Cricket World Cup Drink Of Water = Three Dollars


Barbados Free Press Reader Has Concerns About Water And Spectators’ Health

My wife and I attended the 3Ws Oval on Monday for the Sri Lanka vs Scotland game. On arrival at the security entrance our non alcoholic drinks which were contained in unlabelled plastic bottles were confiscated; apparently this was a security measure since we could harm ourselves or others with these bottles. We were informed that soft, non-carbonated were available for sale at stalls inside the ground.

Unfortunately, the drinks available were only water, alcoholic or carbonated. We had purposely bought fruit juice drinks with us as my wife does not drink carbonated drinks. It meant that throughout the day she was restricted to drinking water as no non-carbonated drinks were on available.

Cup Of Water: 3 Dollars 

We were disgusted to find that we were required to pay BDS$3 for a small cup of iced water. If the restriction on bringing your own drinks into the grounds is purely for security reasons, surely, for health reasons, some way for people to get free water should be provided.

Dehydration can cause serious problems and a lot of adults don’t stop to think how it can affect us. My wife purchased 2 cups of water during the day. By the time we got home she could hardly walk as she felt so light-headed and had to retire to bed early. She had obviously not had enough to drink, and is not used to the climate.

I hope the organizers have thought about the medical care people who don’t drink enough are likely to need during the world cup games. People need to be encouraged to drink as much as possible in the heat as most visitors may not be accustomed to the climate in the Caribbean.

Has anyone balanced the so-called security risk of not allowing plastic bottles, against the health risk to hundred of people who do not have enough to drink?

Throughout the day we noticed some customers in the stands with plastic bottles. (photo available if required). If this restriction were a security measure how come some customers were allowed to have these bottles?

One other consideration; we attended the opening ceremony of Kensington Oval on 17th February where we were allowed to take in our own drinks. Even so, there were long queues to get food and drinks. If no-one is allowed to take in their own drinks, and have to queue every time they want a cup of drink, will the refreshment providers really be able to cope. There would need to be far more facilities available than there was on the 17th February.

Can the organisers please explain exactly what security risk plastic bottle actually have and assure us that urgent attention will be given to addressing this problem? Alternatively, as plastic and glass bottles, tins or cans or any branded drinks are banned from Cricket World Cup 2007 venues, can the organisers please advise how we can carry our own drinks into the venues?

This issue has also been raised on the Reuters website dated today by people in Trinidad. (link here)

It is interesting how The Nation has not expanded on this issue since their article on Monday 05th March where they mentioned the banning of plastic bottles but no mention of the price of water; so somehow we need to ensure that the local and international community are aware of this before the competition proper gets underway next week.


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22 responses to “Cricket World Cup Drink Of Water = Three Dollars

  1. Chase

    This is strange…….. to the best of my knowledge,they allowed coolers and plastic bottles in Trinidad.Admiral Nelson also said this on Mornin’ Barbados this morning .Are they different rules for different territories?

  2. anon

    They allowed us to carry in small tetra pak juices at the game on feb 17 in Barbados. I experienced the same $3 a cup for water on the 17th. It was a rip off since the bar was getting 3 cups to a bottle of water. Furthermore, to purchase the $3 cup I had to buy a minimum of $5 in tickets/vouchers.

  3. Bajanboy

    Forget water, I had to pay $8 for a beer . By the end of cricket on Monday, I too was light headed and broke.

    People should not complain too much about the prices. Its a world class, once in a lifetime event. Concessionaires have paid lots of money for the right to sell and have to make money.

    I cannot believe that the couple who complained about the price of water could not have spent another $6 for two more glasses of water to avoid the dehydration. How cheap can someone be!!

  4. I’m also guessing there isnt one water cooler around the whole place where you can get free water.

    Well done Barbados, well done!

  5. Wishing in Vain

    They have gone mad with these preparations for this world cup but now folks I want you to remember Owing has indebted us to the tune of
    $ 300 for his erection and based on what it will be costing us in the long run I am sorry a glass of water is not $ 100.00 a beer is not $ 100.00 and a ticket to get in not $ 100,000.00 maybe then our burden would not be as great as it will be.

