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BREAKING NEWS: Nets To Be Placed To Hold Feces Off Carlisle Bay Beaches – Cruise Ships Will Dump In Carlisle Bay!


How Many Cruise Ships Will Dump How Many Tons Of Sewerage Into Carlisle Bay Each Night?

Last night on Best & Mason on 900AM, a query was made about what would happen with all of the sewerage from the yachts and cruise ships in for Cricket World Cup. That was hushed up as fast as you can say “oops” – but our little hummingbird tells us that the !@#$ really hit the fan this morning…

Minister of Health Dr. Jerome Walcott was livid today at a meeting and he tore such a piece out of the Environmental people that Walcott’s voice was heard through walls and the door.

Red Flag To Be Set For Carlisle Bay – Feces Nets To Be Installed

At the end of the meeting, it was resolved that a Red Flag will be set for Carlisle Bay, feces nets will be installed to keep all the yuck off the beach, and the dumping of the cruise ships’ sewerage will be coordinated so dumping times are staggered. Hopefully, this will keep the nets from being overwhelmed with turds and tampons.

Welcome to Cricket World Cup, Folks!

Ain’t nothin be free.

Photo: Brown’s Beach, Barbados – will really have an appropriate name during Cricket World Cup! Photo by a friend of Shona’s. Thanks!


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Barbados Auditor General Says Millions Missing – We Say No Laws Were Broken


New Auditor General Was Supposed To Be A Guard-Dog – But We Ended Up Hiring A Puppy

Barbados Auditor-General Leigh E. Trotman made his first report to Parliament and said that over $2 million was missing from nine agencies. Trotman also pointed out that the agencies had no or poor purchasing controls which led to situations such as…

“During the financial year 2003-2004 writing pads were purchased at $4 each from a private supplier. The Government Central Purchasing Department was also supplying writing pads at $1.57 each during this period.”

“An amount of $12 000 was paid for the purchase of 1 000 reams of A4 copy paper at a price of $12 each. At the time of purchase, January 8, 2001, the Central Purchasing Department was supplying A4 copy paper to ministries and departments at $5.75 per ream.

“Excessive amounts of stationery items were also purchased at regular intervals during the period. These included 22 090 writing pads, 16 380 pens and 17 787 document folders and wallets. It is not clear why such large amounts of stationery were purchased from a single supplier without any competitive bidding,”

….. Barbados Auditor General Leigh E. Trotman as quoted in The Nation News (link here)

We’ve Got News For The Auditor General – No Laws Were Broken Because The Government Has Deliberately Failed To Put Integrity Laws In Place

The Auditor General seems to be upset that “…large amounts of stationery were purchased from a single supplier without any competitive bidding…”

What a joke!

There are no laws and no rules that regulate against this behaviour by Barbados government officials. It is perfectly legal for an elected or appointed government official to profit from government transactions.

There are no laws or regulations requiring “competitive bidding”.

The Auditor General is worried about the purchase of 16,000 pens – but ignores corruption such as No Tenders Issued For One Hundred Million Dollar Government Office Building.

Auditor General Trotman diverts our attention from the substantive issues to paper and pens – from the high-ups in government who waste or siphon off millions to office managers who spend $5000 more on paper than they should have.

Auditor General Has No Website 

The Auditor General of Barbados has no website or other effective means of distributing copies of his Annual Report to the citizens of Barbados. Further, his staffers demand that citizens provide their names when requesting copies of the Auditor General’s reports.

Mr. Trotman appears to be the ideal Auditor General as far as the Government of Barbados is concerned. The perfect little lapdog.

Further Reading: Auditor General – Barbados vs. Trinidad and Tobago: A Study in Contrasts


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Gallimaufry Posts Beautiful Bridgetown Photos


Titilayo has posted some fabulous shots of Bridgetown on her Gallimaufry Blog and highlights the fact that no matter all the political wrangling over lost funds and such, the place is looking rather good these days.

Check it out at this link.


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Cute Little Baby Girl Is About The Size Of A Pen



Just another newborn baby girl born prematurely, but so tiny!

Her name is Amillia Taylor and she was born at Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami after only 21 weeks in her mother’s womb. The doctors say she’s going to make it just fine. Her folks are going to have some stories to tell her when she is old enough to understand.

More Hospital Time For Tiny Baby

MIAMI (AP) — A premature baby who doctors said spent less time in the womb than any other surviving infant will remain in a hospital a few extra days as a precaution, officials said Tuesday.

Amillia Sonja Taylor, born Oct. 24 after just under 22 weeks in the womb, had been expected to be sent home Tuesday.

Doctors say Amillia is the first baby known to have survived after a gestation of fewer than 23 weeks. She was just 9 1/2 inches long and weighed less than 10 ounces when she was delivered by Caesarean section. Full-term births come after 37 to 40 weeks.

