Sir Charles Cow Williams Whines “I’m Not Investing In Barbados Anymore”

Charles Williams Barbados Godfather

Godfather Cow says “It’s not personal… It’s strictly business.” *

Sir Charles “Cow” Williams will now be taking the profits from all those fat Barbados government contracts and investing them offshore – meaning not in Barbados. Looks like Don COW is moving the family from New York to Las Vegas – er, make that Barbados to Argentina.

After decades of building his business and his personal fortune in Barbados – pretty well doing as he wished, obtaining a title and making hundreds of millions of dollars in the process – Sir COW whines like a spoiled little rich child in today’s Nation News..

“”I am no longer buying land in Barbados,” Sir Charles said, “because there are people who are apparently offended whenever I do. So I will be investing elsewhere . . . . (COW Williams in The Nation News – link here)

For a chap who has done so well by Barbados, Cow Williams doesn’t even have enough sense to keep his mouth shut about it. The contempt for the common people is palpable.

Sir COW Will Continue To Take Bajan Tax Dollars For Projects Large And Small!

His contempt for the little people isn’t enough to keep him and his company from continuing to take Barbados tax dollars though! As he lays the foundation for the future disaster at the Greenland Dump, you can bet that Sir Cow was smart enough to have the government indemnify him and his company against any liabilities for what is almost certain to happen.

He’s made gazillions in Barbados, but now that the hospital is shot and the country is running out of money – what does he do?

This is one of those small slips of the tongue that indelibly defines a person’s character in the public consciousness.

* “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” . . . Al Pacino Playing Michael Corleone in The Godfather


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79 responses to “Sir Charles Cow Williams Whines “I’m Not Investing In Barbados Anymore”

  1. Jack 82

    Contempt? Where has he expressed contempt? Whinge and Whining yes… but contempt?

  2. akabozik

    I get the contempt for Barbados. “its only business”

    No Sir Williams, it is not ONLY business. He might as well have given us the finger in a photograph “take that barbados”

    I get the contempt

  3. Jack 82

    Sounds like anger and frustration to me, on his part. Possibly by others as well

  4. Cuda

    What a nonsense populist article. 1. Williams is free to invest his money where he chooses, it’s his money. 2. All he said was that he wasn’t buying more land (and he own quite a bit already), not that he wasn’t investing any more money in Barbados.

  5. BFP

    Perhaps Sir Charles would like to give his perspective on what he said?

    If so, he’s free to say it here in a comment or an article, and we will print it unedited and without comment.

    If Sir Charles wants to send it to us in an email, we’d be happy to print it.

    Or… he surely has the ability to publish it anywhere he wants on this island.

  6. frederick moses osadjere

    well what is obvious to me is that bajans are the world’s biggest complainers,from bad mouthing government projects to hating local and foreign investors.Yet bajans dream of the good on earth bajans would make money from idle lands remains to be seen.The attitude of bajans only shows the lazy and unchanging ways of blacks every where from africa to the diaspora.


    Comment by Cliverton

    “The attitude of bajans only shows the lazy and unchanging ways of blacks every where from africa to the diaspora.”

    Says it all, friends!

  7. pandora

    BFP- “Print COW’s article WITHOUT COMMENT’?

    That’ll be the day! You wouldn’t be able to restrain yourselves, but unfortunately it is strictly hypothetical.


    Comment by george.

    We made a promise and we will keep it.

  8. John

    … maybe, just maybe, Owen will take a leaf out of Sir Cow’s book and get vex with Bajans for not appreciating what he has done for them and refuse to run!!

    The two of them can then flounce off together down to Argentina and complain to one another about those ungrateful Bajans.

    This one has my blood boiling. Maybe I will regret commenting …. without thinking. I do that sometimes!!

  9. paul sealy

    well well well… longer interested huh?…this may be true as he has bought up all the prime land for building so there is nothing else left to buy within his reaches…..wake up people…plus those billion’s already made can make up for having his feeling’s hurt…lmbao when i read the nation,plus that article on integrity was a joke trying to imply that integrity laws are needed but yet our politicians are clean cut an honest and really and truly there would be no need for such laws at this time….lmbao HARD….

