The Nation Newspaper Chides Guyana Government For Cutting Off Stabroek Advertising – But Plays Lapdog For Barbados Government


Good Doggy! The Nation News Has Been Rewarded With Barbados Government Advertising For Years

We have news for The Nation News…

After benefiting from extensive Barbados Government advertising for the last 12 years, and during that time failing to publish even one serious article of investigative reporting on Barbados political corruption: The Nation News has shown itself to be a government lapdog that enjoys those government advertising doggy biscuits.

The Nation News is correct to support Stabroek News, but it is the cheering of a coward – watching from the side of the road as the brave march off to defend all that is good…

A threat to the Stabroek
Published on: 2/4/07.

A SITUATION has developed in Guyana which is not only disturbing to many citizens of that country, but should also be of grave concern to freedom-loving people throughout the CARICOM community, and even beyond our region.

A significant portion of state advertising has been withdrawn from a highly respected daily newspaper, the Stabroek News.

It is widely suspected that the Guyana government’s decision is as a result of critical comment on issues related to national policy. But the administration of President Bharrat Jagdeo denies it is involved in any action to punish the newspaper for its editorial stand…

… read the rest of this self-damning editorial at The Nation News (link here)

Photo: The Nation News receives a government treat as reward for faithful service. Good Doggy!

Stabroek News: Barbados Nation Flays Cut-Off Of SN Ads


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57 responses to “The Nation Newspaper Chides Guyana Government For Cutting Off Stabroek Advertising – But Plays Lapdog For Barbados Government

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    “…the cheering of a coward – watching from the side of the road as the brave march off…”

    Well done BFP!

  2. reality check

    if you have watched the “dog whisperer” on National Geographic television you will know that in order for the dog to be happy and harmonius that it must be submissive to the owner, and the owner must take charge ( “the leader of the pack” ). But what happens when the owner or leader of the pack becomes rabid?

    The only thing that can protect our cherished and fundamental democratic rights to say what needs to be said and discussed openly is a free press.

    There is no difference between state owned and state controlled media. Barbados has no free press within its borders as everyone has to eat and be an obedient lapdog.

    This is quite a frightening and sobering view of reality. While maybe well intentioned at the beginning, it has become self-evident to all those who choose not to be blind that the inmates are running the asylum.


    Sorry Carl i know you don’t like shouting and noise, so hold these ear muffs. šŸ˜€

  4. BFP

    Adrian… ?


    Surely you must mean the mainstream media in Barbados? You can’t seriously mean BFP with this?

    Would you clarify your comment for the folks, please?


    Marcus (with a bit of a headache today – for some reason) šŸ˜‰

  5. Yes i mean BFP. I have come to expect the main stream media to half report on activities in the society not to investigate, hold panels discussions and to be seen in the forefront as a leader/facilitator of this much needed discussion. At least VOB gave some attention to it with their Sunday past discussion. What are you doing in this regard? Do i need to give you Peter Simmons number to enquire of him, if he is interested in posting his thoughts here and sticking around to answer any of the member’s reply’s? what about others who have made statements for or against the status quo or the need for a discussion? Person like Courtney Blackman, James Husbands, Tony Best. etc? what about it? or did you ask and answered on their behalf? the answer being NO way? If we truly believe that the persons who believe that Whites and others perceived to be white and act white (whatever that is) are incorrect, why aren’t we busy bring facts to bear on this perception? why are we expending so much energy to derail any discussion on the subject? could it be that we are not truly convince oursleves?

  6. Trini/Baje

    Ah hearing what allyuh saying Adrian. Read Nation minute ago online. Allyuh have a man deh Bizzy Williams that say same thing everytime about black people. Ah nevah hear that man say nothing uplifting about blacks boy.

    Allyuh must understand when he say black people looking for handouts and special treatment he mean dem fella like Courtney Blackman and Cheltenham too. That man Bizzy didnt mek no exceptions boy. Allyuh must know Bizzy, Cow and dem fellas want all for themselves.

    I attend a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in allyuh old Hilton longtime ago. Bizzy Williams cuss up and disrespect a GOB minister name Dr. Carl Clarke in wuss way. Wouldnt let Clarke deliver he speech. He real embarrass Clarke yes and get away scotch free..Now allyuh hear what this man saying about allyuh black people again.

    It have real problem with race in Barbadoes boy. Trini baccahnal is Indian and Negro but allyuh ting is them white people with interlocking directorships, doing business with only they family and friends and not supporting black business in allyuh 95% black country .That is real bazodee.

    Allyuh must tell Bizzy, Cow and whole setta dem white people who control allyuh economy dat dem ting must done. Allyuh need more transparency , fairplay and wider distribution in allyuh economy.
    Government in allyuh country like it working with allyuh white business elite . Allyuh must change government to done that boy.

  7. BFP

    Hello Adrian

    You know we don’t have the writers here on this part time little blog to cover everything that everybody wants when they want it.

