Sweet Little Girl Needs Surgery To Correct Cleft Lip – Barbados Hospital Won’t Operate Unless Paid Up Front


All Kinds Of Government Money For Cricket, Flyovers & Election Bribery House Painting – But None For Nicollet

SHOW ME where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what is important to you.

That goes for any government too – and children like this little girl are obviously nothing to the government of Barbados.

The Barbados Government has spent probably half a billion dollars on a few weeks of cricket. Not to mention new flyovers, election bribery house renovations, tens of millions at the Greenland dump disaster, office buildings over-budget by 60 million dollars with no tenders issued, brand new BMWs for government officials and on and on and on and on…

But no operation for little Nicollet Mayers unless she comes up with the cash.

I just read about this at the Nation News and I am so very, very, angry that THIS IS OUR COUNTRY.

I’m going into work tonight and folks better stay out of my way.

I am so angry I could just spit.


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  1. Hants

    Let us hear what the Government members who frequent this blog have to say about this issue.

    William Duguid and Lynette Eastmond please do what you can to help this child.

  2. Tyrone

    Hi, I have mentioned this to some friends previously. It is so pitiful that person can throw away millions trying to win an elusive lottery, but find it next to impossible to place the same funds in a health fund. This I believe would go towards helping those unfortunate persons who have to go begging ,john public, govermnent and whom everelse for assistance in rectifing their plight. What couldn’t 4.4m, prize money, plus revenue help where care is concerned.

    Bleeding heart.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    But this has been the point all along. $200million (yeah estimate 140million, but you know how that goes) on stupid (at least low on the priority list as far as I am concerned) concrete flyovers and Accident & Emergency in a mess, whole QEH in a mess.

    This has been right in front of us all along. Just one more example of Government’s ‘concrete culture’.

    Bah humbug.

  4. D'Arts

    I seriously hope they get enough money to take her abroad, for some reason i just don trust our plastic surgeons hahah

  5. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    It is so amazing that this sort of neglect of our people, especially our children, can be taking under a government led by Owen Arthur which claims to care so much about the ordinary man. But Barbadians are still saying, according to the poll, that they love Owen Arthur. It seems that kicking Barbadians in their butt is how you make them love you. Very much like battered woman syndrome.

    Come on, get real, Bajans! What has Owen Arthur really done for you in his 12 years as prime minister? Unless you are filthy rich like COW Williams and crew, you are smelling hell living from paycheck to paycheck. If you don’t have money to pay for health care and you go to the QEH, you have to pray to the good Lord to be merciful on you. Many of you already are silently starving. The food prices are out of this world. I am so sorry for our pensioners every time I see them in the supermarket. They can’t afford to buy much on the fixed incomes. Corned beef, macarel, tuna … foods loaded with salt and harmful to their health if they have high blood pressure.

    If Barbadians do not get rid of Owen Arthur and let him go home and enjoy his new family seeing that all of a sudden he is putting families first, it’s going to be a sorry state in this country. Don’t be suprised if you wake up one day and hear Barbadians are running to run to Canada and claiming refugee status or going to the USA to hide away as an illegal to sweep floors and clean toilets for racist rednecks because they are fast becoming second class citizens in their country.

    Good God deliver Barbados from the clutches of Owen Arthur and his hopeless bunch so that a new dawn can break in this country and the dignity of our people can be restored, where people come first again and not money. Bajans, wake up!

  6. RA

    Huge issue, but one best categorised as a “societal” choice. Targeting the government on it with quasi-moral condemnation is grossly unfair. To say Nicollet is “nothing to the Government of Barbados” condems us all, not just the sitting members of the BLP. I too could describe the BFP in such shameful terms for its anti-abortion stance, willingness to smear and insinuate and its opposition to stem cell research which might save children in even greater need than this one. And yes, before the usual aspersions are cast and IP investigations launched I would say the same if a DLP run government was incumbent. However, I think the main point here centres on resource allocation.

    This is not a one-off issue. Suppose we had to choose between making the highly worthy corrective surgery for this poor child entirely free (as opposed to the 50% all taxpayers currently fund it to) or finance another child’s more urgent liver transplant? Or yet another child’s bone cancer? For the choice is not simply between one policy area and a Minister’s BMW as emotively implied. It must also be made, painfully, within each expenditure area. Personifying the issue with a distressing case of a small child in urgent need of surgery does not make the underlying reality of limited resources vs unlimited wants go away.

    But even between policy areas, why is this more vital than a flyover system, which arguably could reduce arrival times of ambulances to Accident & Emergency at QEH thus saving lives directly? Or why is investment in sporting infrastructure, a huge improver of the quality of life, any less vital? Similarly, why should we fund the Graeme Hall Sanctuary or any potential national parks? In fact, why build any public good – a museum, library, park, prison, hospital or stadium?

    Some such spending examples have failed to make the obsessive, myopic and vaguely defined “return on investment” hoop frequently suspended at this. Yet, ironically, I would suggest that Nicolett offers the most eloquent justification for investment in public goods possible. Investing in health care, roads, stadia or any other public good is not just about ROI (Rumplestiltskin’s comment duly noted): it’s about the balance between value for money and improving the quality of lives in all its facets.

    How best to balance between needs and wants – to that there is no satisfactory response. To every objection, like those raised by the BFP, there is a defence as strong as those made for health. Spending choices are not discrete decisions; and priorities are always juggled and rejuggled at election time.

    These are serious questions not deserving of shallow manipulation for political point scoring. That you use a small child to do so is particularly low and galling – and I write as a parent who has had a young child come close to death but been saved, twice, by the public health system. I doubt any of you have small children; and when you do I doubt you’d willingly see them suffer the deeply cynical and repugnant journalistic treatment you employ here.


    Comment by Robert

    Thanks for stopping by RA. It is always an education to see how those in power think.

    Yes, this is a “societal” choice RA – made for us for the last 12 years by Owen Arthur and company. Nothing you can say can undo the chronic under funding of health care, and the waste and overspending in other areas, graft, corruption and wrong priorities of the last 12 years.

    This little girl and others like her who need life-changing surgery are nothing to a government that would be content to see her go through life as she is.

    It is all about government priorities, and for the current government health care has never been a priority – except for a series of unfulfilled announcements regular as clockwork for each election while the hospital continues to deteriorate. Even when the government receives a free gift such as the Lion’s clinic, they let it deteriorate.

    The Nation News article is just a straight reporting piece saying “look at this. she needs help” with zero questions about whether citizens should continue to accept such a low standard of health care in “first world” Barbados. When BFP shines a spotlight and criticizes government priorities, the elites become terribly uncomfortable. They are simply not used to the media asking for the most basic accountability.

  7. Laughable.

    I’d MUCH rather have the ‘stupid’ flyovers
    (and traffic efficiency!)
    than a futuristic Kensington stadium to show-off with,
    if yuh doan mind!

  8. Pogo

    If every one of our esteemed cabinet ministers ate at Chefette for just one month rather than Champers etc. etc. (all of which we pay for) and donated that money for Nicollet’s surgery then we would see what they are made of.

    If they start a fund and even though we can hardly make ends meet now, Bajans would chip in.

    (What do politicians give up for lent?)

    And what a good start that would be on fixing things that are wrong in this country. You know, use our tax money for the people. What an idea!