  10. sage

    paul sealy says “this may be true as he has bought up all the prime land for building so there is nothing else left to buy within his reaches”

    Do you think that perhaps there is plenty prime land left within his reaches but the circumstances no longer allow him and others to make the magnitude of profit which was being made in the past?

    Over many years some people in Barbados have been buying cheap agricultural land and making a lot of money very quickly selling it for development to the detriment of other people.

    Who do you think will have the last laugh? I wonder.

  11. reality check

    COW has spent years building up a well earned reputation for competency and service. God only knows the deals he has had to cut with the devil to get there?

    It is symptomatic in Barbados of the simultaneous sucking and blowing behaviour that he is the first one Barbadians would approach to solve a construction problem and at the same time reviled by many because of the
    power and influence he holds over every aspect of the Barbadian economy and in particular land development.

    Perhaps like Kyffen Simpson he has reached a stage in life where he should put his money and his energies where he wants
    wthout treating everything like a polo match
    and gracefully ignore the politics without appearing combative, whining or mean-spirited. In the end he has done very well by Barbados and vice-versa.

  12. Anonymous

    What I cannot grapple is that the Barbadian population is so much more blessed than others in the world, and we are continuously miserable.

    I hate to read the paper because it is petty complaint and petty complaint. About half of the complaints include some statement or insinuation about poor black people being treated a way.

    Wake up Barbados it is not racism…it’s capitalism.

    Think about it for a minute…has Mr. COW awarded himself these large construction projects?
    Has he rezoned the land by himself?

    Some one else is making money…and more than likely they may be black like the rest of us.

  13. La De Da.

    It is not fair or correct to say that he made all his money (or to insinuate it) in Barbados. He also accomplished many mega projects (by our small island standards) in other Caribbean islands. The man is free to do what he wants with his money. I think by spreading his wings that he is doing Barbados a service. He should ignore the grumbelers and get on with what he has to do.

  14. ol'manriver

    For years people say he has too much land. Stop buying so “de poor man” could get some. He has finally given in and said he isn’t buying any more. Now he is ‘whining.’ Ya’ can’ win in dis’ island. We are a nation of whiners, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to do a little too?

  15. J. Payne

    *YAWN* Why– does Barbados need to be worried????

    Construction companies are a dime a dozen now that globalization has taken over. I BET there would be tons of companies in Dubai, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, the UK, or Singapore that would love to have a crack at a margin of Barbados’ construction Industry.

    COW ( ) is not the only game in town.

  16. De Orginal

    Sir Charles says he recieved calls from the Grenadian and Dominican PMs was that suppose to impress us. Both these gentlemen have shown that they can be party to any scheme which invest in or brings economic activity and money to their countries without weighing the pros and cons. Grenada and Dominica both sold passports to whosoever could pay back in the 1990’s and early 2000. Both countries because of money switched diplomatic association from the Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China. I say to Sir Charles and all like him who wish not to be questioned or placed under the microscope. We in Barbados can well do without your investment. As I have said before there is no accountability, integrity or transparency in both public and private sector. We need the legislation Senator Eastmond if you reading pass the message on.

  17. Rumplestilskin

    By investing overseas he is doing Barbados a favour. We need Bajan investors buying up overseas….to combat globalisation in the other direction.

    Having said that, you think COW stupid. With the current land prices and everybody hanging on for a big real estate payday, the profit possibility is no longer there.

    Simple market forces and opportunistic enterpreneurship.

  18. Wry Mongoose

    COW is now being put off by the same inflated land prices that he has helped to bring about – through speculation.
    That he would now jump ship and pelt a parting lash is ironic.

  19. John Smith

    Please Sir Cow give me some land, the government is not helping, and NHC is useless. Just want a piece of the rock before it is gone.

    Dr Smith………..I love BARBADOS

  20. Hants

    This controversy with Sir Charles proves what I have always believed about the land of my birth.

