Same BBC Reporter Involved In Security Breach Gives Failing Grade To Cricket World Cup

“The problems begin at the airport. There are only four customs counters. The time taken to clear television equipment through ranges from an hour to two hours. Foreign media crew expect long waits.

“The flight schedules are awkward and there are only a couple of connecting flights for passengers from the Indian subcontinent.

“Travel within Barbados is hard. A distance of five kilometres, the distance between my hotel and the Kensington Oval cricket ground, takes an hour or more and taxi fares are never less than $15….”

… Boria Mujamdar, BBC Journalist

Ian Bourne has the details at Bajan Reporter (link here)

Previous BFP story: Former Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Arranges Security Breach For Strangers At Cricket World Cup


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13 responses to “Same BBC Reporter Involved In Security Breach Gives Failing Grade To Cricket World Cup

  1. Point!

    SO…it’s not just my imagination,then..
    “Travel within Barbados is hard.
    A distance of five kilometres, the distance between my hotel and the Kensington Oval cricket ground, takes an hour or more” !!

    and all along I thought I was just being dificult,
    now I see that even outsiders reckon that travelling within this small island, with its network of small and winding roads
    suited to 19th.Century donkey-cart traffic,
    is indeed torturous!

    And Bajans had-up a petition against flyovers???

  2. Point!

    Further, I’d like to warn Mr.Mujamdar to be very careful how he drives our country roads at night due to the appalling lack of any navigational white lines !

    Driving non-St.Michael and non-Ch.Ch. roads at night is downright dangerous, and I can think of myriad places, unlit, unmarked, where one could easily terminate one’s life driving back home.

    It seems that nocturnal visiblity as it pertains to road safety is not just a low priority,
    it isn’t even a factor, far less a priority!

    We need miles of that special night-viz reflective road marking like what is seen on a few(very few) stretches of ABC hiway:
    that special paint(no doubt quite expensive, applied HOT!) should be THE paint we use on all our roadways,
    but again.. Barbados cannot afford itself,
    and this includes simple stuff like paint fuh de road,
    far less Grand Grandstands at Kensington

  3. Bajanboy

    After a while living here, you being to take all these mediocrities as being normal. It is a good thing Boria had no cause to visit the QEH, for that would have been a real disaster.

    There are many simple things that could be done to speed up traffic in Barbados. The timing on many traffic lights is messed up. This is evident by much smoother flowing traffic when the lights are not working. ZRs vans stop wherever and whenever they feel like it. People tie up traffic for hours because they wait for police and are not allowed to move their vehicles even after very small accidents.

    Internet access in Barbados is also very poor. With many countries offering DSL at up to 22Mbps (and some as high as 100Mbps), the 512 kpbs here seems like a joke. Competition in broadband access has been slow in coming.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    In the BBC article Mr Boria Majumdar is described as ‘a sports historian and authur of Twenty-Two Yards to Freedom: A social history of Indian Cricket. He is a research fellow at Latrobe University, Melbourne’.
    I suggest BFP watchers should read the BBC article very carefully and consider if it is well balanced. ie: remarks about the Internet etc.

    I still would like the questions answered WHY the former BTA chairman was able to get what appears to be a non-jounalist into the media centre
    and did the Barbadian taxpayers actually pay for his flights, accommodation, meals and transfers?

  5. BK

    Please keep wunna pants on. At the end of the day Barbados is a small developing island which can never hope to compete with the G8 countries as far as infrastructure. What we lack in infrastructure development we compensate with the fact that the Caribbean is truly an exotic location; please don’t let us forget.

  6. Hants

    Point! says
    And Bajans had-up a petition against flyovers???

    Yes they did because flyovers help you get to the next traffic jam faster and you will still wait behind a line of vehicles stopped at a Traffic light.

  7. conspiracy

    i am surprised that bfp has not linked this guy’s indian heritage with a conspiracy. muslims in barbados are largely of indian heritage. they probably put this guy up to do this to discredit barbados!!!

  8. LadyDi

    You read can Mr.Mujamdar’s complete article here:

    Is the Caribbean ready for the World Cup?

  9. LadyDi

    This article appears on the BBC Caribbean web site:

    Barbados gets high tourism ranking

    The survey said the Barbados government, led by Prime Minister Owen Arthur, was is prioritising tourism to a very high degree Barbados has topped the Latin American and Caribbean region in a tourism survey of 124 nations.The survey rates countries according to the environments they offer for developing travel and tourism.

