Royal Westmoreland Video Has Wonderful Negros Looking After The White Folks!


Promotional Video: Guests Are All White, Servants Are All Black – Just The Way Things Are Supposed To Be In Barbados!

Here at Barbados Free Press, we took the ruling government BLP party to task for their website that shows only one race from the many different colours of Bajans. We pay attention to such things because the visual message that is silently communicated is as important or more important than the words that are written or spoken. (see BFP’s Barbados Political Party Websites Reviewed)

Today, we look at the website and promotional video of the Royal Westmoreland Estate – owned by U.K. gazillionaire John Morphet. Our attention was drawn to Royal Westmoreland when we saw Mr. Morphet and his beautiful Barbados life featured at the website of the Lancashire Evening Post…

Hotel Tycoon Living High Life

When the cricket World Cup gets under way in the Caribbean later this month, multi-millionaire John Morphet’s place in the stand will be slightly different from the rest of the England fans in the crowd. The Fulwood-born businessman will be looking down at not only his national team, but also his neighbours taking to the pitch.

To the average person, bumping into Sir Cliff Richard while picking up your fruit juice in the supermarket, or sitting on a table next to Gary Lineker in a restaurant would count as an event with which to regale the grandchildren.

To John Morphet, it is just part of everyday life. (…snip) He owns the 500-acre Royal Westmoreland Estate, snapped up in a £56m deal three years ago, but insists that his trips out to the 80 degree temperatures are strictly business…

… read the entire article at the Lancashire Evening Post (link here)

A Visual Message That Is Clearly Communicated – “White Enclave”

The Lancashire Evening Post article is quite extensive with photos and a promotional video of Royal Westmoreland.

I’ve never been invited to Royal Westmoreland darling, but it sure is beautiful in the video. I don’t begrudge rich folks their honestly made or inherited money and that is not what my point is about. There are many people of all colours, races and backgrounds who have big money, and it has been my experience that most of them had to work smart and hard to achieve and keep their wealth.

My point is this: throughout the Royal Westmoreland marketing materials and video, the whites are the happy relaxing folks, and the smiling blacks are the servants. No relaxing blacks. No relaxing oriental folks. No relaxing Indian millionaires.

Just rich white folks being served by blacks. No whites or indians serving the rich folks. Only smiling blacks.

Maybe that is the way things are at Royal Westmoreland, or maybe not – but the silent message of the video is “White Enclave where Smiling Darkies will look after your every wish.”

Does it matter? We think so.

Have a look for yourself…

Royal Westmoreland Estate website homepage here

Royal Westmoreland Estate website video here

Lancashire Evening Post article here (has link to video)

YouTube – Upload of Royal Westmoreland Estate video here


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108 responses to “Royal Westmoreland Video Has Wonderful Negros Looking After The White Folks!

  1. Michael. Milton Keynes, Uk

    Ooh yes!!…I watched the Westmorreland Video, and I suddenly thought….that was a lovely video of Barbados just before the abolition of slavery 200 years ago!..the producers back then had wonderful foresight of what things will look like visually 200 years later, lovely concept video!!.

    I speak as a British born Bajan living in the United Kingdom, and it makes me soo sad to see this.
    Whilst we might be free from the chains, economically our hands are tied even tighter than they were 200 years ago. Lets hope that as parents, we teach our kids the importance of education and achievement in life, because that will ultimately lead to economic independence. With economic independence comes economic power. In this world, money is power!!

  2. Hants

    You should see the documentary shown on American televison about real estate in Barbados featuring a White Barbadian Real Estate Agent.

    They showed Black servants singing a song to welcome home the white owner of a luxury house in Barbados.

    Just another part of Barbadian life that we are supposed to pretend does not exist.

  3. ?

    Doesn’t Glyne Bannister still live at Royal Westmoreland?

  4. Lady Anon

    The RW video reflects exactly how it is at Royal Westmoreland. I don’t think you will find relaxing Indians or relaxing orientals there. 99% white folk, with a smattering of Glyne Bannisters in between.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    Racism exist in Barbados just ask those that live amongst the Sandy lane, Royal Westmorelands, the Royal Pavillion , Port St.Charles gangs if you think otherwise you are fooling yourselves if this were not the case a lot of of what is currently taken place would not be happening in this island, ask Mr Larry Tatem how he feels when his right of way is blocked and then he is dictated to by a white non national who happens really only to be a visitor to these shores in the form of Eddie Fearless, or those like our Governor General that try to get to beach at Colony Club only to find it blocked by Blamford, roads to the beach at Queensfort blocked by Ms Sixt, only in Barbados are ones of this ilk tolerated and encourged by the polticians purely to gather their donations for elections and their own personal bank accounts.
    Wake up open your eyes remove the cobwebs and aim for a brighter future.
    I personally cannot stand this torment any longer I have lived all my life here and hope to die here but this place is going down the hill in a rush and it seems no one is stepping up to take control of important matters in this island.

  6. littleboy

    Wishin In vain

    Please note that it is a DLP politician who has been fighting the case against Bamford & Sixt.
    That is how the stories have been brought to light.

    Some people are still not for sale in Barbados !

  7. Laughable.

    I think it’s very sweeet!

  8. DFX

    Can I ask how many white people there are in Barbados that are security guards, front desk personnel, waiters, bar men and hotel maids? Does the answer to this have anything to do with the video? Maybe? Maybe not?

    Would have been happier if they had employed white actors to play the parts? Get real Barbados. The majority of the country is NO WHITE so who do you think will have the MAJORITY of the jobs?

    I saw an ad.. Nothing more nothing less. And before anybody gets their panties in a twist.. Yes I am white, I was raised in Dominica by a black nanny; her name was Mildred, I still carry her picture with me today 40 something years later, I love her like if she were my flesh and blood, I have a beautiful black/indian mixed wife and we have a son. So please so spew any racist crap in my direction.. It only helps show your ignorance.

    Lets take a leaf out of Jamaica’s book, One island, One people.



  9. Chase

    DFX closes by using an interesting phrase from Jamaica…One island,One people…………are you mad!!!!!have you ever been to Jamaica?
    White rich folks there actually own the beaches son.Most of the prime beaches are not available to the public there.Having a black nanny in the Caribbean is like eating pudding and souse on Saturbays to a Bajan,you having a mixed race wife still does make you an authority on black bajans feelings,niether does it change the fact that the add was in poor taste to us black folks.
    You dont see the point we as blacks are making because ,sad to say, it is a black the end of the day you have your white ancestry to fall back on.
    To show your ignorance,when there
    is an ad to be done, the extras you see are not even affilliated to the event,therefore if some thought was given to the ad things would be different.This is a Royal Westmoreland ad showing what Royal Westmoreland wants the world to see because this is their perception of this little island,don’t think they will show anything different.
    Trust me …the struggle continues….

  10. No - Name

    Who is Glyne Bannister? Never heard of the man! Barbados is a very perculiar place. Blacks readily and spontaneously support white people in perference to black. We don’t seem to like ourselfs. Something very wrong happened during slavery and we can’t seem to recover in relation to how we respect and treat with whites. If we understood the situation in Barbados, we would take the appropriate action to make sure we are in control. Gov’t keeps giving contracts to white companies and this will certainly ensure that there is enough money for ten more life times. We are too self centered and everytime Owen and his boys or for that matter any politican thief money they deny poor blacks access to proper homes, health etc.
    Perhaps we need Chavez to intervene!

  11. Bajanboy

    Barbados will never be a world class destination because of all the black people with chips on their shoulders who blame every miserable failing in their lives on the colour of their skin. Service suffers because of this stupidity.

    As other posters have stated, the majority of people who work in the service industry are black. If those black people do not want to work in the service industry, let them go and cut cane or dig roads for the BWA and lets see which jobs they prefer.

    Anyone is free to buy houses in Royal Westmoreland or Sugar Hill or wherever; white, black, chinese or whatever.

    BFP, please do not encourage such pointless debates.

  12. RRRicky

    I get the point being made by BFP, and I get the point they made about the BLP’s website showing only black race people and none of the other citizens.

    The debate is not “pointless” and BFP is one of the few places where the forbidden is talked about.

  13. While it is undeniable the video shows the blacks as the servant class, it went through my mind that if he had bought an estate in Mexico or Cyprus and had a similar video made, every servant and security guard would be aHispanic/Indio and a swarthy Mediterranean Cypriot.

    In other words, it’s the LOCALS (whatever their colour) who are the menials. It’s not aimed at black people specifically as racialism. They happen to be the locals in Barbados, that’s all. And they stress how safe they feel among us.

    Of course it would be more sensitive, from our point of view, for there to have been some black golf players (which there are at Westmoreland) and some whitish servants. But it clearly never crossed the mind of those who made this promotional ad.

    Overt insensitive racialism- true. But inadvertant nevertheless.

  14. Bajanboy


    How would you have done the video differently? Barbadians of all colours should be proud to welcome people to our shores and give them friendly service.

    I understand the need for racial sensitivity, but most of the foreigners buying houses in Barbados are British and most of them are white. If the market demographic that services these developments well is white wealthy people, why should they dilute their marketing effort by targeting people who have no interest in buying?

    I would concede that some of these homeowners may be racist and may not want to buy into a development that have too many non-white people, but these would be the exception and not the rule.

    A debate is pointless if it has no point. I still fail to see the point here.

  15. Chase

    The most powerful weapon the oppressor has in his control….is the mind of the oppressed!!
    The inferiority complex has been beaten into us for centuries and it would take many generations of radical thinking to even stem the tide of self destruction in blacks.
    There are some who,as a young person growing up,inspired me to think outside the box,one such man was the late Gladstone Holder.
    If only we could be humble and be kind to each other and have the same respect for each other’s differences..things would be different.

    Slap!!! Time to wake up chase……

  16. Chase

    Then do the ads like how there are done by United Colours Of Bennetton.They have been doing their ads the same way for years and aren’t losing money.Wake up man….this is reality!!

  17. RRRicky

    The Barbados Labour Party website shows only blacks, no indians, no whites and nobody with light coloured skin. This would not be acceptable in a more progressive society, especially by the government party!

