United Arab Emirates Cricket Fans Unable To Obtain CARICOM Visas – Courier Companies Refusing To Ship Passports

THE ONLY WAY a U.A.E. citizen can get a cricket visa is to ship their passport to London… but none of the courier companies will accept passports.

What to do?

Who knows!

From Gulf News.com…

Ticketholders have a headache

By K.R. Nayar, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Cricket fans in the UAE, who have received World Cup tickets, have an unique problem – they are unable to get the caricom visa.

Courier companies in the UAE are refusing to take passports for stamping of visas. “I received my ticket but cannot get the caricom visa as courier companies here are not accepting passports,” said Ramesh, a worried ticket holder.

Those wanting the caricom visa have no option but to send their passports by courier for stamping to New Delhi or London.

“I approached a courier company and they told me to get a clearance from the Indian embassy. When I approached the Indian embassy, the official there showed me the instructions on my passport which states that passports should not be sent out of any country by post,” said Ramesh.

“Fans worldwide can go on line http://www.cricketworldcup.com and they even have the advantage of choosing which section of the stadium they want to sit in, provided seating is available in that area,” said Stephen Price, the Cricket World Cup Commercial Director…

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20 responses to “United Arab Emirates Cricket Fans Unable To Obtain CARICOM Visas – Courier Companies Refusing To Ship Passports

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Oh mama Mia what a disaster you have presided over, once again plenty talk and no sensible action, true signs of a politician.
    Maybe you should consider resigning not only because of your ineffectiveness as a minister of gov’t, but more also for your lack of morals, prostitution, same sex marriages, these are very biting themes for you are they not?

  2. reality check

    lets just leave at ineffective and maybe add incompetency–the biting reference could be totally made up by others who view her as a threat to their power—unless the “bitee” comes forward publically its an unnecessary

    She can be criticized for enough things without bringing unproven rumours and your view of immorality.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    Maybe the people will do her and Barbados a great favour and put her out to pasture at the next election, she is maybe the worst minister that we have had in every ministry she has molested, plenty of sweet talk and little action she is a very lazy person and not deserving of a ministry of anything.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    It is difficult to imagine how Caricom could have handled this visa issue any worse than they have so far.

    So United Arab Emirates citizens need visas?

    Just remind me where the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is?

  5. hants

    This is what happens when greed steps in and people lose focus. All they saw was another opportunity to collect foreign exchange.

    Adrian, we in Toronto have been enduring -15 t0 -26 degree weather for about 30 days and there was no BTA campaign to get Canadians “coming in from the cold” ( credit to the late Bob Marley phrase in one of his songs).

    What is the purpose of a BTA office in Toronto?

  6. Wishing in Vain

    This seems to me to have been an after thought and rushed into existence there is no way that sane thinking people would go about setting up visa offices with so little time left to travel time.
    I wonder if this was one of the requirements of the USA for travel to cricket world cup and the caribbean fought it and loss it and then had to setup the visa requirement.
    There is no way that this plan could have been around for a long time and be so late in its setting up.
    I agree with you Adrian they could not have handled this worst if they tried to,it is a disaster in the making the one entrusted with seeing after the smooth operations of this project should be looking at their role and doing some soul searching.
    To lazy to work well move on let someone else do the work, to preoccupied with your own affairs move on let someone with a clear mind take over but please do not stay in idle mode forever.

  7. Wishing in Vain


    Even the chance to show off Jamaica before the cup’s expected 2.2 billion global TV viewers apparently has not been enough to spur builders and organisers off what residents call “island time”.
    “I don’t know if Houdini or Mandrake are going to suddenly appear and wave a magic wand and bring Kingston and its environs up to speed to host the cricket,” Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie said recently.
    He deplored the state of his city as “a national disgrace” and said only about a third of the planned face-lift projects were likely to be completed on time.
    The official line at Jamaica Cricket 2007 Ltd, the national organising entity, is that the bare essentials will be ready. But they concede that the face Jamaica will show to the world might not be pretty.
    We are really doing an oustanding job with regard to hosting this world cup, I almost ashamed to be a Caribbean person with this fiasco going on around me.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    Hants and Wishing in vain…

    I despair re: our tourism ‘industry…..
    Apparently, no money to promote Barbados in Canada during your extra cold spell, but US$15 million can be found to hire a foreign flagged, extra regional crewed Carnival Cruise ship that we are told is 80% sold.
    If it is 80% sold, why do they need the US$15 million.
    And guess what no-one checked with the hotels first to see if they had any empty rooms!!!!