    Switzerland, Austria and Germany topped the list, followed by Iceland and the United States.

    It was prepared by the World Economic Forum’s as part of its competitiveness series.

    Barbados, at 29th, was the highest ranked country in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

    Just five other Caribbean countries were ranked — Jamaica (48), Dominican Republic (50), Trinidad and Tobago (85), Guyana (100) and Suriname (108).

    Countries were evaluated for natural and cultural resources, safety and security, environmental laws, health and hygiene, air transport infrastructure, labour practices and the priority which the government gives the sector.

    ‘Quality Destination’

    Barbados is also ranked 2nd overall with regards to national tourism perception, with a positive attitude towards tourists, and the value of tourism in the country.

    “The government is prioritising the sector to a very high degree (ranked 2nd), spending a high percentage of GDP on the sector, and ensuring quality destination marketing campaigns,” the report said.

    “Further, the country has a regulatory environment that is quite conducive to the development of the sector, with low visa requirements, and very open bilateral Air Service Agreements.”

    France — the world’s most popular tourist destination — ranked only 12th, dragged down partly due to the general attitude of the French towards visitors, the Forum said.

  10. Point!

    Having the flyovers is better than not having the flyovers. They simply have to improve traffic flow, not to your standards of perfection maybe,
    but something better than what obtains now.
    It’s called/miscalled ‘Progress’.
    It’s ugly, it’s concrete, it works.

    If we wanted to, we could paint them into the surrounding scenery,
    green below, sky blue uppers, but we need to paint the white hiway centre-lines first.

    Bring on the flyovers!
    Bring on the miles and miles of dual carriageway
    – twenty years overdue.

    Yuh en’ hear whuh de Indian man seh?
    Travelling within Barbados is hard.
    Particularly between Pine.Hill.Dairy, where there shoulda be a roundabout errrvy sence
    thru to Sir Gary’s old roundabout.

    Too many damned traffic lights!
    Who cursed us with these things?

    Most suburban roundabouts should be (cheaper) roundabouts!

    Our traffic lights don’t work
    because they are poorly programmed.
    At least if they were properly programmed
    (presumably longer timings?)
    THAT too could only help.

    Like the man above said..
    the traffic flows better (ALWAYS flows better!) when the danged things are NOT working.
    EVERYone knows this,
    from the PM right down to the paro’s outside West Riley,
    and yet some superclever Gov’t.Dept. will play with the lights time and again!

    Beckles Rd. junction with Bay St.
    put the things on winking mode AND LEAVE IT ALONE.

    Can U hear me now?

  11. reality check

    Point and Lady DI

    you need to stay on topic unless of course your intent is to distract from the issue at hand

    the state of journalism is so competitive today that journalists don’t do their own independent investigation but are paid for pulling information off the web and regurgitaing the same. ( ie Standard and Porrs recent assessment ).

    In the end we should be focusing on the experience of each and every tourist that arrives in our counrtry as only then can we improve our product. To link ourselves with the likes of the lowest common denominator in the caribbean such as Guyana and Jamaica is not very inspiring or inspirational.

  12. Maat

    The reporter was generally positive about Barbados however we need flyovers like bees need feathers. People should get off their fat behinds, walk more and share their rides to and from work. We’d be healthier, have more cash (not spent on fuel) and learn to talk and share with each other. Oh yeah and we’d reduce the traffic on the streets.
    Funny how that report on tourism (Lady Di) considers France the most popular destination yet the French attitude towards tourism is generally not so great, leaving it ranked at 12. We seem to be bending over every which way we can to please. So what does France have that we do not?

  13. Martin

    I have been reading the comments of several persons concerning the idea of building fly-overs or as the ministerial authority said, “Overpasses” and the wisdom for so doing. Clearly my people are blind or nearsighted.
    Let us accept that fly-overs/overpasses are built, what then will be the solution in 10-15 years’ time when traffic jams take place on fly-overs etc?
    Here is a possible answer… build more flyovers etc, bring back the train, float a barge up and down the West Coast or use short airlift carriers. Strange, you did not consider a cap on the importation of vehicles (certain classes).
    Granted that flyovers are the answer, I will agree, only if you prove that a Barbados government which cannot maintain our 1 by 2 roads at present can maintain fly-overs… or new 4 lane roads. I will comment further in due course showing a nexus between cardealerships and highways.