  18. Bajanboy

    Maybe we should ask the people who work in Royal Westmoreland for their opinion. It would make a great social study.

    For those of you who find the ad demeaning, I ask the following questions:

    1. Is all service given by black people towards white people built upon a foundation of racism?

    2. What needs to be done by both the black server and the white tourist to completely remove racism from the service equation?

    3. What about black servers serving black people?

    4. Perhaps I have been too dismissive of people’s views. For those who believe that there is problem with endemic racism in Barbados, how do we beging to move forward to creating a utopian society?

  19. DFX


    Maybe you missed my pass posts about needing a sense of humour to live in B’dos. Well I’m sorry that you have a problem with pudding and souse on a Saturday. I do too. Not enough. I don’t give a rat’s hind end about who owns Jamaica. What I can tell you is that I have many Jamaican friends that I have found to be by no means racist and funny enough none are white.. Come to think of it I don’t know any white Jamaicans.
    Have my white ancestry to fall back on? What the hell have they done for me? I was working for a white company in B’dos and when I introduced my black wife I got my contract cancelled.. What do I cry now? I was doing business with a black company in Bridgetown and when the accountant found out I was white he refused to do business with me.. What did I do? I told him to keep the product and have a nice life. Guess what! I’m still.. His business folded! Why? I don’t know.

    I am not white by choice. That just happened.. I don’t have the time to piss around about color.. It does not make me gain anything. If I cut my hand it bleeds red, what color is your blood? I hope it’s red too? We are all from Africa. Science has proven that. Let’s stop the color crap and just be people for God’s sake.

    Hope you have a great day Chase


  20. rasta man

    i am of mixed race. my mother was white and the father i did not know was black. i can tell you from personal experience that my mother was ostracized from her family and i was never accepted by them . to this day i have white family who so not know i exist. as a matter of fact some left barbados because of the situation and never returned. so do not tell me racism does not exist in this lovely island.

  21. Chase

    What a lovely ,touching story DFX….still with all that you have poured out ,it doesn’t change a thing.
    What I am trying to say to you,is until we accept our situation and learn to respect each other,then this problem will always persist,
    I have white friends,not bajan whites…real whites,french Canadians,Greek,even Indian friends,what people need to understand is no matter how you cut it ,the people who have suffered the most in the last 400 years were blacks.
    We suffered the most cruel and inhumane punishments that were ever shared to a people.
    You can’t even begin to understand the damage done to us for generations.
    I am not one to dwell on colour ,I got my dose of reality when I went to Christ Church Foundation in 1982.I could care less about rich blacks or rich whites,we all do #2 and it stinks.What i dont like is any race black or white not being sensitive to each other.Do you remember the ad with the Legends of cricket?Everyone cried out it looked like the good old ‘Massa’ days.It was pulled and replaced.
    Yes there are thin skinned Bajans with chips on their shoulders,my point is simply a little more sensitivity towards each other would go a long way in helping the situation.
    We are not black by choice,nor did we become slaves by choice,so just give some of us a break if we find it hard to integrate.
    One of these days we should go out,you ,me and my good friend bajan boy.Then we will share the experience on BFP.We’ll go to Mojo’s,Harbour Lights,Pink Star and then stop off by Sully’s shop in Chapel Gap.You game?

  22. Hants

    Rasta man your honesty is profoundly refreshing.

    The fact that you can understand the truth about Barbados will make your life easier because you are living with your eyes wide open.

    A lot of Bajans have their “eys wide shut”.

    Your white family are the losers. Not you and your mother.

  23. DFX


    I think at the end of the day we are actually arguing the same point from different angles..

    I am more than willing to pick you up on the offer. Never been to Mojo’s, haven’t been to Harbour Lights in years (age starting to show), Pink Star???? I pass on that one had a bad liver cutter there a while back and never went back. Can I replace it with Croton Inn on a Saturday morning? (Dat is Pudding and souse day. My treat LOL) Never been to Sully’s but I open to anything. Got to wait a week or so though. Sprained my ankle and I think they gonna put a cast on it tomorrow. Want the kicker on the sprain. I was avoiding a “white” cat 😉

    I understand what you are saying. But how do we stop it? I remember getting beat by my grandmother because I brought home a black friend to study for the 11 plus exam with me. I went to a mixed school (white, black, chinese, indian) and colour never occured to me until it was time for the 11 plus, and it struck as wrong from then. We are taught to dislike/distrust/hate other colors. How do we stop it?

    Oh yeah! Just to rattle your chain about the Jamaica thing. I watched a clip on another website that said that Martin Luther King visited Jamaica and wish the US could be more like Jamaica. I think it was on liveleak a couple weeks back.

    Thanks for the conversation. I think this is what makes BFP great. We can present all of our points of view and be friends at the end of the day.

    Take care my friend


  24. I do not like getting involved in this type of argument and in many respects bare foolishness. But let me ask you this question WITH RESPECT!

    When a person/s is living in Britain, USA, Portugal, Germany etc and looking at a destination to cool out in and have the money to pay for the best. Am I now to worry when I reach that destination what race will cater to my every need and pamper me?

    Idnoesia, Malaysia, Hawaii and many such places are destinations and have hotels that are among some of the most sought of by the Rich and the Famous of the world and many make Barbados look second rate. Just look at the Travel channel.

    Do you think when people are going to any Big Up destination and staying at a Big Up high class and COSTLY Hotel they worry or care who is going to provide the service they have paid top dollar for? Do you think they get English, US or Canadian white folk serving them in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hawaii etc.

    Man I do not understand some of the crappola appearing on this site sometimes. Yes there is racism in Barbados, Jamaica, USA, Canada, and the entire world. But what I am hearing here is “Whitey” who is paying for what is advertised is now being criticized for being served by black people who say they want work.

    I can hear the uproar if “Whitey” were to say to their Travel Agent I am going to take the Barbados Westmoreland Trip but I do not want “Black” people serving me at anytime! Now that is a legitimate problem to waste time on because it is premeditated racism.

    Here is another point that ALL women could make a better case for than this article is doing about their nonsense.Why is it that every time a point like this is being made it shows a “WOMAN” in swimwear lounging on a recliner. I say that is Sexist and Chauvinistic and degrades women. Shame on you BFP! Aunty Moses put these boys in their places quick quick quick!

  25. Chase


    Sorry to hear about your ankle man.I myself have torn ligaments in my ankle,10 years later and they still seem torn.

    We cant stop this,what we can do is help others to understand just as we do, that eveil has no colour,niether does sickness.The people needs to be educated about these issues from young.
    We just need to understand what respect is first.
    Just to show you,I have a friend who is Muslim,I found it strange at first ,having to wash your penis everytime you take a leak,others would laugh.Rather than try to understand ,they would ridicule him.
    That is his belief,respect it .The same guy who laugh at him sits down to pee,so as not too sprinkle the lid but wants every one to understand this…see my point?
    I personally think all we need is a little dose of respect and a healthy serving of understanding for this to go away eventually.
    Take care and keep the foot up.

  26. jude

    Chase quoted Steve BIKO ….
    “The most powerful weapon the oppressor has in his control….is the mind of the oppressed!!”

    I quote Bob MARLEY
    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”

    To my mind this is a most ridiculous non-issue.

    Next we’ll be branding as racists whoever of different ilk not giving us an ease unto a major road !!

    In truth, it IS time to wake up, …. WAKE UP AND MOVE ON …..

  27. Wishing in Vain

    No – Name
    Who is Glyne Bannister? He is of the same ilk as the others that have milked this country for the past few years friend of Hallam Nicholls, Hobson, Storey, Cox, Arthur as in Owen Arthur, Banninster is the one making a killing out of the flyovers, the new jail being built at over $ 100 mill more than locals had quoted but because the locals would not pay faciliators fees to Bannister, Nicholls, and Arthur these brutes willfully placed the business offshore and you know what can take place with those offshore accounts do you not?
    I also understand he is the one pushing the fuel from cane program with outsiders involvement

  28. liz

    This is all so stupid ….
    If I went into a Barbadian business and saw no black people I would immediately suspect racist employment!
    Do you object when a European advertisement has a white person serving in a hotel?

  29. Bajanboy

    One of my main problems with the whole race debate is that we make startling generalisations based on stereotype; that there are two distinct and homogenous groups, which is simply not true. In the end, I think people care more about class than race.

  30. DFX


    Well put!

    Man you could of lied about the ankle LOL! Going to face the music now they just called to say the report is ready. And for now, I have no choice, I have to sit down LOL

    I hope that more people can see this site and others like and get the education we all NEED.

    I think we have to be more tolerant in our lives everyday. I too have a few Muslim friends and I was horrified when one of them told me he was shot at here in sweet lil B’dos when he unfolded his mat to pray one afternoon. And that was long before 911 so we can’t even blame that sad event for it.

    In the mean time should I book us a couple $10 pudding for a Saturday soon?

    Hopping out of here for now


  31. pep

    Bajanboy this a nonsense statement and does not apply in Barbados…

    “In the end, I think people care more about class than race.”

    Any fool can see whites in Barbados very active supporters of segregation. Barbadian whites go to great lengths not to mix with blacks. ‘Mixing’ at work unavoidable only exception. Upper class whites and upper class blacks dont mix ditto their middle class counterparts. Really poor whites can be counted on one hand.

    Bajanboy, DFX, Red, BFP e t c what status of Highgate Gardens racist case? Have not heard anything of late. This trial still pending? I confess not having much trust in judicial system in these matters.

  32. DFX


    Maybe in the circles you move in there is no mixing. I can tell you that 90% of my friends are black. My best and most trusted friend is black. My wife is black. Quite honestly I’m happier liming with my friends from down in Ealing Park by Granville’s church than with the big ups in heights and terraces. I can only speak for me. I despise racism by anybody. If we work on fixing things will improve, if we jump up on a soapbox and scream about it it will get worse.

    Highgate case.. Not a clue. But I can tell that my wife were on the receiving end of racial comments in front of a police officer and he did nothing. Like you I have no trust/faith in the judicial/legal system here. But that is B’dos.

