Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: One Witness The Barbados Government Doesn’t Want To Call


One Prisoner The Government Doesn’t Want Testifying: An Intelligent, Articulate Author

His name is Terry Donaldson – a prisoner at the time of the riot and the author of a newly published book “Hell In Barbados”

Ian Bourne has all the details at Bajan Reporter blog (link here)


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13 responses to “Glendairy Prison Riot Enquiry: One Witness The Barbados Government Doesn’t Want To Call

  1. Jerome Hinds

    I recall reading some of his recollection of the events of that fiery March of 2005.

    Mia literally took the events of that day……and BURNED…the daylights out of someone…..!!!

    They must be ” blood “…somewhere…..!!!

  2. Hell in Barbados? Our beloved rock!
    Will our bookshops be allowed to sell such a book, I wonder? Perhaps we will have to whisper the request like they used to for “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” and have it furtively produced from under the counter?

    My memory not so good but I thought there was a Commission of Enquiry supposed to be set up long time ago when Mia was still Atty Gen.

    Is Dale scared of finding out that Mia could have done much more to prevent the dissension leading to the riot and fire? Mia came over like an Avenging Angel while the smoke was still rising, but it was on her watch that it happened. The buck stops with her.

    Perhaps everybody scared of discrediting Mia, and only Terry Donaldson keen to spill the beans. What a sick joke Commissions of Enquiry have become.

  3. D'Arts

    Seriously who cares? The guy is a drug smuggler point blank and loses all creditability. How can he not have seen himself being imprisoned since he does tarot cards? hahah

  4. reality check


    is a drug smuggler much different from politicians who conceal the truth, steal, lie and waste the public’s money.

    you are right— he was and is small potatoes compared to the “tiefing” that has been going on and doesn’t even have the infrastructure of the state to protect him.

    were the present gang of conspirators to go to prison even they would be entitled to a minimum standard of protection and rights. They might even be related to you.

  5. Rumplestilskin

    In summary. Prison Fire resulted from ‘too little, too late’.

    Done. How much wunna going pay me for my four word report?

    New prison with investigation of officers and amendment of processes was needed long before fire. Everyone knew that.

    The enquiry now is a waste. To justify why the necessary work was not done before the uprising.

    I will do a pre-enquiry of the QEH for the Government – to save time and more money:

    Report on QEH- the hospital needs a new one (hah), it needs an analysis of operations done by competent persons, and then the new hospital set up and run according to the new rules of operations and being properly funded, however by.

    Save de flyover money and build new hospital, new processes and all.

    By the way, ya need to train more paramedics and nurses too, doin mind iffin dem travel overseas.
    Summa de new paramedics can pre-deal wid dem so in de A&E while dem waiting for de doctors.

    How much wunna going pay me for dat?

  6. Gone!

    I have read and re-read that man’s compelling account,
    and I always found it very hard to stop reading his account.
    One fella above spoke of reading “some of” the account, and I’d like to know how he managed to stop reading before the very very end!

    I don’t use words like ‘compelling’ frivolously!
    This guy has no particularly great writing style but the sheer factual content and its Bajan-relevancy made the account readable TO THE END, and I still have it bookmarked, to this day
    (and that must’ve bin 1.5 yrs. ago when I bookmarked it
    (“Bookmarked” ?? -Firefox, not IE).

  7. Gone!

    ALL “Commissions of Enquiry” ever held by the Government of Barbados were a complete waste of time!

    ANY time you hear that a “Commission of Enquiry” has been slated, you can rest assured that it is Government’s attempt to make appearances that something is being done about the matter at hand,
    but in the end, the Commission is all that will ever happen, on the subject.
    – EVER!

  8. Anonymous

    Read the whole description on this page.
    It is filthy.

  9. D'Arts

    I just read the article, and it’s good reading i must say….guess i was a bit to quick to cast a blind eye towards what this guy had to say.

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  13. mary deadman

    my name is mary deadman. aka maggie i was in prison glendairy. iv been trying to contact you terry but got no were. zara whittaker tells me you added to the story. zara book.saying things like i was taking drugs and getting drunk and having sex whith defrant men and getting down on i dont drink two i dont take any drugs and i dont sleep around. im happly married how can you tell a story when you havent meet me and destory people lifes. i would like to ask you why aka maggie