  9. Red Lake Lassie

    RA says

    “Huge issue, but one best categorised as a “societal” choice. Targeting the government on it with quasi-moral condemnation is grossly unfair.”


    You are and Evil deceiving LIAR.

  10. RA


    I wonder if it will ever be possible for you to accept that I am an ordinary citizen and entirely unconnected to government, or public life. About the greatest power I have is over my childrens’ bedtime hour. I have said before if you want to ask me something about myself I will answer directly. Why guess?

    You set out worthy goals, goals directed at making our governance better. The most important of these, I think, is improving accountability via the media of which this site is a proxy. It was this that attracted me as a reader.

    But you demonise more and more at a personal level, in this case stooping to use an infant to that end. Even now, in your response, you suggest government members are uncaring, immoral even, because of Nicollet’s need. I contend that is a very wild, uninformed, sweeping and irresponsible judgement. Moreover, with such an emotive and incredible strategy you undermine the achievement of the very goals you seek by appearing hopelessly one-sided.

    Further, I suspect by your unapologetic reply that you fail to even comprehend what it is to have exploited this child to your own worthy but objectionably pursued ends. Perhaps future parenthood may shed some light on it for all of you.

    Once again, instead of baseless speculation about my hidden motives (truly, all my motives are visible) try moving on from the idea that I may very well be politically unaffiliated. It may suit you to go on believing otherwise but in that case you’d be as immovable as some of the policies you seek to adjust.

    Finally, Lassie. If I had said 2+2=21 that would be a lie – or proof of miseducation, an important distinction revealing more causes and motives than at first glance – you savvy on this BFP? But I’m fairly certain there is nothing in my arguments that is a lie.

    On “Evil” and “deceiving (a bit disappointed not to have got the capital “D”), well, you may have a point. Some well-argued banter might convince me, or are you another impervious to reason?

  11. BFP

    Hi RA

    I guess we will just have to disagree.

    You say the government is making proper priority choices in a difficult environment and that’s reality.

    I say the government is not making proper priority choices in an environment where their incompetence, corruption and waste has stolen millions upon millions from the taxpayers.

    I say that where a government puts tax dollars indicates the true priorities of the government.

    I also say that individual cases such as this little girl are excellent indicators of the reality of any situation.

    Given a choice between politicians saying “everything is fine with health care. Its the best it can be” and looking at Nicolett, which do you think provides the most accurate indicator of reality?

    If it is unfair on the government for us to mention it, that’s too bad!


  12. West Side Davie

    RA criticise the BFP for using the small child for “political point scoring” but then RA say…

    “and I write as a parent who has had a young child come close to death but been saved, twice, by the public health system.”

    RA: How dare you use a small child for political point scoring!

    You are not evil like RLL say, but you are a joke!

  13. RP

    It’s not just about the ‘economics of a public issue’, and BFP’s style might offend some of us, but the questions remain. RA poses hard and legitimate questions that, like it or not, should be part of public debate, and determine where public resources should go. Unfortunately these questions are effectively academic. The hidden, poor or politically expedient administration of public resources sterilizes or dilutes many opportunities to address these questions.

  14. akabozik

    We cannot address important questions adequately without access to information. The government allows citizens no access to information because we could hold them accountable.

    Still waiting for the GEMS inquiry report!

  15. RA: They are all partisans here. They cannot deny it, and they will not admit it.

  16. RA

    No, Robert, that is not what I am saying.

    I am saying, rather clearly despite attempts to misrepresent me, that you fail badly in presenting your arguments in a fair context. That is it. There is no defence of government in my post, only a reminder that policy making is not as easy as you would make it seem; and there are many ways to skin a cat, not just the BFP way.

    Baseless insult and insinuation plus misrepresentation of what are reasonably considered replies by your readers is a missed chance for serious argument by BFP. Sincerely, I am surprised you imply by omission that your postings are fair or advance the debate beyond the stage of a cuss-out.

    Mr WS Davie – is that really fair? You have no idea under which administration my children were cared for. I make reference to this because, as any parent who has suffered the same knows, a child is to be loved not used. And certainly not used for political ends which, I maintain, is repugnant.

    However, I thank you for lifting the “evil” from me. As for the “joke” bit, I’d like to think I’m good for a laugh. If the BFP can take jest I’ll post something for them.

  17. RA

    Adrian, thanks. Nonetheless, I comment always hoping at least someone, somewhere, will think about these issues in their broader context rather than with a partisan or hit-driven mindset.

  18. I am not in a position to point fingers at anyone over the circumstances of this sad and tragic case.

    However, when remaining focused on the reality of the situation this child is in and because of no fault of hers she should be helped having regard for the fact that she is so young and has her entire life ahead of her. And it would be nice and show the kinder and compassionate side of the Barbados society if someone would step up to the plate and donate the funds required to correct the childs problem.

    There are so many big money people in Barbados many who have charitable, kind and benevolent hearts that would not even miss the money it would take to do the “right” thing for this child. Even if it was a multiple effort by several individuals or businesses the fact of the matter is who cares and look at the good it would do!

    Bill Gates, Buffet et al who are wealthy people step up to the plate year after year with billions of their money to help fight AIDS/HIV and other worthy causes. Surely a few thousands dollars from people of wealth in Barbados to help this child is worth every penny to do so.

    My next suggestion would be that if a donor does not step forward it might be worthwhile to approach the Shriners Hospitals to see if they would do something for this child. Though their hospitals mainly specialize in burn injuries these gentleman are the creme de la creme of benevolence, kindness and compassion when it comes to childrens needs. Such overseas help in cases like this are generously given. There is also a fund that was set up by the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for cases like this and maybe the Canadian Embassy might be of some help.

  19. reality check

    In defense of the indefensible and the status quo

    we have always known which party Adrian and RA are paid from

    they refuse to answer the questions with respect to corruption and the issues of transparency and are therefore part of the mindset and problem

    It always amazes me, however, that BFP is branded as taking sides when in fact they expose government priorities and failures to look after the most basic services for our society

  20. RRRicky

    BFP takes sides every day. They take the side of the people of Barbados and give hell to the BLP and the DLP piggies at the trough.

    Don’t stop BFP!

  21. reality check
    March 5th, 2007 at 2:37 pm
    In defense of the indefensible and the status quo

    we have always known which party Adrian and RA are paid from

    they refuse to answer the questions with respect to corruption and the issues of transparency and are therefore part of the mindset and problem

    It always amazes me, however, that BFP is branded as taking sides when in fact they expose government priorities and failures to look after the most basic services for our society
    Who is we? and what party is it that you have assigned me too? I don’t know who RA is and anybody who wants to know who i am can ask Duguid. 😀 I have stated my full name, posted pics of my family and I, given my cell and work number, http://www.rumshoplime.org is registered to me and it is public information on who owns a website. I have nothing to hide.
    What specific questions on corruption and the issues of transparency have i not answered? or is it that i have given answer not to your liken? I don’t remind repeating my position as often as you would forget. Corruption and lack of transperncy are big parts of our system, and therefore my focus goes far beyond the musical chairs we play every 5 yrs at election time.

    Why hasn’t BFP found it news worthy to report on that latest cadres poll?

  22. RRRicky

    Adrian, BFP got day jobs too. When anyone say “why don’t you report on this” they come back an say “why don’t you write a story for us”

    Adrian – write de story and see if BFP will publish it when you email it to them.