    If you touch on the “Culture & Race Issues” tag on the sidebar, you’ll discover that we are no strangers to talking about racial topics around Barbados Free Press… but you must already know this as you have engaged in some long and meaningful discussions about racial issues in the BFP comments. Many times, in fact.

    Sunday, eh? Well, a few of us posted a bit, but then we watched the Super Bowl and had a few Banks… (maybe a few too many) and I’m doing up a post right now on the Shell issue…

    … so try not to be too hard on us for not having a post on everything you feel we should when you feel we should…

    HOWEVER… if you Adrian would care to spend an hour or two researching and writing a piece today, I can assure you that BFP will print it. This would be much appreciated and will provide the forum for discussion of the issue that you desire.

    How about it Adrian? We and all our regular readers would appreciate your post on this as you always provide a levelheaded yet impassioned perspective on just about anything you discuss.

    If you can get it to us today by 00:00hrs GMT (9pm BDS time) we’ll lead with it for all of tomorrow.



  8. Trini/Baje i hear what you are saying, but I have a different approach to this. We must do the samethings they are doing. Understanding that nothing can become legal and affect ourlives without parliament and understanding that membership to parliament is via the electorial process, they have had the Barbados electors Association, and continue to via lienage and linkages to do so and we must have that capacity to continualy have a voice in the peoples parliament above and beyond what pertains on paper today; then we may have the way toward majority enfranchisement in Barbados. This is a democracy for christ sake, where the majority will decides, who enters parliament and by extension what laws are past to our benefit or effects whether negatively or positively our very lifes. Do we fully appreciate who is the sovereign of this democracy called Barbados? do we understand the collective clout that lays unused and have been this way for all of our independent history and beyond? I look at social activist, non profit, non-partisan organizations in other countries, for possible answers. I look at the best practices of these entities with a critical eye to which of their acitivities are applicable in Bimshire, and i come away asking myself why aren’t there forces in Bimshire that see the same potential solutions to the samethings that all of us are witnessing everyday. Why? are we not trying and trying and trying? why are we more likely than not to give up at the first sign of objection? I will press ahead, I am an idea man, information is my weapon, and i will continue to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ who has instructed his deciple to go into the highways (Internet) and byways ( everylocal bajan community) and compel as many as possible to action, whether it be formulating organizations to focus on building trust and mutuality thus laying the ground work on which to build the membership up to a force for change in our politics and corporate envoirnment. I will ask anyone to look at the unions in Bimshire and tell me what to your mind is wrong with them, and it will most likely show a way to develop an organization congnizant of the mistakes the unions have made and that would lead to a unity that all it’s members and Barbados as a whole can benefit from. Lets talk folks. Now i know that this is leading or attempting to lead a discussion away from what i think is core to BFP which is to be critical of the GoB and to be so without formulating or even attempting to fomulate a mechanism by which BFP and by extention Barbadian of all walks of life are taken seriously. Now if we want to be critical while waiting for the next election to put our fustrations into action by electing more of the same only with a different name then continue, if you want to be the change that is independent of either party so that it matters not who gets elected that they will take you seriously when you air your concerns and you will have concerns then the approach has got to be a non-partisan, non-profit, socially activist organization, that understands the pricinples of lobbying that understand the need for bodies in terms of membership, and that this membership needs to be sustain, and build up and that the best way to do this is provide things of value and interest to as many members as possible and to so as cheaply as possible. Does anybody know what is the objective of BARP? and if they are achieving any of their objectives? Has anyone taken a look at the American version AARP to see what their objectives are? can we learn anything there? or must we seek to totally reinvent the wheel?

  9. Red Lake Lassie

    Well said, Adrian, but could you please put some paragraphs in it as it is hard to read in one big blob.

    Gently I will say that I think you have forgotten that some are called this way, and some are called that way. BFP is like a bell ringing to call to action, but somebody has to ring that bell and others will do something else to respond. Still others will make the meals for those who are responding.

    We are all called, but we are all called differently.

    Your comment about BFP being critical of the government without formulating a mechanism somehow, could be said of rumshoplime, but at least on bfp and rumshoplime we can discuss these concerns openly. Impossible in the normal newspapers.

    What do you propose Adrian? What can we Barbadians do?

  10. BFP i will take you up on the offer but on my terms. šŸ˜€ So far i have not seen many comments on the way forward, most persons are still dicussing whether a certain group controls the Barbadian market space, I have long accepted that it is control by a few, haven’t dwelt much on the pigmentation as it matters little to the majority of persons who are disenfrachise as i see it. I am already looking at solutions having already indentified many if not all of the obsticles to this goal. I prefer to wait until more persons have caught up to this stage of the economic and class problems in Bimshire, before moving on.

  11. Red Lake Lassie
    February 5th, 2007 at 7:25 pm
    Well said, Adrian, but could you please put some paragraphs in it as it is hard to read in one big blob.

    Gently I will say that I think you have forgotten that some are called this way, and some are called that way. BFP is like a bell ringing to call to action, but somebody has to ring that bell and others will do something else to respond. Still others will make the meals for those who are responding.

    We are all called, but we are all called differently.

