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Government Supporter Critical Of Barbados Free Press Is Posting Under Different Names

BLP Government Spin Master Makes A Mistake – Deception Revealed

Defends Corrupt Government Minister Gline Clarke – Uses 3 Identities!

It is amazing how those accusing Barbados Free Press of hiding an agenda, often themselves stoop to posting false support for their own position – posting again and again under different names to give the appearance of strength in numbers!

We’ve seen government supporters do this many times before, so we thought we’d share this latest deception with our readers.

While we were not able to see exactly where our government supporter was located, he or she used the same internet access point each time – not knowing that simply changing their internet name would not conceal that all the comments were coming from the same person.


Identity #1 “Kelly”

It started yesterday (26th) with a “Kelly” posting a comment on our article Former Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Arranges Security Breach For Strangers At Cricket World Cup.

We had mistakenly indicated that Hudson Husbands was still Chairman of the BTA and “Kelly” alerted us to this – but in a most critical manner. You can look at “Kelly’s” comment here.

Our moderator corrected the article and left a thank you for “Kelly” for pointing out our error.

“Kelly” then posted another comment on our article Nation News Article About Political Blogging And Websites Ignores Barbados’ Most Popular Political Blog

“Kelly’s” comments were a backhanded slap at Barbados Free Press, accusing us of using our blog to “to spew untruths, deceptions, lies and propaganda.” You can read “Kelly’s” comment here.


Identity #2 “Sharon”

Earlier today (27th), our government supporter surfaced again, this time using the name “Sharon” to comment on our article WINNER ANNOUNCED: Barbados Piggies At The Trough Award 2006.

“Sharon” launched into a lengthy comment supporting the BLP government and Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who had won the 2006 Barbados Piggies At The Trough Award. “Sharon” called Barbados Free Press a “DLP Propaganda Website” and generally tore into us – taking a misinformed or deceptive position that we at BFP are not critical of wrongdoing by the opposition DLP and their leader David Thompson.

Not realizing at the time that “Sharon” was posting under multiple names, a BFP moderator once again left a respectful response for “Sharon”. You can read “Sharon’s” comment and BFP’s response here.


Identity #3 “Rufus”

Less than an hour after posting as a female “Sharon”, our government supporter returned to the same Piggies At The Trough story and posted under another name – this time using the male name of “Rufus”.

“Rufus” addressed his comment to “Sharon” and said he agreed with what “she” had said. “Rufus” further added some political comments directed at Opposition Leader David Thompson.

Our government supporter had quite the conversation with herself / himself! You can read the comment here.

Then the fun starts when “Rufus” engages another BFP reader in conversation and accuses that reader of being a “David Thompson DLP operative”. You have to appreciate the irony, folks!

“Rufus” then launches into a smoke and mirrors defense of our corrupt Minister of Public Works, Gline Clarke – saying that Minister Clarke lives on his father’s land in St. George and not with his defacto spouse on expropriated land. (For background see Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land)

You can read the second comment by “Rufus” here.

The Truth Is Discovered

These government operatives whose job is to do damage control at Barbados Free Press by posting in the comments section often attempt to have conversations with themselves under multiple names, but our readers seem to sniff them out after a day or two. It is usual for our readers to become aware of multiple identities before the editors do because our attention is focused on spam control and writing new articles – thus our moderators politely thanked “Kelly” and engaged “Sharon” in conversation without realizing they were the same person.

After two BFP readers became suspicious and sent us an email, Cliverton looked at the IP data and discovered that “Kelly”, “Sharon” and “Rufus” were the same person.

Just Another Day At Barbados Free Press

We thought our readers would be interested in some of the intrigue that goes on behind the scenes.

Is it past noon yet? Good!

Darlin’ – grab me a Banks please!




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St. Andrew MP George Payne Highlights Land Slippage In Area Of Greenland Dump


George Payne’s Speech Heavily Criticized Own Government’s Failures

MP George Payne apparently pulled no punches at a recent BLP meeting – even though the Prime Minister was sitting right beside him.

The article in the Nation News is worth reading just to see a sitting MP listing the unfulfilled promises made by his own government – which are promptly answered by more promises from Attorney-General Dale Marshall. Same old, same old.

One of the unintended highlights of Mr. Payne’s talk was the mention of land slippage in St. Andrew – the area of the Greenland Dump where his government says that land slippage is not an issue.

I guess the land slippage that Payne is talking about magically stops at the Greenland dump’s property lines!

Story link: The Nation News – Payne: St. Andrew Left Out 


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A Tale Of Two Barbados Fete Promoters – One Good, One Evil

barbados-garbage-fete.JPG barbados-fete.JPG

Elite Entertainment Should Be Ashamed!

The Barbados Sanitation Service Authority blog has posted an article about two recently held fetes – one by the local organising committee of the Cricket World Cup, and another by the irresponsible, uncaring idiots who call themselves Elite Entertainment.

The above photos show the streets after both functions. You can guess which is which.

IF the government was on the ball, they would make clean-up of the area as much a part of receiving permission to hold a public event as is crowd safety and traffic control.

Head over to Ian Bourne’s Barbados Sanitation Service Authority blog for the full story and many more photos that show the disgusting result of Elite Entertainment’s lack of concern for the community and their fellow citizens.

Story link: Bajan Health Protectors


We received this unconfirmed comment by BFP reader “Michael” …

Dear Sirs,

We just want it known, that ELITE SOUND SYSTEMS LTD, a locally registered sound company in Barbados , is in NO way associated with the Elite Entertainment Inc .


George Replies:

Dear Micheal,

Thank you for letting us know. That is the wonderful thing about blogs. If anyone disagrees with a story or wants to clarify or add information, they can get your message out to the same readers right away. If there has been an error in a story or the clarification is important (as your information is), then it is highlighted in the original story and remains for all to see.

Our stories are audited for accuracy by thousands of readers each day.

Thanks for helping to make Barbados Free Press one of the most accurate sources for Barbados news!



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Celebrity Cruise Cricket Advert Warns Against Inter-Island Flying “Tiny airplanes, long lines, delays, lost luggage, cancelled flights”


The Cricket World Cup Series is just around the corner in April 2007. It is being held in the beautiful Caribbean. But getting between islands to watch your team will be a challenge. The big jets don’t do the inter-island hops. Can you imagine flying from island to island in tiny little planes to get from one stadium to the next. Can you imagine the long lines, the delays, the cancelled flights the lost luggage?

… from a Celebrity Cruise Line’s Press Release (link here)

Will the tiny airplanes be able to pull it off, or will it be the disaster predicted in the Celebrity Cruise Line advert?

We’re still hearing about passengers being stranded without baggage, so if I were a betting man (and I am!) I wouldn’t look at a shuttle airline ticket to or from Grantley Adams International as anything more than a lottery ticket with extremely good odds.

And remember – to hedge your bet, make that carry-on luggage only!


Previous BFP Story: Caribbean Star Airlines Still Not Telling Passengers That Luggage Will Follow In Several Days


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