Barbados Tourism Minister Says 135,238 Cruise Ship Visitors Arriving April 1 to 28 – Port Schedule Says Something Else!


Some Cruise Ships Are Not Quite As Large As Others

In the Daily Nation today ( Wednesday February 7th, 2007) under a banner headline Lynch: CWC room targets being met it was stated “that between April 1 and 28, 135,238 cruise ship visitors were expected to arrive in Barbados”.

This figure somehow does not sound right, as at least some of the ships will act as floating hotels and others will also leave Barbados to moor in St. Lucia for the semi-final.

I cannot see how it can amount to 4,829 cruise ship passenger arrivals per day or 33,809 over a seven day period.

All the ships scheduled to berth in Barbados are shown on (under cruise schedule) and during April you will see that many of the ships including the three or four Yankee Clippers and Sea Dream 2 have relatively small capacities.

Also interesting is despite the undisclosed taxpayer subsidy being paid to the Carnival Corporation to ‘guarantee’ ship arrivals and a minimum number of landed passengers, that once we get past April, the number of berthing ships looks bleak.

May – 16 ships
June – 10
July – 11
August – 13
September – 10

Even each ship had a capacity of 2,000 persons (which they don’t) and every passenger left the ship whilst in port (which they do not), that’s still only a total of 120,000 cruise ship arrivals over a five month or 153 day period.

Ships like the Holiday Dream which makes 21 visits out of a total of 60 named ship arrivals over this five month period has a maximum capacity of just 600 persons.

Perhaps the Minister could explain the figures?

Adrian Loveridge
7 February 2007


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21 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister Says 135,238 Cruise Ship Visitors Arriving April 1 to 28 – Port Schedule Says Something Else!

  1. reality check


    don’t you get it yet?

    Ministers don’t answer basic questions, they pontificate with nonsense and anoint.

    If they were to honestly and diligently answer these questions it would become self-evident that ” The Emperor has no clothes “

  2. Adrian L-

    Perhaps Lynch will have them counted separately each time they come down the gangplank through the port gates during the vessel’s stay in port- the wellknown “multiplier effect” beloved of politicians’ seeking to puff their statistics?

    P.S. Love that photo, BFP- very apt.

  3. Hants

    Adrian Loveridge just does not get it. Ministerial mathematics is a subject Mr. Loveridge does not understand.
    Government Ministers are allowed use the x2 factor with their numbers.
    The real world number is probably 67,619, so x2 makes it 135,238.

  4. undemocratic

    what u do is u count the passenger (one) when u see his head appear on deck, then u count him as he walks down the plank (two), then as he walks to the terminal (three), then when he enters the terminal (four), then when he walks through the terminal (five), then when he walks towards the port exit (six), then when he goes through the exit (seven), then when he walks to bridgetown or gets into a taxi or tour bus (eight). repeat the process when he comes back to the port and voila- you have 16 passengers.

  5. undemocratic

    another very sound methodology is to count each body part as a passenger. so if u have 1000 passengers on a ship and 700 get off then u multiply 700 by whatever number of body parts is agreed upon and voila- in one week you have hundreds of thousands of passengers.

  6. John

    One of the benefits of CWC and the cruise liners is that Bajans get a good deal on cruising.

    Now if you count them as they leave (they would not have appeared on the arrivals numbers) and then as they return (they couldn’t be resident in Barbados and also be on a cruise ship) voila you have an increase.

  7. Justice

    I, for one, am sick of these attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of people, most of whom are far more intelligent than Lynch could ever be. This is little other than barefaced dishonesty…but some like it so, I suppose.

  8. Jerome Hinds

    Hi Folks,

    It is called ” Lynching ” the figures…!!!

    What else can we expect from a ” Barney “….!!!

  9. Rumplestilskin

    Actually Lynch is probably in the middle of playing the new popular board game ‘Barbados’, in which the Ministers play among themselves at home and totally disregard any reality.

    Probably his ‘Tourism’ hand is doing well, but fantasy and reality has become a bit clouded.

  10. Mike

    Just maybe if he where to deflate his ego a little bit and get on with the peoples work he could achieve something, then again why is it necessary to work hard if you have managed to buy an estate and not having worked hard to get it in the first place.
    These people are on cruise control only passing the time until elections are called to come out of the woodwork looking for your vote.
    Amazingly you will vote for these again and reelect the same bunch of crooks.

  11. liz

    Mike, do we have a choice of crooks?

  12. Jupiter

    I see people all falling into the trap that the BLP has neatly set for them.

    Regularly here on the site persons say that BLP – DLP they are all the same – all crooks.

    I havenot done any indepth analysis,but just a cursory glance at the history of the parties will show that no past DLP Administration nor even any past BLP administration has had as many charges of corruption raised against them,nor have so many reports year after year by the auditor general of infelicities – as this BLP Gov’t.

    What is the evidence you have that the DLP are all a bunch of crooks like this current BLP.

    I am not going to be so generous to say that the DLP has never had charges of wrongdoing against them,but look at the number of such charges,and the time period apart – look how far back the BLP usually go to allege corruption – 1970’s in the case of lyle carmichael,or some waiving of duties for A company in the 80’s.

    With the Blp it’s every minister having his/her hand in the kitty.

    I like BFP believe the DLP shpuld try to introduce the legislation now,but even so I will keep my eyes on the persons who are holding office and have the power.

  13. John

    Remember the Duffus commission?

    All roads lead to ………… the right excellent

  14. Justasking

    Jupiter, BLP/DLP, Republicans/Democrats, Tories/Labour, it does not matter which country or political party, leave them in office long enough and their arrogance and feeling of self importance grows daily.