    On the ICC subject, I wonder if Malcom Speed had to apply for a visa. Is he traveelling on his Australian passport or his diplomatic UAE one?

  9. Wishing in Vain

    I am sure that there are hotels here that would only be too glad for some of the bookings that will be going to the Destiny.
    Not to mention the $ 2 or $3 Mil that he paid Carnival to keep coming to BGI only now they leave at 4 pm for a short trip to St.Lucia instead of at 11 pm when they left for Aruba negating the benefits of the guest staying onshore for that much longer to eat drink and be merry in Barbados but no get them back on the ship early and get them flocking into the casinos and bars onboard let them claim the revenue and not the Barbadians.
    What a world we live in and the funny thing is it keeps getting worst and no one is saying a word.

  10. One wrongly assumes from her imposing bulk and booming voice, pouring forth pretentious verbiage that Mia must be competent. CWC security arrangements are one more instance of evidence that the opposite is the truth.

    When announted Deputy Prime Minister we got the impression that O$A had confidence in her as his successor, The Glendairy mutiny against prison conditions happened on her watch as Attorney General. Despite her boasts of victory our fisherfolk are still twiddling their nets, waiting to fish. (Not a word after her recent visit to Trinidad for the “ongoing” fishing accord). And now this.

    One assumes Deputy Prime Ministers are elevated above routine ministerial duties so they can learn the ropes at coordinating their efforts as an apprentice leader. She must have taken on CWC Security because she thought the result would make her shine, brighten her resume for promotion, and make her a Caricom Hero. Besides which bullying and domineering are things which come naturally to her.

    Instead she has given all the evidence we need with the handling of CWC Security, particularly over the visae, that her competence is shallow. She was not prepared to seek the advice of those in the tourism industry how to avoid the many little pitfalls awaiting the unwary who tamper with established protocols. She has made no bones over the fact that Security took precedence over Cricket, despite the $316myn estimated bill her government has run up to make the cricket a success. What a mess!

    We can only pray that despite all Mia’s meddling and muddling, enough cricket fans will get here, and other cricket destinations to make the matches a success, and leave all the fans who are allowed through the red tape with a good taste in their mouths for the Caribbean.

  11. BK

    this Visa business is a classic case of the Caribbean using a global strategy instead of a glocal : – )

    there is a saying that a lil learning is a dangerous ting!

  12. Wishing in Vain

    I wonder what the tourism authorities in Tobago are saying and feeling about this nonsense of visas as most of their arrivals are from Scandinavian countries and are now required to obtain a visa to visit the island even though they have no desire to see the cricket I bet you Tobago stands to loose a great deal in tourism revenue due to this mad plan.

  13. BK- “glocal”? – like you been drinking deep, but not of the Pierian Spring? 🙂

  14. J. Payne

    The U.S. no fly lists would have been enough. Europe has a copy of this list and they wont allow terrorists to board planes from their countries to (get) to the Caribbean (or this hemisphere) in the first place.

    In Barbados’ case I could see them possibly needing visas so that people coming from less well off countries don’t just stay— and stay—- and overstay their welcome. But then again who’s to say people aren’t already overstaying their visits in Barbados now?

  15. lee

    Mia shallow bluster shone during bdos/tdad fishing didpute. There was a hook up with trinidad radio and vob hosted by Dennis Johnson, a show off pain in the rear. Anyway the trinis on the panel could not get in a word. Mia and loud mouth Johnson kept interupting. I hold no brief for the Trinidadians but i wanted to hear their argumnts. Alas i could not because of Mia verbal diareaha and Johnsons obnoxious noise.Not sure who won the dispute. A draw I guess. Erskine Griffith asserts a fishing agreement is at hand. We shall see.

  16. I suspect the holdback on the fishing agreement is the “renewable resources” aspect.

    Dr. Kenny Julien, the marine biologist (or is it Dr Julian Kenny, I get them mix-up) has already submitted that flying fish stocks off Tobago are currently at a stage of bare equilibrium. i.e. if much more are fished than at present, stocks will rapidly deplete, as they have done further North.

    Conserving stocks is a key issue.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    For those that are having a hard time getting these visas sorted maybe they should be given Mia’s cell phone number to call and speak to her directly to resolve the matter.
    Who knows a few nice ladies maybe coming and need help who better to assist in this department but Mia herself.

  18. J.PAYNE

    It looks like LIAT gon have to fly those visas out dey…..

  19. J.PAYNE

    WELL YOU KNOW Wishing in Vain, its not just the ships that taking all the creame from the top. So are the outside (extra-regional) airlines.

  20. Mike

    Jess you know you are right on that score