Infidel Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tells It Like It Is – Barbados Considers What She Says


Author Ayann Hirsi Ali Argues With Fox News’ Colmes & Guts Him Like Fish

On February 6, 2007 Ayaan Hirsi Ali went on Fox News Hannity & Colmes to talk about her book Infidel. (Ed: For background on Ali, see BFP’s article Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Biography: Infidel)

I wrote out what she said and here it is. You can clic on the picture or here and watch her tell the truth about what is “radical” and what is “normal” in the Koran.

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Colmes: The new Fox News Channel documentary “Radical Islam: Terror In Its Own Words” takes viewers inside the world of Muslim terrorists waging war against the West. Joining us now the author of Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Thank you very much for being here with us.

You say you renounced your faith after nine eleven?

Ali: Yes

Colmes: Is that correct? Why must those who misuse the faith because they are radicals, and may not even be observing the faith as its meant to be observed, dictate your own faith?

Ali: I’m afraid that’s not the truth. I’m afraid the Islamic faith has not gone through the reformation and through enlightenment and that it is the faith – that is as it is. I, after Bin Laden, after nine eleven I started to download the documents of Bin Laden and I started to hold them up against the Koran and Hadith…

Colmes: But is that true Islam?

Ali: Yes. I was shocked to discover that was true Islam.

But that doesn’t have to mean the end of Islam. What Muslims can do is not renounce Islam like I have done. I mean that was just for private reasons, but what they can do is acknowledge that what Bin Laden is saying is correct, but that belongs to the seventh and eighth century and not in the twenty-first century.

Colmes: But at one point four billion people, I mean I find it very pessimistic, around that number who practice Islam in the world today. Are you suggesting that all those people are radicals or believe what Bin Laden claims Islam is? Don’t most of those people want a peaceful world?

Ali: I’m not saying that all of them are radicals. I’m saying Muslims are varied, but I’m saying that Islam has as its basic tenants, um, elements that are not compatible with liberal democracy – and that if you want to wage war against non-Muslims, in this case the West, that you will find enough ammunition within Islam. But Muslims are varied and can be presuaded otherwise…

Hannity: This is an amazing book. You’re at risk. You feel your life is at risk having written this book.

Ali: Yes. Not only this book. It was at risk before I wrote it…

Hannity: Right, why? Why?

Ali: Because I have left the faith. You see, I have become an apostate. In Islam you cannot, unlike Catholicism and Judaism say ‘I no longer want to believe what’s in the Koran. I no longer want to follow the prophet Mohamed.’ If you do that, somebody is apt to think…

Hannity: Ya

Ali: The reason is from the Koran that by killing me, he will surely go to Heaven.

Hannity: I want you to explain… Your life is fascinating, in the short a period of time we have, you, and what you lived under yourself. When you grew up and living under, growing up in Islam.

Ali: I lived in a tribal society, in a clan society. I lived… Islam was, I mean my religion was in every, you know, it was not just like the Catholics going to church on Sunday, but it was there every day, every day, every minute. And it is what I would … call it a Medieval society if you compare it to, for example, the United States.

Hannity: And more particularly, you have been outspoken for women’s rights. Explain.

Ali: Women, Muslim women are not allowed, not all of them of course, but most of them – they don’t own their bodies. They are forced into marriage or persuaded into marriage. Not sent to school or removed early on from school, undergo female genital mutilation, which in itself is not an Islamic practice but many Muslims practice. Its just not the same, as I describe in the book, the same as living in…

Hannity: Well, the book is phenominal and it really is an eye-opener and I congratulate you on the courage to speak out…

Colmes: Thanks very much for being with us tonight. Thanks for your time… (video ends)


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11 responses to “Infidel Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tells It Like It Is – Barbados Considers What She Says

  1. Justasking

    Ms. Ali was also interviewed on BBC Hardtalk

    Think you need “Real Player” to view.

    BBC has much better interviewing with more balance and BBC interviewer asks tough questions unlike Fox news which is a rabid anti muslim station and supporter of evrything done and said by George Bush.

  2. Kathy

    Fox News is not a “rabid anti-Muslim” station. Hannity and Colmes is a fairly balanced programme where Hannity is conservative and pro-Bush overall, and Colmes is liberal and anti-Bush. They seldom agree. In my opinion, Bush himself is naively unaware of the seriousness of repeatedly voiced Islamic threats against America.

    BBC’s “tough questions” do not negate that this lady. like Salman Rushdie and others, has official death threats on her for speaking out against Islam. I do not know of any current fatwas officially issued by prominent clergymen of any other major religion. I could write a book against Christianity tomorrow, and nobody would threaten my life – there are anti-Christian books all over the bookstores in America.

    When the pope quoted some old-time philosopher’s statement that Islam’s forced conversions were “cruel and inhuman”, his life was threatened, a old nun who had dedicated her life to taking care of poor African children was brutally massacred, and many churches were burned (ironically, I don’t think any of the churches were Catholic).

    If any station reports the news accurately, of course Islam does not compare well overall. The other major religions have pretty much stopped all the barbaric practices of olden times, and we are more civilised these days. In most countries, you get locked up for killing people, or plotting to kill them.

    But in Palestinian Islamic schools, for instance, children as young as 5 are taught about suicide bombings, not against military or political targets, but the blowing up of pregnant women, children, babies… Then comes the wild celebration and jumping in the streets to glorify the barbaric deaths of these innocents. And the family of the suicide bomber receives a reward.

