Nation News Editorial Prepares Public To Accept Government’s Explanation For Bostic Corruption Scandal

Newspaper Does Stealthy Damage Control For Barbados Government

With all the furor over the blatant unethical conduct of the Barbados Government putting one of their candidates in charge of a programme to renovate homes of prospective voters, Barbados’ largest newspaper had to say something.

The biggest problem The Nation News editors had was how to LOOK like they were taking a position for transparency and ethical behaviour – without having the paper actually holding individuals accountable for their unethical behaviour and abuse of the public purse.

Not to mention the risk of having its readers thinking something like…

“Why is the Nation News even bothering to mention this story if they are unwilling to say that Jeffrey Bostic is unethical for accepting the position in the first place?

Why mention this story if they are unwilling to say that Mia Mottley and Clyde Mascoll are unethical for supporting Bostic’s appointment to dispense the renovation money to voters and supporters?”

So the Nation News tried to walk that line without getting caught out by their readers – to look like they meant business, but to actually help the government through the mess. Judging by the number of folks who emailed us about the “editorial”, the Nation News failed miserably on both agendas.


The Nation News Tells The Big Lie – That Bostic’s Unethical Appointment Can Be Satisfactorily Explained

The best that the editorial does is to hint…

“The political lesson, hard as it is to swallow, may well be that charity begins at home. But that does not make it either right or ethical, desirable or fair…”

But then the Nation News goes on to state that Bostic’s appointment could all be explained away if only the government would list his qualifications! The Nation News would then believe that Bostic’s appointment was “… coincidental to his major function as part of Barbados’ World Cup’s preparatory team.”

Was there no other man or woman on the island capable of handing out this government candy to voters in Bostic’s area?

Please, Nation News, don’t insult the people of Barbados!

During the last 12 years, the Nation News benefited from extensive Barbados Government advertising and during that time failed to publish even one serious article of investigative reporting on Barbados political corruption. Now when faced with such obviously unethical behaviour before the public, the Nation News just can’t bring itself to call any of the shady individuals “unethical”. It just can’t bring itself to call for Bostic’s resignation even in an editorial!

Instead, The Nation News reverts to its lapdog status and profers the LIE that this behaviour can be explained away.

What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. Too soft on the government and too hard to use on the toilet.

Here is the “editorial” by the whimpering Nation News…

Oval Neighbourhood Watch

GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to upgrade a number of private properties in and around Bridgetown, in time for our hosting of the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC), is a positive step.

Indeed, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley made the point that with all the money being spent by Barbados to host this event, the least that could be done for those living in the environs of Kensington Oval was to afford them the opportunity to improve the appearance of their homes and surroundings.

Her remarks and those of others were part of debate in the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Cleaning and refurbishing these properties will enhance the area not just for the duration of the CWC final, but for the foreseeable future, while reinforcing people’s pride in the appearance of their homes…

… continue reading this government advertisement at The Nation News (link here)

Photo: Billie Miller tells BLP candidate Jeffrey Bostic just how big his slush fund will be!


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16 responses to “Nation News Editorial Prepares Public To Accept Government’s Explanation For Bostic Corruption Scandal

  1. anon

    Every word you say is true BFP…including this>>
    “What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. Too soft on the government and too hard to use on the toilet.”

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    The Nation News will do in a pinch, but I’d rather have proper toilet paper.

    It does work well on the bottom of my canary cage!

  3. reality check

    careful BFP—you could have already possibly been responsible for one serious biting situation.

    Politicians in Barbados don’t accept criticism too well and don’t take kindly to media they can’t control.

    Its time for anger management classes or maybe just a class on ethics, respect and integrity?

  4. BFP

    The words “ethics, respect, integrity” were removed from the lexicon of voters by decades of disuse.

    We are hoping to put them back into general use in the language – and then turn concepts into actions.

  5. Justasking

    Anyone know how many known (list of names) BLP supporters, cronies etc are on the payroll of Barbados World Cup (BWC)? Has BWC been prividing jobs for the “boys”? I do not have a clue but justasking. If Mr. Bostic is emplyed by BWC how many more BLP supporters have found employment with them?

    What about companies supplying services etc to BWC?

  6. West Side Davie

    BFP, I read the Nation editorial the first time and thought they had given a real broadside to the gov’t. Then I read it again after reading your post.

