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Would My Woman Love Me This Much?

Titilayo at Gallimaufry blog did up a little piece on the results of the 50th annual World Press Photo contest. You can read what she has to say at her blog. (link here)

After clicking on one of her links, I have to go to bed and again thank God for my life and my family.

I know my woman loves me, but before we married – would she, could she, have loved me this much?

And could I have loved her the same? I pray that we are never put to the test.


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Infidel Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tells It Like It Is – Barbados Considers What She Says


Author Ayann Hirsi Ali Argues With Fox News’ Colmes & Guts Him Like Fish

On February 6, 2007 Ayaan Hirsi Ali went on Fox News Hannity & Colmes to talk about her book Infidel. (Ed: For background on Ali, see BFP’s article Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Biography: Infidel)

I wrote out what she said and here it is. You can clic on the picture or here and watch her tell the truth about what is “radical” and what is “normal” in the Koran.

post by shona

Colmes: The new Fox News Channel documentary “Radical Islam: Terror In Its Own Words” takes viewers inside the world of Muslim terrorists waging war against the West. Joining us now the author of Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Thank you very much for being here with us.

You say you renounced your faith after nine eleven?

Ali: Yes

Colmes: Is that correct? Why must those who misuse the faith because they are radicals, and may not even be observing the faith as its meant to be observed, dictate your own faith?

Ali: I’m afraid that’s not the truth. I’m afraid the Islamic faith has not gone through the reformation and through enlightenment and that it is the faith – that is as it is. I, after Bin Laden, after nine eleven I started to download the documents of Bin Laden and I started to hold them up against the Koran and Hadith…

Colmes: But is that true Islam?

Ali: Yes. I was shocked to discover that was true Islam.

But that doesn’t have to mean the end of Islam. What Muslims can do is not renounce Islam like I have done. I mean that was just for private reasons, but what they can do is acknowledge that what Bin Laden is saying is correct, but that belongs to the seventh and eighth century and not in the twenty-first century.

Colmes: But at one point four billion people, I mean I find it very pessimistic, around that number who practice Islam in the world today. Are you suggesting that all those people are radicals or believe what Bin Laden claims Islam is? Don’t most of those people want a peaceful world?

Ali: I’m not saying that all of them are radicals. I’m saying Muslims are varied, but I’m saying that Islam has as its basic tenants, um, elements that are not compatible with liberal democracy – and that if you want to wage war against non-Muslims, in this case the West, that you will find enough ammunition within Islam. But Muslims are varied and can be presuaded otherwise…

Hannity: This is an amazing book. You’re at risk. You feel your life is at risk having written this book.

Ali: Yes. Not only this book. It was at risk before I wrote it…

Hannity: Right, why? Why?

Ali: Because I have left the faith. You see, I have become an apostate. In Islam you cannot, unlike Catholicism and Judaism say ‘I no longer want to believe what’s in the Koran. I no longer want to follow the prophet Mohamed.’ If you do that, somebody is apt to think…

Hannity: Ya

Ali: The reason is from the Koran that by killing me, he will surely go to Heaven.

Hannity: I want you to explain… Your life is fascinating, in the short a period of time we have, you, and what you lived under yourself. When you grew up and living under, growing up in Islam.

Ali: I lived in a tribal society, in a clan society. I lived… Islam was, I mean my religion was in every, you know, it was not just like the Catholics going to church on Sunday, but it was there every day, every day, every minute. And it is what I would … call it a Medieval society if you compare it to, for example, the United States.

Hannity: And more particularly, you have been outspoken for women’s rights. Explain.

Ali: Women, Muslim women are not allowed, not all of them of course, but most of them – they don’t own their bodies. They are forced into marriage or persuaded into marriage. Not sent to school or removed early on from school, undergo female genital mutilation, which in itself is not an Islamic practice but many Muslims practice. Its just not the same, as I describe in the book, the same as living in…

Hannity: Well, the book is phenominal and it really is an eye-opener and I congratulate you on the courage to speak out…

Colmes: Thanks very much for being with us tonight. Thanks for your time… (video ends)


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Lawsuit Alleges CARICOM Stole Cricket Visa Technology From Bajan Inventor

Excerpts from the Jamaica Gleaner…

CARICOM visa regime stumped by lawsuit?

The Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) attempts to initiate a single visa for Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, allowing free movement for cricket fans between the host countries, could be stalled by a legal challenge.

