About Sir Frank Worrell’s Home Being Torn Down


Today, the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times picked up the story about Sir Frank Worrell’s home being demolished last week. We saw the article in The Nation but just didn’t have time to comment, so we’ll do that now.

Like so many physical ties with our past, Sir Frank’s home was allowed to deteriorate to where it could not be saved – and for that there is not a person on this island who cannot feel some loss. We understand from various media that the government will build a replica of the home as a museum and a tribute to the man who, like a few other famous sons and daughters of the time, came to symbolize our transition from colonial rule to the birth of a new independent nation. From blacks as subservient on their own soil in the eyes of some – to blacks as persons, as nation builders.

For the story of Sir Frank Worrell is about far more than cricket.

We can only hope that the loss of this tangible link to our history inspires Bajans and our government representatives to look at other buildings and places with new eyes – to better appreciate the importance of preserving what is left before it too slips away.

We don’t know who is really behind the push to make something of the Worrell home site, but we hope there is a quick follow-through with action. That is, real action, and not the “announcement then nothing” syndrome that has produced a certain universal cynicism of late.

According to the media, the Ministry of Public Works is leading the way, and if that includes Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke onside and really leading this effort, then we wish him success and say “thanks”.

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International Herald Tribune: Worrell’s Home To Be Replaced By Museum For Cricket Great


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10 responses to “About Sir Frank Worrell’s Home Being Torn Down

  1. Building replicas of historic buildings is nowhere name the same as maintaining and restoring the original. It has the taint of virtual-reality like those buildings at Epcott in DisneyWorld. Totally false.

    Heritage visitors will “ooh and aah” over the real thing and pay willingly for the experience. But for a replica there is not the same feeling.

    The National Trust has served a vital need in identifying many places which deserve loving attention. Perhaps there are other buildings like Sir Frank’s which they have overlooked? Is it rightfully their responsibility or the Ministry of Culture or Environment?

    Trinidadians made a fuss when the home of jazz pianist Winifred Atwell was singled out for preservation, but we have more history and love of it than they do. We should take advantage of the advantages we have before it is too late.

  2. Sorry, that should read “nowhere NEAR the same”.

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Happy to note that finally some restorative work is being done to the boyhood home of this great Barbadian and West Indian icon. Yet to hear if the National Trust played any part in its upkeep.

    Amazing but true…in this 11th hour it is being pushed down…with CWC a few days away !!

    Did the LOC ( Barbados, CWC 2007 ) make any representations to Government to have this building repaired….?

    Or did the LOC group focused their attention ONLY….on the Benz ..in the PORT.?

    Surely they must/should have anticipated visitors to our shores during CWC 2007 naturally wanting to visit such places !

    Alas, now that BOSTIC surfaced as…..REPAIRMAN…we now get the GIST…of what was more important……to this BARE-FACED government…..!!!!

    We LEARN…something ” fishy ” in Buhbados EVERYDAY….at least when these BLP sharks…in POWER…..!!!!

  4. reality check

    glitz and bling bling

    no history, no substance, no integrity

    only The National Trust to save our heritage

  5. D'Arts

    Seriously, who cares…

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Reading the back page of the Nation of 2007-02-06, Jefferey Bostic and his BLP stooges….JUST do not get it…!!

    The issue here is not about DLP supporters benefitting……INDEED….ALL….Barbadians irrespective of political persuasion should benefit…from the government of the day development programmes….AFTER all are WE not taxpayers….???

    The REAL here issue is the continued obnoxious display of CRASS indifference shown by this BLP government….to Transparency and Accountability…!!!

    After all, are there not DLP declared candidates in these particular constituencies…..???

    1. Were they input sort…..by this Bostic LED…committee….???

    2. Were the use of THESE state funds approved by parliament…???

    3. Finally….!!!, AFTER 13 years of BLP rule in the CITY….you NOW remember….DLP supporters LIVE….THERE….too…???

    4. Is this REALLY about CWC 2007….??? Or an opportunity to give BOSTIC…a new candidate…UNFAIR advantage…for a pending general election…???

    4. After showing the 3 BLP candidates faces in the paper yesterday, the Nation news paper HAD not the GALL to ask ….Where were the DLP candidates and are they BEING…. DELIBERATELY left….OUT…???

    But WE must applaud SUCH as BALANCED reporting…..!!

    May the Lord HELP all of US…..!!!

  7. Lady Anon

    Jerome…I think the Natl Trust just put a plaque on the building and that was it. There was no upkeep!

    All those who thought the house should not have been torn down obviously had not visited the site or seen the house in many years.

    The house was in a deplorable state. Extremely. The support structures were sagging and there was no way it could be “restored”.

    The best thing to do was to tear it down and build a replica. At least the site will be the same.

    All Bostic and all are doing is the 21st century version of cornbeef and biscuits. We will have to wait and see who bites and who doesn’t.

    I will not count on it backfiring because Bajans have short memories! Give them a hundred dollar (or hundred thousand) an hour before and they forget they were catching hell for 12 years.

  8. Jerome Hinds

    Lady Anon, says,

    ” I will not count on it backfiring because Bajans have short memories! Give them a hundred dollar (or hundred thousand) an hour before and they forget they were catching hell for 12 years ”

    Powerful obervation, Lady Anon, let’s all hope……this time around…Bajans would prove us wrong…!!!

    Another 12 years of sucking salt…under this government…..is a NO…NO…!!!

  9. Affirmative!

    Pull de ole ramshackle thing DOWN,do!
    If it was ignored to the point of being beyond rack and ruin, there is only one way out: demolition.
    Nat’l. Trust’s plaque on a bldg. is their attempt to save it for posterity, given some $$$-attn. from the owners.
    Unfortunately Nat’l. Trust hasn’t got the $$ to do much more, or I’m sure they would!

  10. Pat

    Sad, sad, sad. National Trust should be a priority of government with a budget. This could then be leveraged with private sector funds. The tax act should be revised to allow donations to be written off as a charitable gift. National Trust should have a fulltime/part time, either paid or volunteer, financial campaign manager. With all the wealth in Bim, people should be proud to hand out to preserve the country’s heritage.

    A second plaque/certificate could be put up saying that the restoration/upkeep was carried out with the generous $ assistance of so and so company, or of J.Q. Individual. They could even let the benefactor open the facility, cut ribbon, give interviews, etc.

    I would not mind doing the job for free if they gave me room and board for the winter months! But Bajans dont like us expats.

    Then again, what do I know? I am just a lil barefoot country girl from St. Joseph.