wakes up or goes to sleep what an idiot but then again he is an Arthur loyalist what more can you expect from someone like him.
    Not homest in his word no truthfulness about the state of the economy not the least bit of moral values.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    The tourism industry is in decline thanks mainly to our inept Minister of Tourism our health ministry is in disarray thanks to Ms Walcott, our security is in disarray thanks to Mr Mottley our bank accounts are sad because of the PM and his gang of crooks and you need more proof as to why these criminals need to be evicted from office? give me a break.

  30. Wishing in Vain

    I think I got the Ms and MR wrong but as they are applied they can work just fine there no love loss and they are reverseable anyway.

  31. This is what I find hard to understand about discussions like this. And that is why I do not like getting involved because it makes me angry as hell. In MOST any other country of the world the PUBLIC can go and get statistics (ACCURATE STATISTICS) that tells everyone the truth about the subject under discussion. But this does not appear to be the case when it comes to Barbados about anything!

    I know this for a fact and someone like Mr. Loveridge or the folk at the BFP should either have copies of this, or know how to get it back from the Archives of the Nation News. If I know about it and I live 4,000 miles away and really do not give a damn one way or the other the locals too should know about it.

    Late last year the Nation News carried information about last seasons tourist arrivals. And it was claimed that those numbers were mainly down from almost ALL destinations especially CANADA and the USA. But an increase did occur from the UK .

    This year I saw with my own eyes in the Nation News the President of the BHTA saying tourist bookings were down but he expected this to improve. A similar statement was made around the same time by the spokesperson for Intimate Hotels who also said bookings were down for that chain of hotels.

    Not long after the President of the BHTA made his first gloomy statement here he was in a picture in the Nation News with the past President of BHTA I believe, who is a lady and I think her name is (Sue Springer) not sure, reversing the gloomy statement and saying numbers were good.

    Now I read in Mr. Loveridge’s comments today which incidentally I did not see when reading the Nation News on the web that the President of the BHTA is now back to his original statement that tourist bookings are down. Isn’t it any damn wonder with this type of inconsistent and incompetent rhetoric coming from the BHTA and they are not alone, that causes people, businesses, overseas investors etc to have no confidence in any statistical information coming out of Barbados. Are the people responsible for it not embarassed?

    The performance of the Barbados economy, or its true debt load, tourist numbers, crime numbers etc are all smoke and mirrors and that is why Barbados finds itself in the position it does today.

    How in hell can any Nation conduct competent, respectful domestic or International trade/business in this third world environment of propaganda?

    But what is even more scary or it is to me as it should be to ALL Barbadians is this, when someone like Mr. Loveridge or anyone else for that matter who has the intelligence, facts etc to write a truthful column for a Newspaper, he is allegedly shutdown by Government because he will not print Propaganda. If the Press cannot tell the truth and the Press in Democratic Nations are regarded as the “Conscience” of the people, where in hell do you go to get the truth? Tell me! Is it from people like Royal Rumble?

    But the Government is not the only one to blame. The Business community, Investors and ALL of the people of Barbados including the DLP Opposition is as culpable for this destructive element as is the Government. And they are all going to pay a heavy price for sitting back and merely accepting it as the way business is done in Barbados.

  32. Patrick Porter

    Well Mr. Allamby, how much is Uncle Owen paying you to write the above article? Just wondering, as it sounds to me like a BLP election platform

  33. Rumplestilskin

    ? That comment is confusing, just after correspondent Allamby just explained that Government’s statistical analysis leaves much to be desired.

    Indeed, Allamby raises the overall problem quite aptly. That we are all responsible for thus far accepting unjustifiable assertions as fact. That we accept substandard service and accountability from those who should have the ability to present data with some level of confidence and background.

    Allamby seems to be coming from the premise, Mr.Speaker, that the Government and persons working for the service should always apply the adage that the Government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

    Cheers Allamby, I’ll drink a Mauby to THAT!

  34. Mr. Porter I really do not understand your position or how you could draw these conclusions from my comments which I think agreed with the comments of most of the Commentators.