    Your comment about BFP being critical of the government without formulating a mechanism somehow, could be said of rumshoplime, but at least on bfp and rumshoplime we can discuss these concerns openly. Impossible in the normal newspapers.

    What do you propose Adrian? What can we Barbadians do?
    Red lake Lassie I type as i think, sorry about that, but if you are confuse and befuddle by my posting not making the effort to understand it, then i might have to wonder what else can you be called on to do and be assured that it will done? šŸ˜€ You shouldn’t have to break a sweat to get thru my mass of words, but maybe you do šŸ˜€ it is not your fault for i am communicating and i should try harder to make that as easy as possible….. but it seems to me you are ready to give up. šŸ˜€ I do not give up easily i will reproduce it paragraphs and all over at the rumshoplime. Speaking of the rumshoplime, that forum was never intended to be a place primarily for serious discussion, and it would be wrong for me to change it in the face of it’s loyal posters, but i believe in engaging Barbadians in whatever forum they feel most comfortable in, and i am doing this with the rumshoplime, feeding them little titibits of serious commentary, hoping to engage them slowly.

  12. John


    When we figure out who runs the Barbados economy what will we do?

    Shoot them!!

    Why not lets figure out a way to make the economy bigger so that the little people who control a minute percentage end up with a higher dollar value.

    In other words, lets make the cake bigger!!

    Look at Singapore. It was predominantly Malay but who controls the economy now. But the economy is huge compared with Barbados.

    Look at Penang, a small island of the Malay Peninsuala.

    Very similar potential racial problems as we have here, but different races.

    Our problem is not race or colour. It is the limitation on the size of the pie.

  13. Jerome Hinds

    Trini/Baje, SAYS, February 5th, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    ” Ah hearing what allyuh saying Adrian. Read Nation minute ago online. Allyuh have a man deh Bizzy Williams that say same thing everytime about black people. Ah nevah hear that man say nothing uplifting about blacks boy ”

    Hello….Trini/baje …..Bizzy has a new girlfriend……But, yes your are RIGHT it is a black lady NOT a boy…!!!


  14. Jerome Hinds

    In making a serious contribution to this issue, I

    would like to examine the early days of this Arthur

    Administration and recall the role personalities

    like Mackie Holder, Glynne Murray ( one time

    employees of the Nation ) and a few others…..who

    were strategically imbedded in various arms of the

    government….to further consolidate the

    shennigans of Owen Arthur and his cohorts.

    Remember too that, Mr. Harold Hoyte, when

    attempting to check the BOLTING horse….was

    ATTACKED !!!!

    Who was Hoyte referring to…???? when he

    publicly stated…..” That Harold Hoyte would not

    join in Arthur’s ‘ How Great Thou Art ‘ choir ”

    Well we all know Hoyte was labelled a…… NEGROCRAT…..for his ominous warning to ALL Barbadians…..!!!!

    What I will say shortly, those reading, may argue

    that it CANNOT happen ’bout HERE…but the

    FIRST signs of a DICTATORSHIP….often

    manifests it self with the CAPTURING of the:

    Media..(Print &.Electronic)

    Political Opposition

    Vocal Elements in the Community….Remember

    how Dr. Frank Alleyne USED to Rant and Rave

    against Bholee Forde ( Sir Henry & the

    Bees ???…Heard HIM Lately……!!!)

    (Hence….you….. GET…Politics of Inclusion…!!! )

    Business Class ( 95 % Black Population WHO

    acccording to Dizzy Bizzy wants ” Special

    Favours ” ??? )

    Church ( Is Rev. Atherley already on Board ??)

    Citizens ( Everyone want to get to Heaven…but No one wants to DIE……!!! )

    When we examine this CAPTURE of the Media, Political Opposition, Vocal members of Community the, Business Class, Church and Citizens……by this BLP government is our DEMOCRACY safe….or DICTATORSHIP…..looms..????

    Kidsite sang, ” Only ’bout HERE.”…..!!!!

    The REPUBLIC…BLP STYLE is the only thing….MISSING……!!!!

    If they get their WAY after the next POLLS then….BINGO…..!!!

    BIG QUESTION….??WHY….the BLP taking so long on this ONE……..????

    Karl Marx…..once SPOKE about the stages of DEVELOPMENT…..!!!!

    The BLP NEVER forgot that MODEL….

    1ST……Win the gov’t in 1994….!!!

    2nd……Systematically WEAKEN the Opposition Elements…….!!!

    3rd……Crown our (BLP) GOOD deeds with a REPUBLIC….!!!

    The Barbados corporate media acts as virtual public relations agents for this EMERGING dictatorship. Instead of concentrating on the myriad scandals that envelop the Owen Arthur regime, SOME columnist, journalists and broadcasters PROMOTE propaganda-oriented information to SUPPORT this indiscriminate political leadership.

    Latest example ????….The Jefrrey Bostic Fiasco…!!!

    The next General Election provides a chance to try and return this country to the Barbadian people.