  23. RRRicky
    March 5th, 2007 at 2:46 pm
    BFP takes sides every day. They take the side of the people of Barbados and give hell to the BLP and the DLP piggies at the trough.

    Don’t stop BFP

    The few token stories on DLP corruption didn’t adequately serve their singular purpose of masking this site’s partisan nature.

    The leaders of the DLP and of BFP got a lot in common. 😀

  24. RRRicky
    March 5th, 2007 at 2:55 pm
    Adrian, BFP got day jobs too. When anyone say “why don’t you report on this” they come back an say “why don’t you write a story for us”

    Adrian – write de story and see if BFP will publish it when you email it to them.
    Are you in Barbados? It was front page news yesterday, and was the focus of the sunday calling program.

  25. RRRicky

    I believe if DLP was in power BFP would hit them as hard as they do the government now. BLP been in charge for 13 years and DLP is in shambles. BLP is the right target for most of the blame right now.

  26. RA

    Hello RC.

    I think if you read my past comments you will see that I have not once anywhere at all belittled public corruption or transparency as important issues. But to realise this does require reading on your part rather than ad infinitum branding of inconvenient views as politically inspired.

    That said, if I am motivated it is by the ideas that (1)balanced presentation will get BFP and various assorted commenters (DLP and BLP) more respect and credibility than crass argument and refusal to admit error; and (2) that fair argument informs the public and makes for better governance in the end. And of course there is room for that in Barbados under any party.

    Also, Adrian (if he does not mind this uninvited intervention) has shown enough criticism of all sides here and at his site (and others) to render explanation of your belief as either deliberately misleading or very poorly informed. Hopefully it’s the latter.

    Finally, I think you would be hard pressed to logically support the claim that I am “branding BFP as taking sides”. I am branding them as a site that presents topics with such a lack of balance that their arguments lose strength upon any unbiased inspection. That tends to make them pass for an anti-government site. Nuance.

    Let them and us expose failings of responsibility not only in government but also in the press (hence my input), opposition and civil service. But let them be even-handed and in-context critiques.

  27. RRRicky

    Back on topic. What kind of a society do we have when we can’t use tax money to help a little girl like this? What kind of priorities does the government have over this?

    God is looking down at Barbados and not liking what he sees. Big cricket celebration. Big construction projects. Big cars for government ministers. Fancy homes for politicians that never had a business or any wealth until they were elected.

    In the midst of the parties and squandering money, Nicolett begs for a chance at a normal life but the govmnt won’t spend sixteen thousand to repair her facial deformity.


  28. Jack 82

    I think they are just taking their journalistic guidance from the tabloid press. BFP started off quite well but seems to have gotten increasingly shrill. It’s a disappointment really.

  29. RA: sorry to dissappoint you. The BFP is incapable of bringing the balance that you and I and I believe many other Barbadians relish. The relationships that exist, and the reason for the creation of this site would not allow for this.

    The so call fear of victimization, which is given as the reason for the ultra secret indentity of BFP’s admin could very well not be the case. I think it is more to do with hiding the relationships that exist between the BFP and the DLP. 😀


    Hi Adrian

    Robert talking. I’m on “spam duty” this morning.

    You have often said that you know who we are. You I think have said that you invaded one of our computers and downloaded some stuff.

    Tell all right now Adrian. Tell all and publish the downloads on the internet.

    And while you’re at it, do you think that tax money should be used to repair this little girl’s face? Yes or no?

  30. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    Robert talking. I’m on “spam duty” this morning.

    You have often said that you know who we are. You I think have said that you invaded one of our computers and downloaded some stuff.

    Tell all right now Adrian. Tell all and publish the downloads on the internet.

    And while you’re at it, do you think that tax money should be used to repair this little girl’s face? Yes or no?

  31. RRRicky
    March 5th, 2007 at 2:58 pm
    I believe if DLP was in power BFP would hit them as hard as they do the government now. BLP been in charge for 13 years and DLP is in shambles. BLP is the right target for most of the blame right now.

    BFP is exploiting this view, however i believe it is not a correct view point.

  32. BFP
    March 5th, 2007 at 3:18 pm
    Hi Adrian

    Robert talking. I’m on “spam duty” this morning.

    You have often said that you know who we are. You I think have said that you invaded one of our computers and downloaded some stuff.

    Tell all right now Adrian. Tell all and publish the downloads on the internet.

    And while you’re at it, do you think that tax money should be used to repair this little girl’s face? Yes or no?

    Am i spaming???? and did i ever said that i “invaded” a computer? or are you deliberately stating such and using such terms as a “threat” to me??? There isn’t a hope of you having me do anything at your bidding. I will make all known only when i am good and ready.

    My views on the little girl.

  33. RRRicky

    Adrian, I read your comment at rumshop and you are not clear about if tax dollars should be used to fix her face. You think tax dollars should be used, don’t you?

  34. RRRicky
    March 5th, 2007 at 3:35 pm
    Adrian, I read your comment at rumshop and you are not clear about if tax dollars should be used to fix her face. You think tax dollars should be used, don’t you?
    Yes tax dollars should be used in Barbados case.
    ….Universal health care is the main type available in Barbados, and cleft lip is a life long health affecting problem like, rubella, mumps, polio and other deseases that are screen and vaccinated against at birth or during childhood.

    I am not a fan of Universal health care but cleft lip should be address by whatever health system is available.

  35. RRRicky

    Adrian concurs with BFP that tax dollars should be used to fund the operation. I find that Adrian and BFP share the same views on a lot of things but take differnt paths to reach the same view.

  36. Gentlemen, Gentlemen Gentlemen and you too ladies.

    I think we are allowing the plight of this little girl to slip from our grasp in trying to solve HER problem by once again as is done in so many other cases, turning the situation into an exercise of “Political” bashing and claims of “he said she said”

    What is important here is for us to try and solve the childs problem. Perhaps and I am not included in this because I am not a voter, but all participants should send letters or e-mails to their local MP’s and remind them that an election is in the wind and that people are not going to be kind to any Political Pundit who stands idly by and not come to the defense of this child. A better idea might be to flood both the Prime Ministers office and the Office of the Leader of the Opposition about this sad situation and request that Mr. David Thompson, who too is a decent and reasonable man to bring it up on the floor of the House of Assembly if the Right Honorable Prime Minister does not intervene. Having said this, the Prime Minister may need a little time because he like most MIGHT only now be learning of the tragedy!

    Another suggestion is, that unless I am mistaken the Right Honorable Prime Minister Press Secrteary Rev. Atherley I believe it is should have some compassion as a man of the cloth to see that he need to step in and do the right thing! If as I believe and I hope I am correct that he is a Reverend let me remind him that God in his works take the children of the world and their treatment very seriously and has made that clear in many of his teachings about love, mercy, compassion etc.

    These are the important issues that we must focus on.

    Let me also remind some of the Commentators that were it not for the service provided by the BFP who I agree are not perfect and I have said that myself, maybe none us might have ever heard of this childs sad predicament!

