Chicago Bears Score Touchdown In First 14 Seconds!

… But it wasn’t enough… so pay up, Robert! (ha ha – cliverton)

Hi ya Folks:

We know that its only “American Football” – but the Barbados “roadside” unofficial pub where we are is packed!

I don’t understand this game at all, but, yes, I’ll have another pint, thankyou!

Robert – if you are anywhere at all where you can blog tonight, I think we are going to need a bit of help because I’m already a pint behind and George has wagered that I won’t be able to keep up!



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  1. So what do you need to know about the game? maybe i can help. 😀

  2. RRRicky

    Beer, ball has to move, Yell.

    What’s to know?

  3. ha ha ha ha it’s game of strategy, once i dug in to the rules and the objective i find it to be a really great game. It’s like chess for ruffians. 😀

  4. “Just American Football”

    90 million viewers around the U.S. tuned in for the game – 75,000 were in attendance in Miami.

    Part of the 130,000 who traveled to Miami, and did not have the $$’s to attend just came to be on the scene and party.

    And Superbowl Sunday is the biggest commerical event in the U.S. A 30 second TV commercial costs 2.6 million U.S. That’s crazy, but the reality of what it costs to advertise during the game.

    No African American NFL coach has ever made it to the Superbowl – and this was historical because both the Chicago & Indianapolis coaches were African American.

    Tony Dungy is the first African American coach to win a Superbowl – and he is a fine christian man who always puts God first. The Chicago coach, Lovie Smith, is one of Tony’s best friends, and he is also a strong African American role model.

    Take care, and remember we Americans take our football just as seriously as you take your cricket (smiles).

    Speaking of WCW, the last I heard Barbados is looking pretty good with attendance. Is that true?

  5. RRRicky

    I think that cliverton or marcus (whoever wrote this) was talking tongue-in-cheek when he said “only American Football” because people on Barbados love to say “only” football and “only” baseball to hold up cricket, but all the pubs are full full full to watch.

    You see, Linda, we can’t “get caught” admitting we love baseball or american football more than cricket. No person can say they love anything more than cricket, but we don’t see any new posts yet this morning, do we?

    LOL Marcus, your no new posts gives away the big FOOTBALL party last night!