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Hell Freezes Over: Nation News Mentions Barbados Free Press! (Sort Of)

The Nation News Has Never Mentioned Barbados Free Press

During the over one year period that the Barbados Free Press has been publishing, we have covered politics and corruption on this small island in a manner that has never been done before. Our writers and our readers have named names, traced crooked land deals and highlighted our country’s total lack of integrity and accountability legislation.

We have hounded those who corruptly misuse their elected or appointed position with government – even to the point of photographing a Cabinet Minister corruptly living on land that his government expropriated.

Members of Government and Cabinet Ministers regularly visit and contribute to conversations at Barbados Free Press in their own names (and sometimes under other names). The government’s own BLP Blog says openly that the blog was established as a result of the Barbados Free Press – and also printed that the Prime Minister is a regular BFP reader.

Barbados Free Press is now viewed by 100,000 folks each month and so far, our growth shows no signs of slowing down. You can hardly Google-search any topic about Barbados without coming across one of our posts. BFP’s name is regularly mentioned on radio show by hosts and callers alike and call-in shows often pick up on topics first featured by us. The blog has become a phenomenon in Bajan politics and has tongues wagging and tempers soaring from Bridgetown to Grape Hall and beyond.

Yet – Barbados’ largest newspaper Nation News has never acknowledged that Barbados Free Press even exists. Oh… their staff visits BFP regularly, and the paper has stolen our story ideas many times without attribution – but the words “Barbados Free Press” or “BFP” have never appeared in The Nation News website or dead tree edition.

Until now…

Was it an accident? Will some junior editor be in trouble now? Was it a result of staff shortages due to the strike?

Prolific writer Adrian Loveridge sent a letter to the editor of the Nation News, that had this sentence in the middle…

It’s an interesting article and hopefully BFP will be able to carry the full text via a website link.”

What do you think, folks? Accident or not?

Brief Brit paper likes Arthur in 2008

FOR THOSE OF YOU who have not seen it, on January 6, the British Times newspaper published a focus supplement on Barbados.

Under the headline Fanfare For The Common Man the writer (David Watts) stated “It is axiomatic that the leaders of small Commonwealth countries tower over their charges.

“A bright energetic intellectual and already a member of the exclusive club of third-term prime ministers, Owen Arthur might be termed the Lee Kuan Yew of the Caribbean except that he happily lacks the arrogance of the Singapore leader.”

Watts added: “Arthur loves to tease Tony Blair that he is unlikely, on present form, to join the fourth-term prime ministerial club, whatever else his achievements. The Barbadian seems likely to win a fourth term at elections due in 2008.

This is the secret of Arthur’s magic, an ability to take on the common man’s interests as his own.”

It’s an interesting article and hopefully BFP will be able to carry the full text via a website link.

Under a section dedicated to various quotes by the Prime Minister, entitled In His Own Words, I found this one particularly interesting: “I am satisfied that all politicians were meant to be journalists and all journalists were meant to be politicians.”

I wonder if our friends in the media – including Harold Hoyte, David Ellis, Roy Morris, Harry Mayers and Pat Hoyos would agree?


… Read the original Nation News article (link here)


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Sayonara To Silence Is Profoundly Deaf – So He Sees What We Hear

Barbados Free Press receives many new visitors every day, and if they leave a comment with a website one of us will usually drop by just to see who was visiting.

Recently, we noticed a chap named Sayonara To Silence leaving a few intelligent comments about political issues, so we visited his Hidden Pleasures Of Deafness blog and enjoyed what we found so much that we thought we’d tell you about it.

Our blogging friend is “profoundly deaf” which, according to him, means that he cannot even hear himself speak. He is 30 years old and lives in Cape Cod. We haven’t a clue if he is a Bajan expat, but for some reason he has taken an interest in Barbados Free Press.

His blog is only a few weeks old, but I hope he continues to write because he has the ability to communicate the reality of deafness far better than anyone else I have read. We also hope that he expands his subject matter into politics because he has a special perspective on the world that most of us miss. Because he is deaf, he has to see what we hear. He has to consciously analyse details that we don’t bother to see because we can hear.

Sayonara To Silence explains his deafness and his name…

With all the ways to identify ourselves on cyberspace, I thought deeply about how to choose an identity for myself that represent me well. I was born Profoundly Deaf, which is the most extreme level of hearing loss.

People often ask me how much can I hear for two reasons, they know I am deaf and that I can use hearing aids. So to best describe my hearing loss, I will describe both levels of hearing I can achieve.

Without my hearing aids, I can not hear any sound. Not even my own voice.