    The longer they occupy a position of power and influence the more they use it for the aggrandizement of themselves, their cronies and their political parties. That is why we have elections. You can be sure that when the DLP get back in office and they have enough time they will be just like the current government.

    It would help, and I support, the introduction of integrity legislation and a freedom of information Act. Also the publishing of all Government reports such as Auditor General’s Report, Physical Development Plan, Hansard, Official Gazette, etc etc on the relevant Government websites so there is wide free access to them by citizens. Right now the policy is keep everything as restricted as possible.

  15. Jerome Hinds

    Then by what you have stated, Justasking, it is time to remove this corrupt BLP government from office….and let the….incoming DLP..or…PEP…know that they WILL suffer the same…FATE…should they behave the same….way….!!!

  16. Jupiter


    You confirmed my point exactly.You said”remember the duffus commission – all roads lead to barrow”

    When was the duffus commision john? About 30 to 35 years ago right?

    And what was the conclusion of the commission?

    That all roads lead to Barrow.

    Isn’t that the same as the doctrine of ‘first among Equals’ which is the principle that is practised by all countries whether democratic or communists ones.

    That is,the power really resides in the hands of the prime minister

    The duffus commission didnot find any shady deals,any Pele type actions,any conflict of interest situations,so why do you and others always bring this up every time?

    Owen arthur has initiated a lot of commissions of inquiries – n.b. none to investigate his gov’ts action however – and have we seen the results of any of them?

    I believe when persons make the statement of DLP – BLP they are all the same,it’s because they were probably originally quite fond of the BLP,but have now gotten turned off by their actions – however they don’t want to see the DLP in power – so they try to lump every body the same.

    I agree with the contributor – Just Asking – that when political parties any where in the world stay into power for a long time they tend to get arrogant – and lose touch with the interest and concerns of the common man.

    But guess what ? this what not the case with arthur – long before his first term was ended arthur was showing his true colours – and he was reeking high of arrogance.

    The members of the DLP are made up of the same barbadian citizens like the BLP – there are within that DLP party, members of the professional class – same like the Blp.

    I think the only difference is – and it isn’t even a subtle difference – is that the BLP have the media houses in their corner so their malfeasances,or corrupt actions are not ‘out – ed’,they are given very good press, they have almost all the P.R. well known persons on their side e.g. Al Gilkkes,Ricardo Blackman etc
    and most importantly they got the ‘money people’ backing them and even fronting them or rather fronting for them too, with some of these companies.

    Even so I believe the DLP has to become more proactive and if any of their party elders are checking in on this site they need to pay careful attention to what is being said by those who have a genuine love for this copuntry and are not BLP Propagandists.

  17. Ghandi

    Jupiter you are correct. Never in our history has media been so completely in goverments pocket. It is interesting that under DLP rule (1986?)when BLPites Arthur , Simmons, Deboulay, survived landslide the Nation announced it would assist or be an arm of opposition BLP. However when DLP got only two seats in 1999 the media continued to lambast the DLP who were at their weakest and in OPPOSITION.

    The BLP with a two thirds majority for three terms have enjoyed a thirteen year honeymoon with none of the media questioning any on the squandermania, nonsense, waste, corruption, arrogance , victimisation, dictatorship tendencies or infelicities which are obvious to many Barbadians. The media in Barbados is an extension of the BLP or at very least scared sh**less of the BLP>

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Just heard on CBC news that 3 IT firms have filed an affadavit in the Barbados High court claiming that the 8 host countries for CWC 2007 have infringed their intellectual property rights…!!!!

    Wuhloss, not a ball bowled yet and controversy…..Brewing…!!

    Daryll Hair better stay where he is…..we have enough pampalam …..coming on already…!!!

  19. Franz

    Dear BFP,

    I am new to your site, although I have read almost all or your recent comments on Visa and World Cup matters with acute interest over the last couple of weeks. Glad to see there is a forum where people can say what they want to without being edited (except for bad language!)

    Does anyone else have a bunch of friends from the UK who just soaked up remaining tickets for the semis in St. Lucia only to realise that they can’t get a flight (not even a charter) to get to the match from Barbados? I spent the entire day on the phone with no success. My friends spend thousands to get here on top of paying for the visa, then to realise that the tickets might be “lemons”. They can’t use them unless they get to the destination.

    I suggest in the future that Mr. Clarke consider the fly-overs to end in one of the Caribbean countries… (just needed to vent!) This is a little more than silly. Who sorted out Airlift for world cup? Maybe citizens of this country I now gladly call my home can help me understand how this all works.. My friends are a group of seven but I am sure they are hundreds who will have the same problem.

    Very frustrated and lost!!

  20. Straight talk

    8th February
    Lynch expects 135,238 cruise ship visitors in April

    24th August
    Sue Springer hails CWC a great success.
    Proclaiming 65,722 Cruise ship visitors in April.

    Whatever planet these people are on it is spinning faster than this one.

    Adrian L. I wouldn’t think you are a man to gloat over these depressing figures for your industry.
    However pour yourself a large one, smile and the toast is “vindication after vilification”.


  21. Adrian Loveridge

    Straight Talk…

    Thank you.

    No you are right, it does not bring me any joy.
    I just feel for all the tourism sector people that fell for the ridiculous figures that the Minister of Tourism put into the public domain.

    Also remember, cruise ship arrival figures are based on manifest declaration and not landed passengers.
    There is also the question about the CWC fans that used the cruise ships as transport between the islands and had muliple entries into Bridgetown.

    Plus the hundreds (possibly a thousand) of long stay visitors that flew to St. Lucia for the day for the semi-final. Certainly our guests were requested to complete another landing card on arrival back at GAIA.
    So were these counted twice as well?

    I will poor a large one, but only to deaden the pain.