A Birdie Travels – and C.O.W. Williams Makes Barbados An Offer It Can’t Refuse…


“Your Man Comes In Here And Insults Me…”

One day not so long ago, a little birdie was flying low over a grand plantation home in the middle of a lush green Barbados field. As she flew past the huge rock at the gate and then up the long tree-lined drive to the stables on the right, birdie overheard one side of a phone conversation. A man was raising his voice in anger and the little birdie saw how upset he was. What the little birdie overheard went something like this…

“… OF COURSE we’re going to contribute to your campaign and more than ever. Things have been going well for the country and us. I appreciate what you and the government do for everyone and we want to see everything remain as it is.

What vexes me is when your man comes in here and insults me by asking for something a few days before the deal is to be announced. It insults me. It insults you. Everyone. Can’t have it!”

Little birdie flew on – disturbed at how the man was upsetting the nearby horses, but it wasn’t until she read the papers later that week that she understood the context of the conversation.

Steps To A Sweetheart Of A Deal That Makes Everyone Happy!

Step #5472: C.O.W. Williams and friends wish to develop Apes Hill golf club and housing project. They need approvals and then money, but first and foremost they need the support of the one man who controls the final yes or no on the project: Prime Minister Owen Arthur. No use even thinking about such a major project without bouncing the idea off the PM first.

Everybody knows that – even lowly American waterpark developers.

Step #5473: A casual chat with Prime Minister Owen Arthur – perhaps after dinner at a third person’s home. Something informal with not too too many people around. PM listens and says, “That sounds like a fine idea that would have long term benefits for the country.”

Nothing more need be said. Scotch & soda all around. Make that a double for the PM, would you? Never mind the soda.

Step #5474: Initiate formal application process.

Step #5475: Contribute to BLP Election Campaign Fund

Step #5476: Receive Government contracts for construction work unrelated to Apes Hill project – sometimes with a bid, and often without.

Step #5477: Contribute to BLP Election Campaign Fund

Step #5478: Continue Apes Hill planning and preparations.

Step #5479: Contribute to BLP “SPECIAL” Election Campaign Fund

Step #5480: Receive Government contracts for construction work unrelated to Apes Hill project – sometimes with a bid, and often without.

Step #5481: Contribute to BLP Election Campaign Fund

Step #5482: Meet casually with officials (read “golfing friends”) of the Barbados National Bank Inc. (BNB Finance & Trust Corporation) to discuss Apes Hill project financing. Nod and a wink, with someone saying “We should all cover our asses here. Why don’t you hire Ernst & Young as advisors to assist you in locating financing? If they happen to direct you to a bank substantially owned by the Government of Barbados – like our bank – then we’ll all be covered. Looks much better than if we set up things ourselves.”

Scotch and soda all around.

Step #5482: Hire Ernst & Young Real Estate Advisory Services.

Step #5483: Contribute to BLP “SPECIAL” Election Campaign Fund

Step #5484: Have Ernst & Young Real Estate Advisory Services formally approach Barbados National Bank Inc. for financing assistance.

Step #5485: Contribute to BLP Election Campaign Fund

Step #5486: Government part-owned Barbados National Bank Inc. approves financing.

Step #5487: Hire Politician’s relative or friend as a “special consultant”.

Step #5488: Contribute to BLP “SPECIAL” Election Campaign Fund

Step #5489: Big Financing Announcement In The Nation News (See Below)

Step #5490: Receive Government contracts for construction work unrelated to Apes Hill project – sometimes with a bid, and often without.

Step #5491: Don’t worry about all the “contributions” and “consulting fees” because Barbados has no laws concerning transparency or accountability of money given to politicians, their relatives or political parties.

Step #5492: Start thinking about another new project while Apes Hill proceeds as planned.

Step #5493 – See Step #5473 and start the process all over again for the next project!

BNB Sign Million-Dollar Project Deal

The Nation News

APES HILL DEVELOPMENT SRL recently signed a US$34.7 million (BDS$68.14m) syndicated loan facility with BNB Finance & Trust Corporation.

The Ernst & Young Real Estate Advisory Services Team acted as exclusive financial advisor to the borrower.

The financing package, completed in March, provided 100 per cent of the funds needed to develop Phase 1 of the Apes Hill Club, including the Golf Course and development of 170 lots for sale.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNB, Robert Le Hunte, recently presented a plaque commemorating the loan to Sir Charles Williams, chairman of C.O. Williams Construction andGerald Barton, chairman and CEO of Landmark Land Co., the two shareholders of the project…

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here)


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20 responses to “A Birdie Travels – and C.O.W. Williams Makes Barbados An Offer It Can’t Refuse…

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    All true. Sadly all true.

  2. Curiously amused

    No offense BFP, but I don’t think your literary skills need a lot more work. I couldn’t read to the end because it was quite annoying with all the unnecessary imagery and prose. This story would be much more effective if you wrote it as hard news and facts without all the silly additions. Many people, like me, will not be bothered to read it to the end. Consider re-editing.

  3. Curiously amused


    I DO think your literary skills need a lot more work.

  4. FatherTime

    I rarely read all the blather:
    I get the gist of it, and move on to the comments, which are far more interesting.

    But apart from that…
    Barbados is being run by a buncha CROOKS,
    even once-staunch-BLP voters are saying that,now, and we shall soon see a change of government.