    There is an undercurrent of racial and societal tension in Barbados that people keep popping up.

    If you listened to Brasstacks today you would have heard of the tension between residents of Waterhall and the Williams family.

    The point loss in all of this is that it is reasonable for people who have rented plantation land for 30 or 40 years to have the opportunity to purchase it whether it is a house lot or an acre of agricultural land.

    A progressive country should be enabling its poorer citizens to purchase land they have rented for decades.

    It is wonderful to see Sir Charles expanding his operations in other countries. I hope he becomes as rich as Bill Gates.

  21. paul sealy

    those of us that can see behind the scences know what is going on in this country,sage the reason the land is so expensive now is because people like him made it this way and i would rather see a black man buy agricultural land..any land for that matter and sell it for his own personal gain’s…at least let a black man have a chance to do that,not one person all the time and i do agree with Anonymous…someone has okayed all these project’s COW has done and will do and yes he is black and yes he is very rich because of it…do you know who that person is…????..lmbao..HARDER.

  22. John

    paul sealy

    Here is a quote from Colin Hudson way back in 1992 .

    “We may one day have leadership which knows once again how to skilfully use these resources as they were once used skilfully in the bad old days.”

    At the time, he was speaking against the change of use of 2400 acres of land in Christ Church to accommodate 5 golf courses.

    Who were the principals? Weren’t they black?

    Didn’t they also have a hand in messing seriously with land prices?

    Colour doesn’t matter, its greed that drives these guys.

    We all have it to some degree.

    I think the realisation we need to arrive at is that there is just so much land and we cannot treat it the way we are treating it and then expect to leave a stable country for following generations.

    To use an analogy Colin used back then, “we are selling the family silver”.

    It is extremely short sighted.

  23. paul sealy

    john….these hyenas don’t care about black future generation’s…..only white ones like ours(don’t forget the Guyanese) that are growing rapidly every year…do you realise how many kid’s these white families in barbados have these day’s..three walking and a babe in arms(hint hint).life for COW and his kind will alway’s be nice in my sweet paradise,cause their numbers are rapidly growing and they have the capital to sustain a sweet life thank’s to the BLP…but race talk is a whole other issue..we are talking about Don Cowleone here and the whining he is currently doing…lmbao….still…

  24. Get In The Action

    Paul Sealy and frederick moses osadjere I feel sorry for both of you. Where did you get such hate? Why are you so taken with the colour of someone’s skin? Aren’t we all Bajans with the same hopes and dreams for our families and our country.

  25. paul sealy

    let me sum it up like this for “get in the action” cause he seem’s short sighted,…life in barbados at this present time.
    1.white people-stick together and help opress.
    2.syrians-(well they hate whites to)stick together and help opress.
    3.chinese-stick together and help opress.
    4.indian’s(including guyanese,trinis etc) stick together and help opress drastically against one another with slave mentalities up to this present day with no hope in sight for their future well being’s from africa to every other point on the earth,but amazingly have a keenest to kiss whitey’s a## even when he is wrong,the divide and rule concept still lives within our hearts deep..but yet you think i have hate in my heart…it’s what i sum up as my slave mentality breaking out…wouldn’t you agree???

  26. paul sealy

    sorry folk’s i spelt “oppress” wrong..but you educated folk’s know what i mean…

  27. John

    paul sealy

    The principals involved back in 1992 were Philip Greaves of the DLP and David simmons of the BLP.

    Both parties were represented. The scheme could not miss!!

    Both gentlemen I am sure will tell you they are black.

    Colour and party membership really does not matter.

  28. Jupiter


    Could it also be a matter of family ties?

    Phillip Greaves was married to David Simmons sister – Janet Greaves – and they have children together.

    Also – Louis Tull is married to Richie Haynes sister – though estranged.

    Political family ties.

  29. John

    Could very well be.

    It may also come down to who has power and how they chose to use it.

    Family connections make it just as easy to do right as wrong. Mafia comes to mind, based on family. But no single individual on his/her own will accomplish what family connections will make happen, good or bad.