  37. RRRicky
    March 5th, 2007 at 3:54 pm
    Adrian concurs with BFP that tax dollars should be used to fund the operation. I find that Adrian and BFP share the same views on a lot of things but take differnt paths to reach the same view.
    Your findings will run counter to Velzo’s many partisan pronouncements. 😀 But this is not a BLP/DLP issue. I don’t know of anytime in Barbados when the policy for the treatment of cleft lip was different, than what pertains now, and that would satisfy BFP. 😀

  38. DFX

    So sad 😦
    Just another example of how far their collective rectums this government has their heads that they can probably clean their back teeth. Oval, highways, flyovers WHO HA! Health and well being of a poor child BA HUM BUG! But don’t forget.. Elections coming soon and X marks the spot.

    If this has offended anybody.. Too bad.

    More BS (Bajan standard not the other BS)



  39. David Allamby, are you serious? BFP broke this story??? the only think BFP did with this story is to turn it into bash-the-blp exercise. All your approach does is to further the belief of politicians that we cannot do without them. This little child deserves the magnification of care and love that her grandmother is already providing, and thats where average everyday persons like me and you can help.

    Has anyone any information on how an-over-in- away Bajan can help this little girl? A bank account, a telephone number, a name and address of the grand mother, anything. There are persons willing to open their hearts, wallets and pocket books for this little girl, please don’t deny us and her. Thanks.

  40. reality check

    wasting time and probably taxpayers money
    on defending the status quo is as useless as having teats on the end of a bull.

    doctors without borders ( http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ )
    does reconstructive surgery for all kinds of people in third world countries whose politicians have given up on its people.

    If RA and Adrian would spend half of their energy now spent on this blog and direct it to compiling a list of those that need reconstructive surgery and arranging doctors without borders to come in, this little girl might have a chance?

    Part of a societal choice is to get off your butt and do something productive!!!

  41. Lady Anon

    “doctors without borders ( http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ )
    does reconstructive surgery for all kinds of people in third world countries whose politicians have given up on its people.:


    Does Bim still count as a third world country? Or are we in no-man’s land?

  42. reality check
    March 5th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    wasting time and probably taxpayers money
    on defending the status quo is as useless as having teats on the end of a bull.
    ha ha ha wouldn’t it be nice for the partisan political hacks and cronies and oh yes relatives of politicos, to be able too honestly dismiss me as a BLP supporter, member, sympathiser etc.
    …Status quo??? Protecting de status quo??? who me? wuh how could that be, when the very same system that has been in existance since independence and that the DLP has held, is the very same system that i would like to see change? wuh some people call me an iconoclast, and now you would to present me as a protector of “de status quo”?

    reality check
    March 5th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    doctors without borders ( http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ )
    does reconstructive surgery for all kinds of people in third world countries whose politicians have given up on its people.
    are you seriously proposing this as a solution? why not send her to venezuela or cuba? schuppse, the problem isn’t a lack of facilities or know how, it is money, ignorance, lack of caring.

    reality check
    March 5th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    If RA and Adrian would spend half of their energy now spent on this blog and direct it to compiling a list of those that need reconstructive surgery and arranging doctors without borders to come in, this little girl might have a chance?
    In the current system and process 8,000 BDS solves this little girl’s problem. I think raising the funds to do so is easy and self-gratifying for a people who have been led to believe that they need a politician for everything.

    reality check
    March 5th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    Part of a societal choice is to get off your butt and do something productive!!!
    I am several thousand miles away , so getting up off my butt aint gine be of much help to little Nicolette, and my heart and wallets is avaialable to do what my butt cannot.

  43. Bajanboy

    What is the government policy on funding such operations? Does it only fund those surgeries where it is shamed into doing so or is there a policy to help those who cannot help themselves?

    I believe that Barbados needs a uniform system of health insurance whereby everyone pays something every month from birth to death. An average of Bds$100 per month per person would raise almost $400 million per year which is enough to run a world-class health care system.

    Barbados also needs to spend more on preventative health care. Fat people, smokers and those who drink excessively should pay more and should be given help to lose weight, stop smoking and consume less alcohol. Other measures such as wearing sunglasses to reduce incidences of cataract and sunscreens to reduce skin cancer could be employed. Barbados should also test the entire sexually active population for HIV since you can only become HIV positive if you are exposed to the Aids virus.

  44. BK

    Before slamming the government we need to know the specifics of this case. As far as I am aware there is a fund which can be accessed by Barbadians and which is managed by the Ministry of Health. Perhaps this is a case of ignorance in the same way that there are many funds which entrepreneurs in BIM can access but don’t!

  45. BK we are now talking and your comments and demeanor is telling me you MIGHT or COULD be responding on behalf of Government and if that is the case that is fine.

    But here is what I want to know if I am correct and that is the case. And given that a child is involved why has the Government who by now have read about this case not taking the initiative to contact this childs guardians and assist them with the Government plan?

    Alternatively my same question goes out to the leader of the DLP and his people.

    Government in the long run must assist a case like this or have bureucrats do so.

    When this is not done you get the kind of political frustration that we are seeing in so many of the Commentators comments. And it is all unneccesary if only the Government would step up to the plate and offer advice and assistance. To ALL of its peoples!

  46. Rumplestilskin

    There are two issuesw relevant here.

    Firstly, the specific case of the girl. Secondly the general state of the health care system and operation, which would have an direct or indirect above case, depending how you see the emphasis on health care being place.

    The specific case should have already been dealt with, as an incident of need.

    As I have mentioned before, do we follow the supposed ‘first world’ examples of North America and leave this girl depending on a mess of administrative machinations or at the feet of generous donors?

    Or do we follow such ‘nackward and lambasted’ countries as Cuba and Venezuela and treat the girl immediately, regardless of who is to pay?

    Are we ‘first world’ and uncivilised OR ‘backward’ and civilised?

    Are we insensitive, uncaring, crass or humanitarian, loving and thoughtful?

    You decide.

    Secondly, as I noted above, yet again another example of our current level of priorities.

    Who gives a hoot about a, yes stupid, road?

    We are an island. Get used to it.

    However, even in England, the M 1 is backed up daily. Even in USA the inbound city highways are backed up daily.

    So, do not worry, be happy, we are already ‘first world’ when it comes to our road congestion.

    Maybe if more of us got off our collective…. and walked, rode etc we would not be so congested.

    Bah humbug.

  47. Rumplestilskin

    Apologies, above should read ‘direct or indirect impact on the above case.

  48. Rumplestilskin

    PS: Road systems, buildings even countries will be gone in the tomorrow, as the Earth changes.

    But, our souls will live through infinity.

    So, which is more important?

  49. RRRicky

    Very well put Rumplestilskin.

    There is no excuse for letting little ones like this suffer. None.

    BFP is correct when it says that it is all about priorities and what the government thinks is important. I understand the anger of whichever bfper wrote this.

  50. liz

    Barbadians are on the whole, generous, kind and loving and this gorgeous little girl will be helped by all types of people of all races and all religions – and you can bet that some of the help will come from our wealthy “visitors” who donate more to this island than most people ever care to admit.
    My question is which of the plastic surgeons will do the surgery for free?

  51. Adrian I think we all from what I see want the Government, resident/s, business, or anyone else to get on board to solve this little girls problem. That sir is Job # 1. Not political bashing!

    We can all jump up and down and talk political trash talk and it is going to accomplish nothing.

    Your suggestion about “donations” is a good one but Adrian the very fact that a Blog is anonymous and everyone is writing or say they HAVE to write under a pseudonym where is the money to be sent? And what gurantee would donors be given that the money sent will be used for the pupose it was intended? People are not stupid!