    Have a great day Pep


  33. Let us look at this subject from another and broader perspective. And please open your minds and THINK about what I am trying to say, because my motives have nothing to do with segregation, discrimination, racism or any of these issues. People in Barbados must look at other Nations and how their social structures function to see the Big Picture of reality! Barbados is not the centre of the Universe as some there seems to think is the case.

    Look at the Caribbean Farm Program that has been in existence for decades. I am told and know first hand because I dealt with many of these workers in Ontario that they felt it was a great help to them and their families for getting work and coming abroad. They lined up for the opportunity.

    But they were coming to do work Canadians don’t want because of low wages. And who did they predominantly work for a “white” farmer” who in MOST cases treated them no differently than he would a white worker. That is a fact, so here we have negroes serving whites in this program which is little different to negroes serving whites at hotels in Barbados and shown in a video doing this. Why are the Commentators not writing then about the Farm Program too?

    These people are not being humiliated, or shown disrespect by their clients they are merely doing a job they applied for and are being paid to do. Any not liking it can quit! And this applies to Canada or Barbados! I also suspect that some of these workers are treated quite generously by many of the Big Ups from overseas!

    Another example are the Mexicans who are illegally flocking across their borders to the USA mainly California to do the menial work Americans won’t do because they say the pay is too little. Why are they doing it? Because their own country and their own leaders who are their people and culture/race either can’t or will not provide employment for them!

    Who are the Mexicans working for mainly white farmers, in Condo complexes doing landscaping, grass cutting etc and owned by mainly white people, and being exploited in some cases in jobs in other industry who because they know they are illegal pay them less. And who owns most of these businesses? White people and the Mexicans couldn’t care less because they see America as the Promised land for them!

    No one is twisting their arm to ILLEGALLY come across the border that puts them at risk of being shot, apprehended and jailed or deported. And at the end of the day work for a WHITE man!

    This Westmoreland, Port St. Charles, Sandy Lane culture exsists all over the world. It is not unique to Barbados. There will always be rich, middleclass and poor people in every country of the world and they have the RIGHT to live in the style they can afford and want, there is nothing racial or discriminatory in this.

    Look at Tiger Woods and there are many thousands of Tiger Woods in the World he has his own plane is extremely wealthy and is living the American dream.Does a whiteman not “Caddy” for Tiger? I would not expect Tiger Woods to treat me or most other white folk as a friend or equal from the perspective of social status. Nor would I want him to. First of all most of us do not have anything in common with him and he is in a totally different stratosphere socially and economically. And I say more power to him! The same is true for the wealthy black entertainer, ball player, etc who have their own body guards, live in mansions and circulate in social circles that exclude the average person. The same is true for whites in that position. I think some that are writing about this subject need to get a life!

    We waste our energies discussing nonsense which at the end of the day could and should be put to bettering our own lives spiritually, socially and economically

  34. We have a lot of old people in Bim, both black and white, and it is undeniable the oldtimers have retained the racial attitudes they grew up with. That is not surprising. In fact it would be very surprising if the elderly could adopt liberal views in this regard.

    But the younger generation is not nearly so set in its ways. The races intermingle far better than one would expect, given the conservatism of their parents.

    We only see the remnants of segregation, and make a big thing of it. People outside the Caribbean see only how far we have come, way ahead of most of the world, in this regard.

    Mixed marriages are no longer the scandals they were in the past, thank the Lord. We are integrating faster than we think, but not as fast as we should because racial diehards hang onto their outdated beliefs and are negative about progress.

  35. Yardbroom

    DFX: You seem to suggest that because your wife is a ” beautiful black/indian and you have a son that your views regards racism have some special relevance, they do not, in my view it undermines your position. Do not be too quick to offer up your wife to make your case, allow it to stand on its own merits.

    The basis on which an argument is won is usually on evidence, your martial circumstances is your own affair.

    Bajanboy: If the contributors on this thread think there is a point – you may take up your bat and go home – but those who think there is, can surely continue to discuss it.

    As regards once having a black nanny – to make a point – too silly for words, i will let that pass.

  36. DFX


    I think you missed my response to PeP. Most of my friends are in fact black. My best and most trusted friend is black. My wife is my affair that is true, but I think the point that I am married to a black woman and am shunned my about 75% of my family and am still happily married to my wife might kinda speak for itself. You call it how you see it. I value your opinion.

    My point about the black nanny is not in the say I’m special. I was raised in Dominica. I went to Mildred’s house and was raised with her children and I love her like a mother. 40 something years later I still carry her picture and have sadly visited her grave. I am still in contact with her children. I am trying to say that that they are, to me my brothers. I thank God I was raised to see people for who they are and not what colour they are. Why can’t we all just do that?

    So Yardbroom; keep sweeping, hopefully one day the dust will be gone and we can all be just Bajans



  37. Man-dingo

    DFX you are as uncovincing as Bizzy proclaiming commercial banks discriminate against he and his successful son. Bizzy is an arrogant racist. I am betting you are too. For sure you are a condescending individual who obviously believes blacks think through their backsides. Listen DFX whether you born in Dominica or Shominica, I dont give a damm. Barbados whites are racists and they display this every single day. Far from making an effort to integrate and interact with blacks you have mongrels like Bizzy and scores others like him who want us to forget slavery. These white shadow polo players who do precious little work but rake in billions from black taxpayers want us to accept their lies and those of uncle tom black bankers who hate their fellow blacks while marrying fat white women. DFX dont get me started. Barbados is a peaceful island. It is so because of slow to anger god fearing blacks not rich segregationist Highgate Gardens, Harbour Lights whites. Count yourselves lucky. Barbados could have been Rhodesia or Kenya with the Mau Mau. Whites must undertake to get off their fat rich racist asses and make an effort to embrace their black countrymen. DFX that is not happening. Blacks extended the olive branch for centuries and are disadvantaged by whites in return. As Emperor Owen Athur the First of Pigmy Tribe declared cut the crap.

  38. paul sealy

    damn i love Barbados.

  39. Bajanboy

    Is black and white more than just skin colour? Can Bizzy Williams be racist when his long time girlfriend is black?

    I do not have the all the answers to this discussion, but can only go by what I see. We have steroetypes about blacks and whites that just are not true. Are all white rich? Hell no. There are lots who are middle class and quite a few who are poor. I am seeing more and more whites with black partners. Are they racist? Can blacks be racist against other blacks?

    I am all for constructive discusions, but these need to be supported by hard evidence.

  40. Chase

    It must be the Mandingo myth…..;-)

  41. Chase

    When Bizzy makes her his wife without a prenump,then we will all be friends,a girlfriend don’ really cut it.

  42. Devil's Advocate!!


    do you think because you are white and have a black girlfriend that you can’t be racist?

    Geeez man gimme a break ok!!

    If I was a racist but didn’t want the world to know,what would be the best thing to do……???

    Look at who George.W.Bush surrounded himself with.

    Where do you think the *********** got his fancy clothes?


    Edited by Auntie Moses

    Watch your tongue!

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  44. Yardbroom

    DFX: In racist South Africa, all the whites had black house servants and in some cases two or three black nannies for their children. In the racist Southern States of America the same applied, hence my dismissive remarks to you, saying you had a black nanny – to make a point of you not being racist- it is quite obvious that they are individuals who are not racist , but our concentration is on the greater part of the whole, because it is they who have the most impact on the majority of Barbadians.

    As a child DFX, what could you have said to your parents about your black nanny, would you have left the house and gone out into the wide world on your own. You were presented with a situation and you lived with it. That you extended kindness to her after you grew up is what normal people do, the fact that she was black is neither here or there in that context.

    Last year a London reporter wrote a piece in the Sunday Observer newspaper supplement after attending a large after polo party in Barbados -not all the guests were polo players – she was surprised that among that great multitude not one black face was seen apart fron servants. With the balmy air and tropical setting she could have been at a plantation shin dig in the 1880s not in a
    Barbados of 2006.

    The situation in Barbados has got to be addressed, the people have got tired of it, and this is because of the “arrogance” of some of the local whites.

    The question can be asked, why some of the black middle classes do not say more than they do?

    I believe that to admit that they are treated and seen in the same light as the majority black population would mean a lack of status for them, and their professional qualifications and lovely houses would count for nothing. The edge they have, and what they like to believe, it is a matter of class.

    When the lights have been dimmed, in the quiet solitude of their rooms, the whites refer to them as men and women of straw, to be kept in their place without knowing they are being kept in their place.

    A a result the corrupt system rolls merrily on.

  45. Bajanboy

    As far as Polo goes, no one is excluded. If you pay your entrance fee, everyone is welcome. You could not find a single black person who ever went to polo who would say he or she was racially abused or made to feel unwelcome – except in his or her mind. The same applied to owning houses at Royal Westmoreland or Sugar Hill.

    Again I ask, for those who feel there are serious problems with race in Barbados, let’s have some constructive suggestions on how to move forward to correct this situation.

  46. While the exploitation of another is never acceptable and sometimes abhorrent. We don’t choose to be born white, black or whatever shade in between, anymore than we choose to be born in a dirty industrial city or a tropical island.
    What I would hate to see is Bahamans living in poverty, because they didn’t have employment. This white-guy won’t be going to the
    One day the colour of a person’s skin will not even be noticed, let alone commented on, because it won’t matter – please let that be soon – but don’t delude yourself that it will remove the barrier between those who have pots of money and those who don’t. I believe that wealth, not the colour of one’s skin, is the real divide.


  47. Devil's Advocate!!


    Where have you been all these years man??
    I sit here trying to put my thoughts together to make a comment but the fustrations keep cluttering up my thoughts and here you come and make my point.
    Thank you .
    Some people think this is a non-issue,I will bet they are the ones who like to bury their heads in the sand and say it aint happening.
    Sadly it is,even if it is subtle.
    I had an experience where I was told by a home owner in Strathclyde….’I don’t want anything black in my house.’
    These things happen everyday and no one addresses these issues.No one want to see this but it is here and needs to be stopped.
    From now on I am looking for solutions but first you have to deal with the problem at hand.

