South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo Coming To Brooklyn Center For The Performing Arts


Long Walk To Freedom

Please forgive us for posting an item without even an invented Barbados connection, but Shona and I saw Ladysmith Black Mambazo a few years ago when we were visiting some relatives in New York City – and we wish we could be there this year for their upcoming March concert. (music samples here)

How is it that music can transcend thought and intellect so easily?

I am not African. I am not British. I AM BAJAN…

… but the last time I listened to Ladysmith Black Mambazo live, tears fell for a homeland I have never known.

LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

Walt Whitman Theatre on the campus of Brooklyn College
(one block from the junction of Flatbush & Nostrand Avenues)
Saturday, March 10, 8PM; Tickets: $35, $30, $20

Online orders:
Box Office: (718) 951-4500, Tuesday – Saturday, 1PM – 6PM
Groups of 15 or more: (718) 951-4600, ext. 22



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  1. Want to bet that the European courts will give way in the long run on this?

    Opposing the spread of information via Google and other search engines is like Canute sitting on the beach facing the North Sea and commanding the waves to retreat.

    Newspapers have their own websites to permit browsing without paying, after all, and they recognise they are fighting for their commercial lives.

    Intimidated as our papers are by the fear of our egregious libel laws, they still serve a purpose as a vehicle for announcements, advertising and the like. For “News” they are a waste of money, IMO.

  2. P.S. My shot above was well wide of the “post”, and I had intended to add that, for those of us who love African music, SARFM in New York gives a great streaming selection while one is blogging.

  3. BFP

    BFP makes fair trade for the links. Also, all our stories involve analysis and are therefore covered under the fair-use provisions of law.

    If, however, someone wants to contest what we’ve said or done – before an open court of law in a free jurisdiction – the cross-examination would require them to explain many things that they don’t necessarily want brought up.

  4. BFP- Gosh, fellers, you don’t have to sound so defensive, do you? Seems your attorney-at-law is baby-sitting you real good. (Hallelujah!)

  5. BFP

    Hi bystander

    Thanks to you and all our friends who understand what it takes to make BFP a serious instrument for freedom and democracy in Barbados.

    We have done our homework, and as we keep saying – if anyone feels they have been wronged by anything we’ve said here, they are welcome to use this forum to reach the same audience to give their version of events.

    So far, some very senior members of the Barbados Government have taken us up on the offer many times. Haven’t heard from some of the other government members though.

    (For instance, we’re waiting for Public Works Minister Gline Clarke to make an appearance and give his version of why he lives on expropriated land – but he’s still hiding behind his woman’s skirt.)

  6. John

    …. and of course O$A has not has the decency to write in and thank BFP for the award bestowed on him earlier this year.

    No class!

  7. BFP- “We’re waiting for……Gline Clarke”

    You never hear “Speech is silver, but silence is golden”?

    You hair will be silver before he says “Boo!” on the matter you refer to. Is what you pose called a “rhetorical supposition’?

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