    YOU ARE 100% IN THE RIGHT! The Nation News said it can be explained away but there is no explanation good enough. Bajans have been breathing this kind of S**T for so long we don’t know what it smells like anymore.

    to anti Moses, I am sorry in advance for using naughty words, but sometimes they fit and this is one time.


    Edited by Auntie Moses – changed that naughty word (that’s “Auntie” not “anti” – you been into the devil’s rum, Davie?)

    Auntie Moses will forgive you this once – only because your comment points out a great truth. When you swim in the sewer, you get to the point where it doesn’t smell so bad. And we are swimming in a sewer, children. Step 1 to cleaning up this mess is to recognize that truth.

  7. Straight talk

    Just came across this quote which confirms that this manipulation of the dead tree press is endemic and not only our local problem.
    Speaking at the prestigious New York Press Club, John Swinton chief of staff of the New York Times says

    “If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before 24 hours my job would be gone.
    The business of journalists is to destroy the truth,
    and to sell this country and this race for their daily bread.
    We are the tools for rich men behind the scenes.
    We are jumping jacks.
    They pull the strings and we dance.
    We are intellectual prostitutes.”


  8. Rumplestilskin

    We will see who thinks what in June.

  9. Justice

    Both Barbadian newspapers are a waste of time. Poor journalism, poor editorial direction, and politically neutered, they are good for nothing. What makes the Nation even worse is that it was supposed to make a difference. That editorial was pathetic,-“not just for CWC” indeed. This has now become a mantra for electoral largesse and the hi-tec rum and cornbeef campaigning such as this programme is.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    Albert Brandford, writing in the Sunday Sun of 2007-02-11. Tries to curry favour the subject…no doubt in FAVOUR of his candidate…Clyde ” the GREAT betrayer ” Mascoll ( or is MASCOT???)..using picture and…ALL…!!!!

    One thing ALL of us reading ..Brandford contribution can SAY…that in his…final…TWO.. paragraphs…Brandford…SEEMS…to want to find his…conscience…..!!!!

    Poor fella……in too deep in the…BLP…….FILTH…..!!!

  11. fisherman

    i used to think albert branford was an impartial fearless op ed writer…..omigosh the man has become clyde mascolls doormat….branford where is your basic self respect…i pity you albert branford

  12. Mia’s logic is something else. She says that because so much has been spent (read “overspent”)on Kensington Oval, more should be spent on the nearby houses.

    Do two wrongs make a right? By her logic only.

    She says that the people around the Oval should be “afforded the opportunity” to refurbish their houses. That’s a politician’s phrase for BRIBE in this context. I would like to be “afforded the opportunity” to buy a Benz, wouldn’t you?

    Even Mia must recognise vote buying when she is party to it. It is impossible to take her seriously.

  13. Nice Quote!!

    The business of journalists is to destroy the truth,
    and to sell this country and this race for their daily bread.
    We are the tools for rich men behind the scenes.
    We are jumping jacks.
    They pull the strings and we dance.
    We are intellectual prostitutes.

    Not the ppl in here of course
    but far too many ordinary Bajans are intellectual lightweights!

  14. De Orginal

    Clyde Mascoll better hope he gets such a fund cause he gine need it like he needed that Jr Minister job so expect him to support it.

  15. Jan Austin

    Dear Readers,

    Would you believe the kind of money being spent on the Barbados leg of Cricket World Cup, not only on the oval, but also over $4 000 000 on a so called beautification project, giving visitors who, by the way might not be coming anyway a false impression on life in Barbados. And the Public Library in Barbados has been closed since August, 2006 and they cannot find approx. $200 000 to relocate it. The Head Quarters of the National library Service. Nothing the government does at this stage would not surprise me.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    Jan Austin,

    What you identified above is the BRILLIANCE of Owen Arthur and his BLP team…!

    $ 200,000.00 is small change….expenses got to be in the MILLIONS to get their attention…!

    $ 200,000.00 is not enough to line he and his friends POCKETS…!

    By the way, do you KNOW that RODNEY WILKINSON ( of GEMS scandal ) is the point man at the big – do up at DEIGHTON GRIFFITH School….?

    You see how you could frig – up taxpayers money…get a GOLDEN HANDSHAKE $$$$$$….then invest the LOOT to cash in on CWC 2007….!

    Why do you think OWEN is not in the public view……?

    He busy COORDINATING with his second man, RODNEY WILKINSON…………raking in the dough up at DEIGHTON GRIFFITH School…..!