    If the Barbadian people fail to grasp the seriousness of the situation and fail to categorically speak out in favor of democracy and freedom, we will find ourselves subjected to a Marxist-style dictatorship….!!!

  15. Wry Mongoose

    Since we are treating the subject of this post fairly loosely, I would like to digress as well and call attention to “Contempory Slavery in Haiti … And Around the World”.

    The absence of comments on this that subject speaks loudly. Many of the respondents to this site ā€˜air their moutā€™ about slavery past – but what about slavery present?

    Where are ā€˜Adrianā€™, ‘Jerome’, et al when you provide an opportunity to debate an issue that is affecting people NOW – issues that should resonate given what our forefathers (and foremothers) endured?

    Hypocrisy is not scarce on this site ā€¦ especially when social relevence and scope for action is presented.

  16. Wry Mongoose

    Maybe Mr. Hinds can offer to do a stint in Haiti as a ‘restavec’, so he can get some better insight into what consists a “Marxist-style Dicatatorship”.

  17. John: it is so obvious why you would ask that question and quickly answer it. When did you come up with the idea of growing the economy? and what gaurantees do you have that the current underpinnings of our market place will not lead to more of the same inbalance in a enlarged economy? Please demonstrate that you have been thinking about this approach to economic enfranchisement by demostrating and path an approach to acheiving this.

  18. Jerome: what is the answer to all the ills of the Owen Arthur Administration? How is this Administration able to conduct themselves in the many ways that you have highlighted? what are the assurances that any other government formed after the election in this present system will not so conduct themselves?

    ……The reason why i i choose this topic to stray into something else is that i see it as more of the same. If we believe that the nationnews is influence or is in bed or is soft, kind and gentle to the Arthur Administration as we have often have heard, what is the point of reporting more of the same? we know we believe it to be so we have seen the proof time and time again. Are you not statified with your own convictions?, did the respondents here give you reason to doubt your many assertions that we are not serve well by the Barbadian mainstream media?

  19. Jerome Hinds

    Wry Mongoose, says,

    ” Maybe Mr. Hinds can offer to do a stint in Haiti as a ā€˜restavecā€™, so he can get some better insight into what consists a ā€œMarxist-style Dicatatorshipā€.

    Wry Mongoose..I understand your passion for the Haiti Story….and we all share it as well…!!!

    But, we have similar developing stories here in BIM….we choose NOT to call it SLAVERY…..but if we are called upon to describe IT…..we CAHN miss the head of the nail wid we eyes…SHUT…!!!

    I GUESS you missed Dizzy Bizzy….comments….!!!

    Which colour folks…..he MENTIONED….????

    About the…..ā€œMarxist-style Dicatatorshipā€….Ah just cahn OUT DO…..Owen.!!!!

    Does he STILL visit a country…..near Haiti….??? .

  20. Sorry Mongoose person, I get to choose, not you; I will choose what is in my own interest and what interest i will pursuit, and i have decide to stay on Bimshire and shine light in all it’s crevices and dark holes.

  21. Jerome Hinds


    A doctor after doing his best for his patient’s injured leg, says to the patient after effort and medicine, tests now prove your leg has to be AMPUTATED!

    The patient, enquires about an alternative….and the doctor recommends a prothesis…..!!

    Note, patient never used a prosthesis…so why turn to it now ? Because ALL effort to save the leg has failed…!!!

    Who is your patient…here ??? BARBADOS…!!!

    What is the Prosthesis ???? Any other credible alternative to the current BLP…!!!

    Well…you GUESSED it…..the Doctor….is the Barbadian electorate…!!!

    Adrian, I am of the view that politicians who begin to exhibit and encourage their OBNOXIOUS behaviour towards citizens of any country….it is time for them to demit OFFICE….whether BEE or DEE…!!!!!

    And I do not subscribe to the view that alternatives are not out there…..When Viv left the scene…Lara came….!!!

    Life, Politics , Sports etc….is about REBIRTH and REGENERATION….!!!

    Such a time is NOW for Barbados…..!!!

  22. oj

    wry mongoose whats your view on Dizzy Bizzy comments..?

    haiti can wait..lets talk about problems at home

  23. As so often happens, this thread got sidetracked from its intended subject, Freedom of the Press, into the same old, same old.

    First of all I would like to compliment BFP on the great graphics of the doggy. Knowing you are shortstaffed it shows class that you can take the time for such details. Take a bow!

    Now, as for Starbroek News being squeezed by its Government, I think it can work both ways. Government bodies are required by law to place a lot of announcements in the press, and I don’t think there is any real alternative to Starbroek is there?

    Ideally any newspaper should be economically viable without the advertising of any group so that it can retain its independence. Easy to say, harder to achieve. But if whenever a newspaper assumes all its advertisers will keep taking the same space, it puts itself at risk. Newspapers should be able to tighten their belts like any organisation, when they are going through hard times. Reduce the number of pages for example. Newspapers have not outlived their usefulness to the community, yet, despite pressure from Internet. They are still needed by Government as much as any one else.


    Hi Pandora,

    Nice to see you.