    Rather than sit here and ridicule each other lets try to find a way to end this.

  48. DFX


    Cute name. So all barbados whites are racists? Imagine that. And when do you think this will stop? Should we all move away from Barbados? I was born here, but thank God I was raised in country where colour is not the mark of a man. I am not a racist. If you want to think that I am well that’s your problem and trust me I will lose no sleep over it


    I have never “extented kindness” to her. I loved her as a mother and respected her as such. Why is it so hard for you to understand that? Maybe as a baby I had no choice, but later in life when I re-visited it was my choice, visiting and crying at her grave was my choice, to look at her picture and know that a person I love is gone and now you try to cheapen that with you comments. Sad yes!

    Never been to Polo either. Don’t see the point. Silly game. Sit on a horse and swing a stick at a little white ball? WOW! How exciting NOT! So I won’t even go there

    But ya know what Yardbroom? I think you have the solution to racist in B’dos. Keep sweeping, soon you will stir up enough dust to cover everybody and we will all be gray. DAMN! Forgot that we different color soil in the middle of the country and that might make some people red. So could we get everybody to go down by the Arawak Cement plant? LOL


    Wazz up my friend? Escaped the cast. Got a week home! So might be able to lime soon.

    Peace people

    Proud Bajan


  49. Devil's Advocate!!

    Good to hear man.A cast on the leg makes a shower a tricky exercise .Hope you get better soon bro.

    This topic seems to be getting a bit too touchy for my liking.I believe they are good whites just as I believe they are bad blacks.Tearing into each other personally will only fuel hatred which defeats the purpose of discussion.
    A lot of bajans ,both white and black seem to think racism dont exsist as long as you stay on your side of the fence and I an mine.I cant live like that on 166 square mile rock.I go where I want to go on this island freely,heaven help the man who tries to stop me!
    What I have realised about us blacks, is that we let the white population in this country intimidate us,with their posture and pretences,this is fueled by the inferiority complex found in most of us.
    Yes ,most of them have big rides and big houses,eat and lime at Bubbas,Mojo,Harbour Lights ect.
    What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?
    All of us cant be rich ,all cant be poor but what we can do is show respect to each other regardless of colour or class.
    We have become too materialistic,that is where the class is,not the skin colour.Our problem comes from the who have, as opposed to the who have not.
    Many nights in Mojo’s,these same ‘class’ people begs to have a tab,I dont,if I am strapped for cash ,I stay home rather than try to be who I aint.
    The problem is ,when we blacks see white ,we automatically think we are less….we are not …we are just as equal.
    That is what powers me everyday in this country, it is time to realize that racism is here and it is up to us to stamp it out where ever we see it .

    Anyhow Brian Lara is tearing into the Indian if anyone wants to reply plz make it about cricket for the next couple of weeks……going to watch a genius at work.
    Stay off the leg DFX.

    BTW have to pass on that souse thing,but you eat ,I will drink beers.

  50. Devil's Advocate!!

    Can someone explain to me how come here in Barbados you cant have any vendors at the world cup warm up matches selling things like nuts ,fruits etc.While as I have just seen on tv,the nutman making a brisk trade within the stadium.There is also a dj blaring out his reggae hits,giving you the true feeling of west indian cricket (right down to the collapse) .Here there is no such things going on.I thought the rules were for all islands to follow as dictated by the ICC.
    Do we have our own set of rules or is this the constant manipulation of the rules so a few can make big bucks at the expense of others?

  51. Yardbroom

    DFX: I never tried to cheapen your relationship with your nanny, I simply stated that when of age you reciprocated her kindness, which normal people do. To you her blackness was important – therefore you mentioned it – to me she was just another kind lady who happened to be black, whose kindness was acknowledged.

    I too was born in Barbados, and raised there and can trace my foreparents there up to 1783 after which the Jameses, Thomases, Johnses, etc without sirnames make further research impossible. My family have been there for a long time.

    You mentioned, stirring up dust.

    My foreparents have felt the sting of the sun upon their backs, and not only the sun.

    A little dust will do no harm.

    As a black man I owe it to those millions of silent voices who were unable to speak. It is to their memory I speak and no one, I repeat no one, will prevent me from speaking, for to do otherwise, would mean that their suffering was in vain.

    My suffering because of dust, can never be as great as theirs.

  52. DFX


    We are getting closer to seeing eye to eye 🙂 I’m sorry that I misunderstood what you were saying. She was a black woman who taught me what kindness IS. And 11 years later when my grandmother was tarring my hide for bringing home a black friend to study for the 11+ exam guess whose teachings prevailed? Mildred’s, she taught me that black or white we are just God’s creatures, I wish more people could learn that rather than to hate.

    I don’t and have never tried to detract from what happened in the past. But (and I know I gonna catch hell for this) if you pick at a cut it will never heal. If you however take you meds and change the dressing it will heal. Yes the scar will remain, but we will know that we never want to get a cut like that again. So please accept my apology for what took place in the past and lets work to make sure it does not happen again. And if you think it is not happening today you are sadly mistaken. Don’t believe me? Check with any of the non-bajan dancers in the so called gentleman’s clubs we have here in B’dos. See how many of those girls are working to pay for a ticket and room and board. What are we doing about/for them?

    Please keep stirring up the dust! We will never fix Barbados by trying to deny the past. We need to sweep a cleaner path for our children. Keep the discussion flowing.

    Take care


  53. DFX

    Devil’s Advocate,

    Well put! I think you may well have hit the nail on the head. We can only hope to educate and fix these problems and make a better B’dos.

    I should be properly mobile by next Thursday (according to the doctor) So if you are still game we can knock back a few beers.

    Take care my friend


  54. Bajanboy

    Did someone say beers? 😉

  55. Bajanboy

    After enough alcohol, we are all good friends, and all look the same colour.

  56. debumpa

    There are much more important things to worry about, why do we make so much out of so little. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the video, they are more blacks on the island as we all know, so who would we expect to see doing these jobs, and then if they had all white people in the video then we would have another problem, the fuss would then be, that the blacks aren’t good enough to work at that hotel
    Make up your mind people or better yet spend your time focusing on how you as a BARBADIAN can help keep Barbados as one of the top spots to visit or better yet try to think of ways we can make it an irresistable island. The warm welcoming and friendly people that we are is what makes tourist want to return to our beautiful island not what colour the sevice people are.

  57. Devil's Advocate!!

    Just let me know when you can ,Bajanboy,you have been MIA for some time at Sully’s.

    My new place of abode is a good drive from our watering hole so any meeting will have to be either planned or fortuitous ok.

    Take care and get well soon DFX,we have a lot of work to get others to understand this situation.
    We argue the same points from different angles and this can only add to the healing.

    Bajanboy asked about beers,when he knows quite well the order ,if he is there, will be Mount Gay Eclipse.
    Respect brothers.

  58. Devil's Advocate!!

    Oh ,Bajanboy…..this is my birth month ok……Mojos,Limelight Cafe,Ship Inn…you pick.

  59. Yardbroom

    I made an error and my response is under the Cricket World Cup Mutual Assistance Bill thread.
    Apologies all.

  60. BFP

    Here is Yardbroom’s comments transferred by BFP…

    Worth reading…

    A Few Observations

    There is enough money in Barbados to prevent old ladies and old men from living in ramshackle chattel houses, surrounded by bush or hidden away along little dirt tracks, not being looked after unless they contact the press, which many are unable to do.

    The vigour of a community can be judged by how it takes care of those who are unable to help themselves. The condominiums on the West Coast and the million dollar gated communities mean little to the old and poor.

    We should never begrudge the rich their wealth, but it is not the duty of Government to ” pander ” to their every whim. It is the duty of Government to take care of the old and poor, for it is their sons, daughters, wives and husbands who have made Barbados the peaceful place it is. That is why the rich and famous come here. They do not come only because of the beaches and the sun, there are lovely beaches and sun in many parts of the world.
    The rich come here because they feel safe – and long should that be the case – and at peace.

    The government should be unequivocal in its stance, no segregation of any kind in Barbados. The population should have free access to the beaches, as it has always been, no exceptions to that rule. If some wealthy people do not wish to see black people walking by – they are in the wrong place – there are plenty of other places which can accommodate their wishes.

    When large developments take place near settled communities, the developers should make a contribution to the local community in terms of play areas for children, a community centre, improvement of a building or structure to help the local community, planning consent should be given with the proviso that this work is carried out.
    The wealthy would be seen by local people as part of the whole. They would have made a distinct contribution to the local community and would not be see in “isolation” not part of the whole.

    We have to engender a spitit of togetherness we are all an important part of the whole. In time as wealthy communities spread out they will interlock and the benefits will be seen and enjoyed by the majority population.

    The Government has got to see the long term, not short term fixes. The building of a nation is rather complex and some of the projects instigated may never see fruition in your lifetime, but the people of Barbados will speak your name with reverence long after you have passed on. You will have moved into the orbit of a Statesman – a nation builder – not a mere politician.

    For those who feel uneasy when racism is mentioned as on this discussion. There is nothing to fear in frank open discussion, because it allows us to know how each other feels, only by that knowledge can we go forward together. The tragedy is when there is suppression and no dialogue, as a result tensions are allowed to fester.

    There is an opportunity for Barbados to prosper, to go forward to the benefit of all its people, both black and white, for that to happen we must treat each other with respect and dignity not because of “pandering” to anything, it is simply what a civilised society expects of its citizens.

    I urge the Government to lead us to a peaceful and prosperous Barbados free of personal self interest.

  61. No - Name

    This is the type of discussion we need in Barbados. By the way when I see Bizzy Williams I see a red, KINKY hair man and not a white man. His Phenotype appears more black than white. Look at the man’s hair. There is some black blood some where in his genes. …but somehow the man is convinced he is white, He always speak of ” we white people”….

    I have a very close friend who worked at a company in Barbados that is about 80% white. My friend tells me that the whites avoid speaking to them outside the work plant. The structure of this firm has not changed in 40 years.The top dogs are mostly white.

