Newspaper Publishes Photos: Anna Nicole Smith In Bed With Bahamas Immigration Minister!


Bahamian Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson Conducts Immigration Interview!

Immigration Minister Shane Gibson was the one who approved Smith’s controversial immigration permit… Must be a coincidence!

From ABC News…

NASSAU, Bahamas Feb 12, 2007 (AP)— A newspaper published two photographs on its front page Monday showing Anna Nicole Smith lying in bed fully clothed in a romantic embrace with the Bahamian immigration minister, who approved her application for permanent residency.

Immigration Minister Shane Gibson has come under criticism from the political opposition for giving the former Playboy Playmate special treatment in granting Smith residency in the Bahamas last year. Smith died Thursday in Florida.

The residency application was based on Smith’s purported ownership of a waterfront mansion. But G. Ben Thompson, a South Carolina developer who once dated Smith, has said he had not given Smith the house as a gift as her lawyers have asserted. Thompson is attempting to reclaim the house…

… read the full article link here.

Is there any man in the world who Smith didn’t bed?

We had to mention this because it is soooooo Caribbean – a Cabinet Minister misusing his position for a woman! Never happen in Barbados though. (Oh… almost forgot our friend Gline Clarke. Circumstances are a bit different, but the lack of ethics is the same – and there is a woman involved.)

Watch with the world as the most important news story this year continues to unfold!

ABC News: Anna Nicole Smith, Official Photographed


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33 responses to “Newspaper Publishes Photos: Anna Nicole Smith In Bed With Bahamas Immigration Minister!

  1. Jason

    Never happen in Barbados? ha ha ha ha!

    Bahamas cabinet minister misuse his job to give Immigration permit to that old whore Anna Nicole Smith.

    Gline Clarke misuse his cabinet minister job to give a house to his girlfriend.

    You tell me the difference. I don’t see much difference!

    Both cabinet ministers done wrong for a woman.

  2. Jerome Hinds

    Wha’ bout the Guyanese that CRAWLING in……???

    Where is the F & B chief….Owen in all of this….???

    Does he still have RESPONSIBILITY…for Immigration….???

    Wha’ LOSS….or…is it….Wha’…LUST….???

  3. Mike

    Just saw this on the cricket web site and thought how funny, And they want to warn tourist about travel to the caribbean-:

    Tour ends with hotel attack
    England physio robbed at knifepoint
    February 12, 2007
    The England squad were given a frightening send-off from Australia after masked men broke into their team hotel and robbed Dean Conway, the physio, at knife-point in Sydney.
    The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the four balaclava-clad men entered the hotel at 4.15am on Monday morning, forced staff to the ground and demanded to know where the safes were. They then robbed Conway, who was taking a phonecall at the time, and took his mobile and money.
    “It was a pretty scary affair,” said an England team spokesman. “Knives were produced and threats were made, but fortunately no one was badly hurt. It all happened quite quickly, from all accounts, and it took everyone by surprise. It’s probably a good thing that most of them are heading home today.”
    The five others who witnessed the attack were Andrew Strauss, analyst Mike Garaway, coaches Matthew Maynard and Kevin Shine plus security officer Reg Dickason. They escaped to another room.

  4. John

    Saw it too and had to chuckle.

    Didn’t we have a cricketer from the West Indies who an australian group of rowdies held and beat some years ago?

  5. It was a Trinidadian, unfortunately, after lingering for days, he succumbed to his injuries…

    His name slips me, but I remember the event nevertheless, and thinking, “What the hell good is an out of court settlement? This will bring him back from the dead?”

    I felt the entire TT family should have been let loose on them creeps!

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Marlon Black was the unfortunate cricketer.

  7. That’s right, thanks! Still sucks, though…

  8. Bajan

    bourne marlon black DID not die from his injuries.

  9. Jupiter


    You are right, he didn’t die.

  10. John

    That Jupiter was a John!!

    Somehow the name appeared. Sorry Jupiter.

    Anyway, back to the story thread.

    The Minister in the the picture looks like he is thumbing his nose at all of his fellow Caribbean ministers and saying “whatever you can do I can do better”!!

    Owen must be fuming.

  11. I tried doing a search, are you sure Marlon Black didn’t die? Anyhow, it nasty, death or not – I agree with BFP – the Caribbean should always issue an advisory on Australia, known to be as racial as Hitler!

  12. Jerome Hinds

    Hi Ian,

    I do not think Marlon Black died. But the injuries were severe enough to cause him to prematurely retire from the game.