    In the mainstream press, a fund can be set up at a bank and managed by a responsible team to see that it helps the cause for which it was donated.

    What needs to be done here plain and simple and it would be done in big countries is this. The Government would be asked by all kinds of reporters in all kinds of the mainstream press about this childs treatment and the Editorial pages would be flooded by letters to the editor about this shocking and disgraceful situation. The MP (Member of Parliament) and MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament in the childs riding would be using it on the floors of their respective Parliaments to get answers. And to embarass the agency, Government and the Minister responsible for being callous and ineffective and caring less about the treatment of an innocent child. Is this being done?

    Look at the little child who allegedly died about a month ago at the QEH whose parents were staff there and she was said to have died because of negligence. After this Blog and the Mainstream press did a few articles about it what happened Adrian? Not one damn thing it has all been forgotten. No inquiry to my knowledge was asked for into the incident by the Government to see why it happened, who was to blame or what steps should be taken to see that it does not occur again.

    I saw little if any remorse or criticism for this tragedy coming from the DLP and the Government in power said nothing and did nothing. That unfortunately Adrtian is why this Blog or the News papers of Barbados can do little to influence the outcome of an election.

    In a big country things like this send people crazy.
    What has happened here in this case, is some or most have used the little girl’s sad situation to
    advance their rabid political views instead of seeking solutions which clearly in a case like this is the responsibility of BOTH POLITICAL PARTY’s AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF BARBADOS REGARDLESS OF COLOR OR RELIGION. WHERE ARE THE CLERGY OF BARBADOS ON THIS MATTER? I have heard not a word and the same was true with the child who died a few weeks ago at the QEH!

    If what blogger BK says is correct that there is a fund available to address the little girls problem then I say Politicians of all stripes, the bureaucrats of the Agency managing the funds and all responsible residents of Barbados including the Business Sector should help this little child and her guardians cut through the red tape and get the surgery she deserves.

    Am I wrong in saying that a few years ago in and on the public record although I realize it was a bit exaggerated yet a boast to impress the world some claimed “Barbados had as many millionaires as grains of sands on our beach”. Another more recent and infamous claim was made only a few months ago when it was said “Barbados will be a world class society by 2025”. Well if both of these statements are correct it is with a heavy heart I see a little girl having to do without as we are seeing in this case!

  52. As Frank Sinatra sang in one of his infamous and beautiful songs “Let Me Try Again” that I think Paul Anka of Ottawa, Canada wrote for him. And to bring another perspective to the sad tragedy of this child. And it could well bring my blogging career to a permanent halt and maybe as Martha Stewart always says that would be “A good thing”.

    Do you think in all honesty that if this were a white child involved that the same thing we are all writing about would be allowed to happen? And before you all jump on me as a racist hear me out first because that is not my style or what I am about to explain. I want to try and OPEN the minds and the eyes of some involved in this worthy cause.

    I know for a fact that when a white child or even an adult is in need of serious medical care and are not financially able to afford it or avail themselves of it, their white brothers and sisters
    come to their aid. Fund raisers, donations, you name it, they do it and the person in need is looked after. Many with this Christian support can be sent abroad to be treated by the best. And let me quickly add that in these cases the donations and support come from many caring black people not just whites. What I am trying to say is people come together for the common cause!

    And though I still expect the narrow minded hearing me will still accuse me of being a racist when that is neither true or correct when all I am saying is with 95% of a population of 285,000 being black surely raising $9 or $10 thousand dollars should not be a big problem.

    Now before everybody light into me and say “but wait ya know you foolish and full a flatulence all dese white people you talkin bout got money and de get it on de backs eh de black people”. Let me ask you to consider this. Are thousands of blacks not wealthy today in Barbados many too are millionaires, have businesses and traveling the world? They are also thousands of middleclass blacks and I dont think they got it on the backs of anybody they deserve every penny they got!

    Why is the black people not rallying behind the need of this child by starting a fund to get donations and support which I know white people too would support and get this child the help she deserves? Why argue while the child suffers whose responsibility it is to pay for her treatment? We know whose responsibility it is!

    And before calling me a racist ask yourselves this question because MOST OF YOU you are accusing the Government for the childs lack of care and they can give it with a stroke of the pen, a word and in 24 hours. How many of them are white on either side of the House? What are you calling them if as many on this blog claim the facts support they are indeed responsible?

  53. Bajanboy


    It is true that there have been several high profile fundraising efforts for sick white people usually involving a concert or something similar at the Barbados Yacht Club.

    White Barbadians seems more willing (and perhaps more able) to come together for a worthy cause. I am not sure if there is anything wrong with this, as it may have to do more with the fact that many white Barbadians have blood, social or business relationships with each other.

    There are different ways to raise money for a worthy cause. There was the campaign for the girl born without arms (I do not remember her name) where for a donation you would get a white ribbon lapel pin. Some just register a bank account and solicit donations.

    I cannot beleive that if somehow the money was not raised that Nicolette would have to live with her cleft lip palette.

  54. Bajan Boy,
    I am happy to see for once a person responding to what I am trying with the sincerest of honesty and respect to convey and with civility and constructive and legitimate dialogue. Sometimes a person has to resort to tactics like mine to get the attention of people with tunnel vision! It is not intended to play with peoples feelings or show disrespect to anyone.

    Bajan Boy I hear you and I am also like everyone of you regardless of colour, angry as hell about this little girls plight. I cannot prevent myself every time before getting involved with further rhetoric about the subject but look at her little face in the picture and see the innocence in her face and what this child will have to live with unless something is done.

    This is the twenty first century for God sake and you are absolutely correct this injustice must be fixed at any cost and by any means. You want to tell me that decent, kind, Christian Bajans and the damn politicians are not aware of this childs dilemma? Why then is nothing being done?

    Bajan Boy I know I long winded but I want to show you and others how in the big bad USA even animals cannot be treated this way so bare with me.

    In Palm Springs a month ago a man was walking his dog in a gated condo community when he claimed a young woman carelessly allowed her two bigger dogs to get out and attack his dog. The dogs the man said also threatened him and he shot one not fatally as it made a full recovery and its only permanent damage is that it cannot bark.

    Well the community at large not just his gated community went berserk and said the man had no right shooting the dog etc. He claimed he was carrying a gun because this year in Palm Springs there has been a coyote problem in residential areas which is true.

    Well sir because of all of the letters to the editor, Editorials etc about the matter the police finally charged the man with carrying a concealed weapon without a licence and the woman whose dog was shot has sued him even thouigh her vets bills were paid. All of this is now going before the law courts about a DOG!

    The debate about the pros and cons of whether the man was right or wrong waged in the paper here for three weeks. The newspaper alotted a separate section for this specific incident and every day it was filled with letters until finally the debate was cut off after the man was charged and sued. My point being!

    In North America if an issue involving the shooting of a DOG can generate such public outrage with the main newspaper giving it three weeks of constant coverage and allowing the paper to be filled with letters to the editor for the same time, why in Barbados is this little precious human being being ignored and abandoned by the press, the people and the Government? Was anything in the todays Nation or Advocate about it?

    When matters like this are allowed to occur in a society and ANOTHER CHILD allowed to die at the QEH because of bloody negligence if you believe the report. And a Nation and its Government stays silent. Tell me sir what does this say about that Nation.