Barbadian inventor, David Weekes, claims the regional organisation stole his technology in the development of its visa issuance system. Three companies – David Weekes and Associates, IBIS Latin America Corp. and GODIS Corp. – filed an affidavit in the Barbados High Court on Wednesday seeking to block the use of Weekes’ United States-patented Global Origin and Departure Information System (GODIS) being used without permission.

The affidavit claims that GODIS technology is being used without permission in CARICOM’s advanced passenger information system…

“The confidential information was given on the implicit understanding that the confidential information amounted to our secrets and that they could never be used by anyone else,” stated the legal document which was obtained by the Caribbean Media Corporation.

The plaintiffs claim that they had revealed their technology during discussions with CARICOM since December 2003. They claim that the information was provided on the understanding that they would be contracted for the World Cup project. But they were not given an opportunity to submit a tender.

The primary defendant in the suit is the CARICOM Secretariat, acting through a number of persons, including Dr. Edward Greene, the assistant secretary general of CARICOM…

… read the entire article at The Jamaican Gleaner (link here)

BFP Says To Mr. Weekes “Good Luck, You’ll Need It”

Good Luck suing CARICOM, Mr. Weekes – because the same organisation that stole your technology also appoints the judges and administers the courts.


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Nation News Editorial Prepares Public To Accept Government’s Explanation For Bostic Corruption Scandal

Newspaper Does Stealthy Damage Control For Barbados Government

With all the furor over the blatant unethical conduct of the Barbados Government putting one of their candidates in charge of a programme to renovate homes of prospective voters, Barbados’ largest newspaper had to say something.

The biggest problem The Nation News editors had was how to LOOK like they were taking a position for transparency and ethical behaviour – without having the paper actually holding individuals accountable for their unethical behaviour and abuse of the public purse.

Not to mention the risk of having its readers thinking something like…

“Why is the Nation News even bothering to mention this story if they are unwilling to say that Jeffrey Bostic is unethical for accepting the position in the first place?

Why mention this story if they are unwilling to say that Mia Mottley and Clyde Mascoll are unethical for supporting Bostic’s appointment to dispense the renovation money to voters and supporters?”

So the Nation News tried to walk that line without getting caught out by their readers – to look like they meant business, but to actually help the government through the mess. Judging by the number of folks who emailed us about the “editorial”, the Nation News failed miserably on both agendas.


The Nation News Tells The Big Lie – That Bostic’s Unethical Appointment Can Be Satisfactorily Explained

The best that the editorial does is to hint…

“The political lesson, hard as it is to swallow, may well be that charity begins at home. But that does not make it either right or ethical, desirable or fair…”

But then the Nation News goes on to state that Bostic’s appointment could all be explained away if only the government would list his qualifications! The Nation News would then believe that Bostic’s appointment was “… coincidental to his major function as part of Barbados’ World Cup’s preparatory team.”

Was there no other man or woman on the island capable of handing out this government candy to voters in Bostic’s area?

Please, Nation News, don’t insult the people of Barbados!

During the last 12 years, the Nation News benefited from extensive Barbados Government advertising and during that time failed to publish even one serious article of investigative reporting on Barbados political corruption. Now when faced with such obviously unethical behaviour before the public, the Nation News just can’t bring itself to call any of the shady individuals “unethical”. It just can’t bring itself to call for Bostic’s resignation even in an editorial!

Instead, The Nation News reverts to its lapdog status and profers the LIE that this behaviour can be explained away.

What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. Too soft on the government and too hard to use on the toilet.

Here is the “editorial” by the whimpering Nation News…

Oval Neighbourhood Watch

GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to upgrade a number of private properties in and around Bridgetown, in time for our hosting of the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC), is a positive step.

Indeed, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley made the point that with all the money being spent by Barbados to host this event, the least that could be done for those living in the environs of Kensington Oval was to afford them the opportunity to improve the appearance of their homes and surroundings.

Her remarks and those of others were part of debate in the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Cleaning and refurbishing these properties will enhance the area not just for the duration of the CWC final, but for the foreseeable future, while reinforcing people’s pride in the appearance of their homes…

… continue reading this government advertisement at The Nation News (link here)

Photo: Billie Miller tells BLP candidate Jeffrey Bostic just how big his slush fund will be!


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