    I agree and said Tourism is on the decline. Is that helping the BLP? I used the Bizzy news article to support even further that position so where am I supporting the Right Honorable Owen Arthur Prime Minister? I would like you to tell me and the people!

    Plus I do not vote have not been to Barbados in 9 years have no intention of returning so why would I need to be “partisan’? I am debating hoping that some of my comments or BS as some others find it might help!

    Look at my recent comments which I hope will be posted relating to high food costs under Ms. Lynette Eastmond said etc. Surely King Arthur does not agree with you.

    However sir, I respect you for your comments as you have a right to them.

    As you will also note I have made my position quite clear, I refuse to practice “Partisan” politics as nothing that happens in Barbados impacts me. I have criticized the DLP and the BLP when I have cause and it is on the public record for all including you to see.

    I can assure you my comments are made from the heart and as I see things. Arthur not Thompson can do anything for me.

  35. Thank you Rumple I am here eating a sweet ham cutter and and drinking a glass of nice white wine and nearly choked when reading Mr. Porters comments.

    The ending of my “diatribe” as so many accuse me of writing meant to say ALL Bajans including the DLP are allowing this Great Nation of Barbados to be held hostage to “yesterdays” thinking by the ruling Government!

    Maybe Rumple to be more clear my submissions might have to be longer!

  36. BFP correct last line on my submission in answer to Mr.Porter to read “ARTHUR NOR THOMPSON AND FOR THAT MATTER NOBODY IN BIM CAN DO NOTHING FOR ME”

  37. Hants

    Why would anyone expect hotels in Barbados to be full during CWC 2007 in the Caribbean?

    Today is March 11th but there is are no Matches in Barbados between today and wednesday April 11th.

    Matches being played in Barbados start on April 11th and end April 21st.

    That why hotels are half full now and probably stay that way until the second week in April.

    Because I love Barbados I hope that the Hotels fill up and Bajans make some money before the debt set in.

  38. Patrick Porter

    Mr. Allamby I must appoligise as I read your comments incorrectly. I hope you accept the appology in the spirit it is given

  39. Fustrated Farmer

    Information about Greenland reserch center
    Jerry Thomas who was in charge of Greenland Live Stock Station was moved in favour of Ezra Devonish. Sonia Edwards and Ezra Devonish are now in charge. They are both very verbally abusive to their staff. Complains are made to Mr. B. Clarke & Mr. M. Hunte, but they fall on deaf ears. Since this move The Greenland Live Stock Station is in total choas. By the way Mr. Jerry Thomas now has to operate from his car at the Pine live stock station, since there is no office for him to operate from.
    You cannot get a receipt when you buy goat milk or hay.That seems very questionable, where is the money going? There are two receipt books, one for the government one for personal. p.s. cash only
    Over 200 sheep were inseminated with one single success. One lamb 200 inseminations…..
    Just before the audit the safe was stolen, all documents were stolen, thank you thieves.
    Monies being wasted everywhere but yet staff cannoty get uniforms and shoes. Union got invovled over a year ago but to no avail.
    Senior staff seen delivering over 50 bales of grass after 5p.m perhaps for freeeeeee.
    Lambs are sold on friday to those associated with senior staff, apparantly a guy called Cumberbatch from Ruby St. Philip, got more than a fair share, but the public are sold the following wednesday, after the best are already gone. This sale is not advertised, so only those who know about it can leave their names.The government has a regulated price of $2 per pound but yet we are asked to purchase these lambs at $3 per pound.
    One young farmers was told he will not be able to get any lambs, while another is given a constant run around.Both of these farmers are from Shorey Village.
    Cruise ships were interested in purchasing milk but were refused because they could not pay cash. The minister had to intervene but refuses wonder if he is involved.
    frustrated farmer

  40. Warrior

    Inn of the Beach in Holetown was also closed a few years ago and has now been replaced with Condos

  41. Patrick Porter

    Watch for a lot more to close. Would not suprise me to see Sam Lords go that way. It is quick money for the government. They don’t care about people that need jobs. We need our hotels to stay open to provide the employment that we need. I have a suggestion for the owners, something that I said when I managed hotels there. KEEP THE DAMN PRICES DOWN. Do most of you know that the British wholesalers get better rates than their American and Canadian counterparts? So no wonder the drop off in the North American market

  42. Edji

    Doesn’t CTO provide detailed statistics for all aspects of the tourism industry both in Bim and across the Caribbean?