    I do not know what the answer is Bajan Boy or where do you turn when the people, Government, Clergy and Organizations charged with addressing these matters in your Nation turn their backs on you. And imagine this being done with an impending election so it shows that neither party believes this situation or the one at the QEH will impact their chances for re-election or to be elected. Isn’t that a sad commentary for a Nation that it is suggested will be a world class society in 2025. Next Sundays sermon I respectfully suggest should be on the matter of “we are our brothers and sisters keepers”.

  55. Wishing in Vain

    I wonder if the Minister of Health has any comment on the matter at hand of if true to his form he will say and do nothing in the hope that if he does so it will all go away.
    Is it not sad that here we have a child who is in need of medical help and is struggling to get this help which will elude her if this fee does not come to hand but we can find $ 300 mill to spend on the Oval, millions being spent in facilitators fees being paid for every contract that is awarded to the Nicholls’s, Bannister’s, Hobson’s, Cox’s Storey’s and Arthur’s this covers the Jail, the sewage treatment plant, the importation of all the Gov’t vehicles into the island, the airport not to mention the two payments to Carnival cruise lines to the tune of US $ 18 mill by our genius of a minister of tourism Lynch, the excessive cost of the jail by over costing of in excess of
    $ 100 mill from the original quote by locals now we have this gang of crooks involved and they have made us pay heavily so that they can get a decent facilitators fees.

  56. Sophia Browne

    I agree with the person who said that this was turned into a bash Guvment event.

    I mean it is disgusting how neither the story writer nor the first couple of posters could actually discuss the girl and her grandmother or mention anything that would help in the situation rather than to make it a political story.

    The hospital is paying for half of the operation. I am sure that the family and/or private people could easily put up the rest for that child.

    How is it that no one is speaking of the responsibility of the little girl’s family to her welfare?

    Why is only the grandmother making an effort to help her? What about her parents, her uncles, aunts, cousins etc.

    That being said I am sure that concerned persons have already given the money necessary for the operation.

    I mean it is so blatant (based on the story) that other family members are at fault. I love how the lady speaks in that article, she doesn’t even blame anyone, she went for her granddaughter and took responsibility for her. It says she even takes care of 2 other grandchildren.

    She also actively set out to get donations for her granddaughter. She seems to be a very loving and strong lady, worthy of admiration.

    I can’t honestly believe that someone would read that story and be so blinded that they couldn’t see that before the “Guvment” could be lambasted that the blame lands squarely on the shoulders of the family first and foremost.

    I believe that if a family exhausts all efforts or if the medical situation is life threatening, hell yeah, Guvment should step in but how can we expect the Guvment to pay for everything when they are other people who should be taking on that financially responsibility first and foremost.

    Dave Allamby also didn’t realise that this story was carried in the Press in the Sunday Sun obviously.

  57. Sophia Browne thank you for your response which was balanced and no I did not realize that the story was carried in the Sunday Sun because as you know I am not in Barbados. And the Barbados Press is very careful about what they web Post. I find though I cannot say this is the case here that the Barbados papers try to keep negative press like this story or crime from going on their website. It seems the press in Barbados mainly want to show only their clean linen to the world not the dirty linen.

    All of what you have said is basically correct and I am sure that as you have pointed out I am not dealing with all of the facts some of which you have now enlightened me with. But here Sophie is the “rub” so to speak or the bottom line.

    Whether the childs family, parents etc are neglecting their responsbilities is not the relevant issue. Maybe, and if that is the case Childrens Aid should charge them and then whoever is responsible for resolving these situations should step up to the plate and pay for the childs surgery.

    The grandmother is obviously and aged woman and does not need this responsibility in her life, especially if she is caring for two other grands. Where will she find the time to address this complex responsibility of the ailing child?

    Therefore I think the community, Government, religious elders etc have a responsibilty both morally and socially to help this old soul and the child in anyway they can get the medical help the child needs. That was and still is my point!

    You have alluded to the fact that the money is now available but I have read nothing in this Blog or the Newspaper to suggest this is the case.

    Maybe you could write a follow up story and tell us HAS THE CRISIS BEEN CORRECTED AND WHEN IS THE CHILD TO GET THE SURGERY?

    And thank you for your comments!

  58. Sophia this is a supplemental question as you seem informed about the case. Would you clarify this for me.

    I was always under the understanding that Barbados had “Universal” healthcare and though I know some treatments in this system is not covered I believe cleft palet is not one of them. Why does this child and her family have to pay for this treatment? This is not “cosmetic” but necessary surgery and is regarded throughout the Medical Community as a condition that if not treated could lead to other serious complications in some cases.

    In Canada for instance if you have a benign mole and it makes you feel self concious and you get it removed by a Dermatologist our Universal Health Care will not pay.As the procedure is considered “cosmetic” not medically necessary.

    However, most Dermatologist or many get around that little obstacle with a little coaching of the patient by suggesting “the patient presented with a history of a mole on his cheek that was irritated when shaving and on examination I found the leision somewhat suspicious and felt it should be removed for “biopsy” testing”. Bingo the not covered issue all of a sudden is now covered.

  59. Sophie another thing I would suggest if you are closer to this situation than most or if perhaps you are speaking for a Source not taking criticism for this situation in a constructive way is this.

    Tell them to bring up one of the most respected medical websites in North America the prestigious Mayo Clinic and click on to cleft pallet then look at the “Complications” that is listed of this pediatric problem and then ask your local doctors if it is not a serious medical problem requiring timely correction.

    Incidentally the Mayo Clinic says most cleft pallet conditions can be fixed quite readily and with minimal scarring.

    I do not think anyone in Barbados should or can refer to the condition as cosmetic to charge these poor and obviously impoverished people for.

    You know though Sophie what really disappoints me with most of my Bajan brothers and sisters, black and white? they have a mind set mentality that they are always right and everybody else in the world is wrong!

    I think it would be refreshing to see more Bajans from all walks of life and in Government get up even if it is only occasionally and say “yes we were wrong and we are going to put it right and we are sorry for it”. But that type of decency seems to be disappearing from the Bajan Social landscape.

    I was extremely proud and heartened to see an old salt like Sir COW go to the little people in a village and say “I am here in peace not war” and did a very decent thing for the people that no one ever gave him the credit he deserved for doing.

    Cow might not be perfect and he can behave bad when he wants to, but there is no denying he has a streak of decency running through is body.

  60. Sophia I am awaiting your reply because I want to know from you, the Goverment of the day, the Opposition, the Christian Bajan Society, the Medical community, the religious factions of the cloth what has been accomplished to help this little innocent child with a serious medical problem get the care she should get!

    Is she receiving or will she receive the medical care that any decent human being would be entitled to in a country boasting the wealth of Barbados?

    Talk to me Sophia because the way you came on to me and this sad story suggested that you were very familar with the details of the case and why things were the way they were.

    You suggested that the childs parents were irresponsible and the Grand parent had to step in. Why then did your Nations Legislated laws not kick in to solve the problem as would be done in other civilized societies?

  61. I am compelled to revisit this story in order to show the people that participation in such a forum as this or for that matter in the mainstream press is a waste of time in getting anything resolved in Barbados.

    When you are trying to get to the bottom of, or resolve a situation as tragic as this childs situation APPEARS to be and it invokes no outrage from a civilized social structure or concern by the Government or Opposition especially the latter to offer an opinion or propose a solution. Then you know the Nation is in big trouble.