    Fontabelle is still a construction site,
    but will be cleaned up JUST in time for the first visitors: they’ll know it’s a rush rush job, coz the smell of fresh concrete and concrete dust will be still in the air.

  5. Wishing in vain

    Here again do we hear the name Nicholls involved here as the right hand man at whose house these men would have dinner? Are there any Staples in this mix?
    Any idea what the contribution was? surely more than the $ 2 million he wanted in the other project.

  6. Jupiter

    As for me I don’t need any further convincing that owen and ALL of his rotten lot are thievin left right and centre.

    They don’t even try to hide their tracks.

    In addition the Cows that graze in the Fields are also eating all the green stuff.

    All I want to know and be reassured is that David Thompson will start investigating and Prosecuting IMMEDIATELY.

    I won’t second guess what he will do but it would be nice if he can throw out a few tidbits so we can get a hint.

    I hope that the reason he isn’t saying anything is because he doeanot want to alert the thieves,because I tell you I don’t want to hear anymore ***##***, I want action for all of our money they have stolen and we now have to pay back.

    A lot rests on the shoulders of David Thompson.

    However thievin politicians should not be allowed to sail in the sunset and enjoy the ill-gotten gains.

    And as Trevor Eastmond will say:You can clap for that.

  7. Tudor

    Wishing, are you refering to the man who” will never be poor again”? The man who when he had”in” some “see though” claimed ” I have to look after the PM”?
    Only name missing is Hobson.

  8. Wishing in vain

    Tudor you got it 100% clear, think he has setup the Slot machine deal for he and Owen to make a killing from as well?

  9. reality check

    wink wink nod nod

    its called payoffs—you get go to go to jail in most countries for this but it is engrained in the very fabric of Barbadian society

    there are very few politicians, lawyers or judges who could pass an ethics 101 class
    let alone spell the word

  10. K3445

    Curiously Amused says

    “Many people, like me, will not be bothered to read it to the end. Consider re-editing.”

    It is like the reality of corruption. So complex that people will look away. Too difficult to understand. So interwoven with the fabric of daily life as to be invisible.

    Like corruption it remains.

  11. Jerome Hinds

    Just listened to Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the USA elections of 2008.

    He promises…to introduce ETHICS…legislation….!!!

    A promise in the USA…that he says has long being neglected…..!!!

    Anyone out there…KNOWS if anyone from the BEES…DEMS or PEES….were LISTENING….?????

    It is the duty of the next GENERATION…… to… STOP…. the…. DEGENERATION….of the Owen Arthur Administration…..!!!!

    Hello, Friends do not lose sight of WHY we have the RIGHT…to VOTE….!!!

  12. Tudor

    Well wishing he is in everything else, flyovers, buying equipment for the Port, getting 5 -acres in St. Lucy for arranging the purchase and obtaining permission to have a certain estate divided into house plots, so why slot machines.

  13. John

    A great deal of money is involved in this kind of deal.

    Take a look at what the Rooneys did after getting concessions from the Barbados Government and constructing the residential development, no doubt at a profit for the 10 years they were involved with Wesmoreland.

    They then sold it on in a deal worth $100Million US!!

    Anything is possible with these sums of money involved.


    Incidentally, although all this money was spun on Barbados Real Estate, Barbados remains in the lurch where water is concerned!!

    Apes Hill will no doubt spin alot of money for its owners, local and foreign, the Trinidad interests in BNB and its various facilitators.

    But what about the water issues?

    Will we just get to watch money begetting money, or will Barbados benefit?

  14. paul sealy

    lmbao at that godfather pic…. it really does represent Sir Charles position in this island….i don’t have much to say on this topic BFP…we all know how the thugs get down…

  15. John

    The article in the Nation today covering the talk given by Mr. St. Hill on land acquisition gives figures that boggle the mind.

    Governmet is chasing down $90 million in land tax but owes more than twice that, $190 million to landowners for acquisitions.

    Is this for real?

    To what extent does the non payment by Government aid, abet or destroy business in Barbados?

    What is the point of having a “land bank” if its deposits are obtained by what amounts to extortion?

    How do these activities fit into the free enterprise system which we embrace?

    Is the power of the Government being used against some of its citizens unlawfully?

  16. BFP- So far as your literary skills are concerned, Curiously Amused might better have signed out as Curiously UNamused, had not Victoria Regina coopted that role.

    I appreciated your effort to spice things up with some irony in that format. Bit long, but it was easy to skim. It’s more trouble for you to introduce variety, and I hope you won’t be offput by such meany remarks trying to rain on your tirade. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

  17. BFP Robert Not Signed In

    Hi Freespeech

    Win some, lose some! I tried to make it different but u r right: its too long and people don’t get the message. I’ll be back!


    (I admit that Marcus and Clive are better writers on politics. Flying is my first love)

  18. Kathy

    I like the style of this post – it adds dramatic effect! I did skim over a few steps, but the repetition really emphasizes how things are done in Barbados under this government, which is getting more and more like a monarchy. And an oppressive, medieval monarchy at that. Maybe more of a very corrupt dictatorship.

  19. The poor will be poorer and the crooks will be richer

  20. The poor will be poorer and the crooks will be richer. I still think they speed up Thompson’s death, they knew what they had coming. All investatg
    ions of fraud stop after his death. Those left behind don’t have the guts to continue.