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YouTube and Blogging Leave Bad Hotels Unable To Hide

YouTube is a website where people exhibit their videos for free. An extensive community has developed and people often comment on videos or post their own videos in reply. It operates much like a blog, except that the primary means of communication is through video images and sound. Videos are filed under various categories and can also be search by subject and keywords….

Keywords like… “Barbados Hotels”

After posting about the YouTube video Parrot Attack At Graeme Hall Nature Park! (wink, wink), I used the YouTube search engine to take a little cruise for videos about Barbados – and was it ever fun and revealing.

There are dozens of Barbados videos posted on YouTube – everything from idiots driving drunk in Bridgetown to well done amateur travelogs. There is also a guest appearance by Marcus in one of the Barbados videos (Nope – we’re not telling, but a little research will gir you rocking!) And we must not forget the infamous video of Environment Minister Liz Thompson’s racist attack on Richard Goddard while discussing the Greenland dump on television. (You can see that one here)

Hilton Barbados Review On YouTube

One of the videos that caught my attention was Hilton Barbados Review by an American chap calling himself TravelTour360 – who sounds like he’s from New Jersey. TravelTour360 (TT360 for short) has made and posted 15 videos of hotels and travel destinations in The Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados and New York City. At first I wondered if he was somehow being paid to create the videos, but after watching a few and seeing that he often highlights negatives that a paying customer wouldn’t allow to make the edit, I believe that TT360 is just an ordinary guy who likes to make travel videos and post them on YouTube. I could be wrong, but that’s my instinct right now.

The Barbados Hilton is portrayed warts and all – the warts being the isolated location, the nearby chemical storage and the poor placement of the airconditioning units that make conversation impossible on nearby balconies. Despite the negatives, the Barbados Hilton comes off rather well overall – especially compared to videos of some other hotels.

The video is 10 minutes long and I watched it all. Click on the photo above or here and see what what you think.


Hotel Hell – Econo Lodge Memphis Tennessee

YouTube has dozens of videos exposing horrible hotels, and I thought I’d throw one in at random so you can see the power of this media. Imagine you are booking a trip to Memphis Tennessee to see Graceland, the home of Elvis. You’ve stayed at EconoLodge somewhere else, and it was ok for the money, but what about Memphis? Sure, you can read some reviews on travel blogs, but YouTube allows you to see the reality of this hotel as it is today and not as it was ten years ago when all those pretty photos on the website were taken.

And the reality of the EconoLodge in Memphis is not pretty.

Someone was dissatisfied enough that they took detailed photos and videos of their room and posted it on YouTube. What a great resource for the ordinary person trying to discover what a hotel is really like!

Here’s “Hotel Hell” in Memphis (link here)

An Emerging Resource – And A Parallel News Media Where People Can Post Source Videos

Like blogging, these YouTube videos receive their credibility from the fact that anyone can dispute them, counter them with their own video or comment upon them for all to see. Surprisingly, it is their amateurishness that provides credibility in certain cases like hotel reviews, but this is not to say that a video openly put up by a hotel would not be received well.

Now that I am aware of some of the excellent work being created by amateur videographers, I’ll be checking in with YouTube anytime I book a vacation or hotel…. because those website photos always look so nice, and they were nice… 25 years ago. đŸ™‚

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2 responses to “Tourist Reviews Barbados Hilton On YouTube

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  2. Stroller

    Walked thru several ground level areas of B’dos. Hilton one night, about 2 wks. ago.
    Saw several surprisingly barren areas,
    devoid of plants or other decor.
    Not exactly unfinished, but certainly ‘lacking’ in any further embellishment.
    Needs big potted plants.