    If this lady got her head chopped off to punish her for her book, let any station, BBC or Fox, put a camera in a choice of many Middle East cities, without comment, and the joyful celebrations of her death would be anti-Muslim to most people.

    I would challenge any station to report these things in a positive light.

  3. D'Arts

    She kinda hot, id hit it twice…

  4. Kathy

    Yes, D’Arts, she is very beautiful and intelligent. But the circumcision inflicted on her would prevent any romantic pleasure from you or anyone else. It is a horrible mutilation.

  5. West Side Davie

    I was about to say the same thing, D’Arts. Millions of Muslim girls are mutilated. It goes along with the whole control thing.

    Mutilate them so they won’t stray, deny them the vote, education, the freedom of driving a car, the freedom to go out without male family members – deny them anything that makes them a person and keeps them as property.

    Do we want this in Barbados?

  6. JO JO

    These women for the most part have no choice. What other culture so resticts its women?
    I heard a story once about a young bull elephant that was tethered to a tree, he strained, he pulled, he tried his best to escape but he could not budge the tree. Eventually he accepted that this was his lot and he coud do nothing about it. Many years later tourists were surprised to see a full grown elephant tethered to a tree he could easily have uprooted. The problem is the elephant had accepted that there was nothing he could do about it. He knew only his captivity, and remembered nothing else, he believed a lie that he could not escape. Ayann Hirsi Ali is one who dared to think for herself, to question and to act differently. There are others like her, but they are the minority. If you are thinking Muslim reader, dare to test your tree.
    Jo JO

  7. Kathy

    It upsets me when Muslim women move to a western country and fight for the right to cover up from head to foot, even against the laws of the host country (like the drivers license pictures in Florida). They seem to strive to retain the yoke of slavery. The illustration of the elephant explains it.

    This woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is unusually strong and intelligent, as well as beautiful. It was not easy for her to escape, and she still lives in great danger. Yet she is free. She reminds me of the Bajan woman, thinking for herself and standing up for her ideas. Growing up in Barbados, I often noticed that Bajan women seemed stronger than their counterparts in other countries. In Barbados, you would see many women holding down hard jobs, taking care of their households alone, basically excelling in every arena of life. I do not expect ever to see Bajan women enslaved like many Muslim women are – it is just not who we are.

    But I feel more empathy now for those who, like the elephant, do not break their bonds when they can.

  8. It is awfully sad to see the amount of ignorance on this post I just hope that you could visit a muslim country and see the reality muslims and islam have become the real infidels in the west. A person who lied that she was born in somalia went thru a traumatic experience was uncovered in a dutch documentary where the truth was that she was actually raised in a well off family in Kenya.
    There are issues concerning women violence as much as a woman beaten by her drunk husband in ur country [but i dont think it happens in every household of barbados] i think the west should take the lead in womens issues by giving them equal wages as men and pass tuff regulation against sexual harrassment. And muslim media now should commit suicide as the conservatives have tarnished islam and the image of one-fifth of humanity for decades.

  9. BFP

    Hi rakeem

    Nice to see you joining us from… is it Indonesia? I think so looking at your IP.

    I passed through your country only once and it is a beautiful place.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be taking a vacation to Bali anytime soon.

    Hirsi’s message is that the Koran contains many passages that exhort Muslims to use violence to advance the faith – for instance, to kill those who cease to believe.

    Her message is that the Koran itself is somewhat of a problem and that “moderates” aren’t really adhering to the word of the Koran. She says that Islam need its own “reformation and enlightenment” as Christianity went through many hundreds of years ago.

    To read your comment, it seems obvious that you don’t want to kill me because I am a Christian (nominally anyways). How do you rationalize your “moderate” view? Aren’t you going against the Koran when you take this position?

    I ask this to start a conversation, not because I wish to be critical of you.

    I would also like to hear you, or any Muslim, clearly state that they do not believe that Muslim apostates should be killed.

    How about it?


  10. Yam P][e

    Hey there,

    I am not sure I understand what this lady Hirsi is representing. Is she receiving these praises because she is speaking OUT against Islam, or is it because she is no longer in Islam?


  11. Karen

    Hello to All,
    I found MS. Ali’s story to be brave. I also know from my Family what it is to be from a country that suffered from outside control. In this case I never even have been able to go to our Home Country just to see how it is. My Grandparents had to cut all ties as they could not return. Kosovo is the country. I am not Muslim. I was baptised Catholic. My Family was not treated well.
    My Grandfather got his Family out of there just before the last War to oust the Muslim Turks from that region. My Family was not as brave as Ms. Ali. They never talked about it but the fear and old ways were underneath all their actions even though most of my Aunts and Uncles were born in a Free country. Generational trauma.

    When later I researched that area and Croatia as well I found that many people from Eastern Europe were forcibly given a Shahada, to become Muslim. Slavery was common.
    After this time the region came under more trouble
    and has as you all must be aware of, suffered more conquest and wars. Now all of my relatives that I have never had the opportunity to meet have all been cleansed out of Kosovo. We are a Diasporo. Why? Here is a good website to learn a bit about that part of the world.

    So my home is where I am and I want to say that it is way overdue to find Peace on this Planet.

    All abuses must be brought into the Light of Truth and I commend Ms. Ali for her strength and Light.

    Freedom is essential to Self Worth and a Life of Positive Action.