Amillia, the first child for Eddie and Sonja Taylor of Homestead, now weighs 4 1/2 pounds…

… read the entire article at Breitbart.Com (link here)


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Cricket World Cup Organiser Says “A Decade Until CWC Benefits Are Seen” !

From Our “Pie In The Sky Incorporated” Files…

DO WE DETECT a subtle shift in the way proponents of Cricket World Cup are portraying the benefits to Barbados for staging the events? A year ago the CWC people were all talking about immediate benefits – full hotel rooms, crowds in the retail shops, so many folks bringing so much money to the island that we would have to hire a fleet of cruise ships to hold the overflow.

Now? Hey… those Cricket World Cup benefits are all long term – a decade or so away. But they are coming… doan you worry!

In The Nation News…

BARBADOS has the earning potential of $1 billion after ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.

However, Barbadians might not see the cash flow for another decade.

That was the estimate suggested by chief operations officer of the Barbados Local Organising Committee (LOC) for CWC, Vancourt Rouse, during a meeting about CWC developments and its legacy afterwards, at the Church of the Nazarene in Bank Hall, St Michael last Monday night.

“The investment in the fast-forwarding development of Barbados surrounding this event are predicated on the forecast which demonstrated that the long-term benefits – the legacy economic benefits – which plays out into the next seven to ten years are going to be huge.

“The numbers have indicated that the economic benefits over the ten years are more than one billion dollars,” he said.

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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UPDATED: Former DLP Cabinet Minister Branford Taitt: Ministry People Are Directors Of Companies Receiving Government Contracts

Updated: January 11, 2009

Back in February of 2007, former DLP Cabinet Minister Branford Taitt revealed that Government officials and insiders form companies on the side and then award government contracts to their own companies.

In the “It takes one to know one” department, Mr. Taitt’s statement should be taken as accurate because he was involved himself in corrupt activities whereby a government contractor worked on Taitt’s home at the same time he had been awarded a government contract under Taitt’s Ministry of Health. Oh… and yes, there were missing materials galore from the St. Joseph Hospital construction site that probably ended up in Taitt’s home. (You can read about Mr. Taitt’s personal corrupt activities in our article Brandford Taitt, Ted Stevens: Two Crooked Senators – One In Alaska Faces Charges, One In Barbados Is “Cleared” Because We Have No Laws Against His Corrupt Behaviour.)

In Their First Year Of Government, David Thompson and His DLP Refused To Make The One Simple Policy Change That Could Have Stopped Much Of The Corruption

With a simple policy statement Prime Minister Thompson could have sent a message of integrity throughout the government. Without passing any laws or any consultation at all, Mr. Thompson could have declared the following…

“It is now government policy that no government contracts are to be issued to companies or other government suppliers that are owned wholly or in part by an elected or appointed government employee or official or their immediate family members.”

Instead, Prime Minister Thompson chose to let the corruption continue and here we are after one year of DLP government with the sad realisation that only the faces on the piggies have changed: the government trough is still open for business!

Original Article As Published Feb 21, 2007…

A FEW DAYS AGO the Nation Newspaper printed an article by Albert Brandford that provides some coverage of the rising call for Integrity and Transparency Legislation in Barbados. Continue reading


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Problems With Digicel Fugitive Contest?

Anonymous Letter To BFP Outlines Concerns With Contest

The letter below is published exactly as we received it from an anonymous source with a Hotmail address. Like all such information, it is entirely suspect unless other sources provide the same information – and even then it might be false. Or a setup. Or someone out for revenge against an individual or a business.

So… let’s look at this letter as it is. Total rumour, unattributed, possibly all malicious lies.

That said, let’s tap into our readers’ knowledge to consider two questions…

1/ Is there anything in this letter that can be verified?

2/ Are there any indications that the Digicel Fugitive contest was rigged?

We also invite Digicel to have a look at the information and, if they choose, we will print their reply here – totally unedited.

Update: I see an article about the contest in the Barbados Advocate and Digicel seems to be acknowledging that some persons identified the Digicel Fugitive before the contest winner – but did not use the correct words needed to win the contest. (link here – but copy the article if you want to refer to it again because the Barbados Advocate habitually erases history)


So what do we all make of this…

Completely Beyond Comprehension

This is what bounty hunters have described the recent competition sponsored by Digicel. and Starcom Network after the scam was uncovered.

It appears that some people had the answers to the clues long before the clues were aired on radio and sent to phones. This meant that while the majority of the Barbadian public had to pay 30 cents to get the clues delivered to their phones which in the majority of instances were very late in coming through, others had them long in advance. So others were at a great disadvantage in catching the fugitive.