  6. Surely Banks went to a whole lot of trouble and expense to use plastic bottles for their beer specifically to be acceptable for CWC? Very unfair to now ban them.

    You can do about as much damage with a plastic bottle as one of your flipflop sandals.

    Give officials a chance to take Security to absurd extremes and they are bound to do so.

  7. Bajanboy


    Getting hit in the head by a full plastic bottle of beer thrown at full speed will not only hurt, but will also injur. What about a frozen bottle of water that some people like to bring in? That would hurt just a bad a being hit by a rock.

  8. Lady Anon

    I heard a suggestion on Mornin’ Barbados yesterday…just like how the school children buy frozen koolaid in plastic bags, get some small 4 x 7 plastic bags (250 bags cost about $4.70), fill them with water, freeze them, and take them with you. During the course of the day, just bite out the corner and sip your water.

    I don’t see how this could be a problem, because an empty 4″ x 7″ plastic bag cannot be used as a weapon!

  9. justice

    Bajan Boy

    ….or the heel of a leather soled shoe!

  10. Laughable.


    Comment deleted for improper talk.

    Last warning.

    Auntie Moses

  11. Brabsoda

    There is on way anyone can convince me that a cup of Bajan water should cost $3. Bajanboy grow up and be reasonable.


    WOW. Reminds me of when I went to Disney World for the US-First robotics competition. US$4 for a 20 oz. bottle of soda. Congrats looks like Barbados has arrived to the first world. Water— a god created item now costing $3.

  13. Chase

    Are the people doing the food not the same group who prepares that tiny little morsel you get on the planes?
    I think someone said these entities spent lots of money and need to make it back.Now forgive me for being stupid and please correct me if I am wrong,when you control all the foodstuff coming into a country and you are providing all the food to an event as big as this,how big can your losses be if any?
    Not to mention if anyone else wants to have any of the ‘kiosks’ (for lack of a better word),they have to pay a hefty sum to this same ‘entity’.
    Seems to me ,this ‘entity has a real win-win situation going on here……boy…a lot ah we really fa cup.

  14. anon

    Has anyone ascertained if the ICC’s actions in restraining competition at the venue sites among suppliers of beverages is contrary to the Competition legislation in Barbados

  15. Bajanboy- OK, You right. I was thinking an EMPTY plastic bottle. (At the prices they charge you would want to drink the contents rather than pelt it.)

    Just about anything can be dangerous when pelted- sunscreen lotion, ballpoint pen, lipstick etc. but we expect reasonable spectators, not hooligans.

  16. justice

    Anon, there is indeed a conflict with the competition legislation, (sectin 13) but Part V of the Fair Competition Act permits the FTC to authorise such conduct in certain circumstances(section 29). I don’t know whether such authorisation was applied for.

  17. anon

    Justice……. on the issue of competition could you comment on whether or not the merger of LIAT and Caribbean Star is permitted under the competition legislation that exists. In the European Union such a merger would have to be referred to the European Commission before it went through. In Caricom there is no Caricom Commission

  18. John

    They are now allowing bottled water in to prevent dehydration.

    Bottle tops will need to be removed though (>??!!***)

  19. Smart

    Just take the cap off, put it in your pocket, and walk through the security check giving them a smile and making sure they can see your bottle without the cap. Not hard.

  20. Wishing in Vain

    Who brought this circus here anyway?
    Are we on their terrority or are they on ours?
    And if the answer that they are operating on our lands why then have we not exhibited a more demanding status in these proceedings rather than take orders daily and say yes sir no sir?
    I feel that all of the Caricom leaders have been hood winked in their handling of CWC maybe with the execption of Mr Manning in Trinidad as he sat back and said go ahead make yourselves fools to the masters.

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  22. jinx oo7

    Oh yes please!! do drink bottled water at all costs….. Do people not know that if our local water is tested what little squirming creatures might be found in it??? Any “lab techs” out there to share their findings with us??