    Colour is not an issue.

  30. BK

    For years the man has invested his money in the country unlike some others who will remain nameless for now but we harass the man. I agree that we must put oversight in position to monitor/regulate this large fish in a small pond but at the same time he is not responsible if the market allows him to throw his money around to get what he wants, we can question it but has he done anything illegal or immoral; may be amoral.

    Do we all remember our position of the Haloutes at Chefette who has refused to franchise or invest outside of Barbados and most Barbadians have criticized them for it as being narrow? I congratulate COW for grasping the opportunities presented in a globalize world to grow his wealth and show the world what a Barbadian can do.

    I suspect that we are mixing two issues: entrepreneurship and the tension which exist on the “who is controlling Barbados” issue. I suspect that COW’s comment about being offended by Barbadians buying up Barbados is a red herring.

  31. Yardbroom

    I believe that in a small island like Barbados, Barbadians should claim ownership of the land on which they were born, and that means being allowed to purchase land.

    To be Barbadian should mean more than just being born there, it should mean having a stake in the country, not only for yourself but for your children and their childrens’ children.

    I also believe that businessmen should be encouraged to develop their businesses and be successful, but the true worth of a country is its people. It is from them that everything springs.

    Barbadians should never sleep walk into a situation in which their only record of having been there, is that they walked the land.

    Most of our foreparents have felt the sting of the sun upon their backs, and not only the sun, for a very, very, long time. It is to their memory that we should exercise prudence and thought before action in land disposal and ownership, or their endurance of pain, for our benefit, would have been to no avail.

  32. no-name

    If the goverment helped to create a couple of black road builders and stop giving COW all thise contracts ( like they do Simpson Motors et al) COW would not be so arogant. The black people have created COW and all the successful white business people. If we w….and don’t know

  33. no-name

    If the goverment helped to create a couple of black road builders and stop giving COW all thise contracts ( like they do Simpson Motors et al) COW would not be so arogant. The black people have created COW and all the successful white business people. If we w….and don’t know

  34. paul sealy

    yes no name i agree people made these people what they are today….and what do we get for it….??…do you hear the silence…it’s deafening..i tell wunna already be prepared for ya’ll children to live with you for the rest of their lives here…my partner Don Cow might still sell yah son or daughter something though starting at a cool 350 000 and up if not Baker Woods try Millennium Heights i think that set starts at 560 000…lmbao…or the one on the opposite side starting at 460 000….lord help yah if yah find a piece of land in this country hear…

  35. holiday


    You are wrong.The principals were white Canadians. They were simply doing what all theseguys do: find friendly forces – the Greaves & Simmons family in this case – where they are investing. Think about it, who were the real brains in these matters? Not the black minority shareholders from both parties but the whites who are able to use them. Your argument above really holds little water.

    Did they black guys make any money?Heck, no. It fell through and they were left holding the bag and attacks from people like you.

    Probably need more Fores Burnham types in the region with Sir Shridath to back them!

  36. holiday

    No name you are so right. Look what happened when the DLP and Don Blackman tried “to redress past imbalances” in the 1980s. We are now further back than we were then.

    Do you remember what hue and cry David Seale made when the DLP gave some school meals contracts to Julie’N instead of him? He said he was doing this thing for 26 years and he wasn’t going to let anyone get his gravy. And Mia gave it right back to him and fabricated the Kola Syrup story!

    Thank goodness she has little bark left though … only bite!

  37. John


    Are you saying/alleging that these two prominent politicians were fronting for some white Canadians?

    Lately I have also heard it was for some white Russians.

    These are rumours.

    Wouldn’t you even give these two gentlemen the credit of attracting foreign investors to Barbados, whatever colour they happen to be?

    Isn’t that what normally happens?

    What do you think Owen means when he says he is attracting foreign investment?

    Are you saying that the brains behind this economic policy are foreign and Owen is merely a pawn?

