Japan Prime Minister Says World War II Sex Slaves Were Volunteers


Japan Re-Writes History Of World War II “Comfort Women”

– The Rape Of Nanking

– Mass Killings

– Beheading Prisoners & Civilians As A Contest Between Military Units

– Cannibalism Of Civilians & Prisoners Of War

– Biological Warfare Experiments On Prisoners Of War

– Torture Of Prisoners Of War For Pleasure

– Abduction Of Women To Serve As Sex Slaves To The Military

The above are some of the war crimes committed by the Empire of Japan during it’s conquest of Asia before and during World War II. If you have any doubts about the brutality of the Japanese military and the Bushido culture that permeated Japan in the first half of the 20th Century, I suggest you read Flyboys by James Bradley, or simply start at Wikipedia under Japanese War Crimes.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday that there was “no evidence to prove there was coercion” of the women and girls who were “comfort” to Japanese troops.

That sure makes me want to support Japanese whaling and buy their electronics and automobiles – especially in light of the fact that the denial of Japan’s brutality and war-making is rampant in their culture and educational system.

BBC News: Sex Slave Denial Angers South Korea



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4 responses to “Japan Prime Minister Says World War II Sex Slaves Were Volunteers

  1. Rumplestilskin

    A lot of people remember WW2 as only the Holocaust.

    Reality is that a lot of Asia was pillaged and ruined by the Japanese.

    And here goes:

    Reality is also that Japan is who (BIG mistake, of course) brought USA into the war by bombing Pearl Harbor (thanks Japan, saved the rest of us by that timing).

    Reality is that we oh so decry what happened at Hiroshima, but forget Japanese atrocities easily.

    BUT, if not for Hiroshima the war would not have ended when it did. They backed down and raised the white flag right after that.

    Bullies do just that …bully.

    Till someone bigger and badder comes along.

  2. Rumples- You dead right. They figure the a-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved 250,000 lives, as the Japs were determined to fight to the last until those bombs showed they had no chance.

    It also showed the world the horrors of atomic warfare which led to today’s strict measures to prevent further nuclear proliferation.

    It is an outrage that the Japs are trying to rewrite history in saying they did not force the girls and women of other nations into prostitution. They should admit it, and apologise formally, compensation and all.

  3. NARENDER guleria

    it is well known and not a hidden fact that how japanese have done brutuliaties in war. definately they should apologise

  4. rOD gEARING