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The Nation Newspaper Chides Guyana Government For Cutting Off Stabroek Advertising – But Plays Lapdog For Barbados Government


Good Doggy! The Nation News Has Been Rewarded With Barbados Government Advertising For Years

We have news for The Nation News…

After benefiting from extensive Barbados Government advertising for the last 12 years, and during that time failing to publish even one serious article of investigative reporting on Barbados political corruption: The Nation News has shown itself to be a government lapdog that enjoys those government advertising doggy biscuits.

The Nation News is correct to support Stabroek News, but it is the cheering of a coward – watching from the side of the road as the brave march off to defend all that is good…

A threat to the Stabroek
Published on: 2/4/07.

A SITUATION has developed in Guyana which is not only disturbing to many citizens of that country, but should also be of grave concern to freedom-loving people throughout the CARICOM community, and even beyond our region.

A significant portion of state advertising has been withdrawn from a highly respected daily newspaper, the Stabroek News.

It is widely suspected that the Guyana government’s decision is as a result of critical comment on issues related to national policy. But the administration of President Bharrat Jagdeo denies it is involved in any action to punish the newspaper for its editorial stand…

… read the rest of this self-damning editorial at The Nation News (link here)

Photo: The Nation News receives a government treat as reward for faithful service. Good Doggy!

Stabroek News: Barbados Nation Flays Cut-Off Of SN Ads


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