    Guyana has a government-owned newspaper (or government controlled, I forget) and they are also spreading the doggy biscuits around to SN’s competition. Your idea would work, but only if everyone worked together. I’m don’t know enough about their media to know if that is realistic.

  24. De Orginal

    In respect of Brass Tacks Sunday programme is the debate on the control of Barbados economy is really showing who sits on which side of the fence. I thought Tony Marshall made a very enlightening contribution. Chris Mac Hale who is he? sounds like Eddie Fearless to me. Bizzy Williams and his side kick Johnny C sang the same song as expected. Courtney Blackman was expert as usual in his Willie Lynch heritage. I wonder what the people from Proute and Sugar Hill think about their former Parlimentary Representative. I know for sure he aint care, his mouthings made that clear. As I listened to that programme Hilary Beckles play Sistah Dinah was being played out on radio. I saw clear that social justice that Errol Walton Barrow sought to bring to this country is being eroded and the signs have been clear for sometime. Dick Stoute’s mouthings about removal of social services and the most shocking recent mouthings of Garrison Principal Matthew Farley on free education in this country. On Farley if he had remained at that school on Baxters Road would he feel that he should kick the ladder down after reaching the top. People like Bizzy, Courtney Blackman, Chris wuh eva he name, Dick Stoute and Johnny C , I expect such behaviour from. The real problem here that exsist is when person’s like myself and Matthew Farley who have benefited from that free education see no need to preserve it for future generations. Why is this ? That is the question that we need to ask ourselves. The country have done something for us all but what is disappointing is that few have given back.

  25. Jerome Hinds

    De Orginal, says,

    ” In respect of Brass Tacks Sunday programme is the debate on the control of Barbados economy….. Chris Mac Hale who is he? sounds like Eddie Fearless to me…….”

    No, De Orginal,……this is the same Chris Mac Hale that, Sir Lloyd once referred to…” As STRANGER by the GATE..”.!!!

    Do…we recall now WHY Sir Lloyd referred to him as such…..????

  26. Jerome Hinds

    By the way , De Original,……..

    Matthew Farley…will speak like that and move up the ladder FAST…check…out this….he is a first cousin….of Reginald Farley…..!!!

    Do you remember who was the …..Last….Minister of Education before…..Anthony Wood..???

    Matthew Farley…..AIN’T…bringing no TALES…outta…..SCHOOL……!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Matthew Farley spends more time on radio than in school…and what an irritating voice..omigosh

  28. Jerome Hinds

    Reading the back page of the Nation of 2007-02-06, Jefferey Bostic and his BLP stoogesā€¦.JUST do not get itā€¦!!

    The issue here is not about DLP supporters benefittingā€¦ā€¦INDEEDā€¦.ALLā€¦.Barbadians irrespective of political persuasion should benefitā€¦from the government of the day development programmesā€¦.AFTER all are WE not taxpayersā€¦.???

    The REAL here issue is the continued obnoxious display of CRASS indifference shown by this BLP governmentā€¦.to Transparency and Accountabilityā€¦!!!

    After all, are there not DLP declared candidates in these particular constituenciesā€¦..???

    1. Were they input sortā€¦ this Bostic LEDā€¦committeeā€¦.???

    2. Were the use of THESE state funds approved by parliamentā€¦???

    3. Finallyā€¦.!!!, AFTER 13 years of BLP rule in the CITYā€¦.you NOW rememberā€¦.DLP supporters LIVEā€¦.THEREā€¦.tooā€¦???

    4. Is this REALLY about CWC 2007ā€¦.??? Or an opportunity to give BOSTICā€¦a new candidateā€¦UNFAIR advantageā€¦for a pending general electionā€¦???

    4. After showing the 3 BLP candidates faces in the paper yesterday of 2007-02-05, the Nation news paper HAD not the GALL to ask ā€¦.Where were the DLP candidates and are they BEINGā€¦. DELIBERATELY leftā€¦.OUTā€¦???

    But WE must applaud SUCH as BALANCED reportingā€¦..!!

    May the Lord HELP all of USā€¦..!!!

  29. Inkwell

    Brass Tacks Sunday was instructive in that it crystallized in the mind of the public who thinks what. Representations made were heavily skewed in favour of the view that blacks control the economy with the exception of Tony Marshall, who tried, but lacked support, even from the moderator. What I found lacking was a historical perspective which would surely have provided evidence of where we are now. And I don’t mean going back to slavery, I mean much more recent history: the withdrawal of credit by the white controlled wholesalers from James A. Tudor “because he was getting too big??”: the squeezing of Archibald Rollock and his 5 & 10 store out of business with much the same tactics, the rum manufacturer who gives shopkeepers credit on condition that they sell no other rum but his. I am sure other examples can be cited by to reinforce the point that the playing field was not then and is not now level. Many small black entrepreneurs today suffer the same squeeze, either from the white controlled wholesalers or their inability to procure adequate financing from banks.