    I was also recently told about this white expat who told one of my friends that he was a better choice for doing business with local blacks than the local whites were. He said he was more concerned about the plight of blacks than the local white were. Apparently however his firm comprised 98% white (primarily expats), 1% indian and 1 % mixed. Obviously he was just a lot of talk since his management structure did not reflect the reality of his belief.

    I believe that the majority of whites in Barbados are racist and we black people only have ourselves to blame for that. We treat them as though they are superior and they love it.

    White women in particular are very racist. The next time you find yourself in a traffic jam ..try to make eye contact with a white women and see how she responds. Tell me what you observe.

    If we supported our own in preference to white the situation would be different. We have made them into gods. I heard about a white manager who expressed his disapointment with his black employees buying from a black owned supermarket. Whites know that they can get anything they want in BIM especially hugh government contracts…all they have to do is pay some money….

  62. No - Name

    Dave Allamby,
    You said:Man I do not understand some of the crappola appearing on this site sometimes.
    You also said:But they were coming to do work Canadians don’t want because of low wages. And who did they predominantly work for a “white” farmer” who in MOST cases treated them no differently than he would a white worker.

    I beg to differ…I have spoken to Black Bajans who work on the farm labour program and they have been complaining for years about racist treatment on the farms as well as the deplorable conditions under which they live.This is well documented.

    When you have the time check out the following articles and links on the internet:
    1. Harvesting Seeds of Justice: The Plight of Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario
    An extract from this article reads – Employers are free to choose the type of labour force they can exploit and many will deliberately divide the labour force by race and gender to pin workers against one another. Workers from a certain country can be threatened that the following year they will be replaced by workers from another.

    2. Read: Satzewich, V. (1991). Racism and the incorporation of foreign labour: Farm labour migration to Canada since1945. London and New York: Routledge; Wall, E. (1992). “Personal labour relations and ethnicity in Ontario agriculture”. Pp. 261-275 in Deconstructing a Nation: Immigration, Multiculturalism and Racism in ‘90s Canada. V. Satzewich (ed). Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.

    3. Satzewich, Vic. 1989. Racism and Canadian immigration policy: the government’s view of Caribbean migration, 1962­1966. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 21(1):77­97. ABS. “This paper questions the view that there was a deracialization of immigration control in Canada in 1962.” The author examines actions of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration between 1962 and 1966 and suggests that the practices of state agents continued to be based on racist stereotypes.

    The Nation Newspaper 12/05/2006 entitled: Farm labour woes, also makes interesting reading.

  63. I find this submission counter productive in many ways and it is certainly at least in my point of view “racist”.

    Whether Bizzy Williams is 100% white or not what has that got to do with anything. I am not saying the Williams boys are without fault and I think some of what they say in the public forum lacks basis in fact. We are all guilty of this me included.

    I think what we have to focus on is this the good that Bizzy and his brother Sir COW has done for Barbados is in no means small. Yes they made money but they have made it no differently to how it is made in every country of the world Canada, the USA, Britain etc.

    Some people make money in the newsprint industry as Harold Hoyte did with mainly black employees. The Williams boys have made money selling land, building, fabricating etc and has provided many a black and white mouth with food a roof over their heads a car to drive etc. Some do not like them selling Bajan land but regrettably this is the way business is conducted. And until Government designates that certain land tracks and sensitive environmental areas are off track
    to building and selling they have the right like anyone else to sell and make money.

    I think that credit has to be given to the black, white, brown skinned and all others who are entrepreneurs and do good for the Bajan society at large and it’s people!

    We need to focus on the positive things and much of what is causing Barbados major problems is that it is being politically mismanaged. And though the DLP has not shown it is ready they deserve a chance to show that they are.

    There needs to be some very hard decisions made in Bim the least of which is Black versus White. My personal thoughts is that the two must Unite as partners and find common ground to fix the serious problems facing the ALL Bajans!

    Do you think that the MAJORITY OF LOCAL WHITE people think the BLP is doing a good job? Do you think the average Black person feel the BLP doing a good job?

    But let me ask you this with THE GREATEST OF RESPECT. With 285,000 people of which only 5 % if that are white, who has the power by way of the DEMOCRATRIC VOTE to change this sad situation

  64. DFX

    Devil’s Advocate,

    Looking forward to it. Got this foot prop up and watching the swelling going down VERY slowly. It is still a good ad for Beneton though.. I never seen so many colors in one place except in my son’s coloring book. Looking at this foot I could be classed as white, red, yellow, purple, black, blue. My doctor is truly impressed NOT LOL!

    So I’m looking forward to sharing a handshake and some natural beers with you and BajanBoy.

    Take care my friend


  65. rasta man

    I have to agree with you on two points
    1 most (not all) white women are racist.i am aware of a major conglomerate in barbados where the white women employees might speak to you if you are in the office , but will pass next to you on the street or supermarket and not know you
    2, i have had the experience that you mention regarding female white drivers . they will pretend to be doing something, anything so as not to acknowledge you

  66. No - Name

    Rasta man,
    That has been my experience too. There is an unwritten rule that they are to have nothing to do with black men. ….and this has been happening since the 1950 and maybe before in our secondary schools.

    There is no need for you to get hot under the collar! You really seem to be out of it. Maybe it is your exposure to the cold climate. Perhaps you are having the same problems as Rawle Eastmond..and that is why you get all emotional and continue to articulate positions without facts 9 your own admission).

    Your comments are interesting however and reflects a very backward thinking, especially when you say ” I think what we have to focus on is this the good that Bizzy and his brother Sir COW has done for Barbados is in no means small. Yes they made money but they have made it no differently to how it is made in every country of the world Canada, the USA, Britain etc. ”

    I wonder why you want us to focus on the good the William Brothers have done for us instead of emphasizing the good that we (the Government of B’dos) have done for the William Brothers. They would not be in the position they are in today if the Government and by extension the black people of Barbados had not facilitated their wealth. Each time we continue to give them road projects worth over $300 mil we continue to widen the gap between us and the Williams Brothers and the like. We continue to give them more power…And it is not that they are more intellegent…more skillfull….
    But it is because none of the successive governments have had the balls to really try to provide us with a level playing field…

    The quicker we start to address these issues and make the required amendments the sooner we will end these discussions.
    Goverment must review the current policy as it related to the awarding of contracts and creating meaningful sustaining business opportunities ….not like the ones being created for Nicholls, Shorey, Rodney,…et al.

  67. Yardbroom

    There are deep seated problems in Barbados, most of which have come about because of the country’s historical background. As a result we treat “abnormal” situations as “normal” and if the abnormal is challenged, one is thought of as causing trouble or seeking to cause trouble.

    The black majority have allowed ” domination by consent” and to my mind that is a tragedy almost beyond words.

    For those who challenge the above statement – and some will – please address the following questions.

    Why is it that hundreds of years since the abolition of slavery, most, if not all of the major shops in Broad Street and other important sectors of the economy are owned by a small percentage of whites. I am speaking of being “owned” not a black face managing the enterprise.

    Has the government ever put in place ” serious” measures to help small successful businessmen to achieve beyond just being small.

    As I have said before, we can be in Government, in charge of the civil service, run the police etc but that is worth nothing, unless we control the economic levers of our country.

    True independence is more than taking down one flag, and putting up another.

    True independence is how the inhabitants of a country “feel about themselves”, their freedom to express themselves, to be able to achieve in all sectors of their economy, providing they are prepared to work to that end, and have the necessary skills.

    This cannot be done in Barbados where deals are done in private clubs, select parties and on golf courses, which because of the islands racial exclusive structure, the majority blacks are conveniently excluded.

    Until a Government grasp the nettle and address these problems we will always be subjected to a kind of ” superficial” achievement.

    I believe that any Barbadian black boy or girl – or white for that matter – should feel that providing they work hard, they can achieve anything in the country of their birth. There should be no hidden byways from they should be excluded, as a result they should be able to walk tall in that “singular” belief.

  68. John


    Look carefully at business ownership and you will find that it is more linked to the ability to build a family than to the colour of the owner’s skin.

    I have looked at some families in history, from the time of an ancestor’s freedom from slavery in the 1600’s, 150 years before emancipation. Slaves were routinely freed since the 1600’s, believe it or not.

    These families have taken generations since that ancestors’ freedom to adapt to the necessity of building a family in order to survive and thrive in business. But the records are there to follow the progress, or is it regress, of that family.

    Success in business as is practiced in western democracies requires the continuity of a strong family.

    If you look at the “black” businesses, the “white” businesses, the “indian” businesses, the “jewish” businesses or whatever business you care to look at, with the possible exception of some Banks and institutions which you may still find were formed by family alliances, you will find the strong, yet tenuous thread of family binding them together.

    I think this is true of most businesses alive for anything more than a generation.

    Some refer to it as nepotism. Maybe, maybe not, but whatever it is, there would be no business without it.

    Rather than concentrate on highlighting the strength of family, successive politicians since Independence have highlighted colour. I believe they have done so probably more from their inability to build strong families themselves than from anything else.

    We don’t need entrepreneurs in Barbados. We need strong families. The business and the entrepreneurs will follow, created out of the nurturing strength of family.

    There are two different family structures at work. Both work in the two different societies from which Bajans were drawn. One is not better or superior to the other. They are just different.

    What we need to figure out is what kind of society we want for Barbados and once we have done that, promote the type of family structure which will enhance that society.

    For a person to keep one foot grounded in one society and the other foot in the second is a waste of energy. In addition, it creates envy and jealousy because the two ways produce differing results.

    A man who lives happy has his happines envied by the man who steadfastly builds up his and his family’s wealth just as his wealth is envied by the man who lives happy!

    Maybe it is a human condition.

  69. Jerome Hinds

    No – Name, do not fotget to include the additional $ 20 Million recently
    ” passed ” to COW for the Greenland project to ensure that no garbage ” can go there !”

  70. John

    …. and happiness is wealth!!

  71. brown

    What colour do you expect the employees in a black country to be for Heaven’s sake?
    If the employees on the videos shown overseas were white or Indian then we would really have a problem.

  72. whois

    It is not about the employees as much as the clients. White city!