  43. Not a problem Mr. Porter everybody makes mistakes.

    I simply involve myself with this Blog to express non partisan opinions and perspectives and to see what topics in Barbados are hot hot hot.

    Have a good day

  44. Wishing in Vain

    Seems to me like the Fustrated Farmer has some basis and has some knowledge of the going ons here please don’t tell me that this is another area of stealing and more corruption surely it can’t be so widespread

  45. Patrick Porter

    Fustrated Farmer, I feel for you and those who are trying to produce the food that Barbados needs so much. I just hope that people will wake up and realise that Barbados cannot go on importing all it’s food.
    It is time to get the land that is now fallow and waiting for developers to sell at high prices back into production
    We can make our own fuel using the juice from the cane, it is called ethanol. Barbados should push for this as the price of gas is eating up our foreign reserves
    But if the Government wants to sell the land to outsiders then there will be no land for anything, not even to graze the old jackass on

  46. This entire website has gone crazy with few new postings going up just repeats maybe Owen must have mobilized the Armed Forces of Buhbaddas and caught Marcus, Robert, Cliferton, Shona and Aunty Moses and have them in shackles down by the North Point.

    Anyway I made a post this morning to Rumple and I cannot even find which article I posted it under things so bad. But Rumple here is something I intended to say to you about California and growing marijuana that might be what you are thinking about, but had another senior moment and forgot.

    The USA FEDS and CORRECTLY SO will not allow the legalizing of marijuana but State Governments can. How many did I do not know but, California legalized marijuana solely for the treatment of seriously ill people on death bed to supposedly alleviate pain that some in the Medical profession suggest is helpful to the patient.

    This legal sale of marijuana is SUPPOSEDLY done under very regulated conditions and only by State approved and licensed centres. Since I was here they have had to close down some of these centres because of them breaking the law and illegally dealing the weed. Suprise! surprise!

    Up in Canada the bleeding heart Liberals when in power led by the infamous Chretien followed by Martin legalized marijuana for sick people too, but I think if the truth were known they are supplying more drugheads than they are really sick people.

    As a matter of fact when I see some of the stupidity going on in our Parliament I sometimes wonder if all of our Parliamentarians are not puffing or sniffing!

    Thought you might want to know this information because it might be exactly what you were thinking about.

  47. Man what is going on with this site it brek up? or wuh?

    “Recent comments” many have no subject and you can’t bring them up.

    People sending in comments and they are posted directly to the subject under discussion without being put in the “Recent Comment” column so unless you bring up the article you do not have a clue that there was a new posting. As an example!

    Cathy made a comment under the article ” Sweet little girl needs surgery” this article is now in the archives but Cathy’s comments were not put in the column Recent comments and she made them last evening they just were put straight onto the story.

    Following that Cathy’s comments have disappeared from the story as though she never particpated.

    In the event the FREE PRESS is having problems still talk to us! Because this morning Cliverton responded to Cathy who said she too was having problems, and Cliverton suggested that the problems were last night but now fixed.

    Edited by Cliverton

    Hey folks,

    We most definitely are experiencing some problems right now. I was under the impression that everything had been taken care of, but apparently not. Please be assured that we are working on the problem ..

  48. David Allamby- If you take the trouble to go back to BFP with a special message correcting a single typo, you should at least get your grammar correct.

    You should have said “Nobody in Bim can do ANYTHING for me.”

    Never hear of a Double Negative?

  49. Allamby correct. Much confusion on postings. What on earth is a 404 site? Sounds like I’ve barged into a private toilet.