    Sherwin Campbell and Wavell Hinds were the other 2 witnesses to this attack at the time. Luckily, they escaped harm.

    Australia citizens are known for such vicious attacks.


    1. How David Hookes met his death ?

    2. Attempts to injure Queen Elizabeth, when she visited there sometime soon after the failed referendum by Australians to established a Republic ?

    3. The recent ” RACE ” riots in parts of Australia ?

    4. Needless, to remind on the issue of ” RACE ” Prime Minister Howard’s attack on Barack to bring American troops home by March 2007 ?

    After ALL did not Hilary Clinton stated the same thing as a US Preseidential Candidate…??

    Oh GOSH…I forgot…Hilary is WHITE…so HOWARD…..!!!!!

    Those…DAMN..words again..RACE and COLOUR of ONE’S SKIN…..!!!


  13. Jerome Hinds

    That should be…March 2008.

  14. Justice

    Marlon Black’s injuries were not that serious; he played on for a few years after the incident for Trinidad, but he was not good enough to keep his place.

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  16. bashy

    This story in really bad taste. The poor women is dead have some respect.

  17. jase

    first of all Shane Gibson is very good minister and and ms Smith was’nt the only person requiring about citizenship she went about it the rite way, and dont you suppose to be critics know that as long as you purchase a house in the bahamas at an unimagineble number you are eligble for citizenship . She didnt come here illegally like some who come on boats or on planes and never return back home squatt on land and want citizensgip I dont care if he had an affair with her Bill Clinton had one and most like one of your minister are doing it they are only human look at Turks & Caicos Islands prime minister who married lias raye m,ccoy he had a BABY with some one else after they got married atleast shane wrap up so wateva to yall haters Because of ann nicole we even have more tourist over here wanting to site her grave take that By they way I am a Bahamian and proud of it

  18. jase ya hit de nail on he head, very true

  19. Maria

    This is sad. Anna Nicole Smith buriel in Bahamas and now they’re making money there.
    she didn’t get what she wants. she really want to buriel in Califorina where Marilyn Monroe is.
    also her son Daniel Smith belong home of Texas where he was born or either in Califorina where his Mother’s burieal near by marylin monroe.
    Her daughter Danielynn can visit her mother and half brother buriel easy in Califorina instead of Bahamas.

  20. Jerome Hinds


    What are your views on the rape charge against PM Ralph Gonsalves ?

    This issue is virtually right on our doorsteps.

    Or is it because you do not have any photos like in the case of the Bahamian saga ?

    Or is it because your THRONE SPEECH deflection it to be ” milked to the hilt ” ?

    Are you no longer interested in CARICOM matters like you ran with the Bahamian story ?

    OOPS……I forgot……..Marcus is writing a story !

  21. Jerome Hinds


    I am asking again……..any leads on PM Gonsalves alleged rape case in St. Vincent ?

    What are your views on morality & ethics among politicians ?

    I note in your Prince Harry story you mentioned the name Monica Lewinsky


    Hi Jerome,

    Robert here. I haven’t looked at the Gonsalves case.

  22. Jerome Hinds

    Ok Robert.

  23. Marlon Black now lives in Liverpool – England and plays cricket at Bamford Fieldhouse in the same team as Lincoln Roberts.

  24. Chin

    Alleged rape that took place 4 years ago how comes it took so long for the compliant to come forward? Kinda hard to get evidence now, eh? Rape allegations and no proof that is why much has not been written on this story. However there is evidence that in the form of photos in Shane Gibson and Anna Nichole Smith case.

  25. anna nicole smith was a great actress and a great person to every one if you didnt know well read the books she was a mother of 2 and love them both very much

  26. i think that no one has a right to put your nose into someone else personal life. i respect Anna Nicole as a woman who made everything she could to raise her son ok and in love.

  27. please!

    tell me about australia and australians!!! i am victim of their racism. end of story. there was once a diplomat from down under who used to go to the vip lounge and put his feet up on the coffee table…. staff called me!!! instead of telling the damn man to take them down. SOME bajans still frighten for white people.

  28. ariane

    hejjjj du bist …….. very nice ? daine muzik ist guttttttttttttttttttt????kisss kisss for you baby

  29. meme

    good job baiby

  30. I think this whole thing was blwon out of proportion. I look at the pictures and I see 2 people just clowning and havin a good time, nothing at all sexual…

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  32. whoha

    Come on guys ,who could afford not to do smith,minister or begger he is just a normal man 🙂