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Auntie Moses Going To See Michael Buble In Barbados


Oh Such Excitement!

Yesterday our own Auntie Moses learned that Michael Buble will be playing Barbados on March 8th and there is no stopping her. Tickets are on the way and “the girls” have announced that this concert will require new clothes.

I made the mistake of asking who is this Michael “Bubbles” chap and as a result I may be allowed back into my own kitchen next week if I am lucky.

Readers of Barbados Free Press will remember that Auntie Moses is a big Frank Sinatra fan – having been kissed by Frankie in the kitchen of the Barbados Yacht Club back in 1967 (see our post Rich and Not-So-Rich Brits Flock To Barbados Gated Communites…). I am informed that Michael Bubbles ( 😉 ) evokes memories of The Great Frank Sinatra for Auntie Moses and that she will somehow magically become 17 years old again when she goes to this concert.

This girls’ night out is going to cost me big time and there is nothing to be done but say “Yes dear” and take the hit.

Linda over at Barbados Forum has ticket information (link here).

By the way – I am told that his name is pronounced “boob lay”, not “bubbles”. heh heh 🙂


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The Polished Hoe Opens In Toronto – Coming To Barbados For Cricket World Cup


Author Clarke Lives In Haunted Home

WE TOLD you about Arthur Clarke’s award winning novel The Polished Hoe being made into a stage play in our article Barbados Theatre: The Polished Hoe Coming For Cricket World Cup.

Tonight is opening night in Toronto, and The Star newspaper has an excellent story about the book and Bajan ex-pat Arthur Clarke and his haunted home. (Our thanks for the tip to reader Mr. Barbados)

Here’s a few samples from The Star of Toronto newspaper article …

It Always Comes Back To Barbados

Austin Clarke’s house is haunted.

The 135-year-old dwelling on Shuter St. seems pleasant enough at first glance. The author welcomes you inside to a book-lined room with walls painted a shade of green that he says reminds him of “some fields I have seen in Barbados, where all was serene.”

But as anyone who has read Clarke’s work knows, that is when you should be most afraid, because beneath the apparent tranquility of tropical sunshine, there are often dangerous impulses waiting to burst through to the surface.

That’s the dynamic that drives his most famous book, the Giller Prize-winning The Polished Hoe, which Obsidian Theatre Company has turned into a play, starting previews tonight at the Enwave Theatre.

It tells the story of Mary-Mathilda, an elderly woman of the islands who suddenly slashes through decades of oppression by murdering the manager of the sugar plantation for whom she has laboured so long.

“The past is always there,” admits the 72-year-old Clarke. “The only question is how often you decide to visit it, or allow it to visit you.”

… continue reading this article at The Star Of Toronto Newspaper (link here)


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Shona Discovers… Interracial Voice and the Movement For Racelessness

About Interracial Voice

IV is an independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal, serving the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace. This electronic publication advocates universal recognition of mixed-race individuals as constituting a separate “racial” entity and wholeheartedly supported the initiative to establish a multiracial category on the 2000 Census.

Contemporary advocacy of a mixed-race identifier is the largest and most meaningful assault on the mythical concept of white racial purity/supremacy — an idea lustfully embraced, unfortunately, by political leaders “of color” generally and by black “leaders” specifically — to come down the pike in many moons. Consequently, the group most able to help this society bridge the gap between the race-obsessed present and an ideal future of racelessness is the mixed-race contingent.

In addition to in-depth interviews with notable opinion-leaders from within the mixed-race, multiracial community, IV makes available information on the numerous interracial advocacy groups in America.

… from the website of Interracial Voice (link here)

My Family Gets “The Look” In New York City And In Bridgetown

It makes no matter if our family (Marcus, Little Marcus and Me, Shona) goes walking in New York or Bridgetown. Some people give us “the look”. People of different colours married to each other know what I am talking about. The “look” is from old peoples or young. White or black. People give my family “the look” because Marcus and me and our son have different colour skins from each other.

SOME Barbados politicians love to talk “blacks this” or “whites do this”. It serve their purpose to talk like that and when they and other peoples say the same, I cry for our son. My husband always says about hisself and us we are BAJANS and nothing else.

Interracial Voice website talks about racelessness as the goal.

IF ALL BAJANS woke up tomorrow morning and all our skins were the same colour… my, my, my: the politicians wouldn’t know what to do!


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Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: Barbados Government Bans Terry Donaldson – The Witness They Don’t Want To Testify

As we indicated in our previous report Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: One Witness The Barbados Government Doesn’t Want To Call, the witness is one Terry Donaldson. Mr. Donaldson was prisoner at the time of the riot and is the author of a newly published book “Hell In Barbados”

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter blog is now reporting that Terry Donaldson has been served with papers banning him from entering Barbados to attend the riot hearings. (link here)


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Rumour Mill Working Overtime: Pastor Wayne Bishop And The Dove Convention Centre

Zanz.Com – The Scandal Institute Reports…

We see discussion going on over at The Scandal Institute about the Dove Convention Centre and Pastor Wayne Bishop.

According to the completely unconfirmed rumours, Pastor Wayne Bishop encouraged the congregation to co-sign on an $84,000 loan to build an extension to the church, which is now in default. The discussion is that the Pastor and his #2 are long gone back to the United States, the church is up for sale and the door-locks changed. The rumour continues that the congregation has just received a court injunction to temporarily block the sale of the church while they try to come up with the money for the bank.

As we say, this is totally unconfirmed at this point and we are reporting the discussion that started Friday at Zanz.com (link here).

Can Any BFP Readers Confirm, Deny Or Add To This Story?

The Dove Convention Centre was the location of a very successful HIV/AIDS Symposium held earlier this year and has been a popular meeting place for congregations of all denominations. It would be a shame if this venue is in financial trouble.


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