    It has to be said though that many black businessmen are their own worst enemies… being too cheap and shortsighted to pay for the setup and maintenance of proper financial accounting systems, siphoning off profits as soon as they are made and starving their business of working capital, taking money out of the business even when there is no profit, refusing to employ professional managers, engaging in inappropriately lavish lifestyles to the detriment of their business and I am sure I have not said it all.

    The economy is controlled by those with money or with access to it. Why are no major projects in Barbados undertaken by blacks: no Millennium Heights, no Apes Hill, no Port St Charles etc, etc. They neither have that kind of money or access to it. Who controls the importation and price setting of the great majority of food in this island? who controls the motor vehicle industry? why and how were the few blacks in the industry forced out? who owns or controls 90 plus % of the tourist industry plant, by far Barbados’ strongest economic leg? There are other questions, but you catch my drift.

    It is a clear tactic by the Bizzys, Dicks and McHales by citing the few moderate Black success stories to lull us into a false sense of accomplishment while they continue to make their millions and keep them among themselves. The interlocking directorships make sure that the status quo remains and a government which has the interest of the majority at heart has to do something about that instead of protecting their lack of action as Cheltenham sought to do.

  30. John


    I asked the question, gave one possible answer and addressed it to you to get your attention.

    It worked.

    Here are a few more questions which I think need answering.

    How do we define the economy which we seek to determine who controls?

    Is it made up of the standard sectors as in the report of the Central Bank?

    Do we use the GDP measure economists use as a measure of the size of the economy and of each sector?

    If we do, then who owns the major business entities that make up each sector?

    Do the owners of these major business entities in each sector really control the sector of the economy or do their customers, who give those entities a reason for their existence exercise control?

    How have ownership patterns changed in the past 10, 20, 30 , 40, 100 …… years?

    How much of each sector is owned by foreign interests and how much by local interests?

    How are the sectors linked?

    Does growth in one require shrinkage in another?

    What are the sectors?

    Does growth in GDP represent growth in the economy?

    What defines growth?

    I will answer, no, I will give you my views, on the question you ask about imbalance.

    I believe there will always be an imbalance in the control of any human endeavour where diverse people are involved.

    It is the diversity which leads to the falling apart, but also which will provide the inspirational results of which humans are capable.

    I think Animal Farm is not only a parody of the Communist System, but also the capitalist system, or any system which involves human endeavour.

    It just turns out bad for the Animals in the end, or so it appears, but life goes on.

    We are all flawed in one way or another, but also blessed with divine light which will sometimes shine through the darkness, if given the chance.

    Other times we come up with good ideas which just don’t work.

  31. John


    “The economy is controlled by those with money or with access to it. Why are no major projects in Barbados undertaken by blacks: no Millennium Heights, no Apes Hill, no Port St Charles etc, etc. They neither have that kind of money or access to it.”

    I will answer your question with another two questions.

    Are Millenium Heights, Apes Hill and Port St. Charles good for the economy in the long run or are we just watching money making more money?

    I’ll add another two questions.

    How do you define the economy?


    Are the words “the economy” and “Barbados ” interchangeable?

  32. Jupiter

    You all are making a big mistake by restricting this discussion to just blacks and white businesses.

    There is a group which seems to be invisible – and that is the indians.

    They own a lot of real estate across barbados,and whilst before they were found mainly in swan street – they ane now buying up properties in broad street and roebuck street.They own hotels,car rentals,pampers factories,real estate,retail businesses etc.

    One dangerous thing about the indian community is – they only do business with blacks if they can’t help it or if they are getting the better end of the deal with that black or person of african descent.

    Indians once they get hold of property will never sell it to a black man,they may although not too readily sell that property to a white man.

    They appear to be an invisible group in the eyes of black bajans but they are more dangeous,more selfish,more prejudice than white bajans who has in the past and will more readily give the black a break,an opportinity to start.

    There are quite a few white businessmen who are genuinely good hearted and have a deep love for barbados and bajans.

    I am not sure I can say the same for indians with any strong conviction.

    Check and see where this can be said of an indian man – who helps a black man start a business without having an ulterior motive.

    Those that come here are in the main just interested in making money because that is their god.



    I gets very nervous when peoples starts talkin about “blacks” like they mean ALL blacks an “whites” like they mean ALL whites are such and such a way, or think such and such or do such an such.

    I gets very nervous when I read the above that “indians” are this – like “ALL INDIANS” are this an that an do this an do that!

    When we speak of peoples like that it DEHUMANIZES them. An once you take away the personhood you can do anything cause they ain’t a person no more.

    So you watch your tongue sayin’ ALL INDIANS this and ALL INDIANS that!

    You want to have a discussion that certain cultures are over-represented in certain areas of the economy an such, I’m comfortable.

    Now folks, your Auntie Moses ain’t about to censor all but the most in need. But she is feeling mighty uncomfortable and asks folks, not just Jupiter, to read everything ya post after ya post it. If you think you want to change it, then post again and Auntie will change it for you.

    Now back to cleanin de fishes!

  33. De Orginal

    Thanks for the info Jerome Hinds. But enlighten me as to the stranger at the gate.