This was confirmed by Tamisha Greaves who spoke out in anger on Saturday 17 at the finals of the competition after asking the “fugitive” about four times and being not answered and finally told no, to realize afterwards that he was actually the fugitive. Many other people confirmed that the fugitive was asked the question” Are you the Digicel fugitive” to be told “no”. Afterwards it was announced that the fugitive was caught by a chap who was in conversation with the Digicel monitors. This lady had inside information. For example she knew of the committee that was in place in 2005 to determine the fugitive as well as the clothes that the fugitive would be wearing.

It is believed that the reports were accurate about the answers being disclosed beforehand because the writer of this article was told by someone about 9:00 am on the same Saturday that the answer for the 12:00 pm clue would be James Street. This answer was confirmed later on the radio. Tamisha also confirmed that she got all the answers before and labeled herself “early edition”.

Another reason why the reports were true is because some of the winners were on the site to some very difficult clues. For example, “scat to a hundred” which was at Ellerton. Not many people would have known that scat had something to do with Jazz and that Ella Fitzgerald made it popular and the hundred to mean “ton”. Along with the $4000 at this nabbing, this person also won $8,500 in 2005 after nabbing the fugitive at the Harrison Cave following a conversation with her boyfriend. She also nabbed the fugitive in front the Nation on Fontebelle for about $3,000. Isn’t it convenient that she just happen to be there at that time? She had the answer all along.

Her boyfriend also won in George St, Belleville after walking with her and decided to go over and chat with a lady in black and being told by his girlfriend that the clue came through. He subsequently asked the lady if she was the fugitive winning $4500. Can you actually believe the nonsense that was said? Go to http://www.vob929.com, click on the fugitive and listen to all of them. (ed: link here)

The chap that won $3,000 at Pebbles Beach also had a cock and bull story by saying that he was listening to a conversation and saw this lady looking fishy and decided to ask her. Another person said that he asked her first and she did not answered but ducked into the water. He again won at the Gym with another difficult question of 16, 36 and 9 with $8,500. Who would think that that had something to do with the calypso semifinals? Another person said that he asked her first and the fugitive did not answer but she did so to this same winner. Afterwards the interpreter said that she could not understand English. How come she can understand English for the second person that asked her but not the first?

This same winner was seen picking up a woman who was thought to be the fugitive in Windward on February 16 at 4:00 pm after denying that she was it. She was the only person on that long stretch of road at the bus stop and yet still she does not live up there. Driving around behind the vehicles with the monitors was the chap that actually won on Saturday 17 at 8:00 am. He could not approach the woman in Windward because of tail on him and the other person who stayed with the lady so that no one else could. He was waiting long before Trimart opened and while the fugitive had the trolley, he asked her and he won $15,000. He never caught her in front the statue as he said he had.

Tamisha Greaves also noted that she was in place at East Coast Road before 5:00am on February 7 at 8:00 am to nab the fugitive but it was deposited away from the area. She also disclosed that the person that actually won was in conservation with the monitor before approaching the fugitive winning $5500.

There are also instances of the fugitive being picked up long before the half hour was up especially in Roebuck Street and not even being in the designated area or totally outside the area. There was none in Weston not James Street among others. It was said that the monitor receives $1000 each time that the fugitive is not won.

It makes you wonder who was in the scam. Was it Digicel? Was the money going back into the coffers? Fay Gill said that the monitors confirmed that the winner in Sheraton was the first person to pose the question. If she is saying that the three monitors said that Goddard was the first person to ask the question, she probably does not know or pretending not to know but the monitors were all telling lies. Does Ronnie Clarke know what is going on? Does the management of Starcom Network know what is going on? Do they know that the answers are leaked long beforehand? I need some answers because it was a waste of money, time and energy trying to catch the fugitive. If the money is calculated one can see that over $46,000 was shared among the monitors and their friends with the inside informers sharing $8,500 along with they friends that they leaked the information to. The other winners sound legitimate.


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Nation News Interviews Terry Donaldson – Says He Won’t Come Back To Testify At Barbados Prison Enquiry

Donaldson Will Not Return Even If Invited 

According to The Nation News, Terry Donaldson, author of the book “Hell In Barbados”, will not come back to Barbados to testify at the prison enquiry even if invited.

And that may be the entire truth.

But not for the first time, I find myself thinking about the Nation News and how they present their articles. I wonder about the context in which Mr. Donaldson’s statements were given. What did he say immediately before and after? According to the paper, he wouldn’t come back to Barbados. What about if he gave sworn testimony from London via phone or satellite linkup? That is done all the time.

Whether reading The Nation News, Barbados Advocate or Barbados Free Press, one should always question the veracity and completeness of everything.

Here is the story link to Jail Hell at The Nation News


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