  38. gotcha

    cow and bizzy and their 5000 just dont get it. This is becasuse they so unplugged from the 275,000 they clueless what blacks feel or think.

    Don COWleone, Wiseguy Bizzy and 5000 live in a state within a state. Hilary Beckles said so before he turned. Cow and Bizzy and them culture is a sub to the main event. That accounts for Bizzy puerile attack on the Nation for their incisive editorial.

    Reading Bizzy one wonders how a man obviously lacking in intellect and savvy become a muti business owning mutimillionaire . It can only be through pigment, history and family and race connections. Based on Bizzy’s public statements were he of Bussa complexion he would pass muster even as a soil technician.

    Bizzy you were wrong arrogant and racist to say blacks looking for handouts. Apologise even if you dont mean it and move on. You cannot fool modern day blacks with your stupid whining simpleton “explanations” on the one hand and no remorse attitude on the other.

  39. gotcha

    the sentence should read ‘…he WOULD NOT pass muster…”

  40. Brown

    Gotcha, that is known as a ‘Freudian slip – A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion.’… GOTCHA!

  41. holiday

    Come on John. It was public. Debated in the House and all. The company was Canadian. The investors were even on TV. I saw it myself. Russians? Maybe from Mars. The rumour mill in Barbados really works!

  42. Goodfella

    You all talking about COW and Bizzy in mafia analogies. Fair enough. Lets talk about the real underworld bosses for a minute. You know, the modern day slave masters that have legions of zombified crack and ‘herb’ slaves wandering about this island, doing no good. Got men tie up, men who don’t work, eat at mum or grannie and hang around on the block waiting to rob or con somebody. There are boys that aint even out of school yet that dealing, pushing and pimping. They can tell you the name of every minor thug, dealer and major drug baron in BIM. But you idiots trying to crucify legitimate businessmen who make a serious contribution to this countries economy. Is any one of you willing to speak up about the real gangsters that run organised crime in Barbados? I Doubt. Keep up the smoke and mirrors though. Elections round the corner.

  43. John

    Actually, I heard about the Russian angle from a man who was a DLP MP at the time, from the horses mouth so to speak!!

    … and yes, I do remember the Canadian connection

    … and yes I notice you are avoiding the questions!!

  44. paul sealy

    question for Goodfella….who got the youth’s so…..themselves???….would it not be the system they live in that produce the kind of riff-raff you talk about…think carefully now…..i see uncletom written all over you..and it smells to..

  45. cbzee

    paul; goodfella not an uncle tom.. he is cosa nostra ..the family sent him to whack this blog…lol

  46. justice delayed

    What a ripoff! Or what a misprint??? The Nation should correct this statement immediately.

    In today’s Nation under the headline A show of peace – “He did defend his methods, however, noting that agricultural land he sold at $9 and $5 per square foot in Kendal, St John, was the cheapest sold in Barbados in the 1990s”

    Terra says agricultural land in 1990 was valued at $3,000 to $20,000 per acre (43,560 sq. feet) 46 cents a square foot. Terra valued land at KENDAL HILL, Christ Church on the highway at 46 cents a square foot.

  47. justice delayed

    P.S. Andrew Mallalieu of Terra Caribbean valued land at KENDAL HILL, Christ Church on the highway at 46 cents a square foot.

  48. hard ears

    You doan know that COW got “brand name” COW land. His bound to be worth more than other peoples.

  49. churchgirl

    if there was no black and white issue we would not hold a conference to figue out if there is! syrians got money but for their personal benefit

    whites got more than money they got power

    blacks well we got “skin out fetes” “bling” poverty, ignorance, stupidity, hate God, Verbal porn, minibus culture cell phones etc…..
    and hate for each other

  50. No - Name

    From what I have been hearing about Mia…she has a mighty and potentially deadly bite! I heard Owen was involved in negotiating some compensation for the bitten!I think this bitting thing has possibly reduced her chances of becoming P.M in the near future. She is certainly not discrete about her bitting and other things…

  51. Adolfo

    Someones jealous.