  34. Jupiter


    Please tell me If I am wrong but it seems that you’re unhappy about my use of the words Indians because it is too all embracing.

    Well BFP with respect,this is what I usually say to persons who raise this question about generalisations – it is a common practice that persons usually use the group as a generalisation but every reasonable person knows that you could not be excluding every one since no example could be so all embracing.

    So we might say Croatians are very friendly peole – but guess what we know there might be some good ole crude unfriendly Croatians out there.
    There are exceptions to all rules.

    The discussion on Brasstacks was about blacks not controlling the economic pie – Bizzy used ralph taylor’s shares to show a black man had a 1.2 million shares to debunk their argument (whether succesfully or not) – so thefore suggesting they could not be talking about all blacks.

    I really feel that’s a non-point if you have to keep repeating ‘some this some that’ when you want to have a general discussion about group behaviour.

    I would have been pleased if Aunty Moses or is it George would have taken a slight pause to consider the argument I am putting forward.

    Frankly I think SOME (like that word) bajans get too squeamish discussing matters of race.They like to tip -toe around the issue and if they discuss it it is always to bash white people – or white people to discuss blacks people’s unflattering behaviour.

    I am very concerned that people don’t free to discuss their perceptions and let others counter it.

    My point is that there is a group of persons living among us (ie indians) who have peculiar behaviourial patterns exhibhited here and elsewhere that merits taking a second look at instead of concentrating our discussion on ‘the white man’.

    To ignore that will be to do so at our peril.

    We may be raising a monster in our midst.

    By the way BFP I hope that the criticism of Allamby et al is not causing you to be so political correct that you are now trying to shape how we think or express ourselves.

    Please it’s a blog site set up to give us a chance to have our say – we will never all agree on everything ok.?


    Hi Jupiter

    Auntie Moses has run back to work. I approved your comment and when she get home I’ll tell her to please talk with you.


  35. De Orginal

    @ Inkwell good to know that other citizens like your self have seen Sunday’s edition of Brass Tacks programme for what it is worth.

  36. Jupiter

    I will await my last post before I ask aunty moses a second question.

  37. Anonymous

    Inkwell thats best analysis of who controls our economy..I am in perfect agreement with your thoughts.Should be mandatory read for all…good going man

  38. Inkwell

    Whether Millennium Heights etc are good for the economy is not the point. It is a given that they are. They generate foreign exchange earnings, some of which reaches our economy ( I won’t speculate on what percentage) and they generate jobs for Barbadians. The major point is ..who owns them and to whose wealth their profitability and asset appreciation add.

    For the purposes of this discussion, the words “Barbados” and “economy” are not interchangeable. Control of Barbados embodies control of government, policy making, the judiciary, defense force and police and the provision of basic infrastructure and social services. I don’t think we have an argument there.

    The economy, and I am not contending that one group has absolute control, is all the activity which concerns itself with the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services… I find Wikipedia’s definition adequate… and I would add in the context of our discussion “that result in the generation of profit and wealth,”

    I have answered your questions, but I am not sure what your point was. Are you saying that as long as Barbados benefits, it doesn’t matter who controls the economy?

  39. Jerome Hinds

    De Orginal,says,

    ” Thanks for the info Jerome Hinds. But enlighten me as to the stranger at the gate ”

    Jerome Hinds, says,

    Hello , De Original, at the time Sir Lloyd directed those words towards…Chris Mac Hale, Chris Mac Hale had made some off – the- cuff remarks about the people of Barbados and the Sandiford Government at the time.

    Sir Lloyd and others in the island took offence to it…as it reflected negatively on the predominantly black population….!!!

    Yet to hear any official comment to Dizzy Bizzy comments…..!!!

    Remember also….that once regular Nation columnist of ” Rich Man Poor Man ” fame at a business meeting at Dover Con. Centre….told ALL of Barbados ……pointing towards his SKIN…”.we need people with colour in Parliament.”…!!!

    Any surprise soon after that comment…that the BLP endorsed Philip Goddard as a candidate…???

  40. Rumplestilskin

    Tis not black nor white that controls Bimshire.

    Tis money.

  41. Anonymous

    who has the money Rumple?

  42. John


    “Whether Millennium Heights etc are good for the economy is not the point. It is a given that they are. They generate foreign exchange earnings, some of which reaches our economy ( I wonā€™t speculate on what percentage) and they generate jobs for Barbadians. The major point is ..who owns them and to whose wealth their profitability and asset appreciation add.”

    Greenland generates foreign exchange earnings for the country, I won’t speculate on how much and what reaches the economy, and it generates jobs for Barbadians.

    Ownership is not the point here, why should it be with Millenium Heights?

    Who says Millenium Heights is good for the economy?

    Don’t you realise that it and Warrens sits on top of the major source of water supply for the island!!.

  43. John


    Does Barbados benefit?

    That’s the question which I think needs to be addressed.

  44. John

    I can own a business, call it Barbados Inc.

    The opeartion has a cash flow problem.

    I take it upon myself to sell the assets of the business.

    Cash flow problem solved.