  73. No- Name your problem is you jump to conclusions without facts.

    First and foremost I am not hot because all eh wunna cant see the trees for the woods and blame everything on color. I think some of you have suffered brain damage from too much sun. Here in Palm Springs the temperature is 97 F. Could that be considered cool or cold No-Name? This is the same thinking you are using with your rubbish jumping to conclusions without having facts!

    I am merely putting forward some reasonable dialogue and trying with great difficulty to open the eyes of some about how things are done Internationally far less as it is done in Barbados. I do not give a s—- what happens in Barbados all I am trying to say is, Government operates the same in all countries and in the case under discussion for reasons you do not seem to grasp!

    Our Government (Canada) and ALL Nations gives hundreds of millions of tax dollars to different Industries as incentives to locate in their Nation, or to build new facilities etc. Why? Open your freekin brains because it brings employment and generate more taxes for the Government. It has nothing to do with if the industry is owned by a black, white, Japanese, Chinese etc. For God sake try and research an issue before talking puppe!

    In my small Town the Government gave Honda huge sums of money tax breaks etc to locate in our Town and they do this all the time!

    Do you think Harold Hoyte, Arawack, and other industry who is owned by black, white etc have not also been financially aided by Government in one way or the other? What about all of the businesses that are foreign and not even owned by Bajans yeh want to sen dem home too even if they employing ya brother, sister etc? You think they do not get help?

    The damn trouble about a lot of the people using this Blog is they want a “Free” Lunch! Well there are no “Free” lunches. Most people who succeed do so because of hard work not the color of their skin.

    What bothers me most is that instead of looking at everybody’s point of view and thinking about it a number of you are like horses with blinkers. And when you get beyond your reach you start striking out at Commentators instead of asking questions?

    Had the Government not helped the Williams, The Hoytes, et al how many people who have jobs now would have had them? Man you guys is mek me laugh!

  74. No Name here is another point about the Farm Program and let me give you a little logic to think about! Because I was involved in the Program!

    I worked at the Ontario Workers Compensation Board of Ontario for 35 years before retiring. The Workers Compensation Board covers Caribbean Farm Workers for injury arising out of employment. This brought me in direct contact with these workers and in some of the richest and most diverse Agricultural areas of Ontario. South Western Ontario!

    I have seen and talked to many of these workers and not once did they ever suggest any big racial problem or poor accommodation. THAT IS NOT TO SAY WE DO NOT HAVE BAD APPLES IN THE FARMING INDUSTRY WHO MAY NOT TREAT SOME OF THESE WORKERS BADLY. But this is your argument it appears and I will compare it to an experience I had in Barbados 9 years ago at Sherman House I was renting with my wife. And if I thought like you I would say “Don’t go to Barbados as ALL black people are crooks”.

    I was broken into by a black man who ramsacked my house and scared the hell out of us. Did I think ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE BAD BECAUSE OF THIS? Certainly not!

  75. Anonymous

    Dave Allamby,
    My my the heat is really geting to is a lot cooler in Bim. When last were you here?
    I would really like to get involved in some objective dialogue with you on this very important matter.
    In the first place I sought to provide you with empherical evidence to counter your comment that ” But they were coming to do work Canadians don’t want because of low wages. And who did they predominantly work for a “white” farmer” who in MOST cases treated them no differently than he would a white worker.”

    You simply cannot compare information received during your discussions with ‘many’ farm labourers ( ” I have seen and talked to many of these workers and not once did they ever suggest any big racial problem or poor accommodation. “) with hard data researched by credible persons as listed by me earlier. How many workers did you speak to? what did you talk to them about( how much cooler it was in Canada?)? were the number of workers you spoke to representative of the farm labourers who worked in Canada?

    You are ludicrous to even attempt to compare your one experience in Barbados to the data I provided you with that was based on hard research. You can’t be serious.

    You don’t have anything to argue about because research shows that caribbean farm labourer in Canada experience racial discrimination. Barbadian workers have been complaining for years and this is well documented.

    So your statement about “These people are not being humiliated, or shown disrespect by their clients they are merely doing a job they applied for and are being paid to do ” is incorrect, plain and simple…read the info I provided.

    In the same way you cannot generalise about all black people in Barbados based on one experience you cannot generalise about racial discrimination after chatting with a some of the workers and possibly not asking anything about racial discrimination.If you understood my thought process you would know that I would never make a generalisation based on one experience.

    I don’t understand what you mean by no big racial problem! Did you ever report any racial problems to the Barbados Government? What was the nature of this ” no big racial problem?”

    Perhaps I have to effectively articulate my position because what I was trying to say is that if the Barbados Government helped Had the Government not helped more Williams, Hoytes, et al, and not only the Williams/Hoytes etc there would be as many jobs or more and the wealth would be more evenly divided among the population regardless of colour.

    Don’t you think we should have by now another 5 road builders so that instead of giving $300 mil to one person they could each a couple million dollars each year? Can you imagine what that would do to our society if these 5 new road builders were black? Can you imagine what would happen if we told BS&T, Goddard, etc that could not own or have interests in both wholesale and retail outlets? ..and further that there could be no more interlocking directorship? …

  76. No-name

    I above posting which appears under the subheading of Anonymous at 3.40 p.m was posted by me (No-name). You seem to be experiencing some problems with your system.

  77. I won’t waste a lot of time on this. Have you come to Canada and seen the accommodations these people are given? Do you see the food they are fed and in most cases they eat better than when in Barbados, Jamaica etc. Nuff fresh fruit from the farm, veggies, beef, pork, potatoes etc

    But, But who dont want to come as I said before nobody is twisting their arm to come but yet every year they line up like flies to come up. Why would they want to do this when you say they are being treated little better than slaves! Are they stupid? Stay in the damn Caribbean we can now recruit loads of Mexicans and are as a matter of fact that have no “Chips” on their shoulder to take over the jobs of the persecuted from the Caribbean!

    Don’t you worry I know more about what is going on in Bim than most Bajans!

  78. Yardbroom

    John you have made the serious mistake of suggesting that it is only the family structure that has enabled the small percentage of whites in Barbados to prosper. I beg to differ, it is the family structure superimposed on discrimination, and the lack of opportunity for blacks in business.

    You have also suggested by inference that since some slaves were free since the 1600s some family structures evolved since then which allowed those whites to prosper.

    That remark is devoid of historical insight: We should not confuse white indentured labourers/slaves with slaves from Africa, they are completely different.

    I have no envy whatsoever of the whites and their wealth, my concern is that structures are in place for people of all colours to achieve.

    I would not dare to suggest what brings whites happiness – it would be arrogant of me – I do not know, no more than the whites know what brings me, a black man happiness.

    They like to think they do, – as you have said – that is the problem.

    You were quick to point out the benefit of family structures and unwisely said about a white family 150 years before emancipation.

    PS: May I point out blacks were not generally allowed to marry during slavery.

  79. backspace

    Yarbroom, Anonymous,no name and Rasta take a bow. Barbados contains serious thinkers and observers not COWed into silence or defenders of the staus quo after all. Everything you guys said meets my approval. This isnt about us as blacks doing reverse discrimination or exacting revenge from whites. I am not about that. Whites are human and bajans too. This is about taking hard looks at our homeland and pinpointing the white racism that has not retreated one inch since 1950’s. Blacks have progressed certainly but white power particularly economic power retains its vice grip on our existence. Black governments are much to blame as the white men and women who in their segregated gatherings wheel and deal near total economic control of Barbados. Governments I feel worry about capital flight if they move to implement a level playing field. No way COW, Jada, Simpson, BS+T, Daved Seale, Bernie Weatherhead and white minority should be easily obtaining billions in government contracts year in year out. Government must mold system that black companies can compte at dizzzying heights of economy. Why is COW getting $300 million contracts over and over? He runs a state within a state. The man acts like he is untouchable. He probably is.
    To close off white barbadian women are extreme racists. They make Daughters of American Revolution and Afrikaneer women on the veldt look like sesame street dogooders. There is a physical profile and attitude about Bajan white women and men that reminds me of Germany 1922 to 1945.

  80. Backspace we are all entitled to our opinions but I think they have to be balanced and consistent if you are going to sdhow honesty and sincerity in your postings.

    Let me ask you this Sir with respect, because I white and do not want to offend you.

    In your posting you say “whites are human and Bajans” to describe that you really have no animosity and I appreciate that. But here is my problem sir.

    You end your posting or have I misunderstood you sir? “Bajan WHITE women and men that reminds me of Germany 1922 to 1945” Is this correct?

    What are you saying when earlier suggesting “whites are human and Bajans”. Were the Germans not being incited and led by Hitler in the years you posted to be Anti Semetic and were responsible for the Holocaust? Are you suggesting that is how you see White Bajan men and women?

    I think sometimes some of the Commentators should think very carefully before spouting off the “Venom” that is really in their hearts. And let me say I think “Anonymous” might tend to agree because he makes many reasonable points without venomous hate!

    Another point does Sir COW not have on the island of Barbados if not the Caribbean THE MOST AND BEST heavy construction and road equipment among his competitors and it might stand to reason this is why he gets contracts because he can do them quicker and more economically? I thought Sir COW was so good they even called him in to do BIG work in St.Lucia and other destinations. How and why is he getting work there is this a color thing too?

  81. Anonymous- Re D. Allamby being ludicrous, I thought you might have realised this guy has not been in Bim for 9 years, but has the nerve to tell us he knows more about the going-on here than we do.

    From the time he came onto this site he has tried to drown us on many subjects with his longwinded patronising sermons. Poor fellow obviously has no hobbies or anything else to do with his time in retirement, so he wastes ours, to the detriment of this lively blogsite.

    He has some valid points from time to time, but quite honestly he is too tiresome to be worth the effort.

  82. John


    The slaves who were being routinely freed from more than 150 years before emancipation were all black!!!

    Sometimes they were mulatto.

    I am not speaking of the indentured servants at all!!

    Some of those black slaves were my ancestors!

    And believe it or not, slaves (and freed slaves) were routinely baptised and married in the Anglican church.

