Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: Barbados Government Bans Terry Donaldson – The Witness They Don’t Want To Testify

As we indicated in our previous report Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: One Witness The Barbados Government Doesn’t Want To Call, the witness is one Terry Donaldson. Mr. Donaldson was prisoner at the time of the riot and is the author of a newly published book “Hell In Barbados”

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter blog is now reporting that Terry Donaldson has been served with papers banning him from entering Barbados to attend the riot hearings. (link here)


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24 responses to “Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: Barbados Government Bans Terry Donaldson – The Witness They Don’t Want To Testify

  1. reality check

    You can’t possibly invite him. After all he was there and lived and breathed the experience.

    Besides he is only a petty drug thief, not like the smart savy thiefs that have made sure he is banned. This is a theft of freedom of information.

    Most courts in North America and Europe would welcome him to speak. He has paid his price for his crime and knows of what he speaks.

  2. Bajanboy

    Does Ian still work SSA? If so, I would not be surprised if one day we hear he has been fired for some made up reason.

    Apparently, anyone can give a statement to the hearings but if they will not let him into Barbados, I guess he cannot testify.

    Interested to see how this plays out.

  3. John

    Guess the new Caricom Visa prohibits criminals, drug dealers, terrorists etc from entering any Caricom territory.

    Terry Donaldson is a criminal.

    Therefore the Government of Barbados, having duly done its security checks, cannot grant him a visa to visit a Caricom territory.

    Always knew the visa thing would come in handy. Stroke of sheer genius!!

    The GOB is adhering to the law of the land.

  4. Bajanboy? LOL, my News Blog does not encroach on environmental matters, there is a separate Blog for that, ask BFP! So I am not mixing work, politics and otherwise…

    As for the topic in my News-Blog, this was spoken of by Heat Magazine first, and they’re owned by the Advocate; so since the Old Lady Of Fontabelle’s publisher has ties which are considered “safe” in this day and age, wink!! QED, ok?

  5. reality check

    mere technicality John

    if the court really thought he had something to add to a hearing most jursidictions would permit, if not a waiver to the visa requirements, an applcation to court to provide for teleconferencing of his testimony.

    The fact is they don’t want to hear from him. The truth hurts and and he is an embarrassment to them, and their coverups and lies.

    This is just a continuing effort to control what is said and heard in Barbados.

  6. BFP- On a point of detail, you mention that “Hell in Barbados” is “newly published”, but when I enquired at Cloister Book Shop at Sheraton to buy a copy, I was told the unsold copies had been sent back some time ago, and that it was published over 3 years ago.

    I will have to check Amazon for a secondhand copy, and find the publication date for you.

    It seems inconceivable that an eyewitness account from an experienced media man (before he became a druggie) should be banned from the hearing when it is eventually held. While a convicted felon loses certain rights even after he has paid his debt to Society, this is a case where they should subpoena him to give evidence, as he made notes of all that happened to write his book. It was not a work of fiction, I am sure.

    Do we know for sure that convicted felons can no longer obtain visae to Bim, or is that conjecture? Won’t it undermine our tourist arrivals? Will they ask for a Certificate of Good Character of cruise visitors as they step off the gangplank?

  7. John

    reality check

    …. I know, I know, just trying to think like a politician for a change who grasps at these straws.

    You got me!!

  8. P.S. BFP- I see my comment is awaiting moderation, which has given me the time to check Amazon, who confirm that it was published by Maverick on 2nd Feb 2007, even though used copies are already available. So you are accurate (as usual).

    So I was misinformed by the gent in charge at Cloister Books, or else it came out earlier from another publisher. Possibly this will overtake my earlier comment? Let’s see.

  9. Bajanboy

    Besides, they will be talking to lots of “criminals” some of whom are still behind bars. We tend to get very defensive when “foreigners” criticise things in Barbados.

  10. samizdat

    Published over three years ago when the riot was only two years ago?

    I see…

  11. John


    The Cloister may be mixing up “Hell in Barbados” with “To Hell or Barbados” by Sean O’Callaghan.

    I bought that book from Cloister a year or two ago.

    It is about the indentured servants and political prisoners sent to Barbados in the 1600’s from England, some of our earliest tourists in the early days of Cruise Tourism!

    I suspect that Terry Donaldson had his tongue in his cheek when he chose the title “Hell in Barbados” although from what I read of his experience at Glendairy, his choice of title could have been inspired quite independently of O’Callaghan’s work.

    He could also be saying “things haven’t changed that much over the past 3 or so centuries”!!

  12. Rumplestilskin

    I look forward to the publishing by the GIS of the new processes and controls that will be in place at our brand spanking new prison.

    After all, as citizens, we are entitled to know where our tax dollars are going and how rehabilitation methods and control methods re separation of hard criminals vs ‘light’ offenders will be designed.

    When can we expect such a publication from GIS?

  13. Rumplestilskin

    Would having an expert in corrections design assess and design the new processes and controls not be a much better use of tax dollars than the enquiry?

  14. Anonymous

    Did someone say rehabilitation?

  15. Anonymous

    I am wondering if this enquiry will be like the U.S.A.’s enquiry and report into 9/11…. censored to the point of uselessness or maybe there will be some accountability for the vile practices allowed at H.M. Prision?

  16. Bonkoro

    I hope they will arrest the real people who did this and will not charge the one they got there in prison to make it easier for themselfs. As the one who did it are long gone.

  17. Rasta M

    I have read the book with interest, I agree Barbados is a nice place to visit but it surprises me the behind the scene activities. The government will not allow him to speak as they know he is telling the truth and the truth hurts. ~He should at least be able to do his statement/testimony via a link do the Barbados government not want to justice for its citizens.

  18. Mullins Bay

    Oh by the way Terry where is Hawkins Bay as mentioned in your book what part of the island

  19. Truth

    If mr donaldson was telling the whole truth and not exaggerating maybe the law courts would take him serious ps (i read the book)

  20. maz hancock

    i dont reli no wots goin on im jst tryin 2 find a man hu went in 4 doin drugs. coz i no him, he owned mi familys boat in barbados, n i reli miss him.

  21. sally martin

    i was in prison in glendairy when the roit happen. i was scared for my life. never though i would see my family again. but life in the female part was very diffrent from the men.

  22. im english lady ,that serve 3years 9months in glendairy , n was there when the roit happen i never forget that day … glendairy was hard to cope with it really was …im grateful that i have life 2day … us females were rite in the middle of that roit n a 1ooo men surround us,,,we got took 2 saftey by female n male officers..n the barbados defence force what wonderful people they were,, a lady by the name of wendy .which was the captain of the defence force lead us 2 safety… my last 8 weeks in prison was served at barbados defence force , they truely made us welcum there n made sure we were feed very very well thankyou barbados defence force for all the hard work…..

  23. HADES

    THIS is not only the truth,more things is missing on this history.
    I have the hole truth,i saw,i filling,i still smelling every day that i was in there.
    IT’S time to talk,is time to let the world now what all of we passed out there;

  24. mary deadman

    we all. should let the hole world know about glendairy prison. and also terry donaldson making up story for he book that is not true my name mary deadman aka maggie. the book called hell in barbados