Auntie Moses Going To See Michael Buble In Barbados


Oh Such Excitement!

Yesterday our own Auntie Moses learned that Michael Buble will be playing Barbados on March 8th and there is no stopping her. Tickets are on the way and “the girls” have announced that this concert will require new clothes.

I made the mistake of asking who is this Michael “Bubbles” chap and as a result I may be allowed back into my own kitchen next week if I am lucky.

Readers of Barbados Free Press will remember that Auntie Moses is a big Frank Sinatra fan – having been kissed by Frankie in the kitchen of the Barbados Yacht Club back in 1967 (see our post Rich and Not-So-Rich Brits Flock To Barbados Gated Communites…). I am informed that Michael Bubbles ( 😉 ) evokes memories of The Great Frank Sinatra for Auntie Moses and that she will somehow magically become 17 years old again when she goes to this concert.

This girls’ night out is going to cost me big time and there is nothing to be done but say “Yes dear” and take the hit.

Linda over at Barbados Forum has ticket information (link here).

By the way – I am told that his name is pronounced “boob lay”, not “bubbles”. heh heh 🙂


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5 responses to “Auntie Moses Going To See Michael Buble In Barbados

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Whuh lawd. Bes’ doan let de lady whole on pon de man an carry he way.

    Wunna bes’ make up an extra bed in case she wanna tek holda de man an carry him hoam.

  2. John

    Love the pronounciation of the name. Sounds like Mrs. Bucket in “Keeping up Appearances”.

  3. Bajan George

    I think you might be missing an opportunity. When a reporter asked one of the Belushi brothers if he was insecure about the fact that his wife was turned on by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the reply was along the line of, “No, I’m just glad I’m in the same room when it happens.”

  4. John- You are so right. But as a member of the fairer sex, I would rather be “Bubbles” than “Boob Lay”! (Will this get “moderated”?)

  5. D'Arts