    The number was not enormous, but after 1760 that number increased and by the 1800’s, prior to emancipation, there were probably more slaves being baptised in the Anglican church than there were whites!!!

    Just shows you how askew historical facts are in many Barbadian minds.

    If you want I’ll post some records out of the baptismal registers for the various parishes for you to see so you can check for yourself and see just how flawed your facts are.

  83. John


    Suppose after all the land in Barbados is sold, you and I were sold to some aliens by the Government of Barbados to raise foreign exchange.

    We get taken to a planet, (which supports our life forms) or some place earthlings like ourselves have never been and returned to speak of.

    We meet a completely different culture, different language and different religion.

    We have three choices.

    Escape and return to Barbados.

    Refuse to adapt


    Which one do you think would most likely happen?

    (Hopefully the Barbados Government sold some members of the opposite sex as well to the aliens).

  84. Yardbroom


    Of course there were individuals who were freed and some bought their freedom, my argument cannot be based on a relative few, my main thrust is on the millions – yes millions- who were enslaved up to emancipation.

    We all know they were mullatto women conveniently kept by some slave masters for their own purposes and others, children of secret liaisons that were secret, until children were born from them. Some of these were free.

    I must refuse your offer of baptism certificates.

    I have checked my family history with “my own eyes”, do not confuse baptism with freedom, from the family records I have seen, it was possible to be baptised and still be a slave, slaves were described as chattels being owned by their masters on the certificates.

    As regards the religious aspect – I would be ashamed to mention that – the land owners and whites in general, felt the African slaves were heathens, and put about the idea that after baptism the slaves could be saved. In retrospect one should ask who were the real heathens.

    You mentioned the choices slaves had, I have a different perspective on that:

    (1) Escape: Certainly not back to Africa
    (2) Adapt: Or die
    (3) Refuse to adapt: Whipped into submission and tortured until you adapted.

    John you must understand that from a black perspective it is possible to want equality of treatment for black people, without hating whites.

    The problem is that whites have treated blacks so badly- historical fact- they cannot believe we can be sincere in our goodwill.

  85. White Shadow

    To think that my white uncles fought the Nazi’s and gave their lives to stop them so that people like ‘Backspace’ and my black Jamaican cousins would not be put in concentration camps and exterminated or enslaved! Only to have some misinformed, close minded, bitter, bitter man compare me to said same Nazis? Have some gratitude to the white man for saving your granny from the gas chamber Sir, because Hitler surely had his sights set on dealing with the darkies as soon as he was done with the JEWS.

  86. Warrior


    White women in particular are very racist. The next time you find yourself in a traffic jam ..try to make eye contact with a white women and see how she responds. Tell me what you observe.

    What you say is true and don’t talk about if they meet you in their neighbourhood where “black people” shouldn’t be they will literally run you off the road.

    Now the issue of racism is Barbados is a heinious one, perhaps we would have thought that the whites should get a long with we blacks. It has not happened so get over it.

    I am slowly learning as I get older that a man has the power to control what happens to him. We as black people have a lot of economic power and we don’t know it. If we as a whole stopped shopping at the Super Centre chain their operations would grind to a screeching halt. Yet we continue to bombard their doors for our groceries. I am guilty of this as I like the asthetics and layout of the stores, I would gladly shop at Jordans but again the appeal, I am slowly making a shift.

    If we truly want to stamp out racism let us search our own camp, too many of us want “good hair” and “pretty eyes” instead of celebrating what is good about being black.

    I am black can’t change it – won’t change it.

    Solutions Solutions people. we have some heavy thinkers on this blg we need solutions cause I am really hurt every day when I see our black sons herded off to the Point, our black daughters displaying themselves like slaves/slabs of meat on the auction block for the highest bidders.

    Bajan blacks need help to get out of this rut. Solutions, solutions. Let us start working together and throw this whole racism machinery in spasms. You ain’t see how the Apes Hill ppl got COW he never had it so bad.

  87. Yardbroom

    White Shadow

    Black servicemen also fought against the Nazis and died for the cause.

    Shame on you “Sir” for such a scurrilous remark.

  88. White Shadow


    I did not say that black men didnt fight and die in WWII. I certainly have no shame in pointing out that my uncles, two of them, died in battle for a great cause. What is ‘scurrilous’ is that comment that paints all white Barbadians as Nazis, do you not agree? Besides being ‘scurrilous’, it is downright stupid. If we all hated black people, simple logic would dictate, racist whites certainly wouldnt be living on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic with 1/4 million black people, not when there are nice ‘white’ places like Norway or New Zealand where we could all go and be white Nazis with our own kind. Shame on you for defending that idiot.

  89. checkmate

    Shadow get your facts correct.

    Your people migrated to’nice’ ‘white’ New Zealand and Australia in sixties and seventies after Barrow’s famous speech.

    They quickly returned in large numbers when they realised they were more respected and secure here than down under in the ‘nice’ white places with the NO BLACKS immigration policies.

    How do you explain that white shadow?

  90. White Shadow


    Do you share ‘Backspace’s’ viewpoint about ‘bajan whites? The immigration issue is irrelavent to his bigoted comment. BTW, ‘nice’ was used tounge-in-cheek. Also, ‘my people’ are of many shades, so take your racial hostility elsewhere.

  91. Yardbroom

    White Shadow

    Nowhere in this thread have I “ever” said that whites hated blacks or blacks hated whites.

    My debates are always confined to facts and I never impugn the character of individuals. I allow the facts to speak for themselves.

    With regard to what should be done in Barbados, I will address that another time.

  92. paul sealy

    Accept the truth and it will set you free..that goes for everyone.

  93. John


    The total number of Africans who were removed from Africa is estimated at between 12 and 20 million over the 400 years of slavery, 1500 to late 1800’s.

    The population of Barbados in the 1680’s was I believe of the order of 40,000, slave and free.

    In 1817 it had risen to about 80,000.

    I have read that in the early days for every six Africans brought to Barbados and purchased by the SPG, Society and Consett Plantations, only one lived. Most African slaves who died did so before the three year acclimatising period.

    The slave trade ended in 1807 and by 1817 less than 7% of the slave population was born in Africa. The slave population of Barbados became independent of purchases of new African slaves well before the ending of the slave trade.

    I suspect the same mortality rate also applied to English people who came. Indeed, one priest sent by the SPG to convert the slaves of the Society to Christianity lasted a whole 2 months before dying of fever.

    The Middle Passage was as far as I can determine not the major cause of death, it was the new environment.

    I can’t go along with your figure of Millions of Africans brought to Barbados based on what I have read and the facts I have been able to determine for myself. I think your figure is grossly exaggerated.

    With regard to your comment about heathens, you are of course right. The same would apply to the two of us if we were taken to some planet by aliens.

    However I disagree with you on the point of baptism. I think baptism was for the converted and you had to know the catechism before this happened. I do not come across infant slaves being baptised as are, or were infants who are born into a Christian family, with Godparents promising to look after the spiritual well being of these infants until confirmation.

    I think the wholesale conversion to Christianity of slaves occurred in the period after 1760. Before then they would have been regarded as heathens.

    In fact, any will or deed (these had nothing to do with the church) I have seen addresses christian persons and I think this was so because of the distinction in religion.

    I would not expect the aliens to whose planet we were taken to just accept either of us as one of them without us showing them that we were. That would take time, and might only occur after several generations.

    So yes, slaves and free were also categorised into christian and heathen where religion was concerned.

    The magic of Barbados occurs when both sets begin to share their blood and beliefs and become one.

    That was a long time ago.

  94. Yardbroom


    My comment and I repeat for clarity, quote” my main thrust is on the millions – yes millions who were enslaved up to emancipation-” unquote.

    It is “obvious” my reference was to the slave trade as a whole.

    I am amazed that you could refer to the death of five out of every six slaves to make a point, in such
    a casual way in a debate of this kind.

    The major cause of death of the slaves was not the “new environment” it was what occurred in the new environment, the torture, whippings, unending hard work, practices so inhuman that even today they can only be spoken of in hused tones, instruments used for torture so ghastly that after emancipation the slave masters buried them. There is one so horrible in a Jamaican museum today, when it was discovered it still had the bones of a female slave who had died in it.

    It was “not” a long time ago, its imprint is being felt today, therefore the reasons for this discussion.

    The magic of Barbados will be when everyone black and white are allowed to excell in any endeavour without race being a barrier.

  95. John


    If you get a chance, read a book called “Bondsmen and Bishops” about the functioning of the SPG’s plantations from 1710 to emancipation.

    A slave was valuable. There was in fact a 3 year acclimatising period where no load was placed on his/her back for fear of losing him or her.

    Disease in the new environment was the major cause of death.

    I don’t buy the routine torture and beatings story. I do believe however that it did exist.

    Google “drawing and quartering” and you will see that this was standard punishment administered in England itself. It was removed as a penalty, as people became more enlightened, .. as is hanging. The standards set in those day were draconian by today’s standards.

    The magic of Barbados has passed, committed to the deep by our politicians since independence who sought to highlight differences rather than oneness.

    … and we let them!!

    Slavery was cruel and inhuman, only humans could think of it. However, I think what went on in each country is unique to that country and is borne out in the behaviour of its peoples today. I don’t think generalisation works where the slavery is concerned.

    Finally, if you are on statistics and dealing in millions of people, then here is one which also represents man’s cruelty and inhumanity to man.

    Russia lost 2o million people fighting the Nazis in just under 4 years. I think this explains much of what has transpired after 1945 in Russia and how it related to the west.

    The UK and Commonwealth lost 480,000 and the USA about 300,000.

  96. Yardbroom


    I did not wish to go down this route but you have forced me to do so. I repeat, it was not only the environment that caused the deaths of the slaves but what “occurred” in the environment.

    Your remark quote” I dont buy the routine torture and beatings story. I believe however it did exist” unquote.

    (1) ” The propensity for slaves to commit suicide was related to the torture mutilation they were sometimes subjected to. Father Antoine Biet described how one planter had a slave whipped by other negroes repeatedly for seven days. On the eighth day he had one of the slaves ears cut off and roasted. The black was then made to eat his ear”.