    Let me say that this childs situation may not be as I believe it to be and Sophie suggested this and spoke of neglect and or indifference by the childs parents and family as being a causal factor for the problem. She might well be correct but when asked to give us more insight especially when it came to her alluding to the fact that money had now become available for the child to get the surgery required she has gone as quiet as a “church” mouse. Could it be caused by “Fear” or was she talking nonsense to begin with?

    But here is how politicians and the Government of most civilized Nations of the world would have dealt with this situation. The ruling Government would have investigated the childs circumstances because parental neglect of a child is a very serious matter in civilized societies. Though it is admirable that the grandmother has taken the ailing child and according to Sophie maybe two others this might not be the solution nor in the childrens best interests. The Childrens Aid Society has to determine the correct course of action that is best suited for the child/children.

    The Opposition Party’s would also be hammering away at the Government for answers and using the case to make political advantages. Especially when the story appeared in the mainstream press. (Sunday Sun I am told) This to my knowledge is not happening!

    While all of this is going on the “people” would be bombarding their Government, MP and the press with letters and the Editorials of the press would also be asking questions. And at the end of the day a solution would be found and a cause for it determined.

    If as Sophie has suggested there are extenuating circumstances then certainly it demands that some responsible Government spokesperson come forward to clear the air with the truth?

    When you have a Nation in this type of Social malaise and decline with a Government and an Opposition that remains “mum” without fear of backlash on an issue involving a small child does it really matter which Political Party rules? I say no because obviously “Democracy” is not working in Barbados!

    What is occurring in Barbados is this and is very much noticeable to people who are observant. The Big Ups, The Government and Opposition are recruiting overseas puppets to do their dirty work of spreading propaganda.

    We have a Canadian living in Barbados and former editor of a Newspaper writing a column for the Nation News about racism. When you see a Canadian writing about “racism” in Barbados and who has propably not lived there very long what does this tell us? I think the Nation News and the Advocate could find equally qualified people in Barbados who are familar with the realities of the local social structure to write such a column with far more accuracy!

    Recently an “Economics” professor at the University of Toronto was trying as carried in the Nation News to tell people that Canadian firms setting up businesses in Barbados were in the long run doing Canada more good because they were paying more taxes to Canada. The truth of the matter is most or many Canadian firms setting up businesses in Barbados are doing so to beat Canada out of billions in taxes and our Auditor General has been telling our Government that now for years. Not only that but most of these companies hire few people in Barbados. The Harper Government of Canada is proposing changes that will make these overseas companies pay their fair share of taxes to Canada. And which they are not doing now!

    Because of this the Canadian Professor who doesen’t seem to know his rectum from a hole in the wall visited Barbados recently to expound further unsupported nonsense, because the Bajan Government and Big Ups are worrying about the Off shore sector if our Canadian Government closes the loop holes. But what would be interesting to know is, who paid for this Professor to come to Barbados. And what are his true motives for out of the blue coming to the defence of Barbados and the off-shore industry? The entire scenario is very questionable! And this man is a Professor at a Canadian University and obviously a Canadian resident saying something that is not supported by our Government and most others in Vanada including our Auditor General!

    We have more and more foreigners entering Barbados for Financial considerations and they are being utilized to spread propaganda that favor their financial portfolios and to promote favorably Government policies, that will continue to do so. The tragedy of this is that most of these people when considering their real wealth are not paying their fair share of taxes in Barbados either.

    My suggestion to the Canadian writing about “racism” in the Nation News would be to say that he did not need to go to Barbados to do this if he is crusading to stop racism. He should have remained in Canada and would have had the opportunity to write about it 24/7. And this is not coming from me but the biggest paper in Ontario the Toronto Star who is always lamenting and carrying stories about racism!

    BFP is telling us that they will soon have a million people using this blog and they are to be congratulated. However, what is it doing to change anything the people using the blog is complaining about? Nothing! Bye, Bye as I have better things to do with my time.

  62. Sophia Browne

    The reason why I am familiar with the details of the case is because I read the newspaper article.

    Thank you for your responses though, I just want to point out a few things:
    1. This BFP piece was terrible, irresponsible and misleading, more political fluff than a proper human interest piece. It’s good that at least some people could see past the political non-issues. I could have understood if they at least lambasted plastic surgeons for not doing the surgery for free. I could even understand your(Dave Allamby) query about why the “parents” even have to pay for the surgery but the angle the BFP writer took is so petty. Next time, if the BFP writer is really angry, he or she should calm down before they post.
    2. I would not consider the lady as “aged”, I’m sure she’s very strong and capable of fulfilling the responsibility she chose to take on. (I know I consider my mom stronger than I am and she’s in her 50’s). Many Barbadians can testify to being raised by grandparents.
    3. The statements I made about being irresponsible were based on the fact that the grandmother assumed care while the parents are seemingly taking a “laid back” role. I assume that the law could only be called in if the child was abused or actually physically abandoned by all family members.
    4. I am not the one who “broke” the story. If BFP can post the story, they should very well follow up on it. HOWEVER, I did call the Nation newspaper and spoke to Melissa the reporter who did the story and she said a follow up should be coming by this weekend. I’ve seen posts where people act as if it’s so hard to get information or as if things are so hidden and yet it took me one phone call and 5 minutes to find that out.
    5. While I can agree with you that the community, government etc should assist this lady. I still maintain that the responsibility to assist this lady and child in any way is her family first and foremost. To expand on your point though, I’d say that Barbadians need to return to the days when the community took care of each other. Remember “it takes a village to raise a child”.
    6.No one should assume that no one helped or helps this lady, there is nothing in the article which states that, in fact, based on the article it can be assumed that while she received money for donations, at that point in time it wasn’t enough. I think the little girl will receive the medical attention necessary.

  63. Sophie thank you and another great response that I am grateful for. I hope because this is my last submission on this matter that the little girl is helped and gets the surgery she so desperately needs.

    My concern was and still is that these heart breaking stories are broken and then no one follows up on it to see what transpires. This story is already buried in the archives of the BFP. I think stories that are as relevant and important as this was is to the entire Nation of Barbados should be kept in front of the Nation until a resolution is found.

    I am happy and encouraged to hear that The Nation News has given you assurances that they are following up on the story and will give Bajans an update. There is a little reporter there Maria Bradshaw and she is not only good but she is a compassionate person who helps the less fortunate.

    You are also correct in saying that in days gone by when compassion was still alive and well in Barbados a situation like this was addressed by the community. However in this day and age Government and others must step up to the plate too!

    As you will see Sophie I said from the onset after the story broke in BFP that it had become too political and the commentators were losing sight of what the objective should be.

    Let me though say with respect that though the parents, family a friends do play an important role in resolving the issue here is what I had a problem with in this regard.

    Why should there be a hassle, big publicity as we are seeing and a little girl not getting the treatment to which she is entitled to in her country and as dictated by law? Do you not think that instead of the BFP and the Nation News having to go the extra mile to bring this matter to the attention of the public in helping find a solution to it, is not a dreadful reflection on a seemingly inempt and uncaring Government, Opposition, Medical and Religious system? who too should have stepped up to the plate for this child. And who it is incumbent on to see and demand the highest of standards in healthcare especially when it involves a young child?