    What happens to Barbados Inc in the long run?

    I agree, “Barbados” and “the economy” are not interchangeable. It is what we want to happen with Barbados that determines what sort of economy we build.

    The economy is secondary.

  45. John


    This is the definition I presume you mean. If not, give me a link.

    I googled economy wikipedia and ended up with such things as political economy, market economy etc.

    Lets see if we can get a starting point so we know what we are talking about and not just bandy about the word economy with each person having differing interpretations in mind.

  46. Jerome Hinds

    Commenting about the strike it’s own backyard…the nation news paper of 2007-02-07 refuses to give the name of the employee whose employment has been terminated…!!!

    Compare this to their policy of reporting similar stories in other organisations throughout Barbados….!!!

    Where is the BALANCE…..???

    ANN(E) to believe…Nation News..first female Chief said at the start of the year that she WIIL stick to BALANCED reporting…!!!

    I guess the SCALES are no longer working…..!!!

  47. Justasking

    Remember that Adrian Loveridge said “The same Minister (Noel Lynch)screamed down the phone at me for twelve minutes one Sunday morning and the next day the publisher of the Advocate (where I had a weekly column on Tourism) told me that Government had threatened to withdraw all paid advertising unless my column was terminated”

    Is the Nation also going to take up the case for Loveridge/Advocate? In the Guyana case it is only suspected that the advertising was withdrawn because of critical comment by Stabroek News. In the Loveridge/Advocate situation it was a direct threat. Surely so close to home one would expect an even stronger response by The Nation.

  48. John


    Heard on CBC last night that the name of the guy was Orlando Holder, hope I got it right. I was half asleep at the time.

  49. John

    I love the picture of the dog and the bone.

  50. John

    …. it looks like he/she/it is trying to figure out how to get the bone from in front of his/her/its eyes into his/her/its mouth …. but just can’t quite figure it out.

  51. Jerome Hinds

    Anyone read the Editorial in theWeekend Nation of 2007-02=09 ….???

    I think the blinkers….on the dog in the picture above…are slowly being removed…or REALLY…???

    Are the ” Protectorates” of this BLP government within the Nation Group…..finally OPENING…their eyes…or this ALL part of the….Charade…???

    The answer will be…REVEALED…in the coming weeks…!!!!

  52. West Side Davie

    John said ā€¦. it looks like he/she/it is trying to figure out how to get the bone from in front of his/her/its eyes into his/her/its mouth ā€¦. but just canā€™t quite figure it out.

    John, I think you never had a dog and trained it to not eat the cookie? When the dog is trained you put the cookie on its nose and say “no” or “still” or whatever your command is.

    My old spaniel would sit for up to 5 minutes. We could even leave the room and come back and he’d be sitting there waiting for the command to eat.

    I would say “ok” and he would flip the cookie up and grab it in midair. We got so good at talking to each other that I didn’t have to say “ok” eventually. I would just nod yes and that we the signal. If I shook my head “no” he would stay put.

    that is what the cookie on the nose of a dog is all about.

    The doggie in the photo is a “good doggie” and so is the Nation Newspaper!

  53. West Side Davie

    . I would just nod yes and that WAS the signal.

    sorry for no proofreading before the post !

  54. Rumplestilskin

    I only buy the paper to support the longtime district paperseller.

  55. paul sealy

    Well…all i can say on the comments i have read by everyone is that if you didn’t know,you know now ,that as a black business man if you don’t come correct in this island and have the financial backing’s and are willing to save,invest and help branch out you will fail….but knowing that interlocking directorships and a real greedy set have the money there will always be problems.

    The Barbados we live in today those with the millions are basically telling black bajan’s….”be happy that you have light,water,can pay your overpriced bills and if by God’s will and luck that you have a roof over your happy hear,don’t look for too much in this place just the basics…”cause the sufferation now got to start for us….5 more years for the BLP and i can see a resemblance to “Jamaica,Jamaica” for my black people but something is happening in this place …something serious..and those with the million’s know it…pity that you have so much but yet can’t enjoy it and be happy.

  56. BK

    Don’t you all get bored hearing the same points being made about who control the economy? I want to pick up John’s point and ask when we find out what are we going to do with it. I think Maxine has given a refreshing perspective on this issue from the perspective of how as a black majority “politically” controlled economy we intend to create wealth. Indians came from the continent in the 70s and 80s and in a short time have been able to acquire wealth. What was/is their strategy that we can borrow?

    The debate which I have heard around this issue for the most part has been destructive we need to move forward. We have many well educated blacks in our country who have the capacity to strategize and create organs within the society to move the mindset which is required to fan that entrepreneurial spirit.

  57. paul sealy

    BK…what we need to do is throw the BLP oppressors with their leader Owen the dictator on their a##es and start fresh with new policies,transparency and integrity legislation laws and get a team or committee started up as quickly as possible to give disenfranchised youth’s a chance at really surviving in this place.
    The black youth’s are the future of this country not a few wealthy criminals with their oppressive ideas to live big and make the majority of a country bow to their knees, make your votes count this election.