    (2) “Col Henry Drax the second wealthiest planter in Barbados set down his philosophy regarding the punishment of slaves in a list of instructions to his overseer…. they must be severely handled no punishment too terrible on such an ocassion as doth not deprive the party of either life or limb.”

    The above are from contemporaneous documents of the day, not from any belief system I have.

    The English who were drawn and quartered did not suffer their fate because of race.

    To refer to the second world war is to go off topic, we all know of cruelty. In this instance we are focused on slavery and the way it has impacted on the life of black Barbadians.

    I will not invite you to read any particular book, I will be generous enough to assume you have come to this discussion forearmed. However as a historian, I refer you to my footnotes to validate the statements I have made.

    (1) Little England
    Plantation Society and Anglo-Barbadian Politics, 1627-1700 Gary A. Puckrein page 79

    (2) pages 78-79

  97. John

    Check the slave returns of 1817 and of 1818 or for any succeeding year up to emancipation.

    Each slave owner had to make one and the increase or decrease of his holding is recorded. The British Government I am told instituted this to ensure the abolition of the slave trade in 1807 was adhered to.

    Can’t pick up the claim you make in this raw data. The biggest cause of loss of life in this period seems to have been the 1831 hurricane.

    Punishment I agree was severe. But I believe this was not a regular occurrence. So I agree that severe punishment and brutality did exist. I will however keep looking to see if your assertion is correct in general. The mixing of bloods which occurred is evidence to make me think I won’t find it.

    Be careful of generalisations historians make. They consult raw data too but then make generalisations but do not give the reader the benefit of seeing from where the generalisation is drawn.

    I referred you to “Bondsmen and Bishops” because I think it was an attempt by a Historian to quote from raw data, the reports and records of the SPG which exist for a long period of slavery.

    I am not a historian but I enjoy understanding history and I do it by going after raw data. I do keep an eye on the generalisations however as I enjoy watching them fall (at least in my mind) as data comes to light. My training is in exact science, … which I agree is not so exact as people claim!!

    I put in the comment on the 20 million in Russia in 4 years to show that man can follow a path which he justifies in his mind and feels to be uplifting but when the results are looked at are a degradation of the human race.

    The simple fact is that the whole nation of Germany followed this path, although today we ascribe it to one man, Hitler. Other nations also jumped on the bandwagon. Thus Rumania, Italy, even France and Spain and other countries lost sons fighting in Russia to further the Nazi cause. Even Russians fought Rusians.

    The difference between this path and the path taken by man in making the trans atlantic slave trade happen is that Hitler, and Germany, had to be destroyed by the sacrifice of other men, and women, to alter the path.

    However, in the case of the slave trade, man figured out the path was wrong and changed it on his own.

    The sad thing is that it it took so long and that not all mankind changed its path. Slavery still lives on in some parts of the world.

  98. Yardbroom


    I have said all I intend to say on this topic.

    History has taught us that nothing moves so fast and unexpectedly, as a people whose time has come.

  99. ?

    Yardbroom, the problem is what direction to move in though?

  100. Anderson ( mrs)

    For such religous people do you not listen when you go to Church. Does it matter what colour you are to God? It is what is inside the body not the colour of ones skin, I know our ancestors did some evil things which are unforgivable but we have to get on with our lives as we wouldn’t do those things in this day and age. I was taught in Sunday School to always treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and think if you go along that line you should be a good person.

  101. Just Me

    If you feel threatened by what I have to say in the next few paragraphs, it MAY be because you yourself are guilty.

    I am speaking out as a woman. I am NOT proclaiming women to be be better than men, I am just giving my point of view. So if you want to call me sexist, feminist, a lesbian whatever makes you feel better about yourself at the end of a day. And also, just to clarify, I am not speaking for or against white women on the issue of diverting attention to other matters whilst someone is trying to get their attention, I am just asking you to state the problem more clearly so we can paint a picture.

    It was not stated clearly before on how you try to attract the attention of these women, but I can only think of several instances when men were trying to get my attention. They don’t merely try to catch my eye, they call out loud for everyone within 20 feet to hear. The most common frases I get is “Psssst, my sexy friend” and “I would love a piece of that ting dey doh” and “You boy, she look like she would f— sweet doh”. I hear this from all races of men in Barbados, and not just at me at my female friends who are walking with me.

    I find it very degrading and disrespectful and now everyone in hearing range then flings their heads around to see who the man is talking to, and puts that person in the spotlight. I know nuff women love that attention and I know of plenty that don’t. Men don’t have to make it known to everyone in the vecinity that you think that woman is attractive. If you want to talk to her do it quietly. And if she refuses you, you don’t need to cuss her, just move along to the next woman with your dignity. (This may come as a shocker to some of you men, but some of us women have boyfriends or husbands and some of us are loyal to them, (notice I said “some” are loyal) and we don’t need no temptation.

    Now while you are driving or in traffic and trying to catch the eyes of these white women in their vehicles, if one did look up and look you in the eye, what would be your next move? To look away? To smile? To keep staring? To ask her what she is looking at? To tell her that she is looking beautiful today, and she has done a great job with her hair?

    Do you also stare at black women and try to catch their eye while they are in their cars and get a different result? If so what difference is there?

    This avoidance you speak of from the white women drivers, does this also happen to you socially when you approach them in a bar or any of those other places that you named that they frequent?

    Last quick question, are you a man or a woman that is staring down all these white women?

    Shouldn’t we all just be trying to pay a little more attention on the road? Because when the woman looks over at you now and the line infront her starts to move, and she has the person with road rage in the car behind her honking the horn and screaming at her to move her ‘insert word that rhymes with brass bowl here’ and drive the car, what have we acomplished then? Cause now you are happy, but the person behind her is vex. Whether stopped in traffic or whilst driving on the road we should be paying attention at all times.

    Oh and for you men that also try to call out at women while they have their man in the front seat next to them that is even worse, you disrespecting her and him.

    Last thing, it is very impolite to stare, didn’t your mother ever teach you that? And if you can’t help it at least try to smile while you are doing it, smiling is contagious, and it makes you feel good too.

  102. DFX

    Just Me,

    Well put!

    I have taken to blowing kisses at the fools who PSST! at my wife when I’m out with her. It’s hilarious to see the reactions from their friends when I do that. Once my wife actually walked up to the PSSSTer and gave him a bicycle patch kit we had bought for our son’s bike. Idiot could not figure out that he sounded like he had sprung an air leak.

    You keep holding your head high and demanding the respect that WOMEN DESERVE!


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  104. Bimbro

    March 7th, 2007 at 2:41 pm
    You should see the documentary shown on American televison about real estate in Barbados featuring a White Barbadian Real Estate Agent.

    They showed Black servants singing a song to welcome home the white owner of a luxury house in Barbados.

    Just another part of Barbadian life that we are supposed to pretend does not exist.

    I’ve only just noticed this story but they showed the above documentary in the UK, too. I remember being shocked when the Barbadians wholly and completely, ‘voluntarily’ it seemed, assembled and just started singing to welcome this rich white woman, their employer home. One’s initial reaction is obviously, to be shocked but on further consideration, if it’s something which the employees are just willingly and voluntarily doing for their employer, who they love, should we object?

    I’m inclined to think NOT. Frankly, if they were all so pleased to see each other why could she not just have given each maid/servant a peck on the cheek or a friendly hug, or a slap of the hands? I would have! I think I’m more appalled by the white woman actually agreeing to the Bajans singing what sounded like quite a demeaning little song to her, than by the Barbadians agreeing to do it. Maybe she’s an excellent employer. Maybe too, the Barbadians were thinking she would appreciate a song and continue to treat them well, or better, or even retain their employment at all.

    I don’t think that any harm was done, and if anything, I find fault with the owner, not the Barbadians, although it does seem regretable that they felt it necessary to welcome her home, in such a way.

    In a case like this, it’s easy to be offended but the Bajans were no doubt thinking of their livelihoods and that, afterall, is extremely important!

    Don’t forget that many Barbadians had to flee Bim because they could n’t find work to do in Barbados – that’s why I’m ‘exiled’ here in the UK, 4000 miles away!

  105. Plover

    One of the things about this subject is this. And before I say anything let me say that I accept that “racism” is alive and well universally and I take that a little further.

    Some seem to think that “racism” only applies to visible miniorities and from my experience there could not be nothing further from the truth.

    In big countries racism is practiced even by some whites against whites of their own kind or against whites of different ethnic cultures. Some like to call this type of racism class distinction or other fancy terms but the hurt, damage, stigma etc suffered by the people it is being perpetrated against is no less easy to accept. But here is a point to consider about the “black” employees singing to their “white” employer.

    This situation has only drawn the attention of some because of color alone.

    In North America, the UK, Canada etc employees sucking up to their employer is part of the game played in the corporate culture for getting ahead and whites also do it to whites. Whites do it to blacks vice versa to make brownie points with bosses to get promotions, raises etc. This is an accepted fact and is called “playing the game”.

    Do you think I and most others would give a tinkers damn singing to a black employer, opening his/her car door for them, or helping them off with their shoes etc if at the end of the day it puts me in a favorable position to be promoted or to get a raise? I don’t think so!

  106. Listening Intently

    Sure there is a lot of racism in Barbados. It’s even worse here than it was in South Africa. In SA it was the law (virtually) everyone knew it was there. In Barbados everyone pretends it’s not there.
    However the RW ad only showed the reality of Barbados. Mot of their clientele is white so that should be reflected in the ad and most of their serving staff is black as it is in all the hotels and properties catering to foreigners in Barbados. So I can’t see what all the fuss is about.
    What I do know is that Barbadians seem to be the most racist of people around and it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, or brown. Somebody doesn’t like you because of who you are or where you come from. If you’re not a born Bajan then you’re not wanted. If you think the fuss about Guyanese coming here is not racially motivated then you’re working with blinders. Yes Bajans hate everybody else and all the fuss about black and white is really down to Bajan or not.

  107. What they dont tell you is that some white women come here for a certain “service” that they come here specifically for.