  52. Perdy

    When a ‘cow’ is happy it keeps its head down and enjoys the grass under its hoofs. When it is unhappy, it keeps a lot of noise—moo———.When the ‘cow’ is heard, someone takes heed and ensures it is happy again. 2+2=4 not 22′.

  53. Rumplestilskin

    Oh enough of the black / white rubbish already.

    To put things straight.Plenty of wealthy white and black businessmen here.

    Plenty of white and black professionals here.

    Yes, certain people have benefited from their forebears having business and bringing it ‘down the line’ means that they remain wealthy.

    Such is life, move on. Work and enterpreneurship will get advancement, not complaints.

    Certain people, both black and white have benefited from political connections.

    That is what many businessmen do, make connections to get contracts.

    That is why tenders and the necessary legislation required for financial disclosure of expenditures are so important, to ensure transparency in the application of decision-making.

    That is also why a land use policy that addresses lot sizes and house square foot sizes is critical to our future development, to ensure that the few cannot exploit the land to the detriment of the many, whether white, black, yellow, green.

  54. Hants

    I guess Sir Charles changed his mind. He and Bizzy
    making a bid to buy Barbados Farms Ltd.

    At least they are 100% Bajan.

    I heard this on VOB yesterday but cant find it in any of the online newspapers.

    Thought this would be a hot topic on BFP but I guess Cropover distracting everybody.

  55. Hants

    If Williams group is allowed to purchase Barbados Farms Ltd.

    They would own and control a large percentage of land in Barbados.

    Prehaps they would now be in a position to create affordable housing and improve the production of local food.

    The Williams legacy could be one of “Caring Barbadian Capitalist” as opposed to Greedy, power hungry, ……..

    They would be in a strong position to make Barbados a better country.

    They may also choose to build more Golf Courses,
    Polo fields and Gated Luxury communities.

  56. Stupz

    You believed COW when he said he is finished with Barbados and planned to spend the money he made off Barbadians in Chile or Argentina, St.Lucia, Antigua etc.. COW lives large in Barbados like he can live nowhere else.COW, Bizzy and bajan whites are a greedy, inward looking, power hungry group. They will never be voted in politically by blacks but as super rich white shadows they wield enormous power on the political process. Owen Arthur is a willing participant in the Williams boys land and business grab. Is COW the biggest liar or what?

  57. Idealist

    Are you really Stupz:
    There have been eight general elections since independence, and you still believe the majority is marginalised.
    There is no one left to blame.
    If the majority is unwilling to be mobilised to change the status quo then this is what you end up with, the status quo.
    No use complaining about white shadows etc. it is your representatives you are electing to parliament, the very people you have put your “X” to, who are the people who have guided Barbados to where we are now.
    If you want majority empowerment, demand it from your parliamentary representatives.

    If you would rather moan about it like a wimp, post a whinge on BFP.

  58. I heard COW’s bro – Bizzy – got married today, izzat true? I would not be surprised if it was sparsely populated on one side, should that event be indeed accurate

  59. Backra johnny

    How can you on one hand moan about cheffette not being more outward looking in investing outside of Barbados, and then on the other hand deride COW for wanting to invest in other parts of the world!!!
    The man has done remarkably well for himself and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

  60. Nicole

    Yes he did (Bizzy got married) to a lovely black woman.

  61. John

    Gossip has it that his first cousin was banned from the nuptials!!

  62. keith Graham

    What a waste

  63. Getting BYE

    lol…all bajan whites greedy?
    That reminds me of how I used to hear that the slave owners used to say all blacks lazy.
    As usual barbadians can’t just let everyone be counted together.
    puh lease…

  64. who care if cow is white or black but i know that he is white ,what you call [backward johnny white [getting mighty rich is good but not on the back, of poor peoples back that work the land for the last 45 years and was told their can, buy it,count the moniesthat was pay to cow during all thase years for land that he now wants back , so who fooling who now.