    One of the things that makes this type of debate in a system like this useless is that it does not engage either the Government, opposition or mainstream Barbados. It is the same people ranting day in and day out getting no where.

    Here it is you and me have sat down in ernest and exchanged opinions and at least we have got somewhere. It might be only a small step but we have opened some doors.

    Look At Lynette Eastmond the Senator, she engages her critics and that gives me the greatest of respect for her. She takes nothing but ridicule some extremely ignorant ridicule, but she does not run and hide she comes back out swinging and gives as good as she takes. Whe you get this type of dialogue between more Ministers like Ms. Eastmond and expand on it to bring online mainstream Barbadians then you will get progress. Until then we are whistling in the wind!

    When Government officials and mainstream Barbadians participate in debate like this there has to be progress. But what commentators have to realize and many do not seem to appreciate this, is if a responsible person debates and you continue to be ignorant instead of engaging them professionally and factually no one of importance will waste their time engaging a mentality that is incapable of debating sensibly.

    As the saying goes “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

    Thank you Sophie and I leave the rest up to you and responsible Barbadians to see that this child receives the treatment to which she is entitled and that has been my only mandate from the onset.

  64. D. Allamby- I do not know how you of all people can have the nerve to say:
    “I am compelled to revisit this story to show the people that participation in such a forum as this or for that matter in the mainstream press is a waste of time….”

    If anyone wastes our time on this site it is you with your unnecessarily protracted utterances. Even when you have a good point it is lost in the verbiage.

    Please remember “Brevity is the soul of wit,” and try to be concise.” I have stopped reading your blather, and feel sure I am not alone in doing so.

  65. Anon


    You are not alone.

    I generally avoid Dave Allamby’s ramblings.

  66. Freespeech your ignorant comments should not be dignified by a reponse and obviously you are not a regular so you must be from the BLP, DLP or a Foreigner who cannot take licks in the public forum.

    But I need to correct you that others do not read my “blather”, Sophie certainly read my letter and responded with an intelligent, balanced and useful answer. Something you are obviously incapable of doing.

    I try not to involve “wit” when it comes to a matter of a young child being denied medical treatment by a Country who claims to have the BEST OF EVERYTHING!

    Where were your comments of support for this child “Oh gutless one”? I did not even see a “Brief” one.

  67. Anon why do you not tell this to somebody who gives a damn because I and it would appear many others have little regard for the nonsense you post!

  68. D. Allamby – I am gratified that your abusive response to my well-intended reproach at your verbosity was reasonably short. I also note that your comments on other topics have been noticably shorter, so perhaps the message has sunk home.

    A person of your education should know that WIT does not primarily mean humour. Check your dictionary and you will see that “reasoning power and intelligence” is the primary meaning which is what gives rise to the saying. So your remark about the young child denied medical treatment is typically fatuous.

    It is not surprising to me that you are blind to your faults. To paraphrase for Auntie Moses’ sake, it is said that a pig does not smell his own excreta.

  69. Kathy

    Freespeech and Anon – leave Mr. Allamby alone. He should be allowed free speech, especially since he uses his own name!

    Seriously, though, he wrote a lot on this topic because he obviously cares a lot about this beautiful little girl. I prefer his writing to yours, because his words make sense, and come from a kind heart.

    I care about this child too, but, logically, the policies of the QEH/GOB are seriously flawed. Even if we treated this child as nothing but a statistic, the Mayo Clinic’s complication list for cleft palates shows that it is very short-sighted and bad business to treat this as a cosmetic matter. Business-wise, it is commonsense to treat this now at a relatively low price, instead of treating complications as an emergency, at a much higher price.

  70. Kathy

    I don’t know what set up my last post as “awaiting moderation” this time. The first time I typed it in, the system went down, so I apologise if you get it twice.


    Comment by Clive

    Hi Kathy,

    We’ve had some system problems tonight. I think they’re fixed now. Thanks for your patience.


  71. Thank you Cathy you are very kind and yes you are right about me caring about this little girl.

    You have a good day and do not let people like “Free Speech” get you all upset.

    Free speech is “gutless” because as you see he is full of himself, has a big ego, likes to try and impress others with his vacabulary so he must be a Big Up but without spine, courage, character or guts because he needs to go under “Free Speech”.

    But he did end his letter on a note that he should be quite familar with and an expert on, because he is full of it “EXCRETA”

  72. Free Speech you obviously have a giant size ego that you need to put the brakes on and then get a life.

    You obviously like impressing people with your huge vocabulary but obviously it is not matched with an equivalent size brain.

    As you should know when communicating with anyone the English experts always say keep your language simple and understandable. That is the rule that educated people and people of CLASS follow. But I guess that criteria lets you out!

    I might be like a pig as you suggest who does not smell its excreta but unlike you I am not full of Excreta.And the more you engage me the more it shows! You strike me as a Big Up who thinks their anal gas doesn’t stink but your Excreta gives you away.

    While I am at it let me remind you that it was you who engaged me out of the blue and attacked my lengthy submissions while adding nothing of your own to the discussion of an innocent child not getting the medical attention it deserved in a Nation that should know better! I did not seek you out but obviously you were trying to protect your Black Masters in the BLP from legitimate criticism.

    Let me hear you again “Oh gutless one”. Show me your real name and come out of the closet! You are acting like a “Gay” are you?

  73. Allamby- You are really pathetic. Poor you!

  74. Freespeech I might be “pathetic” but I am not ignorant like you.

    If I need to go in the gutter to address ignorant people like you putting on a phony demaeanor I will. Because people like you need to be addressed in the same ignorant manner that you addressed me.

    I did not seek you out you sought me and contributed nothing to the discussion of the little girl needing surgery which I thought was the salient issue we were trying to solve. You attacked me personally did you not? Did I attack you?

    You threw the first stone and you threw it at the wrong man!

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  76. Karma

    There must always be compassion on any matter that affects the life and well being on any individual in our country. The child with the cleft lip deserves the fullest support of all governmental agencies. It must be about the matter of money.

    A DLP or a BLP government must never hesistate to bring health care to any member of this society. In the past there has been funds provided to take care of patients who had health problems, which could not be dealt with at the QEH.

    The current situation in which persons have to go cap in hand to the public is highly objectionable. The BLP government has wasted too much money on failed and corrupted projects for them not to pay for this little girl corrective surgery.

  77. Big Guts

    Freespeech was contributing a constructive critique of what anyone on this blog would call ANOTHER long winded rant from Allamby. I trudged through his ramblings (also meant to be ‘constructive criticism’, I think) and tried to make sense of them. While his writing style makes one’s brain throb, he is clearly grinding a political axe while hiding behind a mask of compassion. Quite repugnant.
    Allamby You attacked Freespeech for expressing his opinion of your writing, to which he is entitled. You stepped into the gutter first with the name calling. Grow up old boy! As for the child, she will most likely unaware of her predicament for a while, and will recieve the appropriate treatment long before it becomes a major problem for her. Storm in a teacup, Bajan style.

  78. rebecca

    my son was born with a cleft lip and palate in 1995
    i had no idea how i was going to get the help he needed i had no money and no where to turn. i was told to contact the Shriners hospitals for children.. that was the best thing i have ever done. they pay for all the surgeries and transportation to and from the visits and surgeries..if anyone out there needs any kind of medical help with their children contact the Shriners Hospitals for children. god bless that sweet little girl