With my hearing aids which sole function is to amplify surrounding sounds, I am able to hear to the diagnosed level of moderate hearing loss. I have often been asked what exactly does this mean. Keep in mind that I can not tell you exactly because I do not know what it is like to have normal hearing…

… continue reading Hidden Pleasures Of Deafness blog (link here)

… Also, This post is a good read: Vol. 1 Part 2


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Government Of Barbados Has Completely Lost Its Moral Compass

Mia Mottley & Friends No Longer Know What Is Ethical And What Is Not

The government of Barbados has completely lost its moral compass.

We have the esteemed Mia Mottley to speak on behalf of all her cohorts- there are 29 others like her who represent us – and not one of them has ever done anything to change course.

Yesterday’s (Feb 7) article in the Advocate says it all: Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic is already a consultant being paid by the government to oversee CWC matters. Now he has another job: he is handing out the contracts to do the improvements in the Kensington area.

Maybe these improvements are not a bad idea, it is just that Bostic is spending our money by hiring contractors without any tendering process or public accountability.

Oh, have we forgotten to add that he also happens to be seeking a parliamentary seat for the BLP in the next election?


He gets to hand out the goodies, is accountable to no one, and as he is handing out untold sums of money of our money, he is using his newfound popularity to sweep him to election victory. (He hopes. We hope the voters will punish him for this abuse of their tax dollars.)

Reminds us of the fiasco last fall when we discovered a certain minister had handed out a construction contract without tenders or public accountability to one of his cronies. To no one’s surprise it all fell apart and we the taxpayers now owe the crony $50,000,000.00 awarded by an arbitrator. Having learned nothing from this – and since the job never got done- the same minister has given another contract to another crony without (you guessed it) public tender or accountability.

Of course, we the stupid taxpayers and voters are supposed to take the word of Mamma Mia that this is not unethical or illegal.

Well you do have us there Madame Deputy Prime Minister, you oughta know. None of you or your fellow politicians have passed any laws to make such disgusting conduct illegal. Talked about it, maybe, but our country is 40 years old and nothing doing.

But alas this is where you have lost your moral compass. It is a slippery slope from saying that because there is no law against something, it is not unethical. Give your head a shake, Mia. Say you don’t pass a law that says it is illegal to take a dollar from you daddy’s wallet without his permission. We all know it is not proper, moral or ethical to do so. It is dishonest.

Since you and your kind are the supreme power why not just pass a law that says “whatever we do is ethical and right, ‘cause we say so” and get it over with. But please, please, stop insulting our intelligence and causing ridicule for yourself. Just tell it like it is which is that you are in power and will do whatever you wish because there is nothing we can do about it.

We would love to be able to say that we have hopes things would change if the DLP were in power. But, sorry to say, the answer is no. They have long since had their opportunity. Or maybe, just maybe, David Thompson will put this right and on Monday introduce a private member bill to point the way and get the ball rolling. Britain and especially Canada have precedents in place for you to use David if no one in Barbados can remember the difference between ethical and unethical any more.

C’mon David, put one of these documents on the political table since Owen and Mia are afraid to.


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Should Barbados Allow Saudi Arabia To Fund Local Mosques and Islamic Schools?

“What would we on Barbados do if a so-called “Christian” Missionary now started to preach that slavery was ordained by God?

Would we accept them and their ideas into our society? Would we reason with them? Would we show them the errors of their ways, the evil of their beliefs?

Would we allow their textbooks to be used to teach Bajan children?”

UPDATE: June 30, 2010

We’ll be running a few articles in the next few weeks about Islam’s position on slavery, women’s rights and freedom of religion. This article was first published on BFP in 2007 and is worth another look as we take some time to once again consider what the most respected Islamic scholars say about their religion.

Original article first published February 9, 2007…

If A “Christian” Missionary Arrived Today And Said That Slavery Was Ordained By God – What Would Barbados Do?

Missionaries and other folks have been coming to Barbados and trying to convert others to their various faiths since the earliest times. Some have been good people representing mainstream religions and some have been good people representing less popular religions.

We’ve also had our share of bad people – who did evil while professing to represent good. Some came from across the ocean and some were born Bajan. Not all preacher folks who came from abroad were bad, and not all the religious leaders born in Barbados had good in their souls.

We’ve seen some organized religions change their actions and interpretations of their scriptures. We’ve even seen some religions change their holy scriptures to comply with current values and history (which is a different topic for another day).

The Anglican Church Used To Own Slaves On Barbados

God knows the evil that was done in His name on this little island. The money to purchase the lands and the slaves was initially sent from England, and many Barbadian slaves were at one time branded like cattle – burned – with hot irons with the name of the religious organization that owned them. “Society” was the brand applied at the church-owned Coddrington Plantation. Continue reading


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