  65. ElenorM3

    You know what, it is really makes me sick reading all of these bs comments, if it were any of you in his place your would do the same thing, when you have money guess what happens…you go to sleep thinking about how to make more and wake up with the same thoughts……….this guy grew up poor like anyone else made some good decisions and now he is one of the richest people in the Caribbean, COW is a great man, I think him going aboard and buying else where has nothing to do with us, he is thinking about his family and they having financial stability for the rest of their days. We don’t want him to buy land in Barbados and now he going other places we still have a problem with it, WTF is the problem……..Jealousy…….everyone knows what is best for others and don’t know what is best for themselves. The Hospital needs fixing take it up with Thompson not COW. Real estate is his career you all have to realise this, you can’t condemn a man for his career. Soon we going to be putting Halute for his achievements in Barbados, come on people wake up.

  66. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    Let him not , He can only invest in stealing land with out true deeds . He needs Barbados we do not need him , so now he let his family use his money to invest in Barbados.same old song frmm 8 track to mp3.check the deed for foursquare go back 99 years.COW is good on a grill

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  68. orisha

    thank you at less someone see the injustice that is beening done to the poor people of waterhall i was born on that land 40 years ago and hope to died on that land,by the way my grandfather brought his share

  69. orisha

    whites always love the black meat sweeter the sugarcane the better the juice,ah,ah,

  70. orisha

    why would have the real true come out

  71. paul sealy


  72. Anonymous

    This article is so far from the truth about COW that it makes one wonder the real purpose of it. The man has invested millions in Barbados and has worked his ass off while doing so, if he chooses to invest money elsewhere that’s his prerogative.
    Minister Inniss has been crying down bajans for not investing outside of Barbados and now you taking a cheap shot because he is, what’s your motive?


    hahahahaha good to re- post for those who for get that crook liar and scumbag Massive Fraud man , Sir Cow and Sir Ham ,

    They invest in crooking the people and now in November 22nd 2013 we can see and now know more of the truth ,,

    Violet Beckles and Beatrice Henry Estate , ask them all for the deeds of the two Queens of Barbados they use with the BLP and Now the DLP and CLICO ,,, AND KEEP LOOKING FOR THE CONNECTIONS TO ALL THE SHE-IT THAT ROLL DOWN HILL TO THE PEOPLE.

    Not Barbados lawyers and others ,

    We are the owners and only We , Us and not them can fix
    All things is tied up in the Land ,, We have the Plantations where is your
    PM and MOF , land fraud registry fraud Archives , fraud town and country planning , UDC fraud , Inland Rev, fraud, Land tax Massive fraud , National Trust also fraud , NHC also Fraud , no crown land , just lawyer crooking .
    We have to proof when you all done running behind crooks for answers ,
    we can answer all question , Every question have and answer we have it or will find out.
    Both parties are crooks , and will will keep saying until the world or barbados listen ,
    S&P AND MOODYS , IMF , WB know the truth so lies will cost you more when loans needed.
    vote truth not party , VOTE THE C.U.P


    November 2, 2013 at 1:42 pm @ get your head out of COWs ass, We have the facts , Millions from where ? One real cow loloolll Jokes , make MOVIE and show us how its done, Fraud is the Key to COW ,

  75. Anonymous

    So many untruths..covering up like covert ops. We are living in the age (not now all along) of conspiracy to steal and remove Bajans from what rightfully belong to them. Selling what they don’t own and even killing to get. The time is soon at hand .

  76. Anonymous

    This is a poor article and poor attempt at an investor and entrepeneur who employs so many. How about you look at the bigger picture the state that the current Government Administration has Barbados in, does not do much for any potential investors locally or foreign Barbados has lost its appeal due to poor management.


    Anonymous@ you have to be a real ass , its seem your last names is Williams or you just love to blog for you have no friends,
    this is no game the man an his lawyer friend and friends are dam crooks,
    What did he invest and where and who are his share holders?
    lead , follow or get the hell out of the way of truth,

  78. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    If you listened to Brasstacks today you would have heard of the tension between residents of Waterhall and the Williams family.@

    We have the deed for WATERHALL PLANTATION ALSO