  50. Rumplestilskin

    Allamby, thanks for the info on the marijuana limited legalisation.

    Yes, related to my comment.

  51. Nit picker you are absolutely 100 % correct and I thank you profusely.But let me ask you this with respect.

    Were I to correct all the grammatical, spelling and punctuation in the various postings I would have no time to comment.

    You obviously are communicating under the correct name nit picker!

    I just enjoy reading the various comments and cutting the boys and girls some slack and I suggest you consider doing the same thing

  52. Cliverton do not take my comments too seriously I know you are doing your best. And most of all I just wanted to make sure the problem was at your end and not mine

  53. Fustrated Farmer


  54. Wishing in Vain

    Add Smugglers Cove to your list of closed hotels

  55. Hi I started reading about how many rooms have been lost in the last 12 years however I think more equitable questions would be how many rooms do Bajans own in the hotel industry….This would give more insight as to who and whom are making money in this industry and how to address any inadequacies in that should you find 6000 rooms are owned by one gender while 6 rooms are owned by another gender you could then make a case as to providing more funding for Barbadians who are the major population to produce motels, hotels and villas to rent to the tourist who visit this country against the banks and government lending intuitions. You may say well these intuitions don’t have to lend money to us but that’s not true, our deposits are part of they operating capital and we as a people have the power to enforce laws that would force them to reinvest money into our peoples. They are laws in other countries that state for banks to do business in a certain community they must reinvest funds to disadvantaged people of color and the funds are monitored by governing bodies so as to make the branch managers responsibility to provide funding. This would turn around the stem of cash flow form Bajans providing the services and external forces benefiting disproportional.

  56. Adrian Loveridge


    You raise some interesting points.

    We have approximately 160 registered hotels, guest houses and apartment buildings on Barbados.

    The CHA classified a typical ‘small’ hotel in the Caribbean as less than 75 rooms.

    In reality the typical small hotel on Barbados averages 21 rooms (we have 22).
    Of the total 160 registered hotels etc., at last count 110 are deemed small.
    The overwhelming majority of these are locally owned and operated.
    The vast percentage of their earned income stays here in Barbados.

    Not necessarily so for the larger ‘foreign’ owned hotels who generate the largest part of their revenue through tour operators.
    In some cases a considerable proportion of earned income may not even reach the country.

    There is a reluctance for Barbadians to enter the accommodation sector, simply because of the cost of entry, the very high operational expenses and to make it work you need to be hands-on.
    We are currently closed for renovations, as we do most summers due to our exposed salt blast location and the constant need to repair and exhance.
    But when we are open, the average working day for my wife and myself is 16 hours, 7 days a week.
    I start at 4am.

    Peach and Quiet has been relatively profitable for all but the first four years of our 19 year operation.
    The profits are spent locally and go back into the property to steadily each year, make it a more attractive hotel.

    Frankly some of our biggest challenges over the years have been the predatory pricing by GEMS and single emphasis national marketing campaigns like the Best of Barbados which effectively sells the product below cost.

    You may have seen the manager of a recently renovated small property in St. Philip honestly admitting the hotel was empty, despite extensive local advertising.

    The reality is that most small hotels limp unprofitably through the long eight summer months and hope to earn sufficient income in the four winter months to pay operational costs and repay the overdrawn taken earlier in the year.

    While I chaired a Government/Private sector Small Hotels Committee I submitted a concept called 10/10.

    Through creative marketing it was intended to incease average annual occupancy of all our small hotels by 10 per cent and average room rate by US$10.

    If it had been achieved, it would have increased every small hotels income (viability) annually by 37%.

    The increased profitability would have then allowed properties to upgrade and re-position.
    Sadly, the idea was not adopted by Government.

    As a result, part of the cost we have paid national, is the closure of 25 hotels (so far) over the last 12 years.
    And finally, don’t anyone convince you that condominiums provide ANYTHING like the same overall employment opportunities as a full service hotel.

    They are short term gain which will lead to a negative consequence for employment and investment in the medium to long term.